Distant Lands
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1994.
Ranked 494th of 784 worlds statistically.
Ranked 219th of 361 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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Distant Lands Roleplay Required (Version 2.5.163)
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Now over a decade old, Distant Lands is a (100% FREE) fun and exciting role playing game. It features a completely custom world and largely custom codebase. Distant Lands is constantly growing and changing as new features are added. If you are looking for a game to call home, this is it!
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[Circlemud] Completely customized since 1994. [1]
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1994 [2]

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Medieval Fantasy [2]

Now over a decade old, Distant Lands is a (100% FREE) fun and exciting role playing game. It features a completely custom world and largely custom codebase. Distant Lands is constantly growing and changing as new features are added. If you are looking for a game to call home, this is it! [1]
Now over two decades old, Distant Lands is a (100% FREE) fun and exciting completely original medieval-based game. It features an entirely custom world which ranges from large terrains to small intricate areas and a custom code base which includes over 20 races, 14 classes, multi-classing, hundreds of spells and skills, avatars, gods, and automated tasks and quests. Distant Lands is constantly growing and changing as new features are added. If you are looking for a game to call home, this is it! [2]

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First off, this is the most addicting and fun game I have ever played. I'ts never boring, all the players and staff are very generous and always willing to help. Great character classes and races to choose from, giving you tons of options on how you want to build up you character. Anyone looking to have a good time, come play Distand Lands!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 28, 2006
I would rate this mud a 9/10 Excellent MUD! Great environment, excellent roleplay, avatar system/magic system/skills systems are all TOP NOTCH and worked nearly to perfection. Great coding. Lack of quests and minimal staff assisted roleplays can sometimes dry out the game though. Sort of gets boring waiting for "the next step" but even still, can't take my eyes off of it. Been a fan for over 5 years now I think.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 28, 2006
distant lands in my opinion is getting better with age. Roleplay is now starting to get really good and are players all seem very cool and are prepared to help any new players that come along. So if your looking for a fun challenge come see us
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 28, 2006
Distant Lands has been my home for about seven years. Why you ask? It has brought me many friends some I even call family. It is one of the most addicting muds I have ever played and I am happy to call him home. With many adventures it has filled my mind with excitment. Everyone is very helpful and willing to help newbies and even old players.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 26, 2006
When I started Distant Lands 2, I had never played a MUD before. The players, staff, and helpfiles on this game quickly and kindly showed me the ropes, and I began to learn that Distant Lands 2 was an expansive realm in which one could become a hero of epic proportions. The players are kind and helpfull, so just shout. I have never felt the need to play any other Mud, as this one is, well.....addictive. I give Distant Lands 2 three thumbs up, and an 11 out of 10. Come give it a try, I'm sure you will agree.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 24, 2006
Great game, for all MUDDers. Great RPG for them people that crave a action packed RPG. Many classes, many skills, spells and even songs! All classes have unique role. Role Playing is a must in a MUD like this. Give it a shot, Need help when you start, just ask around, friendly caring players. Staff is amazing with frequent areas, and much more. Possibly your new favorite mud!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 22, 2006
The main thing that sets distant lands apart from others is the style of play. You can roll play your character, turning everything into a vast adventure. Or you can hack and slash your way across the world and everything in between. It gives the player so many options and choices that it actully becomes addictive to most. Even if you quit the game for years at a time you randomly think back to your time playing. After 6 years or so of off and on play on distant lands i can only think of one downside to the game. At times it can turn you into a computer room hermit.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 15, 2006
Well it appears that the Dream sequence for Distant Lands is over. There were going to be a good deal of new things added to DL, but there were minor bugs. No worries. There are bugs with all mudds when anything new is added. I'm sure the bugs are being tested and fixed frequently. I cannot wait until the new items, skills, spells, abilites, are all added. Staff frequents DL and runs arenas for different prizes. They sometimes give out exp to help people level. Staff might not always be seen, but that doesn't mean the mob you walk by or attack won't start talking to you and create a good role-play. Currently there is a role-play slowly moving along. Depending on how you view it, it is a role-play against people who stand for good and believe that the sword doesn't rule, against those to feel that strength and blade give them the right to rule over others. Sound a little scary to role-play? It can be, but if you rp against someone who knows how to actually rp, it can lead to a good time for all. I'm fairly new to serious rp so I'm doing what I can. Currently I am a leader of a guild that the brunt force of this roleplay is fighting with. My guild is peaceful and we're having words with those who believe that being peaceful is a sign of weakness. Atleast that's the view I have of it. Role-play is encouraged if you follow the rules, some don't but staff catches up with them fairly quickly. Other role-players will deal with that character too sometimes. Good times! Distants Lands has novice helpers, which I am one of. If you are fairly new to DL or mudds in general, feel free to ask questions on this channel. Most likely someone on is a Novice Helper. Players are friendly and will often assist with showing you some decent eq. There are a few shops which sell eq for cheap and when you get some money, you can purchase better items from another shop or try and trade for items. DL was the first mudd I've ever played, and as I've said in other post, will be the last mudd I ever play. I haven't found an enviroment or mudd as easy to navigate as Distant Lands. Give it a try if you are considering it. Hint, use rolling method 2 and get everything alteast above 13 before you spend the rest of your points. Much love to all.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 9, 2006
I am a frequent weekend player on DL. Right now the dream sequence is taking place. All characters starts at hero level 100 and start with a basic set of good equipment. During the dream sequence all mobs are 100% load rate with no max on eq. Good times for all. DL is about to undergo a few new additions to skills, spells, abilities. I for one am excited and look forward to this. DL was my first mudd and shall be my last whenever the time comes for me to stop playing... that'll probably when I get a job with no cpu. Everyone have fun with the mudds here on this list and be sure to give Distant Lands a try.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2006
Extremely addicting mud! New players are always welcome! Very friendly players, easy to get started and constant changes in the world. If your looking for a really good time and new friends, distant lands is definitally for you. If you need help getting started just send me vladikus a tell. Hope to see ya there!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 31, 2006
Really cool MUD! Avatar system is really an adventure, items are hard to get and very competitive. Arenas are definitly a blast, DLDS this weekend so you can try seeing what it's like at the VERY top for a few days, monday the game goes back to normal. DLDS is a dream sequence where people are geared with the best equipment in the game and start out at the highest levels with all skills and spells maxxed so it's a GREAT time to go exploring and to try things risk free.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 31, 2006
Incredibly cool MUD Great avatar system, roleplaying is well done Good player base, fun hack and slash as well. Nice to see hack and slash and roleplaying mixed so incredibly well. Wish there was a larger staff, but the ones that are around are helpful, just not enough of them to go around.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 28, 2006
This would have to be the BEST rpg ive played online it exciting and never boring! Try it today i BEt u will get addicted ive played most of the online rpg and none of them are as good as distant lands!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 21, 2006
This is the only online game thats ever held my attention for more than a month, and I have been playing for almost two years now. I highly reccomend this game to anyone who likes to get into online games. Everyone who plays is always very nice and always willing to help. Theres so many options to what you want to do, such as exploring the many areas of the game, leveling up your character, gearing up your characted, or just chatting with the other players. Creating you character can be really fun too. with 14 character classes and 21 races to choose from. I would give it a try if I were you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 21, 2006
This mud has some of the most outgoing people on the net hands down. Whether you are a new player or an old pro, Distant Lands is for you. You get staff who are easy to approach and new areas often. If you are a die hard rp'r or just a weekend warrior come check us out.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 15, 2006
I beleive that distant lands is a very easily adaptable mud. There are plenty of help files and hints and tips throughout the game to help you when you have a question. Other than that the staff and supporting players are always on to assist newcomers and help them through the learning proccess.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 13, 2006
Wow, i love this mud. Right now as i type this review my main charcter named Yog is locked behind a door that was auto-locked behind him. Oh, do i have the key. The answer is No. LOL. So should i ask someone for help. Oh, wait i forgot to tell you this specific area is flaged so you are unable to communicate with others.(unless your grouped with someone, which i am not) So what should i do. I thought, jump on aim and ask for help but then i realized after reading my fellow Dler's review that this is suppose to be a challenge. So i wait, till i am reset into the Recall room. Yes this is one occurance you can experience if you only take a gander(yes gander) at this wonderful mud. I want to restate as probably my fellow Dler's read this and laugh at me, for i tend to do some stupid things. This place is such a great place for someone new to mudding or well versed in the mudding experience. We welcome anyone new and look forward to playing along side you in ordeals such as mine. Well its about time to check if i repoped or am still locked in a zone, one of many, that have amazing aspects that challenge you even when you've played for 7 years like i have. Yoggert, Yoggie, or whatever they call me. P. S. If you find yourself new to these vast lands please look me up characters names are as follows: Yog, Brutor, Darg, Havlar, Zog, and many more i cant remember. (Yes i am an addict and i cant accept the withdraw sypmtoms that come from leaving).
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 10, 2006
The staff and the players work there hardest to see that every newcomer is taken care of appropriatley. What else do you need?
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 6, 2006
What can I say to encourage you to come and play Distand Lands? I suppose I can tell you how I came to play Distant Lands. Many years ago, I discovered a friend of mine playing this most interesting MUD, long story short, he convinced me to give it a try. I have, and have found that the Staff is most excellent, and the players are people whom you can really get to know. They're always willing to help a new player, and always willing to help a former player re-discover Distant Lands. So come on over, We'll show you a good time!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 6, 2006
Great MUD! Cool place to be. Some sweet spells and players... come play!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 6, 2006
This is the most addictive game i've ever played, all the players and staff are always will to help. 14 character classes allows you to play the game the way you want. This is by far my favoritve game of all time. Plus things are being updated and improved everyday.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2006
So I was introduced to Distant Lands by a friend maybe 6 or 7 years back. Definitly got hooked on it as soon as I started playing, loved it right off the bat, interesting, had depth, great player base. Built my way up and created "avatars" which were the more powerful characters of the mud over time. Definitly takes time to make quality characters on this mud. There was a player wipe approximately 3 years back and everybody had to start over with lots of great new code changes, I was one of the players that decided to call it quits at that time but now 3 years later I picked it up and started playing again. I started maybe 2 months ago and I am having a BLAST, definitly as fun as it used to be prewipe and i find myself always wanting to be logged on. The game has expanded immensively since I last played and I am quite impressed. While the game has had many improvements some of the new code implemented I found to be negative. I know a fair amount of staff on Distant Lands enjoy reading these reviews so I'd like to outline my opinion of some of the changes as well as point out areas of the MUD that just keep me as interested as always. The avatar system in my opinion has VASTLY improved from the prior system which was also good. The new avatar system allows a player to range from level 1-300 with levels 100-300 being avatar levels. You progress from being a hero, to a lesser lord, to a lord, to a greater lord, to a lesser avatar, to an avatar, to a greater avatar and finally to a demigod. I love the balanced avatar system, characters can definitly get very strong and powerful, but the best skills and spells stay class exclusive. Once you get to a higher level you can use skills and spells of other classes up to level 50. This means that skills/spells between level 50-99 remain exclusive creating the need for players to work as a group. Byfar the best experiences I've had MUDDING are grouped with a diverse set of players. One of the drawbacks I find to this system is the method of progression, in order to move from one level to the next you must complete a staff created quest run at certain times. Now I think this is a great way for levels to be achieved, but the issue lies in lack of staff. In my opinion, the quests just aren't run often enough but this isn't due to the staff being lazy, it's due to there not being enough staff. Quests do require a very long period of time to create, and there are only a select few staff members with the authority to run Avatar Quests for players. I do believe this is a problem that staffers should work to fix. Players are sometimes ready waiting... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 24, 2006
Distant lands is getting better every day i play. Rp is picking up big time and alot of fun is being had so if you like rp or just want some fun from playing come pay us a visit most of our players are happy to help you get started.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 24, 2006
I've been playing dl for almost 4 years now. In that time I have tried other muds and even tried to build my own. But nothin can compare to it. It has the best code I've seen and a very good player base. If your not playing dl you should because your missing out. Nusa/Pauna
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 24, 2006
I would like to say a few things about an amazing mud. I started playing Distant Lands around nine years ago, back right after the beta wipe. I have seen many things in this amount of time I played here. Dragons invading our hometown of Turien, and in a valiant attempt, the players amazingly become victorious. Minions from hell appearing from the ground, destroying everything, pcs and npcs included, and an old paladin Praticus dust off his blades and lead our avatars into battle, defending what was left. All of this was before the player-wipe we had a long while back. Now, we have an entire new breed of avatars, new capabilities, and much more powerful than the previous type avatars. After the long break and wipe, many things changed and brought a greater opportunity as a character. People are much more helpful in this version, more than willing to do almost anything for you. Heck, tonight I was doing a corpse run for a friend of mine (Yog, the guy who actually wrote a review recently,) and in a freak accident I got beat down on by two pretty big creatures. And without my help, the mage and druid that were there assisting the damager were able to get two more avatars and rescue all of the two dead peoples gear. There is going to be a bunch of new code after DLDS (It's a really cool thing where you start at avatar and get a set of gear, and all mobs load everything, so you can learn the drops on gear, and not be completely clueless in the normal game.), and after the DLDS, create a character in the real game, and try it out. Feel free to ask me for assistance, I'm usually around.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 20, 2006
Distant Lands. This mud is a great way to spend some spare time. It is completely free and offers a wonderful environment for anyone looking to start fresh. This game offers a group of administrators who are as unique as this game is. Its been a great place for me to get away from the real world and make some new friends. Come join the fun. Just try it and you will get hooked, like I did 7 years ago. Mike (Character name: Yog)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 18, 2006
Distant Lands. This mud is a great way to spend so spare time. It is completely free and offers a wonderful environment for anyone looking to start fresh. This game offers a group of administrators who are as unique as this game is. Its been a great place for me to get away from the real world and make some new friends. Come join the fun. Just try it you'll get hooked, I did 7 years ago. Mike (Character name: Yog)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 18, 2006
I finally decided to write a review ! yup then i never used to throw flowers, so for once , i'll try to be honest :) DL2 is a huge world, big playing times awaits you in there, and cool admins. Constant changes are the words there, you go afk and come back to find something new ! (or almost ! ok ok i said i'll be honest .. so if you go afk for a long time :P). It is true that a lot of people didn't like things, a lot other loved the place, and now it is your call , jump in and join the crew :) Akrond
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 8, 2006
I remember searching around online, looking at nearly everything that I thought would help waste some time. I was 16, I didnt have a car, and I was bored out of my mind. Long story short I managed to find DL. It was the first mud I ever played and its the one I keep coming back to almost four years later. I've played a few other muds since I started, but I havent found one yet that the people have been as helpful. Now that I'm back its like coming home, most everyone I met as a teenager. If your looking for a home away from the real world, your first or just a new one I think you'll find it here
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2006
I have played Distant lands for years now and to be honest it just keeps getting better. in my opinion it is the best mud on the net so many zones mobs and items and the level system rocks. Only thing we need now is more players so if your up for a challenge come along and have some fun
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2006
Distant Lands is the only MUD I have ever tried that actually encouraged me to stay. Most massive MUDs are far too large with old players dominating the scene so much so that new players can't enjoy the experience, but DL is different. I have played since 1998 with a few years off and I can truly say that DL is a place I like to call home. From the newbie channel, which allows people just starting to get advice and aid from anywhere in the game, to the vast array of zones that allows one to explore new areas no matter how long they've played, this MUD is welcoming and continually rewarding for those willing to invest time into the experience. Although most of the wealth held by characters is old, in that those who control precious equipment and massive gold stockpiles have played forever and very rarely release it back onto the market, there is an even larger presence of players willing to aid new people. In my experience, the staff of the MUD also have a somewhat varied reputation. Some are hard and by the book, which is necessary for a smoothly running MUD, while others are very active and enjoy mortal interaction. Just make sure you laugh when things get rough. Another interesting facet of Distant Lands is the RP structure. With RP timers and blinders, it allows you to participate in the same environment whether you RP or not. The only big problems with this part of the MUD that I find is that not a lot of people RP and not a lot can be done without RP, as all avatar/quest levels are granted only on an RP basis. All in all, this MUD is what you make of it. If you love hack and slash, go for it, you have a large selection of classes and races to choose from and plenty of world to explore. But if you enjoy role playing, you are entering a budding world of staff-sponsored roleplay education and MUD full of new RPers. See you there, Maphos
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 1, 2006
Great mudd. This was my first mudd and still sticks with me. I've tried other mudds but Distant Lands is unique and ever changing. DL is still in the process of going through even more changes, more ideas are in the works. Players can find fun here and can do rather well if it's there first mudd. I love graphic games as well, but still find myself playing a good old text based mudd quite often. Players are usually helpful. There is a novice channel. (I'm a novice helper) Most people will help newbies with beginning eq, but leveling on your own when lower level is really encouraged. If you get everything handed to you, you won't appreciate the work that goes into the game by the higher level characters. Role-plays are more frequent now then they used to be. Staff is very involved and you might not be able to see them, but they're there almost all of the time. Never expect everything to go normally. You could be oneday walking around and find something out of place. Many times it is very subtle and not always noticed by the more novice players. With arenas to test your skills again other players and mobs, player killing can be free. If you want to play and just start killing off other players... look somewhere else because you have to be roleplay approved and no one has any reason to just start killing other roleplayers. If you try it, other players will beat you down and put you in your place. Language is watched carefully. DL is not a place for immature people who just want to make everyone angry and make the staff angry. I guarantee you will be seeing one of the more "friendly" mobs without your consent. You might find yourself "Having tea with the Butcher" if you will. Thousands of rooms to explore, dozens of areas, mobs, agressives, Gods to follow and worship, items, consignment shops, DL seems to have it all. Growing every day, DL is about to see some newer changes to spells, skills, classes, new areas possibly and many more that staff is keeping hush hush. Exciting and fun, DL is in my opinion my home when it comes to Mudding. Enjoy
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 1, 2006
Where, oh where do I begin... I've been playing Distant Lands since 1999 and the game was launched in 1994. Ever since I started playing the game I knew one thing that I liked so much about it, it's players and staff. Everybody is very helpful to others and you can ask for help at almost any time, you may not get physical help always, but a player will be their to answer any questions you may have and help by telling you where to go or what to do if you're a little lost. What about the gameplay and content? Distant Lands is an enormous world, it's as big as any actual Massive Multi-Player Online Roleplaying video game I've ever played [(i.e. World of Warcraft, Everquest) with 140 zones and almost 12,000 rooms] and new content is added very often with quite a large staff to help build zones. Nezmar the owner, and main coder is just unbelievable. I haven't seen one thing that he COULDN'T put into the game, from player versus player arenas, to flying mounts, to mounted combat, the list goes on and on...he's just amazing. There are also 14 classes and 8 races to choose from and Nezmar himself has said he has many of spells and skills he still wants to add for these classes. I will have to admit though the one thing that is a little difficult is leveling at low levels (levels 1-10) are pretty tough but if you stick with it, I promise you won't be disappointed later on in the game...but there's always help to ask for at those levels. Like I said before, we have the nicest players, don't be afraid to ask some players at the Fountain of Turien (the main hang-out spot in Distant Lands, located in the center of your home town of Turien) for some money and maybe a little help with equipment, most will be glad to help (Hey, we want players to stay and make Distant Lands home, it makes the whole game much better with more players). I can honestly go on and on about this MUD and everything there is to it, but you'll have to find out for yourself. Go to www.dl2.net and play now! Send a tell to Dessimus/Azuron/Furion (my characters) if you ever have a question or need some help. For a true online fantasy dungeons and dragons type game (roleplaying is optional but encouraged) make Distant Lands your home. "A pebble thrown into a pond will only make a ripple at first, but some day... that ripple will be a wave."
