Unknown-themed AberMUD (Multi-User Dungeon).
Ranked 350th of 795 worlds statistically.
Ranked 8th of 42 worlds in the Unknown genre statistically.

Db Size:

Players Connected:
2 (51 minutes ago)

Maximum Connected:
4 (last 30 days)


Average Connected:
2 (last 60 days)

Minimum Connected:
2 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen
                    A R G E N T M U D

If you already have a character and the password does not work
please log in as 'guest' with the password 'Argent' and have
someone change your password.

zMUD users: you will need to change your prefereces to use
            "character mode" and, probably, "local echo."

Game Time Elapsed: Over a day!

By what name shall I call you? 
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