Arcadia MUD
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1994.
Ranked 466th of 785 worlds statistically.
Ranked 209th of 361 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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Welcome to Arcadia!

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Once one of the most popular MUDs around, this mud has several of classes and races with the option of remorts after the 51st level. While the game is more sparsely populated now, players are generally very newbie-friendly, and the immortals have built a large number features and areas, resulting in a robust amount of content to explore. If you've not tried Arcadia in a while -- or ever -- give it a shot. You will be most pleasantly surprised.
- Grapevine (2024)

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Once one of the most popular MUDs around, this mud has several of classes and races with the option of remorts after the 51st level. The players are generally very newbie-friendly, and the imms are often around working on new features and areas. If you've not tried Arcadia in a while -- or ever -- give it a shot. You will be most pleasantly surprised. [1]
Arcadia is a Diku-based ROM derivative PKill MUD. Whew, now that that's out of the way, we can actually talk about our game. Characters are protected from PK until level 8 at which time they may enter the political systems of Arcadia. There is an expanded race and standard class selection offered to first-run characters, with a very diverse and newbie-friendly character customization system. There are two levels of remortality for those who reach the maximum mortal levels, too, with extra races and classes available to them. Proven players may seek to become immortals in the game through building or running quests. Politics and role-play figure heavily into the game with clans, sects, cartels, and guilds available--and we've introduced private housing that wealthier players may purchase for themselves. Arcadia has many new and original areas, and we're expanding our area listing and code base all the time. We are currently looking for all levels of players to join our ranks. The citizens of Arcadia citizens invite you to come by, make some friends, and share their adventure! [2]