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 26, 2006
I have played dl for many years now and it is the only mud that seems to hold my attention. In my years of mudding i have tested many muds and none even com close to distant lands. So if your up for a challenge and alot of fun log on i am sure you will enjoy it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 26, 2006
I feel distant lands is the greatest online game ever created. It takes your imagination to a place where anything is possible. But of course, what really makes a game is its playbase. The players on this MUD are so nice you will feel like they are your family. The staff is also this way, though they are not hesitant to hand out punishment to those who have done wrong, but only to those who deserve it. IF you are considering playing this MUD, i encourage you infinitely, you will have a blast here and make friends for life.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2006
in response for the someone booming please vote and someone write an honest review; for most of us the time had passed without us paying attention. IF- by some arrogant means you're still reading someone review of the game to decide whether or not you should give it a try, well simply in so many ways of expressions; screw you! By now herein, if you've managed to navigate your way here you're obviously in search of one particular thing. A descent or moderate MUD. It wouldn't be honesty if I told you that Distant Lands is the greatest and best developed MUD around to waste your infinite hours of time on. But, I've never had the experience of finding out, for these lands with the common handfull of regular people became an instant remote and enjoyable place. So now here's the games only catch. Somewhere along the way in our development of making the game seem more "realistic" someone decided to factor in a "real life" sequence based on a constitutional scale. To ask me, I say this is a bit rash, but it seems to balance out most every common flaw that one could find in a MUD. As I was saying, Distant Lands would make a nice home, as we'd like to think for all of you, but as it turns out only a few of you. For those of you interested in a challenge with some of the friendliest staff and pc base on the net, well drop on by; we're not promising the world, just an escape from it amongst our hallowed realm. Thanks, Gomuae Yoshimi Michael. for anyone new who stops by here's your first two commands. Who (enter) if you see Gomuae amongst the mortals, please proceed with the next command. tell Gomuae (message) (enter) I'll be glad to answer and talk to you from there, given that I'm about. Tootles.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 30, 2006
DL was the first MUD i picked up, introduced me to the entire mudding community and experience. Among improving my typing skills, the game has been a blast to play. While not as bot-friendly as other MUDs, DL more than makes up for it with a helpful and friendly player base and staff. As most MUDs, DL is constantly growing. Classes are always being introduced to exciting new code and playstyles are an ever-changing flowstone flood. Spells, skills and unique areas are always popping up around the Lands. Finally, the thing that I enjoy most about DL is the flexibility inherent in the system. For those who are big into RP situations, all characters can be roleplayed from level 1 to nearly infinite levels. Or, for those who like the hack-and-slash mentality, you can battle your way through dungeon after dungeon to make it to the highest level possible. With nearly 150 possible base characters to work from (not counting individual character tweaking) the only limits there are are those you place upon yourself. I.E. I play a pacifist barbarian merchant...go figure. To summerize, anyone who has a background in either tabletop gaming or MUDs is well-suited to pick up DL as a steady MUD. And with a simple interface and an incredibly helpful staff and player base, even a novice (will...not...say...n00b) gamer won't feel too far out of their element. ome check us out, we're open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 30, 2006
I've been playing Distant Lands for nearly eight (or nine? Lost count..) years now, and I must say that the changes the game has gone through are just staggering. The code has gotten phenomenally more advanced yet still simple enough for a first time mudder to use and learn quickly. There have been numerous code and world additions; so many it still makes my head spin. The (somewhat new) task system is by far one of the most incredible things I've seen in any MUD. I must say that during Distant Lands' downtime (when the owners were moving), I've played a couple of MUDs that have a similar feature. To be perfectly honest, the 'automated quest' systems in those games were sub-par, to put it nicely. The idea was nice, but the implementation was really bad. Nezmar, DL's programmer, has created an 'automated task system' from scratch, and with the multitude of ideas from players, it has grown into an absolutely incredible system. Creating tasks, from the staff-side, is incredibly easy, and there are PLENTY of tasks for all character variants. Tasks range from solving a riddle, to eradicating a threat to very complex ones that require a bit of brain power to complete. Other MUDs I've played had a static set of tasks with randomly generated things to kill and/or discover, which got boring VERY fast. The avatar system for DL has been given a revamping, allowing players to reach 300 levels with new skills, spells and weapon proficiencies at nearly every level. Every 24 levels after level 99, you must quest to obtain the 25th, and a new title. Quests are staff-run, not automated, so every one is a new experience for all involved and are as dynamic as every person playing. Whether you're into hack-and-slash or a hardcore roleplayer, there's ALWAYS something fun to do in Distant Lands. Stop by and check it out! --Vulsin, Game Master and DL webmaster
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 1, 2005
I agree with Valais totally. I have been to many muds over the years but Distant lands will always be my home i mean in my eyes it is near perfect the color is not to much and not to little the leveling system is real good the Staff what can i say they rule. In some of the muds ive went to you can reach top level in like 2 days what is the fun in that i mean there is no point in distant lands 1-99 is mortal and it can take a while to get to 99 then you have quests for avatar levels and it can be hard if you a searching for a true challenge and would like to show what a true mudder you are come to distant lands. oh and to comment on what people have said about staff in the past, the staff of distant lands work hard to make it fun for all of it's players if you play fair and do not be silly you will not have to see what i call there dark side they enforce the rules like any good staff should can you imagine how the world would be without policemen? in my opinion if you insult the staff you must in someway done something wrong and of course you should be punished. In closing distant lands rocks come and play you will not regret it. Eracules Verillius Iron Hearted Defender of the Iron Brigade
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 25, 2005
Wells lets see let me say this first I have been playing DL since basically it first came up many many years ago and dont get me wrong NO mud is perfect but in those many years I have tried I would say no less then 30 other muds to see if I could find anything that even came close to the coding, areas, staff, players, or over all playability. Well to let you know I have never found anything close to it anywhere. There might be some muds that might be a little bigger but bigger in this case doesnt make better because in none of those muds is there a coder like Nezmar that will completely code change and make EVERY area unique. And you would think with a coder like that it cant get better but then you have his wife Amaessara that fills in all the holes in the mud running that he as the full time coder cant do. Like make tons of the areas making all the mini quests and tasks and the such no pair of staff on any mud can come close to complimenting each other as these 2 do. They are in, the most direct words possible, a perfect staff combination. And then if it couldnt get any better in staff you then have the best suppost staff possible with Myrrima and Alendamar I mean can it get any better NO it cant. Well I suggest if people want to play a mud that will basically blow there minds in all respects then please do yourself a favor and come to Distant Lands. And look dont feel bashful when you come please let peoiple know you are new and saw the mud here and wanted to try it out there will be someone to help you out with any questions you might have or help you in anyway they can. Also Im on there alot please feel free to send me a message i will help you anyway I can if helping a newbie will increase our player base and improve the over all game then guess what Ill do that so please some one come all you wont regret it...Well unless you regret the amount of time you will be playing cause once you start the adiction will start and trust me when I say this CRACK has nothing on DL when it comes to adiction. So hope to see you all there as soon as possible... Valais, Iron Willed Priest of the Iron Brigade ps sorry about the run on sentence this editor through me so didnt pay attention..:)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 21, 2005
come on now, i've been on dl (distant lands) of around 8-9 years full time, we have ran into some road blocks, fixed them and ran into some more..BUT WE GET OVER THEM. ok lets see, STAFF, at times they are a little mean. but everbody have a question or a statemnet for them i'de be a dick half the time too if i was in there shoes. Second of all after 8-9 years ok dl i only found one thing that the staff wont fix. little crybaby punk bitches like Duard, Jorge "the giant", and a few unamed (they all know who they are) heres a little hint...if you dont like the rules, players, staff, or anything else you cant deal with, quit instead of bad mouthing the game and its people find somewhere better. AND LEAVE US THE FU%K ALONE!!! LYSA
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 17, 2005
Well, this will be 2 posts in 6 years. Kinda thin on the ground but I'll only open my gob and speak when needed. The last bloke said, first up the copied zones, I've not come across any purloined adea and I challenge any one else to, this is not an advertisement, its a fact. Next up, poor staff, okay well can't argue with that there's not many of them and they are spread too thin but I believe they are trying. Equpment hoarding, hell that will happen any game you play, you can't tell people no you can't have that, it might not be the real worl but I'd like to see you try and tell me I can't have two televisions, break you're f**king arm off. And as for multiplaying not allowed, that seems sensible to me, why permit one person to come on to the game, spell up another and then go get his other character, that is well, a bit lame, and secondly if permitted it would open up a whole avenue for abuse. And ignorant roleplayers? well hell unless they mess up how are they going to learn, DL has always had a beginnner friendly approach to new roleplayers. I shall permit myself one rant, and that is the game is good enough until they get caught cheating and then its straight to posting a review, thats not only rude, its a wee bit bitchy.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 15, 2005
Distant Lands WAS a great mud back when staff knew how to be staff. My days in DL are numbered. I've seen better days and I dont see better one's coming. Copied zones, poor staff, eq hoarding, multi playing (not allowed), ignorant role players and a few other things continue to fill Distant Lands. The DLDS is fun but once it's over it's back to the real world where the staff doesn't take player insights. They HAVE to be right 100% or else. Jorge, the giant.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 15, 2005
Distant Lands is a place i keep coming back to because of the immortals careing for what goes on in the game. this world evolves constantly with new and fresh code as well as occasional events like the current dsdl (dream sequence distant lands). dsdl chars start at level 100 to give new and old players a insight to what is in store for them upon the return to the regular distant lands game. I have learned much about where ill need to go, what ill need to find without the major risk of loseing much time or equipment. Anyway come see whats yet to come and you will surely have a great time as i have.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 13, 2005
Distant lands is by far the best MUD i have ever experienced. I have been playing for 6 years now and it has changed so much since then its unreal. The staff on this game is awesome. The two owners, Nezmar and Amaessara are so kind and spent thier own money to keep it going for free. This world itself is extremely large, and no one player has vasted the whole universe. Also, players are generally very helpful to people starting out. Its like a family at distant lands and if you want a true mudding experience please choose us :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 10, 2005
I would like toencourage everybody that comes on "Top Mud Sites" to come on "Distant Lands". Give us one week of your life, if you dont love Distant Lands like we all have grown to, Then you can leave and you have lost nothing but a small part of you long life. Distant lands is a vast land with helpfull and careing players. Role playing is very much encouraged and reworded upon. Lots of player groups and arena make this land a fun place to spend your mudding life. come see us. mhahaha Thanks for you time! ~Lysa~ Roar?
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 8, 2005
Yup, another Distant Lands Dream Sequence (DLDS). For one week everyone gets to be as good as me. Its not just about getting to be huge straight off the bat and getting all the insane gear (well a major part is, my list is done) its a whole lot more. Its about complete and utter recklessness. Of course there'll be organised brawling in the arenas. But last time people took to duelling in the street whilst people betted and bayed for blood. Everyone grouping against an invasion or going off to dismember the biggest NPC in the game. My money is on Queen Anna's getting hit up first. Basically I'm saying this is the best time if someone wants to try a new mud. The only way I can think of to see how big and indepth a world is without starting and being restricted to wearing straw and kicking pigeons, go straight for the jugular of the game and get it all over you're boots. P.S New players don't worry about not knowing what to wear there'll be shit loads of people on hand to help and it'll also be the only chance Eracules will get to be a warrior. Jarde
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2005
To everyone interested in starting a new mudd, now is your chance to experience a rare event. I've just found out that starting July 8th, a Distant Lands Dream Sequence will begin and last for one week. During a dream sequence, everyone is a hero or heroine and can have any armor they wish. That's all you have to do is ask. To those who may not know the armor of Distant Lands, as I assume new players would not, please just ask around. Almost everyone in Distant Lands is very helpful and appreciative of new players. Some are more helpful then others... such as a cleric by the name of Gydin Valen ;) He's a very helpful person and no one should be afraid to ask him for a little help whenever they need. Word is that he'll heal you even if he has a little mana that he could use for himself. I invite everyone to come try this wonderful game and join in on any roleplays that may take place and attempt any of the tasks that will be available for everyone. Come try this wonderful mudd. It was my first mudd and whenever I've tried another mudd, even the top mudds from this website, I've always come back to Distant Lands and have enjoyed the friends I've made and any time I've spent there. Happy hunting. Gydin Valen
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 4, 2005
I would encourage everyone who reads this to give DL2 a try, if you are into adventure and fun you will not be disappointed. I have been playing this Mud for a few years now and in my (and many others) opinion - it is simply the best mud out there. I have tried out other muds (from time to time) but always return to Distant Lands, in fact I would be hard pressed to try and think of another game where I know of so many returning after various lengths of absence. I guess when there is *something* about a game there is *something* about it ;) As far as the positive/negative feedback battle you may see in some of the other posts here - well, and please excuse the cliche, thats how life goes. There are positive and negative aspects to just about everything in life - the day someone goes about changing human nature perhaps the debate will end, but until then we must all deal with the fact that there are pros and cons to everything we do. Think about your favourite activity, say just for arguments sake its snowboarding, now sure its a pain in the ass (literally) to learn and you fall a lot, but once you are whizzing down the slopes like a legend, it all seems worth it. Guess what I'm trying to say is that half the fun of something is rising to a challenge and feeling a sense of accomplishment. If you're looking for perfection - I'm really sorry to say it may be a lonely road. If you're looking for fun, excitement, adventure and developing, learning and making friends in the best mud there is then look no further - DL2 is the place to be.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 17, 2005
Throughout the years, I've been an avid Distant Lands player. I've been through or have bore witness to the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've taken a few breaks over the years from the game, but I'll try and say everything I'm about to say from experience, rather than peer pressured bias. The staff on Distant Lands are for the most part fair, easy to get along with, and hard working. They provide the players with quests to achieve avatar levels, fun and decent role-play, and more often than not a good laugh when everyone's just sitting around shooting the breeze. The players on Distant Lands, on the other hand, come from a variety of walks of life. As Nezmar (I think) has mentioned on a previous review, a lot of the players have a poisonous attitude that lessens the experience of the game. On the other hand, there's a lot of players that help bring the game to fruitation. There's always small groups of people, guilds, friends, what have you. It's nothing different from any other game I've played. There's fueds and bickering, self-sacrifice and honor. It's to be expected with the amount of players whom come from different areas and backgrounds. Role-playing on Distant Lands can be fun or frustrating, depending on how you look at it. At the moment, (although I know Nezmar has been working on broadening the experience) we lack motivation for role-playing. We simply do not have the code needed to expand role-play beyond avatar quests, chit-chatting, and quarrelling. On the better side, most of the people that choose to role-play on distant lands are true to their character in most instances, and are able to add an aura of fun to even the most drab scenerios. Another factor that often leads to more fun in the case of role-play, is the staff is often adding in additional touches with room echoes and mobs to help heighten the experience. A while back I remember reading something about people giving negative feedback about load limitations. Just to touch on that, load limits are a needed device to help keep the players from going out of control. If everyone were able to have the best equipment in the game, it would lead to less competition between the players, and the fact of the matter is, if everyone was the same apart from levels, the builders that create zones would never be able to keep up to the rapidly growing PCs. This would undoubtedly end in a lot of bored people. In conclusion, I'd just like to say that if you're thinking of playing Distant Lands, please don't let the negative feedback of disgruntled people deter you. Give us a try and find out for yourselves. It's worth it. :) ~Jorn
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 10, 2005
I wuld like to responds to a few posts particularly one a few posts back that named me quite a few times as the Tyrant of Distant lands and they spouted off all sorts of information that they "think" they are all knowing about the entire game and they Know everything that goes on with staff and with players alike. And they seem to have a crosshairs target on me as a real bad tyrant, well ok I agree I can be bad to a point, if you break rules you pay the piper and I have no problem enforcing our rules and dealing out the punnishments. However I just have to point out something about this so called All knowing and all seeing person that thinks they Know all about Distant Lands, They apparently dont know much of anything because I do NOT code, I do NOT Own the game, Nezmar and Amaessara own it. I am an Administrator and I deal with the Day to day things that go on and yes I have been on the game for about 10 years or more ( i have lost count) and I have put a LOT of myself into the game to make it better for the playerbase and I generaly get along with 90% of the playerbase and I would like to think that they get along with me. Of course we all have freinds that play on the game as well as the player have freinds, but I do not let my freindship with anyone on the game hinder or affect my decisions with any matter and anyone that knows me well enough Knows this to be the truth as I have had to give out punnishment for rule breaking to my friends over the years and we have a set guideline of what to do for each matter and everyone gets delt with the same. If you dont belive that then so be it, your choice. However I read the negative posts by so many that dont play the game anymore or havent played for a very long time and yet they know everything, and posts from others that have had something happen to freinds but they dont know the Whole story and have only gotten the one side, that would be the " I didnt do anything wrong and the staff screwed me" side. Why dont you find out the whole story before spouting off misleading and false information that only makes you look like a fool. It is players like this that burn out staff and make them wonder why we put in so many countless hours to build a game for you to play in for FREE and we dont get paid anything for our work and labor besides false and uninformed accusations and disgruntaled posts made by players that have a hard on because of something that happened to them well over a year or two ago and just seem... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 10, 2005
It isn't often that I've written a review for my own game, look back at all the reviews posted here over the years and you'll be hard pressed to find one written by me. People have come to this site and posted all kinds of positive and negative things about Distant Lands. Some are true, others are flat lies. This is my attempt at giving a true valid assessment of the game and its good and bad points. I wish more people would take this road when writing their reviews, too often it turns into name calling. Distant Lands is a text based adventure game that has its roots in the world of DIKU but has had over 10 years of fairly intense development. It has a lot of features that are similar to other MUDs, but it also has a lot of good original thought put into it -- nearly all the code and world are custom. We've been listed on TopMudSites since its creation, we even held the 1st place spot for about 6 weeks straight in the beginning before all the bigger muds were listed. Like all games, Distant Lands has its weak points, the most notable in my mind are as follows: 1) Too much of the game is based upon killing. There needs to be other things to do to further the development of your character beyond killing and interacting with peers. I actually believe this problem to be largely solved with some of the new code we've added, however, we need to build more scenarios on top of this code for it to truly be effective. Further, there is still some code development work to be done here to make it easier to create the scenarios from within the game. 2) There is (and has been for some time) an almost poisonous atmosphere because of immature players that seem to want the world to be crafted solely around their desires. When these players attempt to roleplay, they expect never to die because of a bad decision and never to lose some or all of their gear because they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Typically, all the higher levels of staff agree on how a matter should be handled if it is of any real consequence to any specific player. However, there are bound to be decisions that are made that aren't agreed with. When you make enough decisions, someone is bound to disagree with something. The problem is when we can't remember that it is just a game and we need to simply accept that we don't agree. In many cases, those who disagree with a decision made by staff don't have all of the information related to the situation anyway -- getting everyone up to speed on every decision made simply isn't practical. Staff, often wrongly refered to as immortals or gods, really have very little interaction with most players. They are there for roleplaying general... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 9, 2005
Example of someone being screwed and never breaking a DL law: Player 1; Has a dream to be a "king" in his small RP group or friends. Not a king of the mud, but a king of his group. Player 1; gets a rp ONLY item which is very,very strong. He wears it, uses it, rps with it. He travels around with his FRIENDS. They have fun rping with him and acting as if he were king of the guild they run. All is fine . . . Till the staff gets wind of someone trying to be a king of his small group. Seeing that this player has the best eq. the best stats. the best crew in the game. Worked VERY,VERY hard for what he has. They (staff) send one of the biggest and meanest mobs after him. Oh but first, they lure him into a fight with a knight by killing his mount for NO reason. (they made a fake reason up for killing it, total BS) Then they have knights attack him, knowing he'd kill the knights. Then he takes off with the body of the knight. Like a good roleplayer would. Of course staff (malifaxis) see's and hear's everything. So he portals to him and destroys him and takes everything from him. Everything he ever worked for. This is a perfect example of how Distant Lands (staff and owners) will screw you over and not give 2 fucks. They kept his things, a lot he can never get again, forcing him to quit like all of the others before him who were on top and didn't kiss thier ass. Of course the owners were told of such horrid RPing, but they do not care. They will turn a cheek and ignore it because 1 staff member is more valuable than several players who did nothing wrong. Distant Lands is a good mud to play if you only wish to play it for a month. But if you plan on staying longer. Do not waste your time. A lot of the areas are taken from other muds aswell, just renamed. DL was great. Untill the owners and staff memebers became idiots and deaf.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 9, 2005
Ok, after reading a few of the other posts about distant lands, I would like to address a few other things. 1.) Items/Equip "hoarding" when there is a limit on number of a certain item, there will be hoarding, I mean, after all, it wouldn't make sense if there were 10000000 of the best sword in the game, then everyone would have it and there would be no differance in any charcter. And, people will always hoarde, measures were taken to make hoarding harder but theres always those who find ways to hoard. 2.) Un-Sympathetic Staff Staff members struggle to be un-biased, an occsianal joke make make some people feel as though they are playing favortiism but this is not the case, all mortals are treated the same, regardless. You break a rule, you pay for it, simple as that, where as the code could be put so that no rules ever could be broken, that would proably lead to 2 things, less fun, and a new way for people to cheat. 3.) Staff "not players" only "Staff" This statement couldnt be more far from the truth, every STAFF member has, or in the past has, had, a mortal charcter, one requirment for new staff members, the lowest form, "builder" is having a charcter who's reaced a certain "level" in the game, so as far as that goes, staff arn't players, its not true, and a staff's members "mortals" dont get any special treatment, hell my largest charcter is a 37 at the moment, but I've been in the avatar league myself, its just a matter of how much time you have, and, another point, "Gamemasters" take the role of "mobs" and PLAY as well, except our playing is a lot more strict and its a lot more difficult for us to be a "gamemaster" then a normal player. Not that we are better then others, for im sure others can do the same, but when your a normal player, the rules are less strict. and on a final note, I SO SICK of these players that don't even play anymore, posting negative feedback and not even having there facts straight, everything is not as they make it seem, as my last post suggest, come join us and you decide, let these people who hide there true names just quit and be gone and leave this great mud alone. And I wont hide, Sincerly Phyre Baalic Xwan Ogeid Sabkin etc
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 8, 2005
