Adventurers Not Wanted
Fantasy-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination).
Ranked 342nd of 829 worlds statistically.
Ranked 139th of 359 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

Db Size:

Players Connected:
5 (54 minutes ago)

Maximum Connected:
12 (last 30 days)

PennMUSH 1.8.8p0

Average Connected:
2 (last 60 days)

Minimum Connected:
0 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen
Welcome to Adventurers Not Wanted.

Check out our wiki -

Use create <name> <password> to create a character.
Use connect <name> <password> to connect to your existing character.
Use 'ch <name> <pass>' to connect hidden, and cd to connect DARK (admin)
Use QUIT to logout.
Use the WHO command to find out who is online currently.
Yell at your local god to personalize this file!

Average Players Connected By Hour
Average Players Connected By Week
Total Players Connected By Genre
Average Players Connected By Day
Average Players Connected By Season
Total Players Connected By Server Type
Time Connected Note
54m ago 5 players
1h ago 5 players
2h ago 5 players Emrys connected
3h ago 4 players +2 players
4h ago 2 players
5h ago 2 players
6h ago 2 players
8h ago 2 players Willow connected
8h ago 1 player
9h ago 1 player
10h ago 1 player
11h ago 1 player Firthal left Ilani alone
12h ago 2 players
13h ago 2 players -3 players
14h ago 5 players Lily left
15h ago 6 players
16h ago 6 players Emrys left
17h ago 7 players Luriel left
18h ago 8 players 3 players left, and Arlo and Bard connected
19h ago 9 players
21h ago 9 players
21h ago 9 players
22h ago 9 players +2 players
1d ago 7 players 3 players left, and Faras and Luriel connected
1d ago 8 players