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Granted I am still in the academy, yet I felt the need to speak to others. This mud is quiet during the day due to others being in school or work, but take it from someone who has played ROM's for years. This place has quite the draw to it. After trying several muds in the past couple of days, to be welcomed so nicely by Akbar, lending justification to newbie friendly, just made me smile. This place is given by me five strs out of five. I have yet to sample the RP but as for the rest, well done IMM's.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 14, 2006
I've been playing Arcadia on and off for about 10 years. In that time, the implementors have been hard at work making the game better and better. I just returned after a long absence, and even though the player population has gone down, it's still the same great solid mud with some of my old friends, and some new and interesting characters. I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces on Arcadia, because even though it might seem like there aren't many players, the quality of role playing is fairly high, and the MUD itself is extremely well done. I'm a software developer, and I can appreciate a well put together system, and Arcadia is the best I've seen. Come play with us! If I'm on, feel free to ask for help.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 1, 2005
Outstanding! built in flee mode can be set to allow your idea of when to flee defalt is 50 hp,beats dieing!allows player owned shops early on and not have to play for years to get one,priced so average guy can buy one even hire guards for your shop. So much more you have to just come try it and see.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 2, 2005
Arcadia is where I began my text based online gaming. I have learned everything from player-killing, roleplaying, exploring, and even building from this MUD. It currently has a smaller player base than it's glory days, but this is a shame considering the quality of code, areas, and administration offered here. Arcadia is a VERY well designed and balanced game system. New classes and races are always being worked on, but they are added quite slowly so as to be sure that they don't upset the current balance and to ensure quality and uniqueness. The immortal staff rarely send anything into the gaming world without rigorous planning and testing. The Areas in this game are second to NONE. The Implementor who handles most of the building puts tremendous amounts of detail and originality into her work. She constantly "tweaks" her areas to keep them from becoming stagnant and even has an area almost completely scripted to offer different outcomes each time you enter it. The pkilling in Arcadia is somewhat restricted. The administrators enforce roleplayed playerkilling as opposed to the "I'm bad, now I'm going to kill you" playerkilling. PK is also regulated by levels, and I believe it's 30% below your level. So level 51's can battle anyone from level 36 and up, as long as it is roleplayed. This mud is no longer the Hack and Slash mud that it used to be. It has evolved into a roleplay intensive explorers dream with a little action to keep your adrenaline flowing.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 25, 2004
Arcadia is the MUD upon which I cut my teeth, and while it has a sentimental place in my heart, I cannot in good conscience recommend it to the average MUDder. Arcadia is a fairly well designed and balanced game system. That being said, it is balanced to the point that after one has heroed once or twice the intricacies of the game are no longer secret. Indeed, one of the main aspects of the game which has ultimately discouraged me is the repetitiveness and predictability of things. One should be prepared for the "same-old, same-old", even when playing a completely new class and race. New area creation is an aspect in which Arcadia excels, however, and players that have grown tired of ROM MUDs with only the stock areas should find plenty of new areas to keep their exploration interests piqued for at least a short while. Arcadia is blessed with a very talented Immortal staff that implements code quickly and efficiently (though this code does not add much to the 'interesting new feature' category) as well as well-written areas. Indeed, area creation is a strength of one of the Implementors, and her areas are some of the best that I've seen anywhere. However, you can only watch the scripted action so many times. Arcadia has undergone many changes in its nearly ten year existence, but lack of players has really eroded its playability in recent years. The names of the characters change, as players create more and more characters, but the same players can be found online each day. On average, there are between three and seven players on at any given time during "normal" business hours. The players that do play are dedicated and for the most part friendly, although since the MUD is an open-PK with level limits, one must be careful to avoid those that are there only to PK (player-kill). In its prime Arcadia was the premier PK MUD, and mediocre PKers there could succeed anywhere. Now, however, apathy and stagnation have crumbled the foundation, and I fear that the MUD is dying a long, slow death.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 18, 2004
Good for beginners and experienced players are always about. Immorts are competent, ready to help out, and keep things running smoothly. New functionality is added routinely. OOC is friendly and in the game most players will help you out or give you thier advice atleast. There's active role-playing, a fully functioning clan system and limited pk-ing is accepted. Some may need a little time to get into the game proper, especially the inexperienced, but soon enough you will be progressing through the game with ease and adventuring with others. Arcadia is a large enough world for all. I recommend that you come and see.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 9, 2004
good mud, caring imms, and everything works now
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 21, 2004
This review of Arcadia will be as unbiased, objective and full as possible. I have ran in several different MUDs, from Aber to Rom to Rot, modified, partially-modified, as well as heavily modified. I have my own personal likes and dislikes, but will make the best effort I can to describe the qualities of Arcadia, both great and small. Initial Classes/Races: Limited amount of choices at creation of the character. Later on, a few more choices become available. These choices follow a strict line of progression, which limits the ultimate possible results for classes. Races are intertwined with this progression, and determine in large part which classes are available. Size of MUD: An average-sized MUD compared with other MUDs I have played on. Numerous stock areas, and a reasonable number of original ones as well. Quests: Sometimes I find myself asking, "What quests?" I have yet, nor have I seen before, any quests available. No automated questmasters exist either. The same goes for Immortal-ran quests. Population: The number of people playing online in Arcadia is small compared with most other MUDs I have played, and this number seems to be slowly dwindling. It seems that older players have moved on, and newer replacement players are few to nonexistent. Player-Killing: If and when another player is on, this element can be quite enjoyable. From what I have seen, PKing seems to be unbalanced. No newbie or semi-newbie has much of a chance at survival. Leveling: To say the least, a high boredom factor exists. For one, there are few, if any, people to group with to begin with. For another, there is very little variety in available leveling areas. This limits the possible choices of where to level in greatly. Immortals: Their attitudes seem to be apathetic towards players, both newbie and veteran. They are, however, dedicated to implementing new areas, and are often found doing so. Overall, a likeable MUD, but not a MUD where much playability and variety is readily had. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being highest, I personally give it a "5". The developers and implementors are on the right track, but more needs to be done to foster player loyalty, enjoyment and input.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 16, 2004
Arcadia was my introduction to online roleplaying. The political intrigue, combined with the adrenalizing affects of PK, have served to create some of my most memorable gaming moments ever. A very responsive IMM base helps with any problems. The challenge never dies!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2004
Arcadia was my first MUD love, and has remained so through the years. The game seems simple at first, but there is a lot of subtlety -- after years of playing, I still haven't discovered it all! Arcadia is a great place to start. The old players are friendly to newbies, and they have a lot to teach about RP and PK both. The Imms are good, and always there to fix problems. Overall, the best MUD I've ever played!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 12, 2003
I have been playing the new Arcadia for some time now and have been enjoying it emmensely. A large number of original areas have recently been added making play and exploring even better. PK can sometimes be harsh but most players are friendly. Experienced pkers won't be bored, many of Arcadia's pker's are the best anywhere. This is a great mud with a constantly growing world.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 18, 2002