Yes, Distant Lands is made by and for the staff. This is as it should be. However, players will benefit from learning a few things about DL, its owners/administrators, and its low-level staff. Unfortunately, the staff keeps this information to themselves, and those players who learn or guess the secrets will find themselves ostracized to the point that they will need to quit in order to salvage any shreds of their tattered dignity that still remain. Am I being melodramatic? Or am I merely documenting an ongoing drama that plays out among DL's staff and higher-level players? Some facts: Alendamar (owner, chief coder, layer-down of the ultimate law, grand poobah of Distant Lands, etc.) writes and maintains DL not only because it is a stimulating hobby, and brings joy to him and his circle of friends, but also because it's exhibit number one on his resume. Without DL, Alendamar's CV is a barren wasteland upon which he wanders, indistinguishable from a multitude of other half-rate former CompSci majors who grew up and discovered that making a living in the real world was a lot less interesting than ruling an imaginary universe as an immortal god. What could distinguish Alendamar - the semi-literate coder with a bad temper - from the rest of his peers? The first thing Alendamar points to when he's looking for work is his obvious coding/sysadmin competence - as evidenced by DL. Even his detractors have to admit that Distant Lands is finely coded and unusually stable. It pratically makes up for its creator's sociopathic tendencies. In fact, Alendamar came very close to turning Distant Lands into a pay-for-play. His self-centered ambitions were thwarted, however, by his building staff. Most of the original building staff (those who built the finely-crafted older areas of Distant Lands) rebelled against this blatant disregard for the DIKU license. Rebelled too, against Alendamar's callous usurpation of others' intellectual property as he removed past builder's names from his credits screen, and refused to remove their areas from the game, just as he removed the DIKU creator's names. Chagrined by the staff revolt, Alendamar, who by this time was starting to realize that he wasn't a god in real life, decided to steer a new tack. He would re-write the entire mud and break free from the DIKU chains of bondage. This (ongoing process) resulted in a fairly original MUD, but it was obvious that even a god's ambition couldn't remake fantasy into reality. The MUD was, and ever will be a DIKU-derivative. What does a god do when his followers are wont to question his judgement? A god blinds them with baubles. These days, unlike in the past, Alendamar's staff are his chosen few. He keeps them under his thumb by giving them what they crave - dominion over their own little slice of Distant Lands. The players will never ever be treated fairly when they find themselves opposed to the alt of a staff member. Staff members will cheat, and... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 8, 2005
Distant Lands is ran by a group of idiots known as STAFF. They seem to think they are untouchable in every way shape and form. If you even attempt to build your character up they will step in your way. They are like a bunch of brainless bullys that are supposed to be helpers. But they are too focused on creating thier own status. Even though they dont need one. Because they are staff. NOT PLAYERS. Distant Lands is a waste of time and energy. Staff will sooner or later find a way to erase you from the memory of the other players. Which most are brain washed anyways. Distant Lands is a waste of space. Pick another mud, because even the kindest staff member wont help you when the time comes. Assholes.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 8, 2005
Quint, you write review after review on this board but you dont understand the simple fact that Distant Lands is owned by the gods. you might want things your way, but the game is made by them and they are going to do things they're way. IF you want to play there you will have to do things they're way. Your constang complaining just makes the rest of us have problems because whenever we bring up an issue or a complaint, we get shouted down because of people like you. Distant Lands is a cool mud who just needs players to be players, and not try to run things like you obviously like to try. To others out there who are not Quint, you should play distant Lands because it is absolutely huge and the players are cool and as long as you don't try to tell the gods what to do you will be OK.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 7, 2005
wow, i hadn't checked the posts here in a while, seems like ye olde' dl aristocracy is pumping out the propaganda again, how amusing, even more amusing is my old buddy valais: dude, you must have me confused with another player, never rp'ed there, never killed or been killed by any players, also, and more importantly, i never cheated while mudding there but others i witnessed did...valais, i do however respect the fact your post was more civil than your last response to my dl bash, kudos...as such, i wont bash you (even though your comment about having half a brain to mud there is very tempting)... to DL, current and prospectful players: to all those happy goers saying the mud is balanced...bull$hit, i could rant about the system, dickhead players, equipment...etc...did that already the bottom line is this: i hear it everyday being that i know at least dozen players IRL, who mud there, that do it for me...i hear about high level, whining little bitches that quit the mud because they don't get their way (including myself, see a trend?), how the staff can't control its players so they dick them over, how honorable players can't achieve avatar because they don't worship their crappy little gods...and a new story each day about some mudder being an asshole or an idiot to his fellow players... just a well coded mud with a bunch of jerks and poor imm management, read my previous posts for more info... -Quint
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 7, 2005
I've spent some time playing in Distant Lands and have seen many changes. Sure it takes some getting used to new changes, but it all balances out over time. This was the first mudd I ever tried and will be the only mudd I stay with. I have tried previous mudds only to find myself spending hours learning the system and being forced to go through a newbie training. Even with no previous mudding experience, I was able to learn quickly. Most characters are friendly and very quick to assist one another when the need arises. I have enjoyed the game and yes, I can say I'm an addict. I have made a number of friends and spent countless hours of fun in Distant Lands. It is very simple to learn the commands which make more sense then any other mudd I've played, not to mention you don't have to set up alias just to shorten the commands. The learning curve is about an hour depending on your class. Even when you reach hero, one can learn new ways to gain experience and load equipment. I did and it made so many things easier and made the game much more enjoyable. Grouping is encouraged and the lands are always growing. I recently became a builder for the site and hope that my ideas and zones can add fun to the game as well as new challenges. Changes still take place constantly as the world and player base grows. Downside? I would only say that dieing in the game is something everyone has to be careful of because you have a chance to lose con and once you lose that last 1 con, that character is finished and it's a huge bummer. All the time spent making your character stronger and getting used to fighting and learning your equipment and then wham! All is lost. It is exciting to again be a low level character and it's taken me a little bit of time to get into the swing of leveling again. Even with that negative, everyone was very eager to help my character out and help him gain levels so that I could again assist others in groups and roleplays. Roleplaying has become a huge plus in Distant Lands, and has been much improved upon over the years. I recommend this mudd over the many others that I have tried to anyone just beginning who would like a relaxed experience and meet some helpful friends.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 1, 2005
I'd just like to say, I've been playing this game for around seven years now, and I'm still finding out more about this game everyday! This game is full of unexpecting twists, with a staff that is very player-friendly. The playerbase is slowly growing after the player-wipe we had, and I'm very eager to see new faces.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 14, 2005
I've been playing this game over the past nine years and I've seen many changes made as well as players come and go. Of course people are resistant to change because they get set in their ways, and often times when something happens that they don't agree with, they sometimes get a bit overdramatic and overzealous to attack the staff. To be able to transcend the mortal-avatar bridge, you must complete a quest. These quests are not automated in the least and the staff spends literally weeks, sometimes months, creating them (I should know - I've created one). The end product of this preparation and creation is always met with a plethora of characters participating and actually having fun. Of course when someone misses one of these quests, especially if they want to get to that next step in the ranking ladder, they have to wait for the next one, but that does not mean the roleplaying is exclusive to just the quests. There are many RP scenarios run by both players and staff alike that add to the overall atmosphere of the game and create hours of enjoyment for everyone involved. Distant Lands is not limited to just roleplaying as there is a full ladder of leveling your character can climb. I must say that in my 13 or so years of playing MUDs, Distant Lands is the only 'hybrid' (roleplaying/hack-and-slash) MUD that I've seen that actually works. Most hybrid MUDs are more focused on the hack-and-slash elements and there are very limited amounts of roleplaying involved. Being that it's difficult to actually pull off creating a good hybrid MUD, the vast majority are either totally hack-and-slash or totally roleplaying, which leaves little to be desired unless your MUDding door only swings one way. A fair and balanced (and everchanging) game, Distant Lands is well worth the time I've spent playing. I've gotten countless hours of enjoyment and I've also made countless friends from around the globe.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 12, 2005
Distant Lands has its up and downs but there is one important thing that overcomes all of the ups and downs if you play distant lands as a character and become stronger than the rest of the mortals / avatars bad things will come down your path ive seen it over the past year and i was close to each character i seen it happen to STAFF will find a way to strip you of everything you have done and kill you just because you worked harder than most so if you plan on playing Distant Lands prepare to get screwed and have no back up. Kragor = screwed Ardilla = screwed Sylvar = screwed Nas = screwed Aldeis = screwed Do not believe what anyone says these guys did nothing wrong but put time into a game and become strong and STAFF seen it fit to destroy them because they seem to think they are characters aswell when they are not
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 12, 2005
For one I do play the game, and I do know how the EQ is set up, all too well, however I dont play a lot but I do when I have time and I have played for many years and the EQ as you put it has not changed that much to affect your chars before or after level 100, the level 100 is only a barrier for Avatar and you have to Quest to go past that, but then you should know that. As far as the load % you dont have any clue as to how they are set up, you may think you know and many others may think they know but a lot of that has changed and you dont have a clue. As far as hording ANY mud will have players that Horde eq, we are fortunate enough to have taken some steps to lessen the ability for players to hord, they will still hord a few things but not even close as to the way they used to be able too. And Camping NPC's is a usless venture, Camping will only ensure you waste your time. I dont have to defend myself, Ever, I will respond to some things to reveal a little light that others like to hide away when the make posts but My actions and decisions stand and I have no need to defend them. If you RP and you get yourself in trouble and you get killed and you get looted as long as RP rules are followed and no game rules are broken they why should we be inclined to do anything? BUT if you break RP rules well then yes we will do or say something. And you want me to ask myself where the playerbase went, WEll I see a very active playerbase every day, not as large as it used to be and we have lost a number of players, troublemakers that could not handle getting caught for multiplaying or for breaking a number of other rules. And some players left because they did not like the changes in the game to make it better and more of a challange for them, A lot of them wanted the old game back where everything was more easy to get, easy to kill npc's easy to do something without having to face up to the consiquences if they are caught by other players. So I ask you to think about this, You would have us trade the Quality of the game for Quantity of players? I will keep Quality of the game any day over Quantity of a playerbase. We have some very good players that enjoy the game the way it is and we have much more to add to it and if you dont like it I am sure that you will find a mud out there that you do like. I wish you all the best of luck and a happy Sincerley... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 16, 2005
Quint you bag of cow crap, you couldnt play a mud if it came with instructions. yo are just mad because you played for months and couldnt get anywhere. what does someone like you do to get so bad at things? anyone who put as much time into a mud as you did should have got somewhere by now, but what do you have to show for your pathetec attempts at playing muds? nothing distant lands is a great mud and everyone who has at least half a brain can see that. i enjoy all the time i spend there so is it strange to assume that others wont to? if you dont like distant lands it is becaus you are a loser. have you ever suceded in anything in your sad little life pretending you have not played distant lands for ayear, but you still like to write bad review is just corny. Quint, you need to grow up and show some maturity like the other players at distant lands. we all get along fine and we hereby want to offer to forgive and forget your cheating ways and welcome you back with open arms. its obvious that you crave our attentoin and we are here to give you the love that is missing in your life. come back to us quint and well get you back to what you love with no hard feelings. for others reading this review, distant lands is huge and had a ton of great areas to explore, moer items than you can remember in a month of trying, and great players who actually enjoy each others, unlike this fellow quint who just wanted to kill everyone he met,and is mad when we got together and killed him
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 9, 2005
Despite a few bad so-called reviews, Distant Lands remains, and always was, an excellent MUD. There's a fine group of players who enjoy their time in Distant Lands and, aside from a few CHEATERS who get caught, get punished, then decide to strike out in a childish way and write a bad so-called review, the playerbase likes things just the way they are. Absurd claims about the unavailability of equipment reveal more about the 'reviewer' than they do about Distant Lands itself. After all, if this was such a problem, Alendemar could, with a few quick keystrokes, solve it by increasing the rate at which it loads. Distant Lands has been an enjoyable, community-oriented MUD that's remained stable for years. The frustrations of one malcontent don't drive MUD policy. CHEATERS who player-kill with no roleplayed rhyme or reason for their actions shouldn't be astounded when a few well-established characters, who have WORKED for what they had, sometimes for a period of years, take it upon themselves to execute a bit of justice.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 9, 2005
Alendamar, you obviously do not currently play the game. You have no clue that the way eq is set up, there is currently no way for the average player to ever succeed. At level 100 you hit a brick wall. I HAVE camped level 100-250 mobs for MONTHS with little to no success. It is frustrating and a waste of time. Valais you have no say. You are one of three/four people that owns a full set of equipment that is either maxed or impossible to obtain. Not ONLY that, but you have countless items (along with your fellow guild members) that are NOT being used but are being hoarded. You and your guild may have worked for some of them, but there is more than a full set that was stolen from other players. When I say impossible to obtain equipment, I mean that the first or second time you get it from a mob, the load % drops to about 1 in 500 kills. Atleast a dozen people have left this mud for that reason alone. Not to mention the garbage that goes on that the immortals CLAIM to have no part in. Such as allowing people to be killed and looted by a "Certain" guild and supported there actions completely. I'm tired of hearing the immortals (Alendemar specificaly) defend themselves and players such as Valais threatening other people after obvious one sided situations happen. If you seriously think I'm full of it, then ask yourself where you player base went. I GAURANTEE it isn't because of the holidays. BUT, if you're a new player and reading this..... UP to level 100, its a great mud. Have a blast!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2005
Distant lands is one of the best muds around. It is absolutely huge and you will play for a year without even seeing half of the areas in distant lands. The players are cool and the gods are always interested in helping you out when you are in trouble. You can roleplay or not, whatever you want, but if you roleplay, you will get stronger in the long run. The coolest thing about distant lands is that everyone has fun here. I like there are guilds you can join and they will give you equipment that will let you be a succeed in the world of distant lands. Did you ever want to join up with a cool group of friends and go out and adventure? then this is the mud for you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2005
Valais, you argue like a retard, i'd rather have a blow up doll than be one like yourself, your discombobulated dribble is the most worthless crap i've ever read and if i was trying to defend DL, you'd be the last person I'd want on my side. Valais, you are the perfect example for my arguments about the stupidity and ignorance of the pricks that frequent that game...and i wish to say thank you for supporting my posts... Alendamar, you 'claim' to have had discussions with me 'a few times'. This is a total lie, I think we talked maybe once, twice at most. The truth is, you were never around. I probably talked to Lyshia a dozen times, but never you. You're making all this stuff up. You never told me if i didn't like the MUD I could leave. I deleted on my own free will. As for not having an 'informed opinion'. People can read my previous posts, clearly they are not uninformed. Unlike you'd have them believe that I don't know what I'm talking about, I played that MUD for nearly a year in total time (before and after pwipe), I saw how people treated each other, how they abused the game, and how you and your staff turned your backs on it. Say what you want man, maybe the game is different, but the players and imms are the same ignorant a**holes from a year ago (as am I of course). As for anyone else reading this post as an opinion to the quality of Distant Lands MUD, read these comments and all those from DL players very carefully. Pay attention to all those mindless drones supporting the MUD. Discern for yourself who is really fooling themselves...... As for me, a year later I'm still bitching about the quality of the MUD. Not only because of a hatred for what transpired, but also as an attempt to warn and help other players who might decide to play there. DL is not a nice place, and regardless of how well the areas and rooms are designed, it isn't worth the price you pay to deal with idiots like Valais. Around every corner on that MUD, is a player waiting to pick a verbal fight and an imm who'll turn his back on it. If you're not ready for it, I'd suggest MUDding elsewhere.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 9, 2004
Well to start this off I am a High ranking Staff member on DL and I remember Quint and his issues and his posts, and his complaints, oh yes the constant complaints. OK for one we DO have a harrasment pollicy and we DO enforce it, and some dont like what happens and some dont like the way we handle things, well you know what TOUGH suck it up and deal with it or get over it, we deal with things as we see fit not as per demands of players. Some call what is done in RP (Role Playing) Harrasment if a complaint is made we look into it, we are not required to report anything to anyone, and some things are not harrasment so nothing is done besides gentle reminders to players that some may take offence to things said and to be considerate to others and "MOST" do listen and abide. About the EQ issue, well sure some stuff Max loads in the game, but with well over 10000 items in the game and almost 5000 unique items not all of them have max loads on them in fact very few do and for good reason. Now I know I have had this discussion with Quint a few times and it was like talking to a brick wall he was not interested in anything anyone had to say besides his own uninformed opinion and the fact he didnt give the game long enough to realy find out about all the good parts of it, he only saw the bad parts and chose to hate it without giving it enough of a chance. Thier are thousants of items in the game, and many of them do the same as others but only look differant and are worn in differant places and you would know that IF you took the TIME to find out...but alas you didnt, and you havent been there in a year and you still choose to bash the mud with an even more uninformed opinion bias jellosy, and jsut a pure hatred of anythign you could not force into changing to your will. I remember telling you if you didnt like the mud you could leave and you chose to, so eitehr give it another chance or go bother someone else with your false tales. A lot has changed in a year, A heck of a lot has changed but you have to check it out to give and honest and INFORMED opinion. For now your opinion lacks the proper knowlege and information for anyone to realy pay any attention to it or to take it for something more than someone that has nothing better to do with thier time than to cut down what so many others seem to enjoy and have so much fun with because THEY gave it a CHANCE and took the TIME to figure out the game and to not demand things. Sincerly Alendamar Administrator Distant Lands.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2004
Well thank you quint for helping me recall you now I remeber that you complained just as much a year agao as you do now but hey it makes perfect sense hum lets see you complain about all the things you didnt have a year ago NOW a year later and you havent been playing for that year what are you stupid or no I know what it is you need to get more then a blow up doll thats it please dude if you are still bashing a mud you havent played in a year about the same things a year later go buy yourself a woman if you cant seem to find one please but move on..And you say bring it on come now we both know that it is easy to talk all that behind a computer screen so Ill let it go I need not worry about you sitting there praying that your miserable life will come to an end dont worry it will soon enough but before that please go get a life instead of talking about a game you havent played in over a year and saying the smae stuff over and over. What was it havent seen any bad reviews abotu the mud because it is so much better then you can imagine so you decided to just bash something well thats sad and I wont bother responind to anything else you say after this well cause a person like you doesnt deserve even this much attention but hey Im regenning on the mud you seem to hate so I had a minute. Later lame ass..... Valais
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2004
I wish to start by replying to Valais: this is my REAL name, I don't hide behind a different name on the MUD, I simply don't play there anymore, but when I did, Quint was the name I used as can be verified by numerous people. My character was a warrior, buff and one of the highest lvl for his class after the pwipe and when DL first re-started up...the funniest part about your post is, "you obviously play there" I don't actually, haven't in over a year, but clearly not much has changed because I'm still right on the mark......as for being a coward....bring it dude...I aint scared of you.... Lyshia, I respect your opinion greatly, you were one of the few people who listened to my complaints and was willing to change the MUD to make it a better place. I haven't played for over a year and will never return for 2 reasons. 1. DL has no harassment policy, nor does it enforce the poor treatment of players on the MUD by others. 2. Max loading equipment allows the rich to get richer, and the poor to get poorer, hence Aristocracy and if you don't kiss ass and whine, you'll never get help or equipment... Perhaps I should point this out once again, as I did in a post a year ago. Distant Lands DOES have some of the most well designed room connectors, descriptions and mobs on the entire network, only to be ruined by greedy, prickish players, whining newbies and imms that turn their backs on it...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2004
Ahh, Quint, you and I have had this discussion before. Well, kind of. At least last time you had tried to play the game a bit and decided you didn't like it. I respect that. Did you even try it again? If you did try again, why? I mean, if you hated DL so badly a year ago, why bother wasting your time again? Why bother posting such negativity now? I had thought you much more intelligent then that. If you come up with valid issues and problems with the game, by all means, DO post them. I don't see anything to defend DL for from your post as it's all just so... so... Yeah. I will present to you my same challenge I gave you before: If you dislike the RP on DL so much, come help make it better. Many DO suck on there, come show them how it's done right! Come participate in making a change, making it better. And frankly I don't think you have a right to judge what the staff does there. Yes, I'm very biased on this one, but you have no clue how much anyone on staff does. Neither do I, I can only judge what I do. And I choose to help change things positively. The world has enough finger pointers like you. Either help make the world a better place or at least go where you can be happy. You don't do anyone any good, including yourself, with a post like that. To anyone else, please, come try the mud. Make your own choice. There are some things that need fixed, yes. But on the whole, there is a lot of good stuff going on. Come judge us by our merits and actions yourself. No, DL isn't for everyone, but we do have some awesome players too. I think DL is the best MUD out there. Respectfully, Lyshia
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2004
Well I have never posted here before but feel that I should I think that ALL muds have there own little problems but as for Distant Lands, Yes it has a couple as all do but the mud itself is by far the best I have ever played and I have played quite a few from smaller muds to HUGE muds and never have I found a mud to comnpare to this one. I have nothing to gain OR lose from posting a good review. I do so because the mud deserves it and better. The staff does all it can for FREE to make it the best and firest for all included. You can please everyone all the time and to come here and bash the mud even though its obvious you play there and are to much a coward to use a name that you use there well it's easy enough to see why you would do that its cause you are a coward and know that you are afraid that people there will know how much of a coward you are by doing so. I am the first to admit there are some people there I cant stand because they would rather cry and whine at the fountain about all they dont have and all that everyone else has or can do but hey if you get off your ass and do the work that we hhave done and go get it you will have it too. So in closing I would like to say the mud is great and welcomes with open arms all that want to play and have the intellgence of more then a turnip like the coward Quint has as you can see by his post, I hope to see you all there oh and my name here is my name on the mud so please feel free to say hi! Valais
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2004
what a bunch of crap...Distant Lands is an aristocratic, meta-gamed, and poorly managed cesspool of prickish and juvenile characters with nothing better to do than talk s*it and pick fights...there is NO enforced policy for player abuse or harassment on this MUD, it goes on endlessly and unpunished.. RP = a friggin' joke....and good luck finding any equipment because of the MUD's 'max load' rules on cool equipment allowing the high lvl players to hoard all the best stuff in the game...You WILL not succeed on this MUD unless you kiss asses, beg for equipment, put up with harassment and worst of all, have the patience to wait 45 minutes to play your character after he dies to something.. this is a MUD for real losers and mind controlled freaks to have imms and idiot players post reviews like the last couple in a vain attempt to gather more players for an already decrepit and dying wasteland of MUD ass*oles.... DL can go screw itself...and for those of you that know this post to be true, please help support this forum and deter new people from going there...players and mudders really deserve better...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 1, 2004
BEST, GAME, EVER! This game is even worthy of the comic book man from the simpsons. It is full featured. From new spells and weapons to learn, to roleplaying and arenas. THIS GAME ROCKS!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2004
Distant lands has been around for a long time now and i feel it has earned bragging rights for a reason. There are always new things coming into distant lands. One recent one is something called a task. You go to the Non-player character(which by the way there are over 4000!!!) that has a task and accept it. IT might be to slay a creature, or give something to another person. Whatever it is its fun and you get rewarded from them. Distant lands his enormous!!!it has almost 11,000 rooms! There is always something to do, always somewhere else to go. There are a wide range of classes which have evenly split traits and abilities. you really need to play this game www.dl2.net
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2004
say distant lands is exciting and entertaining would be an insane understatement. This game if full featured and includes numerous things you can do. here are just a few features: Arenas-going into "the arena" and fight like in the collisium(this is SO much fun), guilds-creating a group of people you meet along the way into one organization that works together and helps each other out. Roleplaying-roleplaying is very fun and benefits your characters depth in the game, and you can earn awards for it, (and did i mention fun?) This is by far the best MUD i have ever played!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2004
This game is great. There are so many things to like about it. It is so well structured and balanced, with good combat system and numerous non player characters to slay. One of (quiet possibly the best thing) about distant lands is that the staff members DO care, and listen to you. They are there to enhance your experience and make the game a much better place. They listen to your ideas and are kind to all players. This is a must play MUD
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2004
Ive played this mud since it opened, along with dozens of other popular ones with huge player bases. Ive NEVER found one that ive enjoyed as much as this one. There is huge depth to it. The best combat system, well balanced classes, amazing staff and its constantly growing. Thousands and thousands of items and places to explore. Wonderful rp system that encourages depth and creativity. Definetly the best mud around, very intelligently made.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 27, 2004
WOW, is all that i have to say about this game. It is humongous, and is still growing, making bordem impossible. Starting out, you chose your class (mage, warrior, caviliar, thief, illusionist, ninja, assassin, paladin, cleric, druid, bard, and more!!). Each class has its own special advantages. Roleplaying is available for those wanting to go on quests, and as you level and gain experience you will be able to train your character an learn new skills, weapons, or spells. Ever feeling lost? there are HUNDREDS!! of help files waiting to be read, and also a novice channel for beginners so finding answers are easy. You HAVE to play this game, it is SO fun!!!!exploring, mapping, killing non-player-characters, gathering/selling rare equipment, you name it!! distant lands is the best ever!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 19, 2004
FYI, people leave Distant Lands for these reasons I believe: 1) Unfriendly/Arrogant/Smug/Showoff high level players. Some high level players are showoff and arrogant, bragging in front of a newbie/low level player about equips/weapons. "I could get you one, but I don't feel like it." is a reply that I have heard before. I have posed as a newbie, not to get equips, but to get THIS ANSWER 2) Immortals that are AWOL. These "righteous" immortals, (or so they claim), would "rather spend their time coding than catching cheaters", as quoted from their MUD. Well thats good, so why don't you smart fellows code it so that its impossible to cheat? Cheaters are inevitable in every game, and you guys think that weeding out cheaters are time-wasting? 3)Slow loading game. Yes, you heard me right, its one of the slowest loading MUD, in that you are made to sit through 15 minutes of lecture from the immortals themselves. I only want to play the game; I'm not interested in what you immortals have to say about cheaters and "non-comtemporary" names, and what you guys would do to these people. 4) Unfair treatment by immortals. I have heard this from players before: "Well, if ******* was on, he/she would have given me more RP points than normal", he/she brags. Well, I've said my piece, and thats it. Up to you whether you believe me or not. And this MUD is heading for the ruins if nothing is done to change it, and get the player base back.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2004
I have played dl for a very long time, and up until the last month or so I have always enjoyed playing it. But recently we have had a decline in the number of people playing and some changes that though are in favor of some people others seem to be forced upon them. Many of us play muds for this reason or that, but with dl I have found that i play it for many many reasons. Anything from chatting with friends, to the casual RP, to going out in parties with friends and slaying creatures/loading equipment. But with the recent changes I cannot have as much fun doing what i love to do on dl. They have put in a perm rp, you can level as normal up until level 99 then you MUST rp if you want to get your character any level above that. We used to be able to toggle the rp flag so that we could rp for a while and then go ooc afterwards when we wanted to, but now we must isolate outselves in a single room if we want to be out of character. I really do believe that our player-base has suffered from this too. I have seen many of my friends that i used to go out running with no longer playing, or just stopping in to see what is going on. Though I do have some suggestions so that all of us can enjoy dl as we did before, we should keep the perm rp, but also have a toggleable rp flag for those that dont want to rp all the time. Give it a minute window that you must wait when you want to toggle it off so that you dont just drop flag and leave when rp'ing might possibly get a bit hectic. Heck to give an added influence and a bonus for those that have the perm flag keep them with the exp bonus, and give them a few other bonus's that might entice others to become full rp. Just an idea and an opinion, though i did see its been almost three weeks since dl has had a review here, plus the fact we used to be in high competition for first place here and now we are what at 40th? Thats pretty sad, something must be wrong for to us to have dropped so far. Perhaps someone will read this and do some changes for the good of dl, and its players. dl player for life (someone who cares)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 24, 2004
This is a great MUD. I have played other MUDs and I always come back to this one. The staff is extremely helpful as are the players. And its not like everyone is the same class, there are barbarians talking to mages, talking to caviliers. There are arenas often and these are some of the best I've played in. I have to say its the best out there.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 1, 2003
Change is a hard thing to deal with and a hard thing to understand sometimes. And distant lands has went through much change in the last four to six months. We went from having eq that was Uber with melee and such making it so that if a person was able to come up with the right ammount of uber melee gear you could pretty much solo any mob in the game with a certain ammount of patience and skill. And yeah it was fun, problem was we do have eq maxes so not everyone could get their hands on a full set of melee gear. And so as a smart move of the staff they removed much of the melee on the gear (not all some gear still has melee but nothing near as much as it was). But problem was then with all the changes trying to balance out the change in gear we needed to start everyone from scratch, which sadly meant a pwipe. Yeah I know no one likes a pwipe but it does give people a fresh start and gives the game a chance to even out alot of things. Besides the changes in gear there were many changes in classes, the leveling system, the damage certain spells do, ect... With all changes in such things its not perfect, it has to be tested and tweaked about. But the changes were for the good, instead of having a small minority of people on the top of the heap with all the uber gear, going out and killing whatever they felt like it, now we must group together, use the skills and spells of a broad range of classes so that there is a nice mix of talent and abilities. But isn't that what we look for in a MUD? A game that we can band together with friends and make new friends and have fun while doing it? Yeah that means that mages dont really tank in the higher up levels, and really mages are not a tanking class. Who ever heard of a big beefy mage? How the heck could you concentrate casting spells if you have someone swinging a blade at your head and you must dodge it? Mages are not a front of the line class, there should be someone tanking in front of them taking the damage so they have the time and the chance to throw their spells at the enemy. Yeah they want it so that every class is useful and cant really solo out themselves. Yeah some mobs cant be backstabbed, why? Because once again we cant have those uber players. If every mob could be backstabbed then every mob has a chance for an assassin to walk in and backstab and flee until they get a lucky assassinate in, which means pretty much that an assassin with the right persistance would be able to kill any mob in the game, and thats wrong. Oh now... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 13, 2003
A lot of people on distant lands will think this is an attack. But this is only going to be my honest opinions so if you think they're harsh well play the game and find out yourself. First off I would like to say there is some very god staff on the game. Amaessara is one of the kindest and most considerate members of any mud staff I have ever seen. She has very fair ways of sorting things out and likes to give warning for minor offences that can be alleviated. Nezmar is a genius when it comes to coding and programming the game. And the support staff of quest masters etc. are very good at what each one does. There are many good quests and they only get better and better as the staff becomes more experienced with the controls given to them for running quests. The recent abundance of arenas has also been great whether it be for fun competition or for full heals to level. But on the darker side the main administrator Nezmar seems to only want to deal with coding and programming which means he tends to deal with any "offences" with an extreme prejudice and acts before finding both sides of the stories as was my case. I read the post about only making it big if you're a builder. Well this is not true. I did not have my builder until about a month ago and I was the biggest mage on the mud. But the real problem is the handicaps put on creativity. If you ever find a way to make things easy to do they will change it ruining all the thought and hard work you put into figuring that method out. Mages are one of the hardest classes to level but are also the weakest in the end because they are almost forced to be fighters. Assassins will find opponents that cannot be backstabbed no matter what which makes them useless in certain areas. Warriors will find mobs that cannot be bashed making one of their best skills useless. The Paladin however, despite protests that all classes are equal, is the uber class and there seems to be no changes to alter this despite the claim to be aiming for class equality. This makes it so that once you spend 3 or 4 months getting yourself to a high position of society you find out your class was meaningless and that if you really want to get anywhere you have to start playing as a paladin or a barbarian. Also the game is solely based one leveling and loading the best equipment. There is no good purchaseable equipment other than hand me downs from the bigger people and there is no weapon creation skills etc. This means the big people get bigger and the small people only get as big as the big people will let them. Rp is not enforced well nor is it monitored Quests... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 12, 2003
Alandamar, please try reading for comprehension. You might find these 'reviews' useful if you pay attention to what folks say. You say, in your usual eloquent style, "...heres the spoiler on that little mis informed person, this does not work Information of any kind like [info on loads, eq, areas, etc.] is not given out to anyone in the game besides the owners/creators of the game..." The information can be, and is "given out" by the clique of builders who call Distant Lands home. There's a huge text file of item information floating around out in the aether. I'm not interested in causing problems for them, but to ridicule my assertion (that to be fully successful on DL you have to join the builders), you must be unaware of the full extent of this cheating. Perhaps you don't agree that this is a problem. I know you're very good at castigating N00Bs who name their characters 'bob' or 'spiderman', but in the grand scheme of things, the game could be vastly improved with better enforcement of some of the more important rules.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 11, 2003
Well I sit here and I read all the latest posts and I have to thank quite a few of you that defend DL and give the Staff High praise, thank you from all of us we do appreciate it. However I see a lot of negative posts and of course everyone has the right to an opinion even if it is given with a lack of proper information and thought up on rumors and bad judgment, so let me clear the air for a few of you. The sugestion that to get any where in the game is to become an immortal Ie builder so that you can gain inside information on zones, eq, loads and so on, heh, well good luck because heres the spoiler on that little mis informed person, this does not work Information of any kind like that is not given out to anyone in the game besides the owners/creators of the game, I have been on DL for the better of 8 years I am an administrator MUCH MUCH higher rank than builders and I am not even privy to that information I could not find out even the stats on any item in the game, be it weapons or eq, I can only see what the mortals can see, I can however see information on an administration level to enforce rules and guidelines on the game but this kind of information does not help anyone including my own mortal so try to get your information correct if you are going to post something. As far as posts about gold being hard to get, well sitting around compling about it wont get you any and the same goes for eq or items, I see a lot of complainers and that is what they do, they demand we change this and that because its bad for the game but yet it has been like this for years, and yet the majority of the playerbase likes the way it is and they have found ways to enjoy the way it is and they have learned how to work hard for what they want and the get it, without complaining or demanding changes. we have gone through a huge transition with the pwipe and everyone has had to start out with nothing and many of them have time to play for many hours and some do not but to demand we change things because not everyone can be on 24/7 is quite simply a joke, you can not say the game is bad because you dont have time like others to play and get what you want and the ones that do have time get all the cool items in the game or max load something, such is life, If I worked 24/7 I would have a lot more money than I do now, but because I dont work 24/7 so is that someone elses fault? It must be, now let me see who can... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 13, 2003
Oh my. I think I'm considered one of those nasty negative reviewers that have been vilified by the herds of DL-sheep that have step-and-fetched to the 'rescue' of DL's reputation. ...Considered to be a negative reviewer, perhaps, in spite of the glowing endorsement that I gave to several aspects of DL. Alas, criticism, even the most mild kind, is not welcomed on DL - as Quint and others have discovered. DL is, to be sure, a rather exclusive club, beautifully designed and maintained by and for the staff. The staff knows best, and unfortunately, players are to be seen but not heard. If you, as a new player to DL, wish to advance through the ranks and become one of the elite, there is only one course of action. You must spend the time and effort to become a member of the staff (more likely than not a builder). As a builder, you will be privy to the details of all of the best equipment; at which level(s) it becomes active, what protection it provides to different types of attacks, what kind of damage it does, whether it is currently maxed, where it can be obtained in the game, and anything else you'd care to know. You'll know when new areas open up (and probably be told where they're located once someone finds them). Information of this type, which rational folks would expect to be exclusively the domain of head builders and coders, is freely traded on DL among the lower-level staff. Protestations to the contrary by the 'positive' reviewers here, this cheating can and does occur regularly and chronically on DL. When everybody on the MUD knows that such-and-such piece of equipment does 5% damage resistance at level 101, claims that cheating is not tolerated seem laughable. To sum up; through hard work, schmoozing and cajoling, and a bit of luck, you might be able to create a fairly powerful character on DL - but to be one of the 'elite' players with two or three well-equiped avatars who can strut around the MUD without fear of losing their equipment, you'll have to worm your way into the staff clique. To repeat, DL is a mud by and for the staff, players are considered to be ephemeral.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 10, 2003
Spawn aint the only anti-DL poster.. Before I start tho, in case I am the negative poster (and I must be) I wish to state these facts while I played on Distant Lands: I never begged for equipment, money or help from other players, as can be verified. I acquired my items legitimately through the guild I was in and grouped with. What I did do, was make complaints to the immortal staff about how the game was unbalanced and unfair when it came to classes and equipment. Once, a player cheated in my presence and the imms refused to do anything about it. They told me they had the logs and yet still did nothing. My posts were removed from the boards involving cheating and game issues and my character's name was smeared because of my opinions. I deleted. The greatest thing about topmudsites.com is they don't remove your posts if they don't like them. Distant Lands removed my posts never allowing my opinions to be heard or considered. Here is my FINAL discussion post on this site, for Distant Lands: If you are new to Distant Lands, watch out. Do not try to explore or get equipment for you will be brutally slaughtered by ruthless mobs that are unkillable unless you are grouped or high level. DL, hands down, has the best room descriptions and area connectors of any MUD I've ever seen on the internet. This is true. However, the money system, equipment loading, class system and newbies sitting at recall shouting 'help me, i need money/eq/help' ruins it, but only partially. Forget about equipment, money, newbie help....all that... The real truth is, Distant Lands is a total and complete Aristocracy. If you are not in good with the immortals and the power players and don't kiss their asses to get you equipment or help you out, you WILL end up being one of those newbies shouting 'help me' at the fountain all day. The max load equipment and poor money system are built so that people who know where everything is, can hoard it and it down to their friends. The immortals know this and make up excuses like 'it's so everyone doesn't have the same equipment' But this is a bunch of crap and lie. People are greedy and hoard, max load fails and the elite end up with all the good equipment. The imms are a bunch of liars. In my experience, there is no potential for a newbie who MUDs solo, to enjoy Distant Lands without being isolated, mistreated and disrespected. Forget equipment because the people of DL are downright juvenile, condescending and mean. if you don't fit into their little 'MUD social class', you stand no chance of succeeding there. Hoarders prosper, cheaters prevail and newbies who have no knowledge of the MUD suffer unless someone hands them down equipment. If you like MUDding with trash talking, eq hoarding jerks, DL is your MUD. If not, at least play real... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 8, 2003
Okay, in response to all the 'anti-negative reviewer posts' on this mud, I thought I'd respond with a negative review. I played the mud for a while, but no longer do. I was one of the people waiting for the Pwipe, but while waiting for the staff to decide what to do (leaving the players in limbo for several months) I started playing another mud that I think is infinitely cooler and way more hardcore...even though DL is one of the more purist muds out there. You see, the problems that people were talking about in recent reviews...the max-load issue...what happens in this mud, with that max-load issue (at least pre-Pwipe, and will probably get to that point again) is that people hoard the items and only share them amongst them and their friends, leaving the rest of the players without all the cool stuff. I don't care how the max-loads are tied to the playerbase size or even characterbase size...there are still retarded monkeys out there that will hoard. If items ALL had timers on them, or were unrepairable, I'd be happy with the max-load concept...until then, no thanks. Personally, I'm heading over to my current favorite mud of all time and playing there instead of wasting more of my time on this mud.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 7, 2003
If Sylvar can post secondary thoughts, so can I. ;) Now that he mentions it, I too, had a couple of discussions with one of the negative posters and I can verify that what Sylvar said in his last post is accurate and truthful. Max loads, if it becomes a serious problem, Nezmar will put in coding to make it relative to the player base (the ratio / percentage thingy). I’m sure that’s not an easy task, but his coding skills go way beyond brilliant in my opinion (one needs to only look at DL to see I’m right on that). Since the Pwipe you do almost have to group up to be able to kill when you are small. Yes, the can be frustrating when it appears “everyone” ignores you but bear in mind a level 2 can not group with anything bigger then a level 4 – You can only group with someone twice your size, so if it appears “those mean bigger players” are being rude and thoughtless keep in mind the way you ask for help. If you demand they take you out “leveling” think how much fun it is for them to watch you smacking seagulls and stray cats around when they’re used to taking on bigger challenges. Bigger players need to play with people their own size. If you wanna run with the big dogs, dig in, work hard and level up. And if you don’t have the time because your personal life is too busy, don’t whine because some take the time to play here and you don’t. As Sylvar said, you get out of it what you put into it. Also something I forgot to mention in my prior review was to address the whine of the economy being too hard to get gold in. It sure is if you sit at the fountain and shout for people to give you rent money. Get off your bum, go to areas within a few steps of the gates of Turien (the main city) and poke around some. Almost anything sells at one time or another to the shops in Turien. Sure, it might only be 3 coins or 18 coins, but hey, you don’t need a million coins when you’re a level 9 and just need to get some meat and a room to rent so you can leave. You do have to pay to practice a skill/spell/prof but again, play it well… be picky as to what you do practice at first, budget your coins and you can go back later when you have more gold and practice what you had to skip at first. If you make a character that is a giant, expect to have to eat more then an elf or dwarf. (Research on the web site (dl2.net – Fountain of Turien) the difference in classes, races ect. There is a lot of really good information there to help you out.) I’ve also seen bigger players out... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 4, 2003
I personnaly have been playing on DL since the summer of 2000. In the 2+ years that I have been playing here, I have seen many changes both good and bad but that is also my personal opinion. The changes that at the time I had felt were bad, when you sit back and think about the logic and the equality aspects that the programmers and immplementors have to consider, you will begin to understand why they have certain rules and certain aspects the way they are. Some of the code and some of the rules though you may not like, are there for the good of all players. People complain about money, yet can they honestly say they can walk down the street of what ever town or city they are in and find money laying in the street, or that every person is going to just give them the clothes off their back. I think not. In DL the coders try to put some fore thought and aspects of realism into the game. OMG what you mean I can't just create a character and instantly within a few hours be an Ubber Avatar. Heaven forbid. I have a lot of tollerance, and a lot of patience. BUT when you get someone where all they do is send out on the shout channel "I need Healing at the fountain NOW!" or sit at the fountain begging for equipment CONSTANTLY then yes i do tend to ignore them hell i block there com channels so that I don't have to see their insidius banter. Do I sound somewhat cynical? Possibly. But when you have someone you don't even know start sending you tells every other minute asking for this begging for that equipment that they shouldnt even know exists you tend to think well geesh folks obviously this one has been here before and has been turned away for their rude obnoxious behavior and are back again. Are there cliques, there are cliques in all MUD's there are cliques in real life. Come on folks get on the clue bus and get your head out of the clouds. If you don't attempt to meet people and try to be sociable with other people or treat those around you with even an once of respect or consideration. Guess what your going to be ostersized. sorry it happens in real life to. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck, sounds like a duck, It is probably a duck. My point being treat others how you would like to be treated. Would you appreciate someone who hasn't even taken the time to even understand your character, and they from the first word out of their mouth is can you load me this or can you power level me or can i have your spare gold. Common sense needs to prevail. The Implementors have gotten tired of people ignoring the systems rules regarding names. they... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 4, 2003
After reading my previous review one can see how much I love distant lands, and sadly I must submit also this review. To: Any and all negative Review writers I spoke to one of the people who wrote a negative review a while back about what he did not like about distant lands and he seemed quite set in his mindset about what he didn't like about our mud, but in his review he didn't write how he loved how well wrote our rooms and areas were, and a few other things he did like about the game. Also he didn't make notice that the owner of the game put a post up on our mortal reading room board telling that maxes are there for a reason and if it got to the point that eq was trully difficult to obtain (in dl's ten years of being up that has never happened once) that he would put in code so that the maxes would be set depending on the number of players active in the game.(with a min max, and as the number of players got higher then the max would raise accordingly) As to the other reviews that were negative about DL. With the latest pwipe, we are trying to focus on the avatar levels/loads for avatar levels on grouping with out characters, many of the changes are now focus'd so that you must group with others and work together to get a load. (I for one perfer to have a basher/cleric/mage) (in my group so that I have all grounds covered) But its not required, also there are tons of areas in the game, and the staff is doing their best to put them in logical locations (you wont be finding a tropical paradise right next to an area with arctic like climate) As to the loads maxing, old DL there were a few loads maxed, really nothing compared to what people thought to my knowledge only 20-30 items were maxed and of those atleast 70 percent were unique items. With the pwipe they have added another eight plus areas and I have heard of many more coming out in the next couple months. As always though one must remember areas take time to build, and if you think the game is lacking areas for certain levels/classes/races ect quit complaining and apply for a builder and make one. As about the knowledge of locations of areas, for the most part its like this, if you invest the time to explore you will start finding the areas, most are not even hidden, and even those hidden ones there are racial abilities that one can select upon creation that will allow the possible chance for finding hidden exits, and there is a command called search to locate them, yes it doesn't work all the time, but heck in RL if there was a hidden panel or something would you find it on the first try if it properly... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 4, 2003
First before you read my review I ask this please read it all the way through. I have played DL for a long time and love the game itself, plus have many good friends that I have met through it and continue to make new friends each day when I play it. So here goes.......my review: I as I do every day logged onto distant lands as soon as I had some time to spare. And the first thing that happened was I received tells from many of the people who I consider good friends, most of them just this and that,people saying hi and asking how i was doing and such, others were people asking for help or questions about the game, but I received two tells that had me a bit bothered. *First was a tell from a friend telling me that a couple good friends of mine had died a couple times today by such and such mobs, but that wasn't a problem they on their own resolved what had happened. *Second was a tell for me to check out the reviews about distant lands on topmudsites.com. So I did, what I saw was a couple reviews from people who had played the game and decided that the didn't like it for this or that reason, but I also saw lists and lists of players that have played the game and enjoyed it and continue to play it to this very day. What i have to say is this, everyone is their own person, and each person has their own opinion, likes dislikes ect.. We at distant lands cannot make everyone happy, its just impossible what we try to do is maintain one of the best and most balanced must on the net today. We try to make the game ever evolving and adding to it as much as possible so that it grows. We do allow people a board to post what they like and dont like about the game and their ideas in ways to improve it. Also we allow players after they have one character at level 20 or higher to apply to become a builder in the game to create their own areas and such. We have had player wipes since the mud was first started, first one was right after beta, and the second one just happened back in june. The reason we do this is to maintain the balance in the game, give everyone a fresh start, and to add massive improvements into the game. (and yes ask me from the viewpoint of a player it was a pain in the butt that it happened, but it game me a new start and I got back on my feet and kept on playing) (plus this has been only 2 player wipes in the ten years that distant lands has been around) I have been playing distant lands for a little over four years. Previous to that I had mudding... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 4, 2003
I've played DL for over 2 years now so I feel I can give a fair assessment of it. It's the first MUD I've really played on (okay, obsessed on). I've tried others, but they can't compare. The coding on DL is brilliant. None of the areas are "stock" areas like so many other muds can't be bothered to change, and there are hundreds of areas for all levels to explore. If one kicks your bum, stay out of there and try another area for a while. The help files are easy. You simply put Help and it's there, very complete and easy to understand. The connections are very stable now and rare is the crash or lock up. Staff, if not visible, is there, and at worst only a mudmail away. Players and staff are both helpful and friendly. Keep in mind it’s a game and you’ll be fine! Just take some time, some patience some humor and maybe some coffee, because you’re going to be up and obsessing like most of us are in our addiction to DL soon!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2003
Well what can I say about this MUD that I've called home for such a long time? In all honesty, a LOT, more than I could probably fit in this blasted review. I'm currently working my way into my third year playing on Distant Lands, from DL"2" to DL"3", I've seen a lot. In the time I've spent there, or here.. whichever way you prefer to look at it, all the changes I've seen, have been for the better, the new code has done wonders for the MUD, keeping the fluidity of the gameplay consistant, and when a bug does arise, the staff is always there to quickly fix it. Distant Lands has *definitely* grown over the years, becoming more complex, thorough, and I personally would have to say, more fun. I've played a variety of classes, though one will always be my favorite, all of them were a thrill to play; Every class has something special to add to the environment, be it through the shear mechanics of the gameplay, or through the different roleplay posssibilities that shine through each character. I definitely have to offer a hand of congratulations to Nezmar for the great code he's implemented into the game from the version change, at first, it took a while to get used to.. but as I played more, I found that any excitement I'd lost at all had come back, and I had even more fun than I had before, if that is at all possible. All in all: This is a very well put together mud: the mechanics are balanced, the roleplay (if you choose to roleplay) is fun, the people are great, and the staff is always quick to correct anything that needs to be.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2003
Well first let me say I started playing this mud when it first came on line many years ago.I have seen it grow and mature in players , in the size of the world , as well as superior coding.I have played quite a few muds in my days and have yet to find one that comes close to the over all playablity of this game.The staff and its players do everything they can to make it as enjoyable as possible from avatar quests and roleplaying to the more traditional hack and slash.If you are looking for a memorable experience as well infinate amounts of fun check out dl2.net and come and join us for the fun. Valais
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2003
I'm sorry to say this, but the messages previous to this one are true. I've been playing DL for close to two years now (it being my first mud), and when I came into play it was nearing its end, being with the equipment becoming maxxed at about 100% ~give or take the minor items~. I played, I talked, I had fun, I loved the appeal, the people, and the time away I was able to get from my hectic life. Yet, since the purge, I see all the things that should've made this MUD good, start swirling down the toilet. The people, as a whole, are generally a family. Meaning, you know someone, you'll be treated good. The areas are all up to the people who know the lay of the land for years now (I myself was not much of a loader). And if you were to find an area that is new, better make sure that you don't tell anyone, cause you'll screw yourself over. For Distant Lands, if you wan't to be the best there is, either A) Make sure and become friends with the avatars, or B) Better make sure you can level up fast and learn fast or you'll be left in the dust with the hand-me-downs. If you don't, most of the people are generally fun loving and responsive (generally). On another note, role-playng. If you wan't to role-play, don't expect much, cause you won't successfully. The staff members that do such a thing, do it as few as gold falling out the sky. And not to sound rude, but the scenarios normally aren't the best in the world either (with some exceptions). The time you would take to make a compatible description/background, is basically a waste considering you really won't need to turn your RP flag on. I wish my feelings were different, but oh well, life goes on. Distant Lands is still good in some aspects, but most need work, til then, I suggest visit it, review it, and decide before you become a hardcore DL maniac, it'll be worth it in the long run.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2003
I always wondered why it was that certain players walked around the MUD with impunity always wearing the best equipment. Now I realize after the previous review, it is because the immortals who know where everything is, have player characters that can breeze right to the best equipment in the game, take it for themselves and/or dish it out to their select group of friends (now I finally see why you REALLY didn't want to abolish max load eq). Like I always knew when I played there, this MUD is all about favorites, hoarding and cheating. The playerbase of Distant Lands is more juvenlie than a 3rd grade gym class and I recommend not MUDding here unless you like being treated poorly, getting cheated out of good equipment and getting your butt kicked by way overpowered mobs. If you're in good with the imms or have friends in high places, you're fine. If not, don't play here. This MUD truly sucks.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 1, 2003
Distant Lands, as a MUD that's been around for quite a while, is stable, huge, and fairly well-polished. If you want a place to hang out, gossip with others, and generally spend your free time, Distant Lands is perfect for you. The code is very good, bugs are few and far between, and the administrators are competent. On the other hand, if you are interested in roleplaying, true pKilling or pThieving, or immersing yourself in a fantasy world, run from Distant Lands as fast as you can. Distant Lands' immortals and long-time players (often one and the same) claim to encourage roleplay, and supposedly reward it. Unfortunately, you'll never actually witness any roleplay, good bad or otherwise, on DL. People are encouraged to write a description, and submit a character background, but absolutely nobody actually pays any attention to theirs, or anyone else's. Drow elves run around in broad daylight befriending everyone while warriors and even barbarians hoard every piece of magic equipment they can get their hands on. Roleplay consists mainly of saying, "I 'ave a pow'rful thirst." while sipping water from the fountain, before jetting off to check for loads in the next area - all the while shouting the lyric to your favorite rap song or something equally insipid. (To be fair, there is some sporadic roleplay initiated by the immortals from time to time, but compared to a true roleplay MUD, it leaves much to be desired) The thief class is useless, un-stealable containers allow players to retain their extra gear, and un-pickable locks abound, both in areas and in player/clan houses. Battles with other players are pointless since you can tell at a glance, via the equipment a character is wearing, if you will win or lose. Most of the areas have been designed with hyper-powerful characters in mind, and normal mortals will die instantly if they try to explore. The world, though huge, is completely devoid of any coherent theme. Players pal around with any race or class without regard to roleplay. The spelling in the room descriptions is, with the exception of certain older areas, atrocious. Builders make areas that have no relation to the rest of the game, and an elf in one area might have fifty hit-points, while one in another might easily slay an avatar. The MOBs are designed for avatar-level characters (i.e. multi-class characters) and mortals don't have a chance against the toughest MOB in an area (the one that loads the nice EQ) - even grouped. The builders, in a lot of cases, have built their areas so that they can equip their characters with equipment they've designed themselves. The administrators have rules against this (builders have to wait a certain amount of time before their characters can go to 'their' area) but it's common knowledge that the 'builders clique' take care of each other. The truly successful characters on Distant Lands are those who's owners are also builders/gods who can find their way around MUD... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 28, 2003
Setting up a character on this mud is quite boring and takes awhile. Since the admin decided to put in two slow scrolling messages that you cannot skip past explaining that they won't take any crap from cheaters and explaining the naming rules. I'm sorry guys, but people don't need you telling them that cheating is bad and that naming your character Bob on a fantasy mud isn't acceptable. If you like spending fifteen minutes reading things you already know and creating your character, then this mud is for you! Otherwise, just go find a mud where the admin respect the fact that not every mudder is an ignorant twelve year old.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 26, 2003
There is NO newbie help, NONE. This MUD will teach you nothing if you are new to MUDding in general. If you think you can explore, think again, the mobs on this MUD are evil, brutal and will kill you. If you die, the Distant Lands death sequence will make you sit at the computer for over 45 real life minutes before you can play your character again. By then your corpse will most likely be looted by mobs and you will possibly lose a permanent constitution point. The money system is chaotic. It is impossible to acquire cash, mobs carry very little and jewelry loads randomly. Players who know where all the good equipment loads auction it off to hoard all the cash. Some equipment is max/limited load meaning 1 player can hoard it all and distribute it to his/her friends and/or keep it so nobody else can have it. The class system is unbalanced. One class can walk around the MUD killing nearly everything without having to regen (Druid). Another class cannot solo hard mobs whatsoever (Warrior), barely go through 10 rooms without having to sit for 20 minutes to regen moves (which go down when you fight in combat). RP mode? Supposedly Distant Lands is an RP MUD, or are they a DIKU/MERC? They can't seem to make up their minds. When in RP mode you can role-play and kill other characters. RP on distant lands is more like DIKU acting lessons. You can talk about equipment, converse with your friends, talk on global channels. Nothing like real role-playing. I have heard a couple people talk about real role-playing on the MUD, but I've never seen it. As a final word, this MUD has some of the best room connectors, descriptions and equipment I've ever seen on a MUD. However, this is all ruined by juvenile and disrespectful players, a poorly balanced code system for classes and equipment and serious lack of any newbie help whatsoever.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 22, 2003
A good MUD but everything in game is expensive and getting started is very hard. Gold is very hard to find in the game and not too many people will help you. Once you have gotten started the game is very easy to play.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 10, 2003
This mud makes u sit through almost a full minute of listening to them preach the rules and regulations, which bored the hell out of me. Immortals are seldom on to help newbies. I typed 'staff' to see the wizlist, and it listed like 6-7 of them, excluding the builders. And experienced players just ignore you when they ask for help, giving lame excuses like 'oh, nobody helped me when i first started, so i dun see why i shd help you' and 'what do i gain if i help u get eq?'.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 16, 2003
I must say this game is the best that i have ever played yes i wrote a couple of bad reviews back there that was because i was mad that i got caught cheating and the gods took care of me and suspended me from thier game. I searched all kinds of mud games but none can even close to the fun experience of Distant Lands. Distant Lands is the best mud i have played and i tried about half the ones listed on topmudsites.com and i change my past rating to ********** 10-10 -Tandler
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 10, 2003
Hello All, I have been asked to post this for those who are wondering what has been happening with Distant Lands. Currently there has been a city wide outtage of Distant Lands DSL provider. We are waiting for this problem to be solved and as soon as it is Distant Lands will be back up and running. Please be patient since this is something we have no control over. I hope to see you all soon in the NEW Version of Distant Lands.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2003
What can I say for a mud that has given so much to me over the past 8 years. You might say that I am enamored with Distant Lands over all other muds, that I have a bias for it... and you would be correct. But what that doesn't explain is the reason WHY I am so enamored with this wonderful MUD. Distant Lands has given me some of the best friends I have ever known. It has allowed me to express myself in ways that I didn't think any game would ever allow, and for that, I have to say that it is the best game I have ever played. Recently, (today in fact) Distant Lands did a PlayerWipe, this is only the second one is almost 9 years of existence. This opportunity affords all that have been dedicated to it, the chance to see the challenges that they may have been missing, and it gives the newer players the chance to be the pinnacle of the game. Silex(now Nezmar) and Celestial (now Amaessara) have created a world that is second to none in the Virtual cosmos that is the Internet. I am grateful for the time and enjoyment that they have given me through their game, and I am proud to call them friends. If you feel like a challenge and still crave that family, caring environment where the desires of the players still carries weight... come join us in the Newest Version of .... DISTANT LANDS!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 15, 2003
Hey guess what this is an actual review, and not a flame post about the MUD! I have been MUDing for about five years now. I've seen them all; from Realms, to Burning. No matter where I've gone in all that time to find a new adventure Distant Lands always draws me back with its bloody meat-hook in my heart. The players are all friendly and helpful to new players, giving out advice and gear to make you feel more at home. Most of the areas are beautiful and well realized, with sometimes thought provoking puzzles, but mostly a lot of well described hack-and-slash. There are also occaisional Arenas held, to test your battle prowess and once in a while an Immort will run a Roleplaying session, which can be killer fun. I've heard some people complain about the Immorts on DL. I'm sure those people have some real gripes, but I'm equally sure that those people have done things to deserve what they got. There are only a few rules on DL, so it's easy to remember them: 1-don't do OC things IC, 2-don't flame people on public channels and 3-DO NOT MULTIPLAY!!! Don't let me get you down about our community, it's really a laid back place, and frankly I just can't keep myself out of it for too long.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 27, 2003
I have played Distant Lands for the past 3 years, although at first I thought it was a Great Game, with the attitudes of the immortals "holier than thou at best" they make the game a very difficult and frustrating game. They forget the mud is not about them but about the players. They Preach about all this STAYING IN CHARCTER when Roleplaying and STAYING OUT when not but do you think for one second they will do that, your dreaming if you do. A lot of long time "DL'ers" may object to this and I KNOW the immortal staff will, some might even know who this is writing this, but I feel if you want a mud to call home, take it from somone thats been around, although the world on this mud is excelent, it doesnt make up the differance for the lack of good immortals, now I don't mean to broadcast and advertise but as far as I am concerned Lands of Despair is about 1000 times better, although our land isnt as diverse yet, its only a few years into development and soon, with the help of many builders that we have enrolled our land will rival that of Distant Lands and we will always have a better Immortal Staff, *lod.mudportal.com 4000* Yours Truly Long Time Player
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 22, 2003
I'm just gonna say that D/L is a great MUD. It was the first MUD I've ever played and gonna be my last. I've been playing D/L for exactly 4 years now (May of '99). I've had a lot of ups and downs in the game. I'll even admit that I've broke some rules too. Only minor ones though! A friend told me about D/L so that's how I got started. When I first started the game, I got really counfused. There was soo much to learn! After a while, I gave up and quit because it was all too confusing for me. Eventually I came back and gave it another shot. Bein' a newbie back then, it was hard. Didn't take me long to learn the commands and whatnot. Eversince then, I've enjoyed playing D/L. It's true that the game is better if you know a lot of people. I, on the other hand, don't know many people. Oh well. About 90% of the equipment I have I worked hard for them by myself. You know, a lot of people bad mouth the immorts, but all of them rock! Even thought I've never actually talk to any of them. The only immorts I've said words to were Baasha, Moriarte, Krak, Taevashar, and Goldberry. Anyway, trying to get back on topic...Distant Lands is an awesome game! I'll quote a WWE superstar: "It totally reeks of awesomeness!". The whole RP thing is cool. I never tried it though because I usually don't like RP'ing that much. One thing I'm seeing a lot lately is the increase in Avatars. Everytime when I log on, I would see a new name on the "who list". I used to consider that bein' Avatar is a great honor, but now that there's soo many players that are one...it's just ridiculous. Reaching level 101 nowadays doesn't seem as an achievement like it was back in the earlier days of the game. Besides the whole Avatar thing, everything else about D/L is flawless. I've tried other MUD's, but ended up quitting after a few minutes. Distant Lands is great. Any new person trying it out will not be disappointed. And again, the immorts of the game are very cool. As long as you don't do something stupid or piss them off, then they're cool. :) I wonder when the PWipe is gonna happen? It doesn't matter to me. I've had a good 4 years playing and if PWipe does happen, then I'm gonna call it quits forever. It's not that I don't wanna start all over, completely fresh. It's just that I'm going to college this fall and working soon so I won't have the time to play anymore. Anyway, D/L is great! Go now and try it out! Oh yeah...I've never in my 4 years playing have asked an Avatar for help or getting equipment! And that's the whole damn truth! :) I don't feel like bugging Avatars so yeah. Long live Kronika! Arcyno,... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 20, 2003
These gods are hoarendous they smite they block the lock they i give this game steal they kill innocent people 2of10 stars
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 14, 2003
Greetings Fellow Mudders, I'd like to make it clear that there is no relationship between the quality of the mud and the quality of the spelling of those that review it! :) Just teasing.... now, on to the real stuff! I've been playing Distant Lands, off and on, for at least 7 years now. It's an amazingly fun game and a wonderful way to escape from reality for a little (or long!) while. While normally we slack in writing reviews to enthrall the readers, it's only because we are too busy (addicted) playing the game itself. It says a lot about a mud where one negative comment can trigger so many positive responses of various people - players and immortals alike - coming to the defense of this game, our little "home away from home." Just as none of us are perfect, no mud is perfect. Distant Lands has its faults, we all do, but the positive aspects far outweigh the bad. The mud is like a living growing thing: it evolves - things change to foster more of a positive energy. Sometimes the road is smooth and sometimes it's bumpy - the fun part is traveling down the road together. Immortals and players alike make this game. It wouldn't be much of a game without all of us. It's together that we shape the game and make it what it is. It would serve well to remember that, player or immortal, we're all there for the same purpose: to have fun. Personally, I love Distant Lands. It is indeed an original mud. There is a wealth of enjoyment and fun from both the players and the immortals alike. Concerns and ideas are listened to with open ears providing a comfortable environment. It's just a fun place to play, and that is the purpose of a game: to have fun! Come to Distant Lands and join a guild or start your own and let your roleplay shine... Enjoy yourself and I hope you have as much fun there as I do, -Synia
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 15, 2003
Hello Everyone, I am here to state one thing, Distant Lands is the best MUD i have ever seen. I have played this game for about 4 months and I have honestly not met a better group of people than the kind you will find in this game. It shows alot about this MUD when you have people coming back for the pure reason to talk to missed friends. Now i must get onto this slander of the gods. After reading a few of these reviews about the gods being over strict and crap like that, there are points to haveing adminastration in games and that is to make sure rules don't get broken. Yes Moriarte (by reputation alone) is the most strict one out there but if you ever get around to talking to the guy he will probabily make you laugh harder than anyone else you know. Which brings something else to mind, I enjoy this MUD because of the abbility to use a gossip channel its pretty easy to know what it does. Well that is all i have to say. Piirz
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 15, 2003
THE BIG ONE ok folks , this is it. distant lands r going to go into a new era, and nows the time to join tht new era. let me give u a run down of the basics. 1. first of all , this is a brilliant mud , one of the top 2 in fantasy. 2. its absolutely free , always up and running and virtually lag free. 3. a huge variety of classes and races to choose from , and its kinda based on ad&d 4. Equipment , u can use any equipment , but if its level based , u can still use it , but the level effects will only kick in wehn u attain that level, no hording items u cant use cos u not the right level, ALL WEAPONS STILL WORK , just their uniqe abilities r latent untill u acieve the right level. 5. immortal staff r excellent, but if u r a thief dont feel hard done by , cos if u r caught thiefing in a non roleplay environment , u will have to pay the price, i hate thief but they r in the game and some prosperous, some just plain stupid and get caught. 6. the game is going through changes and may be reset, so u could start this fantastic game , on a par with every one else - AT THE BEGGINING. SO GET ON TO IT FOLKS , TURIEN awaits those wo lov4e fantasy muds and a tight , clean world. Kran the rpg'er.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 12, 2003
I,tandler speak again that in no way was i persecuting the game, the code or in any way the game design or anything at all. Except for the gods silex and the War God seen in the review below this. I said that i accepted my punishment and i was willing to turn another 'associate' of mine in. Who in fact had stolen from someone who has written a review previously Saia i believe was stolen from so it ended up that the 'thief' ended up with 75k instead of the 20k he orginaly stole. when I said I had proof the god simply said no i will not persue another player. In that he told me stop i said that he was irisopsable as a god and should look into this thief again he refused and again and agian then he said begone transported me and told me to be quiet i refused and that is when he locked me! The game deservese a 10 of 10 but unfourtunately the gods way of dealing with thief drops it down majorly and my rating stands 1 of 10
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 9, 2003
If you read deeply into the latest posts you will see, this Fellow Tandler he is a very upset person and has good reason to be. Simply put He cheated another player, Broke some major rules, then tryed to justify it by sayin someone else did the same thing and then tryed to save himself by trying to get us the Immortal staff to do something about the other person. He has even admitted in his email to us that he deserved to be locked but of course he did not post that here for clear reasons he wants to look like the innocent person he is not. When things did not go his way he then flamed the Immortal dealing with him on a personal level, then after many warnings to not do that he finaly stoped but once put back into the game right away he then flamed the Immortal on a global channel, this is what caused his locking from the game. Even after many emails back and forth he was told he is not welcome back because of this reason and his last words where he was not going to give up. So he comes here to rant and rave to try to diminish what DL2 is and our verry grand Immortal staff, we are a very giving and forgiving staff and many of us have been here for many years and if I look back I belive I have been with Distant Lands for up and around 6 years and an Immortal just as long. We forgive a lot of things that player do wrong and break rules and Tandler was off and running to play the game untill he decided to openly flame an Immortal. When you decide to openly flame any of the Immortal staff on any game you will find that the results of your actions do not bode well for you. FYI you probibly have figured it out by now I was the Immortal dealing with him and I usualy dont post against bad reviews on here because everyone is entitled to there own opinion but when one is bias and wrong and lied about and the truth is left out then I will react to it. Yes the Email you read to Tandler from silex is a truth in most words but if the whole thing had have been included you would have seen for yourself the truth, but how funny it is when only part of it is showen. But this is the Truth from the Immortal that dealt with Tandler and knows what the REAL story is. DL@ is a very good mud and it has a very close family like atmosphere the players are close and then there are many that are not it is very good rp based but not enforced. extreemly high quality code and a very unique game, you will find no other like it. All you need to do is one... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 8, 2003
i have been playing DL2 for a little over 5 years on and off....every time i try to play a different mud i find my self right back in the city of turien.... and don know where some com up with the false comment that the immortals are irresponsible...the on irresponsible people are the ones comming in thinking they can break the rules and get away with it....if you had your account locked you deserved it i have made some mistakes during my time in dl and no immortal hae ever made an irrational decision... the rules are clear and simple if you cant follow them its not there fault.......
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 8, 2003
Over the past 4 years, I have been playing DL. Not exclusively, there were many others that I played, but DL was the first MUD I ever played, and it will be the last. The code is unique, the players are great, the imm's are helpful, some strict, some lack. If you follow the rules and don't get in trouble, then you will have one of the greatest times playing a MUD. I encourage all those who are looking for a good MUD to try DL out, and I know that 99% of the people who play will agree. For the other 1% you can eat my *explicative deleted* and then *explicative deleted* out the *explicative deleted* we fed you and eat that *explicative deleted* (thanks thios). NAZAR HAS SPOKEN!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 8, 2003
This mud is not a good site for experinced mud players as the gods take little notice too stealing that can be acomplish on the other hand there is one good god Malifaxis very helpful and nice unlike some of the others as my friend found out Excrepts from e-mail ...It is difficult to attract new players and even more difficult when people write inaccurate, inconsiderate and EXTREMELY IRRESPONSIBLE reviews... You r never welcome again for writeing that review... unfourtanatly silex he was right sryy
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 8, 2003
This MUD SUCKS it has irrisponsible gods who lock at the slightest whim and when you try to turn in a rule breaker you get locked your self so i do say this mud may be fun but the irrisponsible gods make it SUCK...when you get wronged and you try to get help the gods will ignore you and just plain lock you if try to complain so if i were ratings this i'd give it a -1 of 10 stars
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 8, 2003
Yo, to all of those out there in mudder land, you have prolly never seen anything like this before. I've been around about 30 some odd muds trying them out and *accidentally* leaving my chars around :P and have one thing. DL is one of the best out there. From the builders all the way up to the immortals, they try their hardest to pave the way for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. There is never a dull moment in here, everybody loves to have fun, and if you dont wanna have fun and be serious all the time, HELL, you can do that too! Come and experience Distand Lands, your sould becko -Vel
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 27, 2003
I have been playing this mud for a good while now, and would like all you out there looking for a mud that this is a truely good mud for all. It offers great capabilities for all who want to enter the true role of a medieval realms character, while, with very good coding, giving newbies and those who want a light hearted aproach a chance to enjoy themselves equally! And to all the immortals on dl2, if you read this, (celestial, baasha, silex, mortiax, goldberry, trilly, moriarte, elsjero, krak, jazrael) i know i make myself quite irritating at times, but i must say, i cant stop returning, hell, i cant really ever quit in the first place! ps: if you do choose to join this mud, please look up my name, i will be more than willing to provide you with a helping hand and a friendly smile
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 4, 2003
This was about the third mud I ever played and the only one I ever bothered to understand. The multitude of commands and the helpful nature of almost all the players makes this a perfect mud if you are just starting to learn. The donation system and many other things make this mud my favorite.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 23, 2003
Let's keep this simple and to the point: Distant Lands is what Mudding is supposed to be! The land is huge, the mud is complex and detailed in terms of development, it is easy to learn and assimilate into, it is a true roleplayers dream, and the gods are friendly (except for when they aren't supposed to be) and INTELLIGENT (try getting that at most muds you'll visit). So run, don't walk, to DL and forget you ever were unfaithful to yourself by dallying with other Muds. Hurry! See you there!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 29, 2002
Ive been on this game for almost a year now, and im just starting to get a hand of the inner workings and politics of the game. if you want a good, fun, lasting experience, why look anywhere else?
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 24, 2002
Distant lands has captivated my imagination for two years now.. I would like to say I have seen both the best and the worst times in the mud. If you want to play a hack and slash you can do it here, if you want to role play till you forget your real name you can do it here. If you just want to sit back and enjoy the conversations and the stunning writers that build the mulititude or lands you have come to the right place. Many people complain about Malifaxis.. I must admit when I was begining I hated him with a passion.. but his punishment did make me a better player... I hate to admit it. The other gods are all helpful and hardworking, willing to help solve problems and provide arena's and quests... By now I have played over 30 muds.. this is the only one that O seem to come back to... this mud is a 10 out of 10 in my book!!! Ryuken Teniel, Lord of the Clan Teniel and Templar Aurileus of the Crescent Moon.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 11, 2002
I've been playing this MUD for about 10 months now, and have never had a better time doing something with a bunch of people before. It's a challenging way to spend a fews hours after work where you can forget about everything and "escape". The immortal staff is very giving and generous, and the role playing that they do with the mortals is fun and entertaining. The realm itself is very diverse and large! In the amount of time I've been playing I've maybe discovered 10% on my own...but the fact that there's more out to there discover is very compelling. Like what was said a few reviews ago, some of the classes need some more working on, but I know this issue is being dealt with... All in all this is a great place to escape and dive right in to...if you're looking for a fun place to get into a character than this is the place to do it! Trinsic, a.k.a. hodd
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 6, 2002
I've been playing this MUD for about 10 months now, and have never had a better time doing something with a bunch of people before. It's a challenging way to spend a fews hours after work where you can forget about everything and "escape". The immortal staff is very giving and generous, and the role playing that they do with the mortals is fun and entertaining. The realm itself is very diverse and large! In the amount of time I've been playing I've maybe discovered 10% on my own...but the fact that there's more out to there discover is very compelling. Like what was said a few reviews ago, some of the classes need some more working on, but I know this issue is being dealt with... All in all this is a great place to escape and dive right in to...if you're looking for a fun place to get into a character than this is the place to do it! Trinsic, a.k.a. hodd
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 6, 2002
This is a good mud with very little to complain about. the only thing that I will say is that there is very little communication between the gods, so it is like messing up at work you hear about it form all of your bosses. The avatars are very helpful but there is a specific god that is very not likeable to anyone who is not in his group. MALIFAXIS is the only thing that is bad about dl2.net. It is very fun and very easy to navigate, and as i said everyone helps every one there. all in all 9 out of 10.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 5, 2002
I am skieaim. i have been playing dl2 for almost 9 months now, so i would consider myself one of the higher members of the game. there are others above me (like my great adversary, and co-incidentally one of the creators - "Baasha") who i tend to touch on, but not push my boundaries too far. if you think you are anything like me, wanting to push the boundaries to just below the limit, and aim your goals high, then dl2 is for you!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 1, 2002
I write this review to the Immortals of DL more then ladies and gents looking for a new mud. Been playing for over a year now and you guys have done an amazing job of keeping this game going for 8 years now, and fixing the problem of crashes that was keeping people away for a while(I don't think Ive had a crash in 2 months now). This games physics are what make it better then any other, the exactness of the attack prompts etc... The one problem I do have is that I play an incomplete class, and this is starting to wear me thin, They've promised for over six months that this was number one priority but still nothing has been added and this makes me alot weaker then other classes (Not to say strength of char. makes me play), but it would be nice to enter an arena once in a while and stand a chance. I love my character and don't care if he had one skill and one spell but what makes me, as an Illusionist any different from a mage? Well I get all the good mage spells at level 102 ...and thats it. I don't want any of you HARD working immortals to think this is a complaint just something thats been bothering me and I needed to let you know. Thank you for all your time and effort.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 30, 2002
I have been with Distant Lands for approximately 3.5 months now. During that time I have made many wonderful friends and have had some of the best Role Play story lines played out. The Immortals are genuinly concerned with the opinions of the mortals here and will galdly make the time to aid and guide those that ask for help. Many of the More experienced mortals here also will take the time to guide newbies and assist them with learning the game and getting initial gear and levels. The play format is one of the easiest to learn that I have found (have looked at every MUD that gets into the Top 10). All in all I find DL an exceptional MUD with a staff that will allow it to grow and provide quality entertainment and a wonderful Role Play expierience for anyone.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 29, 2002
I can sum up distant lands in one word "FUN" It is extremely exciting with a full list of friendly immortals no one can possibly get bored of the lands. When you thin you've seen it all, you've really just begun to play. People there are extremely friendly and all are willing to help newcomers. I rate this game a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, its just that good. If your ever on look for my name, i'll be sure to help you out. -Vikel
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 28, 2002
If you have played a mud before, then joining this one will give you no problems, just challenges, like the great god (*great booming voice*) BAASHA (*end great booming voice*). you will have many challenges along the way, but you will find it truely an honour, like i have, to spar with such a great ..oid. you shold feel so too. If you are looking for a fool to talk to, too, then always search out me when you are on dl2!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 26, 2002
well well...its been a while since i have written one of these. it just hit me that i can post reviews up about distand lands for others to read. ok let me be brief and honest. i have been here for around 2 years now, and no matter how hard i try to put this mud aside, i just cant let go. i've seen many come and many go, and most end up coming back for more. so far, i have seen many many changes in staff, players, rules, skills, etc. etc. (all improvements might i add) amny of the classes are very much well rounded and balanced. there are still improvements to be made, like any other place, but i have to admit, the immortal staff and the players work together to help advance this mud. there is a board to write on to suggest ideas or complaints. this interaction between mortals and immortals is what can make or break a mud. and i really beleive it helped build this mud to where it is now. ok i will stop boring u and stopping u from going on to try distand lands. go there now...quick...u will miss the caravan! Vrilic Moonchild (aka terry)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 26, 2002
Personally, I love this Mud. This is not like any other mud i have ever seen. It kicks arse. i started playing a year ago, and have become addicted to it. I play it every free chance that i can, and some times when i don't have a free chance. I love the fact that roleplaying is not a requirnment, but is encouraged. This is by far the hugest Mud i have ever played, with tons of places to explore, and hundreds of things to kill. But one of its finer qualities, is the people who work to make it so great. This includes not only the implementors, the builders, and the gods, but almost all the mortals as well. The are lots of great guilds that help newbies along with there learning, and encourage more people to play. This is all arround the best mud i have ever played. Kinser (character name)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 26, 2002
Myself I am extremely picky about the games I play I have played some 20 muds. after a while I begun to get bored of all of them. Distant Lands is a great place, and all the time I have played I have never gone bored one second. Thier arena system is probably the best in any mud I have ever seen. Thier roleplay cannot be beat. I highly suggest checking it out, people there are extremely friendly. -Karrion p.s. when ya go tell em' Karrion sent ya (j/k)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 26, 2002
I was never intrested in any muds but after hearing so much about distant lands I tried it and it is a cool MUD, If you have never tried it please give it a chance. thanx
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 17, 2002
To be honest I'm not really much of a MUD fanatic, however when looking for something to do one rainy day I stumbled on Distant Lands. As a "newbie" I have a few things to say about Distant Lands. The world is huge and awesome. There is an endless world to explore, most of which I haven't seen because my character is as of yet too week to venture too far from town. I like the variety of things you can collect, and I like that it saves all your stuff when you exit. There are however a few things that keep me from getting really into the game. Despite the help files provided, there are a lot of things that I can't figure out like how do you tell if one sword is better than another, and can I get NPCs in places like the blacksmith to repair my stuff or do other things? Also, there are a huge number of items that I have no idea what they are for and I have tossed some potentially valuable items. You'd think that when you "examine" an item it would at least hint at what it is used for. Also for the sake of newbies there should be a sort of general chart telling what materials (ie steel, iron, copper etc) are better. I like the way that there are several different places to go and also that the number and variety of npc's is so varied. There are simple animals and such that even a really new player can gain experience from. Unfortunately there are things I've heard hinted to that I have no idea how to do. For instance I've hear that you can buy a house but how? All in all this is a really fun game. I hope that as I play more I'll eventually learn the answers to these things, if not I'll have to start bugging people. Oh! that reminds me... there are quite a few people who leave traps in places that a lot of newbies go like guilds or people who pretend to help you but just lead you into a trap or trick you and kill you. Fortunately not everyone's like that, and hopefully someone will maybe help me with the questions I've written. All in all I recommend this MUD to everyone with patience. -Sherri (aka Eeve) evermore@canada.com
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 13, 2002
I have to agree that yes DL has it's down points as does any game it is not perfect. In the time that I have been playing in Distant Lands though I have tried out other MUDs and have not found one as great as DL is. I read the last post about some one crying because of how hostile the NPC's are well I enjoy it because it is realistic I mean really what would you do if suddenly a dargon entered a human city. In today's world we would try to kill it and ask questions later. I would like to see some non violent solutions to dealing with hostile NPC's but that may come in time. The gods put alot of unpaid time into making this mud and they do it so we can have a small escape from reallity and I do commend them for that. Is DL perfect not by a long shot is it the best mud out there in my opinion yes it is. ~Sindric~
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 21, 2002
It used to be a great MUD- the best I knew of. It's changed so fast, though, it's not worth playing anymore. It was way better before the new code and the new people came. It's full of obnoxious newbies who lack originality- many people just take one of the typical "cool" words like 'shadow' or 'dark' and add a letter or two onto it so they can get away with having a dictionary name. The people who insist on 'gunking up' the world are offensive, and in most cases, stupid. They also will show no respect or regard for the players who have been there the longest and often break rules (or just don't read the rules) as though it's their little place to go to piss everyone off. It is VERY CROWDED because people simply aren't willing to explore at all and mostly stay in town. The only way they get out is by using the Portal spell (which is way too easy to get and abuse like crazy.) The experience requirements are also unfair and levelling can go very fast or very slow based not on skill but on patience and, more importantly, your combination of race and class. Some have it easy, while other races & classes will require much more experience to get the same levels. This starts at a bad time for any character, the medium high levels where competition is fierce. (And it will be, because as I mentioned before, most of the people are jackasses.) After playing for a long time, I realize that there are only two things I can commend this MUD on. One is the size. It is truly massive, but that doesn't make much difference anyway since exploration is slow and dangerous due to the huge and hostile NPCs waiting just a few screens out of town. The only other good thing that can really be said about it is that it doesn't use Midgaard. The main city, Turien, is totally original and pretty big compared to the cities in some other MUDs. (Too bad only about ten of the screens ever have traffic.) As a whole, this MUD is very unenjoyable. It is proof that nothing good can last forever, as it has lost its charm and gained simplistic hostility. If you're looking for a MUD with a good environment, you might as well give up. You're not going to find one, and Distant Lands will just scare you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 11, 2002
It's my first MUD and it's really a GOOD one! All the players are very nice and the world is big... If you're a newbie and you start mudding, join us in DL2's world =)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 18, 2002
Wow... it's been over a year since I've last played DL. Obviously, this means that my review's not gonna be as updated as others, but I'm pretty sure that, from reading the other reviews, nothing has drastically changed. I'm just writing b/c I kinda miss DL (and have no thing better to do at the moment). Besides, no one's written one for about a month, so I might as well. And it's long, sorry. I've been playing various MUD games (minus the recent one-year hiatus) for about 5 years, and my only reason for leaving them for a different one was that they started charging people to play, not counting DL. Silex and Celestial have never charged people and hopefully never will, which scores a big plus seeing as I don't pay the bills in the house and probably would have never been able to play if it hadn't been free. Considering that they have social lives, work, and all that other good stuff, they and all the other immortals work pretty damn hard on this game and I appreciate the fact that they choose to keep DL free. Unlike most of the other MUDs I've played, immortals and the creators are more tangible and accessible to the players, which gives the game a much friendlier, open atmosphere. However, some of the immortals seem to be just a little too sensitive and throw hissy fits similar to those of a 3-year-old whenever someone cracks a joke on their behalf or offers constructive criticism. I remember one immortal saying, and I quote (well, almost) "The next time you say that to an immortal you'll lose your privileges for a very long time". I think that some take their power way too seriously by using all their special privileges to threaten other players. I know, I know, it's their game and if we don't like it we can just leave, but if that's how they think they might as well make it a private party for all their little friends. I figure that if you stay away from those people though you'll be fine. And if you don't, it's just a game. Most of them though really contribute to what makes DL so much fun. It's been way too long since I've played, but I remember Baasha as one of my absolute favorites, along with Malifaxis...I've always gotten the feeling that he doesn't exactly like me too much for some reason or another (sorry :P), and sometimes I think his judgement can be brutal, but what makes him stand out is his real interest in encouraging people to roleplay. He's the one who runs the quests that everyone wants to be in on, and like most of the immortals he seems to want to improve the game as much as possible. Classic hack-and-slash games tend to get too mechanical and lose their interest, something which DL doesn't do. Another thing that I noticed from the first few minutes I playing... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2002
I've been playing for a long time now, and if I can say anything about Distant Lands, it's this: Equipment makes or breaks the game. I'm not going to say that this is good or bad either way. If you enjoy the material reward aspects of adventuring, then Distant Lands is perfect for you, as this MUD richly rewards with cash and loot anyone who has the willingness to explore far and wide. However, if you seek a truly in-depth roleplaying experience, beware. This commodity-driven system of gameplay often means that players are motivated to load the same gear again and again, or do nothing but hunt out the big "money fountain" creatures and ignore the rest of the world. In my experience, people rarely explore just to see what's out there. One of the most ominous results of the rampant materialism style of play is that when people DO roleplay, they aren't actually roleplaying, they simply have the flag turned on and are wandering around looking for people to rob. Several people I know have had their inventories totally cleaned out by people who walked into a room with them while they were resting (and essentially defenseless), quickly snatched all they could, and then ran off and exited out of the game to avoid being caught, all without a single word or any valid roleplayed reason why thievery should have taken place. However, or the most part I have enjoyed being on Distant Lands. A MUD can be whatever you make it, and it is possible to roleplay decently just about anywhere. Just be warned that this MUD is definately not for everyone, especially those not willing to deal with nonsense like unwarranted thievery or those seeking that really intense roleplay experience.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 14, 2002
Ack, I just realised what a long rant that was and I'll make this really short. I left out a bit in that rant of mine before (hard to believe, heh)but it seems that lately the DL server or something has been screwing a quite a bit. This results in DL being down for a while and the some frustrated players, to say the least. I am not sure the exact nature of this problem but I do hope that it may be fixed soon. And before I get carried away again. --Winea
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 13, 2002
Well, how do I start a review? Especially if it's about DL? How about: it's the best MUD I've ever played, it rocks and you should go and play it! Truthful in a few ways but it is not how I feel about this MUD. And hereth begins my rant. True, it is a MUD worthy to be played with much originality and interests but there are things to be said about it. I enjoyed DL mainly because of the people, and I hated DL also because of the people. I have played many MUDs and DL has the most interesting personas and the darkest too. This MUD is vastly just fighting and trying to acquire money, gear and power. Compare this to some other MUDs where money is not so easy to come across, that fighting is not a way of life for everyone and that the person deep inside may be worth something. In DL, if you have good equipment, you're virtually invincible. Maybe is that why we see 'newbies' reaching the avatar status within a few weeks? And as soon as they get there, just continue loading the good gear in the game until it becomes all maxed out? I've been reading through many of the previous reviews and I must say some speak my mind. DL does tend to bring the dark side of people out, doesn't it? I have tried creating a character that does not yearn for power, does not need good equipment, one that is a willing helper who wants nothing in return. It is not possible. Simply because power and money are dominating forces in this game. Too much of a dominating force. And of course, the RP system. I dislike it, basically all I have to say for it. If DL in itself technically is a fantasy realm why should people, ic or ooc be allowed to talk about things irl? Would it not be better for everyone if RP was essential in the game? And maybe OOC channels can be add in. Why the concept of a RP flag? And such a strict one too, two hours of RP for one MPP and in that time you cannot do so much because you are 'roleplaying'. Making it compulsory for avatars to roleplay to get their levels is even worse. By the time you get to that stage, sad to say any one who roleplays is usually just out to kill someone else. Would a newbie really feel safe in such an environment? Obviously it sounds as if I'm a bitter, twisted sort of person who has a major grudge against DL. I suppose that is kind of true, but take no offense Silex, Celestial and the rest of the immortal staff, you've done a great job with this MUD and even though I've only been playing for around a year or so, I've seen it change and evolve and I can only imagine what it was like it... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 13, 2002
Well, that didn't take too long. The site is humming again and my character is fine. For anyone reading these reviews as a means of evaluating the sites, here's my last word: No site is perfect, Distant Lands included, but DL has been a great joy to me. I love the site and think you'll agree if you'll give it a try. They are having some growing pains (I did too....15...ouch), but they are doing just that...growing. Come join us and be a part of DL's bright future!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 13, 2002
OK, I would like to say that I find the structure and gameplay in Distant Lands to be fantastic. It is well thought out, well organized, and quite interesting. With that said, I'd also like to point out that the review I just read is quite accurate....they have a server problem. I don't know what or how I can help (but I'm willing), but something needs to be done. I was just dropped again 30 minutes ago and now the site is still unavailable. I have ot leave now and don't know if my character will be a memory when I return or not. Either way, I'll be posting another review to either praise or pan the site. The site is just too good to have things like this drag it down. Here's hoping, and expecting, a full recovery.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 13, 2002
Well, once again, the mud is down, so I will post this review I've been wanting to post for a while. Yes, I am posting as anonymous, I do not wish to receive any harrassment directly on this issue. Distant Lands is by far the best MUD I have ever played. I have searched high and low through topmudsites to find one that is as impressive from the start, but to no avail. I have had quite a few high level characters there since I first came to Distant Lands, and no matter where it goes, I personally will always be there. However, lately, there has been a huge problem with the server going down, or just lagging horribly. We all can understand that this happens, but it has been getting so bad lately, and it's not just the individual player's internet connection, it's something to do with the server they run off of. There have been many nights Ive came on wanting to play, and as usual, the lag is so bad there's hardly anything we can do, even if we just sit there and roleplay. While I love Distant Lands, I don't want players, or prospective players to be on, see how often its lagging, going down, etc., and move on to another mud. I have personally asked a few 'higher ups' in the immortal department about this, and voiced my concerns since it's been such a problem, and the only answer I've ever been given was 'it's not DL, I have no problems here, etc'. Well, disregarding just a general 'crash', and addressing the lag problem, I've talked to alot of people who live all over the U.S., and a few in other countries, who all lag out as much, and at the same times. If it's NOT DL, it's obviously not everyone else's ISP, so what is going on? Anyways, enough about this I guess. I love DL, been through thick and thin there, so please, at least give the players some feedback on this. It's not fun to die from being lagged all the time.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 13, 2002
Lately we've made some changes... First off, you guys should check out the client. It rules. I started using it early last year when it was unreleased... blew me a way... I love it. It's a very solid client with one very important feature... it eliminates all the 'cheesey' client things (triggers, autowalks, etc). Secondly, some of the new changes to the coding involve a very awesome poison and trap system. When I actually finish being sick, and get off my lazy duff, there's going to be TONS of toys to play with. Thirdly, I've noticed something that's been attempted in the past but never really taken off as well as it has this time. There's been a few guilds formed lately (and my kudos to you, guildmasters) that are centered entirely around helping newbies. I think this is an AWESOME idea. Fourthly, and this has nothing to do with coding, I've recently dropped my bloodthirst. That doesn't mean it won't come back. But if you haven't played here, and you'd like to start, now is the time... because I won't be out there looking for people to ouch. Plus I'm being kept busy with helping people and building things. Fifthly, (wow, what a silly looking word that is) a number of the Avatars have recently expressed a heightened want to help more new people get into the game. Now, before you log on and rush to the 'who' screen to see which Avs you can bug to get free gear and levelling, please consider this: If you log on, and start pestering Avs, they're going to either ignore you, or, if you keep doing it, find a way to kill you. Some of them are VERY creative... I trained a few myself. What I would suggest is logging on with a character concept based in roleplaying, then roleplay your way into meeting some of the avatars. If you do that, and you're a solid roleplayer, then you're sure to get ahead... we're looking to expand the RP ability of the standing members, and welcome with open arms the newbies who are willing to roleplay really well (mega kudos to newbies: Venkelos, Taern, Bramma, Shar, Faerbeth, and Qala. You guys have helped enhance the atmosphere of the mud. KEEP IT UP!!!) Sixthly, if you're new to the mud and you need help, ask Grahf. Give him a big hug. He likes hugs, and he's a super nice guy. He loves people. So anyway, when you can, come check us out. The immortal staff is usually very busy, but if we notice someone having a hard time, we'll always step in and help when possible. If you like the mud, please type 'help build' when you're on it to find out how you can assist in making our 'world' a better place! -Malifaxis, the 'bad guy' of Distant Lands.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 10, 2002
For those of you interested in a new mud, and or, mudding experience, I believe you need to try us out. Currently we are having a few minor problems, but these are a result of new coding implemented for the players enjoyment, and game depth. I'm sure that all these "minor bugs" will soon be worked out, until then the problems are small at best. Nothing is perfect to be sure, but Silex is working hard to get it close, as are many of our immortal staff. Morrigan
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 10, 2002
Hmmm, what to say about Distant Lands.... This was my first MUD, mainly because i had no idea how to Telnet, and DL has that nifty little java telnet option, which is a good thing. It's been about two or three months now that I have been playing, and I have noticed some very good things and some very bad things about this MUD. Good: *Most players are VERY newbie friendly, eager to part with equipment, advice, ad time to help you level. *Roleplaying is an option-which means if you had a bad day, you can come and complain about it without being penalized. *It's huge, if you get bored with the game, you can't say it's because you didn't have anywhere to explore, and the different areas are for all levels, so you shouldn't ever feel too overwhelmed by the enemies. *Average number of players, not too many, not too few. *Helpful (sometimes not-so-helpful if you're bad ;) *cough* Malifaxis *cough*) Immortals and staff, they are always trying to make the world a better place. The Bad: *It's a little hack and slashish if you are not a high enough level. *Roleplay is an option. I know i said this is good, but its really annoying when you rp and someone asks you what you thought of last week's football game. *The higher level people seem to think that player killing is all that matters anymore, making many lower level people afraid to rp... *It takes forever to map the areaas once you start going to the good places. Well, that's just a few things that i thought I should say. Overall, it is a very very good MUD that is very enjoyable and fun. SO come check out Distant Lands, you'll never be the same!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 26, 2001
Let me establish that my name is correct, though not well known in Distant Lands. First off, to prospective players reading these reviews, don't let Moriarte's gruff exterior scare you away, he simply feels a passion for the game and gets a little "bent" when its attacked. While he and I might not see eye to eye on a good many things, I recognize his right to his views and respect his critical role in DL. Now as to Malifaxis...you figure him out, drop me a line. ;) Mali is also a crucial element to DL, you might like him, you might hate him, but what he gives to the game is the element which it needs, RP. Make no mistakes, whether you regard him as friend or foe, he'll cut your heart out in a rp session without thought, or regret. He recognizes it as a game and puts forth his best to add a challenging, sometimes lethal element of "fun". Again, as with Mori, he and I may not share the same views, but if all the gods were of one mind, DL would get pretty damn boring. For those that choose to play DL, know this. Many Avatars will help you, I shan't name any though, you'll find them, or they you. And for those that don't, no big deal, just recognize they come there to play and have fun as well. As to the game itself, I challenge anyone to find a mud with better game mechanics, and more thought and time poured into it. I've watched it grow for a while now, I've seen it during problem times and good. There are those that complain it is too much a "hack & slash" mud, I agree somewhat, but think of this. People will always strive to better themselves, even in games, and nobody likes to lose. In DL you obtain items through exploration and killing, so hack and slash is always going to be a part of the game as it is with most any mud you try. There will be times that some Immortals may seem rough and unkind in their treatment of people, but there are rules in DL which all must follow, they are just enforcing them with "their" personas. In closing, I would highly recommend you come and try Distant Lands. You may find it not to your liking, but what will you lose in trying? Give us a try and I'm betting you stay. The Morrigan Last thoughts directed at nobody in particular, if your views aren't the same as mine or anyone elses on this board (named or otherwise) try mailing them and inquiring as to their feelings on the matter, thats what addresses are for ;)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 14, 2001
Hi. I've been mentioned before. Sometimes in a good context (thank you, Orilius, for your kind words), and sometimes in a bad context. Honestly, I don't really care what people think of me. I'm there to do my job. I take it seriously. You don't like that? Tough. Obey the rules, I'll be your best friend. Break them... and I get to get creative. Alot of people complain about the RP sessions I run, saying I'm too brutal. Saying I kill people unnecessarily. They whine that I trash gear, and I trash egos, and that I'm just in it to cause pain. But you know what? The people who don't whine, the people who look past just the 'oh I can get cool gear' part of the quests... they love them. I get bombarded with requests to get a solid online connection so I can start running more quests and RPs. I had one player offer to buy me a computer for the express purpose... but sorry, I don't take bribes. Maybe I am brutal. All I know is that the people that start roleplaying with me, either as one of my mortals or with a mobile I am possessing learn real quick to think before they act. I have absolutely no problem with whacking out a character if they disrespect the dragon I am possessing. If I'm in a demon, I'll lead them into a trap, an ambush. I'll lie, cheat, and steal if that's what the NPC would do. I've had alot of players thank me for being the way I am, and doing the things I do, because I've helped them forge those roleplaying skills into something to be respected. Going back to Orilius' post... yes, he has done some spectacularly stupid things. He's also an awesome roleplayer. I've seen him grow quite a bit in the past year, and I'm very very proud to have him call me a friend, and to be able to call him one of mine. For a new player, I would suggest a few things. Most importantly, READ the RULES. This is numero uno mega importante. I have several very nasty tortures designed for rules breakers. The biggest way to get on my bad side is to come in to the mud with a name like "Darkwing" or "Ravenloft" or something that is obviously stolen from somewhere else. Second tip for a new player, is don't ask for everything. Yes, an Avatar will most likely notice you and help you out as soon as they can... but in the mean time, don't just sit there at the fountain and whine and try to beg levels... go out and prove you're worth it and get them yourself. This will impress the Avatars... especially if you're roleplaying. By doing this you'll gain something more important than any peice of gear... you'll gain respect, and you'll gain friends. Third tip... don't piss either me or Moriarte off. If we ask you do... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 8, 2001
Well, where to start? I have been playing this mud for about two years now. I have said and done many stupid things, but also done alot of very good things with full hearts intentions. Many like to put down this mud for many reasons. I feel it is my obligation as a player of this mud whom has been given many chances, to speak about DL2. This game is so magnificantly put together, it is not even relatively funny. The shear man hours alone put in to coding this game is amazing. The prompts per attack are perfect, the timing is perfect. Like anything in this world, this MUD has a few things it needs to work on, but it will come in time my friends. The Avatars can get "distracted" at times, but please people, you can do things on your own, that is how you gain strength. You do not need to have your hand held to become strong. Exploring and growing on your own is one of the greatest pleasures you should ever have when playing a MUD. Another is RolePlaying. Let me tell you something about Roleplaying here.. There are some of the BEST roleplayers that I have EVER played with on this game. One of them is Malifaxis. He and I could Roleplay for eternity. Baasha is another great one. There are so many oppertunities to learn here. Newbies are helped and greeted DAILY. Two woman that I can think of off the top of my head make sure of this... Ladychance and Fismather. You will NOT find a set of kinder women in your life time. Silex and Celestial make the most promising duo. Silex being smart, fair, and sometimes a bit emotional. Celestial being smart, kind, fair, and none-emotional to the extent where she does not let her anger cloud her judgement. Together they have made a MUD that will span the timeline for many generations (Hopefully) For novinces, advanced or expert mudders, THIS is the place to be. I warn you though, this place is VERY addicting and very fun. Try not to let youself get too caught-up in this false reality, no matter how hard that is, and you will have so much fun. BTW my 2 favorite things on this MUD is the Roleplaying (soon to blossom even MORE!) and the Arena's. You fight in one arena, you'll never go to work in the morning ;) I thank you Silex and Celestial, and the rest of the Immortal staff of DL2, for putting together a MUD that has touched my heart and changed my life in many good ways. Regards, Orilius
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2001
Distant Lands is a cool twist on fantasy with really cool scenery and even cooler people. I really enjoy playing it. At first it was tough to learn but after a little while you DO get hooked on it. If there is any mud out there right now worth playing its Distant Lands all my friends play it and you should to. Peace -Vincent
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2001
This is for all of you and for the person that is to chicken to put his name to his own post, Yes my name is a well knowen fictional char in a story but I have had this name on This Mud for over 5 years and since we had changed to a more rp based mud over a year ago our creator Silex also decided that the mortals should have names that reflect in an RP way to there Char so we had to start getting mortals to change names, And yes if you create a char with a funky or a goofy name you will be asked to pick a new name and we will be more than happy to change it. I know who this fellow is because I remember the conversation quite well and he came off with extreem additude and very rude right off the bat so it did not start well and he continued to be arrogant so the Law was laid down to him and well I guess he did not like the rules, TO BAD! Deal with it! Now about my name and other Immortal names this was discussed a great deal by our staff and the decission was we should not change our names for the main reason is that the mortals know who we are by our names at least the mortals that have been around for as long as most of the Immortal staff and it is more simple this way. Now MR.No Name IF you had taken the time to READ the RULES while creating your char you would not have created the name in the first place and the name rules flash in RED when you are prompted to create a name for your char, so Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse when there in frount of your face and you choose to ignore them. As far as I go as for being mean Yes i can be if you Knowingly break rules, and if you INSULT gods and immortals well your just asking for something nasty to happen to you. Now If your unsure Log on to Distant lands, ask the other mortals the ones that have been around for a while some dislike some Immortals some like the same ones, it all depends if you follow the rules you have no problem. Rules are intended to keep the Mud enjoyable for all, if you break them dont expect to be left alone. And if you want to slam me personaly At least have the GUTS to put your name to it. Moriarte God of war and Chaos
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2001
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2001
I have been playing on DL about 3 months and I have found the following to be true. First off people do not know how to seperate IC from OOC. You mention somthing to some one OOC and boom next thing you know it seems like everyone in the realm is spouting the same stuff off IC. I do not see where this is very good RPing. Second the gods have to much interaction in the world. It seems like they are always mingling with mortals and as much fun as it is at times it ends up causing trouble because once more the gods cannot seperate IC from OOC. An insult to a god IC should not equal a smack down OOC by being locked. The only immortal I shall name in here who I believe to be idiot is Moriarte. Ok the name is spelled slightly differant. One letter I believe but if I came out with a char that was only slightly different from a char that well know I would get the smack down and my name changed. Come on lets be fair about this Gods, or can you break your own rules and no one cares right? Finaly those who are Avatars are starting to act more and more like snobs. A few are still cool and working for newbie defence. But all the Avatars who I shall not name who are acting like morons please remember you to once were a newbie and probably got help from some one. Not all of these things have happened to me but some have and all have happened to at least one person playing DL. DL is a very fun game set up but the immortals need to learn to take a step back and know what IC and OOC are. I will say that a few of the immortals are cool but I shall not mentions any names one way or another. Those who have done wrong know who they are and should be ashamed they act like children. Yes I agree you have spent many unpaid hours creating DL and making it fun and I thank you for that. I only ask that you try to act more like Gods and less like little children who get a bloody nose and run home crying to mother. If I have to deal with it as a mortal and cannot lock peoples accounts then neither should you. Play by the rules you make. I would attach my name to this but I still enjoy playing on DL and I wish to keep playing with the hope that everyone will grow up abit. Its just a game people, just words on a screen. While it is fun and enjoyable don't stress out over it to much. ~The Unknown One~ ~you wana get ahold of me try shifterlord@aol.com~ You have somthing intelegant to say write me, I don't care if you agree with me or not. would... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2001
Okay, I have ALOT to say. When I first started here as a newbie I didn't know how to do anything. It was my first rpg and I had alot to learn. The immortals were very kind and the players helped alot. As months went by I started learning all the tactics and whatnot. But I realized all the kindness from the immortals and players seemed to disappear. When my friend did things the immortals didn't approve of, I was looked down on since I was friends with him. I don't really remember doing anything bad, but I was deleted several times. When I came back I tried to act good and everything but I was still looked down upon. Alot of the immortals started to hate me. Malifaxis for one. He says I don't roleplay to his liking. I would roleplay if he let me in on some of his roleplay sessions, but since he has a hate for me, he leaves me out like usual. Since most of the immortal staff doesn't like me, most of the mortals don't like me either. Its hard to play a game when everyone doesn't like you. The few friends I have help me in ways and I am very grateful for that. I make other characters so I can start my reputation over but word gets out its me and of course I'm still looked down on. I'm not writing this for sympathy but to let everyone know what Distand Lands is like. Don't get me wrong, I love playing here and I have respect for the immortal staff for putting in ALL the hours they do. It is a fun place if you have friends but if you don't...it kinda stinks. Another thing that I don't care for is what the mud is based upon. The mud is based upon greed. The mud is supposed to be a fun place to be. It says that player killing allowed but has to be roleplayed very well. Now in the recent months or weeks, all their has been is playerkilling. Its like the whole mud is about playerkilling. Thats not what its supposed to be like. It wasn't like that when I first started. Its all about having fun. It doesn't seem to be like that anymore. What I want it to be like is what it was like when I first started. Those newbie days were great. Alot of changes have been made, most for the good, but a few for the bad. I just want to see the greediness of people to go away and just have some good ol' fun. Hrm, I think thats all I have to say. Raziel.. (See, I'm not afraid to use my name :) )
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 30, 2001
this mud rocks
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 24, 2001
From the start let me say that I have played DL2 for over a year, and have enjoyed it a lot. Silex has done much to recode circle (having a copy of circle myself, I can say that). It is evolving, and clearly not completed code wise. I have an immortal on DL2, so I can also say that there is more being added (though, I can't say what). The races are well blanced, you can choose from 21 races. All of the races have advantages and disadvantages (excluding humans, which have neither). All (all but a few) of these advantages are useful with the current code, and the rest will have a use in a short time. The classes are not as balanced, but they are where most of the coding is currently taking place. Of the 14 classes in DL2, 8 are REALLY complete, and most are still very good (one really needs work still). The RP in DL2 is another thing that needs work, but due to the rp flag (allowes you to be adversly affected by players, as well as affect them, HIGHLY POLICED BY IMMORTALS FOR ABUSE) being so new, policy is still being worked out. The player base is starting to get larger, which is good and bad. On the one side, more players means more interaction and grouping. On the other side, the newer players are often spoiled, and become rude and annoying (Eventually getting them hated, and thus stop playing). The immortals on DL2 are usually friendly. And do a fair job of policing the rules without overstepping their bounds (as an immortal, I can say there is severe punishment for when they go too far). Some of them are not as friendly, but as a general rule, they are not bad, and will do what they are allowed (in accordence with the rules) to help new and old players who have questions or conserns. I will write more later, but I have to give up the computer. Let me wrap it up by saying, if your a person that wants PURE hack and slash, this isn't the mud for you, but if you like to rp sometimes, or all the time, and do a good job of it (multi-playing is STRICTLY PROHIBITED), come to www.dl2.net port 23. Dovoc P.S. Don't look for me, I'm never visable with my immortal, and I won't swap chars if I am on with one of my mortals.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 11, 2001
In the past my reviews targeted DL slammers, today I do a little bashing of my own, for better or worse. Hopefully won't come back on me too hard. Ok, here goes. First off, I feel no need to brown nose anyone, I've made it very clear in the past how I feel about DL, and if I didn't like its structure I simply wouldn't be there. Silex and Celestial have rendered a wonderful world in Distant Lands, and along with the aid of too many others to name, they've got a Mud none I've seen can compare to. The problems are the same as we see in the real world, predominantly a decided cliquish quality among many, but I've also seen a rise in obsenities, harrassment, and just flat out school yard bully tactics. Now I may be wrong, but I was thinking that this was supposed to be a fun game which was designed to escape another which was manifesting similar properties. Perhaps I'm overly sensitive on the obsenities issue, but we do occasionally get young players, and I see no reason to subject them to profanities. Those of you that have kids I'm sure will understand, those that don't, well... As to the immortals, I'm rather of the opinion that we see too much action from the evil and not near enough from the good and neutral. Malifaxis and Moriarte both do their bit in keeping things lively around Turien, but like Starr said, "wouldn't it be nice to see the good gods show up to lend aid?" Personally I feel that the "gods" should either interact more with their worshippers, or that none should interact with mortals at all. I'd also like to see the gods IC while present, c'mon guys you wanna chat get AIM, ICQ, or something, goodness knows enough trade secrets are exchanged via the afore mentioned. If you have rl mortal friends "great", but try not to let it bleed over and taint the image, you're a God for petes sake. The same holds true for dislikes of course. Draw a line between mortal and immortal, and then stay on your bloody side of it. For those that possess both mortals and an immort, start realizing the distinction between the two. Ok, thats enough for now. For those that want a great Mud to play, I think pretty highly of this one, and would at least say give it a try.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 25, 2001
I have been playing Distant Lands oh for about 5 years now. I've had my own ups and downs regarding various factors, whether it be with any of my mortals, or my builder. Regardless, I keep an open mind towards everything, and think I can give a fair review. DL was the first MUD I was ever introduced to, I was able to catch onto things pretty easily, which was great as I had never played d & d or had done any type of roleplaying whatsoever. I started out just enjoying the general hack n slash of it all, learning the different classes, etc. and soon I was a not-too-shabby player. I soon met a few players who attended the same college as I, and that just made DL even more fun for me. In these last 5 years, I've seen DL go from early beta to where it is right now, Gamma, and things still constantly improving. Silex and Celestial do their best at trying to keep things as 'fair' as they can, well, IMHO anyways, since I try to let all the bitching go in one ear and out the other. Anyways, the only thing that I see that causes a lot of the problems with DL, and this could be dealt with a little bit better, would be the situation with the gods and roleplay. While we all realize that everyone does have a life outside of DL (gasp! heaven forbid hehe) it's very frustrating to have always heard how much Silex encourages rp, yet the ones who can truly make this experience enjoyable, seem to have been slacking, for lack of a better term, or phrase on what I wanted to say there. Currently, Malifaxis, Moriarte and Baasha start some at times, which is great, but it's very hard for us good-aligned players to keep faith in our dieties when they arent around to even whisper a word of encouragement, or bring in some additional help. I guess if I am going to be blunt like I always try to be, hrmm what do I even want to say...gods, please be more involved! Like I said earlier, us players totally understand and respect the whole 'irl' thing, but logging in sometimes and just talking isn't fair to those who worship you devoutly while rp, and to those who'd like to just 'feel your presense' at times. I try to get involved in all the scenarios that happen when I am playing, regardless if it's just a group of us on the search for some item, or if it's Starr playing with fire by daring Mali to bring her another demon, and I am at the point where yea, I don't really care about the MPP's, just give me something to RP to make it fun for me, and fun for others who would like something. Anyways, I've rambled enough about that, and am not even sure at this point if it's made sense.... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 25, 2001
Distant lands ROCKS, The GODS, and Avatars are there to help you if you need it, there is always friends on that you know, it has the best original realm!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 20, 2001
Distant Lands as a MUD is wonderfull. By saying MUD' I mean the story you are able to immerse yourself in by the detail, weapons, areas to explore, constant battles, leveling, chatting the 'feeling' you get as a whole. Any system of course will have its flaws, I have never played a game yet that did not. But the technical beauty of Distant Lands in my humble opinion outways any of those. For example the weapons, armor, class, imbalance. Where was it ever written life was 100% fair? Its not, and never should be. That said, I felt my experience was quite enjoyable on the mud and balance never hindered my enjoyment. Also the dealings I had very briefly with a few of the immortal staff was very pleasant. Well roleplayed and very considerate. However as with all things, that in my opinion is where the true imbalance lies. A few immortals and thier friends wish nothing more than to try and coerce the hapless hoards of young female gamers into chatting and then leading on to other things. Such as meeting in real life, cybering, giving special items. Others play "Kick the mortals" after a bad day.. I do hold Silex accountable for the conduct of his staff as should anyone. Although no system is perfect nor 100% fair, when it is your system you are accountable for everyones actions on your staff. Especially when your dealing with peoples real lives. To recap, as a MUD, Distant Lands is the best I have ever played. The Immortal staff does try to run a good game. Sadly that tight knit group of friends overlooks the evils within itself with blind eyes. Concerned and wishes people would know better.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 15, 2001
I played on Distant Lands for over a year and a half. During that time period I had the greatest time playing a RPG, but at the same time also had some really negative experiences. I have since left Distant Lands to other places, but I must say the good VERY heavilly outweighed the bad times. The code is simply amazing..what would one expect from a MUD that's been open since 1994? I've played on many many other Circle-based MUDs and by far, Distant Lands is the best I've ever seen. The scroll speed is perfect, being not slow as molasses or fast as light. Colour usage is plentiful but tasteful..many MUDs I've played on overuse colour WAY too much, and that drives me away from them. The classes may be incomplete, but all have a certain thing about them that attracts those who play them. There are numerous skills and spells that are completely original, with some of the old favorites thrown in.. Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, Dual Wield, Turn Undead, etc. The races are plentiful and very well defined. The world is colossal and is expanding more and more each day as builders crank out new zones with more rooms to explore, items to discover and mobiles to encounter. Recently, a new roleplay flag was implemented so that those who are not actually in-character (ie, talking about last night's Fishbone concert) cannot affect those who are sticking to their character's role..and vice versa. From an immortal perspective (speaking as an ex god), especially the builder's, the commands are VERY easy to use. Quite truthfully, the hardest part of building on Distant Lands is coming up with ideas. The OLC editors are VERY easy to use, self-explanatory, and even if that doesn't help, there's helpfiles you can look at that explain everything in great detail. While like any MUD, it's not perfect. One major flaw is the game being tuned to more gear-based than skill-based. This meaning that the gear makes the character, not how you play it. Maxxing out all your stats (straight 25's) is so easy to do it's insane. Because of this, you have super characters that can take on anyone and anything. I've seen one paladin who was I believe level 105 (Lesser Avatar) take on Mephistael, the dragon god (who is around level 200+) VERY easilly. Had he not had the gear he did, he would not have been able to do it. The combinations he had with his gear basically maxxed all his stats, gave him well over 1000 hitpoints and mana. This, combined with the insane way the avatar "multiclass" is set up makes both Paladins and Clerics ungodly powerful. A cleric can get sanctuary, full heal and true sight by the time they hit level 100.. ok, great, your average cleric stuff. When they hit level 101 they get half of the druid's skills and spells.. at level 102 they get the rest of them. This includes spells as... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 13, 2001
I haven't been to DL since a brief session in March/April, so I don't know what's been going on there. I don't recognize most of the new reviewers here so I assume it's been growing. =) I'll try to keep it short and sweet. As a MUD, you honestly can't ask for a better game than this one. I used to be completely addicted to it and played it for hours and hours on end. I've skipped studying for my finals and midterms to play and made (hopefully) some good friends on it. It's sophisticated, yet easy for virtually anyone to understand, and you can always ask for help if you're stumped with anything. It also encourages roleplaying, which I like because it makes it more than just a system feeding you words, through story-line quests and the like...there was a roleplaying flag feature earlier to signal if you were roleplaying or not but some people didn't like it that much or thought it was too complicated so I don't know if it's still there or not. Someone mentioned on a previous review here that everyone was treated like family, and while it was meant to be a compliment, it's actually a negative. There are some younger teenage people who play (I being one of them) and honestly, without personal experience, DL can turn into a dangerous cyberspace mindtrap. A good amount of the players (mostly immortals or avatars) know each other in real life, and that puts pressure (on me at least) to follow suit. Only, as great as the game is, it IS just cyberspace. I ended up meeting someone on DL that put me into an emotional roller coaster, and I ended up doing quite a few things that I regretted. I lost a lot of things in real life, both physical and mental, due to those experiences. If I hadn't been lucky enough to reach gnosis one night and if my parents hadn't stepped in I might still be trapped in my fairytale world. While I'm glad it's helped knock me out of my formerly somewhat naive mindset, it is taking a lot of time to fix where I messed up. I put the blame on three things: the person I met there for the obvious reason, DL's staff for not banning the person when they had already received complaints (someone told me that the person is STILL playing DL), and myself for letting online life seep into my real one. Bottom line: Play DL as just a MUD. Don't let it be anything mroe than that, and I guarantee you'll be having some serious fun :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 7, 2001
This review is totally out of the heart and is all very true. Good or bad. I would first liek to say that I wanna thank the majority of the Immortals and especially Silex and Celestial. They have a created a place in which many can escape and relax. A world beyond that of which our daily lives can ruin. DL2 is what the players want it to be. I have recently discovered this. A MUD is controlled by the "players". No matter what any Immortal does good nor bad.. in the end, it is the "player" that decides what the fate is. I once thought that Immortals did not understand, and that frankly 90% of them were "asses", but I have gotten to know many of them and they are like you and me. They are usually gifted with the talent to use their imagination in all great ways. This MUD has been coded by I would like to say one of the smartest men I do not "officially" know. Silex this MUD is a masterpiece, and my only wish is to make it better on the "player" side of things. For example... ^ The colors of the items rooms and general game are simple yet tasteful, many other muds plow it with odd colors and so forth. ^ The vastness and size of this mud is just ungodly and grows by the day. ^ The new MPP system is actually a brilliant idea to me, we can control when we avatar or not, and it forces many to RolePlay for these MPP's which was sorely missed. ^ The building aspect was coded by you and man, it makes life and building soooooo much easier. It is so very builder friendly. Anyways, for all of those that are reading this and never played DL2, try it, you won't ever leave it. It is pound for pound the best MUD out there. For those that do play DL2, and know whats up.. Listen to my words and realize we are DL2 as well as the immorts, we decide what happens and what does not. We have a certain amount of power, just as the Immorts do.. So in essence, if something bugs ya, do not be quiet and let it ride, just talk about it and we can mold this place as it should be, a haven :) Just my two cents, Jordache
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2001
I have heard whining alot recently about rp's and so forth and wish to clarify for people considering playing dl. I am a player and hopefully soon a builder. I am the lord Ramchi Teniel, founder of teh Passel of legends and a leader of the emerald scaled dragons. I was born of the of teh Arch angel Ramiel and son of Lily the once princess of the Halls of the cloud giants. I command deep respect. No longer does the face behind the screen think of himself as seth. We are one. Many people downplay my world... this is because they do not see that like there own it is not perfect but it is the one we are born to. NO man be he immortal or born of teh lowly earth can clain to be perfect. Yes even I a high priest of goodnedd have at times failed to act accordingly.. I have been punished for these actions and although i may not agree with the punishment i was given a fair chance to argue my case. I have in the past out of anger posted a negative review because i did not comprehend jsut how much it would take to keep such a game as this going. I have tried to code my own mud and trust me having 50 people hounjding you every day takes extreme mental stamina. I dare you challenge the fact that dl is a supreme mud. True like life it has its quirks but i have yet to emet the person who hs been able to change my mind on the matter. Like i said try and emial me if you like. On a presonal note celestial and silex are very kind to me. If i happen to catch ANYONE making a lewd comment or slandering there efforts or affronting them personally you had damne well better PRAY that this is only a game otherwise I Ramchi will be knocking on your door with a very large sword.... lastly this is a good mud.... go ahead and call me a brown nose, little threats cannot hurt me. i am good freinds with many poeple who have posted bad reviews about dl. i also seconded there opeions out of a sort of fake comradery which is why this little battle has gone on so long. I rest all my trust that if you take the time to play the game you will rewarded greatly. seth jamsrisai my real name god damnit sethius83@yahoo.com
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 1, 2001
I would just like to say that i have been playing htis mud for like 2 yrs and it is the best I have come across. Everyone has worked very hard and you can see it in the product. You may have come across some negative reviews of distant lands, but as a member of the immortal staff, I stand behind every decision a immortal has made and I do not think immortals cheat, they actually are the ones who follow the rules the best. And also most of the negative reviewers were kicked out, they say for nothing, but i know most of the time it is for multiplaying or being rude. Silex strives very hard to make htis mud a "family game" seeing that i know of people as you as 11 year old who plays it I have to agree with him. he ussualy punishes people who are obscene. Mosts of the people who have written negative reviews are now back on and that just shows that in the end dl is a good mud and most people who bash it return to it they were just angry because silex expected them to follow the rules.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 19, 2001
I've been at Distant Lands since it was started.. and I dont mean when it first came up on the net, I'm referring to when it was a unix box at Silex's house. Everyone has done a great job making this an enjoyable atmosphere and great place to hack-n-slash *or* roleplay. Alot of muds I've been to are just that, add dirt and water and you've got it. Distant Lands is a multi-user dimension that is truly special. Check it out, you wont be dissapointed.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 8, 2001
It seems odd, to me at least, to write a review of your own game, so I don't think I will attempt to review my game -- I'll leave that to others. I'd also like to appologize for the length of this post, I've been wanting to reply to many of the reviews in the past and I have no good forum to do it in (this might be something Synozeer should look into doing), so I've decided I would try to compound all of my thoughts and comments in this review. I believe most of my comments are actually aimed toward Soleil, although initially, I didn't know it. I was unaware that Thorak was also Soleil... anyway, not really all that important. First, to my knowledge, there has only been one mortal blocked or punished for writing a bad review. It was written by Dovoc (on 12/22/00 - 12:24:50) and he said "Go find a copy of circlemud, download it, and play by yourself, you wont feel as though you wasted your time as badly". He was blocked because he basically said that I have been wasting the last 6 years of my life trying to write a game that people will enjoy and it has actually turned out worse than what I started with. I decided I didn't feel that way, and if he did, then he should go download circlemud and play by himself... I dunno, seemed a fitting punishment. At any rate, we discussed it and he eventually came back. Actually, he's now a builder and he has been contributing significantly to Distant Lands recently. Thank you Dovoc. That said, I see no reason why anyone should write a review and not include their mortal's name. In fact, to further my point, my FAVORITE review of Distant Lands is actually a negative written by none other than Thorak (02/28/01 - 22:53:51). It was objective and I have to admit for the most part, I agreed with a LOT of it. Further, I have NEVER asked, nor implied that players write "good" reviews... when I request reviews, I ask that they be honest. To be blunt, I don't really feel that there is such a thing as a bad review. Reviews are basically advertising, good or bad, it gets people's attention and makes them want to check out Distant Lands. PLEASE, EVERYONE, WRITE HONEST REVIEWS! It will help us improve the game and attract new players. I am in agreement with Krak. Many people take Distant Lands far too seriously... it is a freaking game. If there is any chance you are going to kill yourself over it -- IT IS NOT WORTH IT! QUIT! If it makes you that unhappy, don't play! Many people around the world find hours and hours of enjoyment in Distant Lands, that doesn't mean YOU have to. (Please don't misinterpret this, I'm all for having as many players as we can get, but NOT at the player's expense.) for,... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 22, 2001
I have to start off by saying that no one is perfect. And spinning off of this the immortals are not perfect. I am an immortal. I am also an mortal. I am sick and tired of this attacking of DL. I have played DL for a very long time. Each Implementor has his/her own style of doing things. Some of us are from Perilous Realms, now that is a place where the immortals are power hungry people. The point of this is that no one who has posted a review can walk in Silex's shoes. He has to do what he thinks is best for the mud. Personality has nothing to do with it. People need to move on and stop living in the past. I am not perfect. To assume so would be flat out wrong. Soleil what happened to you was not right but it is in the past. So why keep on posting on this review? Why keep holding a grudge? Each of us have our own views of things. I might or might not agree with Silex's actions but it is his mud! He poured his life blood into it. If he feels that someone should be banned that is his choice not yours. If the other immortal who deleted people made his own choice. There is more to every story than anyone else will ever admit. Did you say how negatively those two hurt the mud? And they both have been let back. Silex has given people chances. He belives in it. Why keep on bringing this up Soleil? The immortals do the best they can. They are human too, they have emotions. They make mistakes. That is why there is a structure to DL. If an immortal messes up they get it harder than an mortal ever would. I am asking as an old hand at DL to stop poisoning DL. Let people make up thier own minds. If they don't like DL then they can leave. But don't push people away who will find DL a good mud. It is time to leave it be. And older player.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 21, 2001
A dear friend of mine once coined the phrase "Another day on as the mud turns...." sighs...all I can say is this.."Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare" ~ and oh hoooooow appropriate at this juncture. I am coming here to post some final comments and rebuttals to other reivewers and to clear up some disinformation. I have moved on to another, more peaceful, place since I deleted my characters at Distant Lands. However I still hear stories about DL on a daily basis ad nauseum. Rebuttal To Pendius (aka Reave) ------------------------------- Oh dear boy, I see you are still very good at concocting and disseminating disinformation....and I see you are also very congratulatory of your alt Reave, in your review...how quaint. Now calm down before you burst something dear. Lets clear this up shall we..seeing as I am the *original* source here: 1. No sweetie I am not still playing there. I deleted some time ago. 2. I never hoarded in DL unless the clothes on my back was considered hoarding but then we all know you prefer them naked. 3. Oh well see you are just an authority now aren't you sweetie...hmm? Well for your information, I never had anything until I was hooked up by Anubas at level 50. 4. Psycho-babble? Is that a techical term sweetie? I have a brain and I use it..I enjoy thinking and writing reviews..I don't brown nose and unlike some I don't use my brain as either a doorstop or potting mix or a baseball bat (not pointing at anyone in particular). I have one thing to say to you but unfortunately its not in English however being magnanomous I will transalte it after so you don't hurt your little head decyphering it "Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure" which simply means "I can't hear you because I have a banana in my ear". Not original but quaint and rahter apt if I say so myself. Rebuttal to Moriarte -------------------- Moriarte, I don't see you using your *real name*....hmmm? I'm using mine - see? How sweet, now you can all send hate mail. I happen to agree with the last reviewer however...players don't use thier real names because *some* immortals seek out and destroy people for their reviews. Yes, it is fine to punish people for wrong doing but the punishments are unjust and inequitable but I will get to that later on...anyway reviews are not a *wrongdoing* but an opinion and free speech. Rebuttal to Krak ---------------- Krak is always pretty fair in most things and as immortals go, he is pretty good. However, by his own admission, he can not be objective about immortals at DL. Fair enough I say but lets look at wrongdoingness. Hypothetical Example A. Little Fredy Pencilsharpener was accused of *a*l*l*e*g*e*d* hacking of the game server but the creator had no real proof. I would call that a serious offence if it could be proved and yes if proven deserves... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 20, 2001
Ok I have a few things to say about DL and most are responses to previous reviews. I am going to truy very hard to make a fair review. First off, if you want a good review to read, look at Griffin's. I think his review speaks the whole truth while being blunt but not horribly negative. Now to Moriarte...yeah, maybe I am a little scared to put my char name on here. Why? Because I know that saying anything bad against immortals will prompt them to write a lie about me and use it to ban me. BTW it would be nice if you could be as fun on DL as you seemed on the review (that's not a negative comment, just pointing it out). Yes, there is some good in DL. I'm not too big on the immortals and the players who suck up the them, but I'm still playing DL because the game is awesome. I think Silex and Celestial did a great job coding. The game is cleverly designed with little or no bugs, zones for characters of all races, classes and levels, and I haven't found a better mud (coding-wise) in the years I have played (and I've checked out a lot). Some people complain about Silex but I think he and Celestial are just a bit overworked so if they're a little irritable every once in a while I can't blame them. I have absolutely no problems with the actual game. It's the best one I've ever played, and ever will play, in my life. That's the good side of DL. The part I don't like is (what else?) the immortals. In response to Krak saying the game is taken too seriously, it's not really just a "game." DL is the first mud I've played where everyone was so close-knit IRL. The first time I came on here, I couldn't believe that most of the players had actually MET other ones (I'm still in the dark myself :P). And because of these certain little circles of irl friends, the immortals let any offenses of theirs slide. But they are quick to form conclusions about other players who have done nothing wrong, banning them on false accounts. This is very unfair, and while I have never been banned, many of my friends have been. I'll give Krak credit for admitting that he does have a biased opinion towards immortals. Think about this seriously though, prospective players. What person would actually admit on here that they did do something wrong, risking the loss of new players coming in? It's not a fault of the immortals; most anyone would do it. I AM pissed that they show an extreme bias towards their friends. Yes Moriarte, the games ARE logged (which btw makes me feel like the Mafia's bugging us..completely paranoid), but when some offense DOES happen, the immortals turn a deaf ear. I hate to keep bringing this up cause I know you guys sick... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 20, 2001
I see that that the God of War has once again beat me to the punch. I am also an immortal on DL and perhaps might also be biased. However this will be an attempt to clear up some of the posts I have seen and in general just to state my opinion of the game itself. After reading these most recent posts, I have come to one conclusion. People take DL very seriously. I have found no other game where players have such strong convictions about game play including not only present events but the future evolution of the game as well. I myself fell into the same trap when I first started playing. This is also precisely why I stayed. Players in DL are passionate about their characters and roleplaying is taken very seriously. This is why I continue to play DL more hours than I probably would admit to openly. Currently I have 4 mortals and 1 immortal in DL and actively play them all. Each character is roleplayed differently and each character is known by different people in the game. It is truly what I would consider an exceptional roleplaying experience. As for the many posts regarding immortals being unfriendly, I am sadly too biased to give a fair answer but I will say this. There are simple rules that everyone is expected to follow including the appropriate use of language and never violating any other players' privacy. This is a game and a players' right to become their character is to be respected by all. We do not tolerate any invasion of privacy nor do we tolerate anyone who feels it is their right to harass, badger or in any other way make the game unpleasant for others. Remember, although you may think you have all the information, you might not. Players that are banned from the game are done so for VERY good reasons. I sometimes think that the immortals are a little too lenient when it comes to some behavior, but believe me if someone was banned, they deserved it. No one in the time that I have been there has been banned for any trivial offense. In closing, let me say this. If you are looking to basically run around, kill everything in your path (players and MOBs alike) and believe that rules don’t apply to you, most likely DL is not a good fit and you will quickly grow tired of playing. DL is great for hack and slash (although I prefer the roleplaying side to it). It is not however a game where players or immortals will sit idly by and allow a disruption to what I would consider not only an outstanding game but also a great environment in which to contribute. Krak, God of Greed and Corruption
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 18, 2001
WEll i have read some of the latest reviews and I can honestly say I am quite suprised that for those that feel the way they do, dont have the guts to use their real name that they use on the mud when they post the negative remarks. But to a higher point, those of you that read this you can be assured that even though the person reffered to as a sex offender is banned and is not on the game at all so you may dissreguard that review. Now since I myself as an Immortal on Distant Lands I get to see all the funky things going on that most mortals dont see and yes at times the immortals get testy and angry at times but that is due to the actions of a few players that seem to think they are more important than the rules and they think they can walk all over the immortal staff and the rules without being punnished, and well they are the ones that find out it is not that way. We give the players many many warnings and chances when rules are broken but you can only let it go so far before actions must be taken, that is our jobs, that is what we are there for, To ensure the game is fari for everyone. Now on the comment that some of youhave made that the Immortals cheat for their own mortal chars well i will have you know that is totaly wrong, Every immortal is logged and those logs are watched carfully by Silex and if we do something wrong or against the rules sutch as give eq to our mortals the punnishment for us is much worse than a mortal, we get our immortal and our mortal deleted and possably banned. So no there is non of that going on. Now a comment about the Avatars having all the great eq in the game, That is totaly untrue, there are new zones being put into the game every month and there is great eq in those zones but YOU have to go find it as everyone else does. Now yes avatars have some realy great eq and lots of gold and they are powerfull, well Duh yeah of course they do some of the avatars have been playing on DL for the last 3 to 4 years and after that long they better have some decent eq. Now there is a lot of complaining going on here and i guess if no one had anything to complain about the reviews would be very small because everyone likes to bitch and complain when things dont go there way but when it gomes to things being good not many folks will take time to write all the good things so i shall put it to you in a blunt fassion. Distant lands is a great adventuring game it is open to many races and skills, it many... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 16, 2001
STAY AWAY FROM THIS MUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 16, 2001
Well they took my last review down so here we go again. I wanna say that this review may shock you. It is merely the opinion of one individual alone so take it or leave it. Pendius: To correct you on a few things 1. those people with the exception of anubas, do not play there anymore. 2. That individual you mentioned started with newbie eq until level 50 or so. 3. That same individual didnt hoard as far as I know. 4. They are entitled to their opinion and to write a review no matter if it is positive or negative. Review: I cant believe the "creators" of DL let someone back onto DL2 who is a known sex offender. This makes the mud once again an unsafe place. Keep your kids away from this mud. They were warned by a number of people a number of times and the still let this person back. Play at your own risk. Thats all I want to say on the matter. Traeshaw
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 16, 2001
Distant Lands all in all is a good mud. It has a few downfalls and is going through a mighty evolution process right now. When I first started playing Dl2 it was a world of mystery and coolness. It totally ruled. It still does. I have yet to find a game that equals it. But as of late, it has been suffering the evolution processes all major civilizations go thought. Basically in short I am writing this because I was banned. I have observed this world, and noted several things of it. Several things that were awesome, several things that could have used some improvement. All in all it is a good mud. What I do, in real life as in muds also, is sit back play along with the mud, and view it and study it. I have noticed several times over that SOME of the immortals are very immature. I can see from their point of view, the just had a bad day of work and want to come play. I respected the immorts greatly. What they go through, that is. And Silex is the person that got me into programming. I respected Silex greatly. I still do, in a way that is. But my respect has dropped greatly. The immorts have way to much power. Most of them are nice, Goldberry, Baasha, and a few others. I haven’t played, I believe in over a month, sense I was banned for a reason that I am still waiting for Silex to find after changing it 3 times, so I really cant remember some of the others. Most of the other negative comments about Distant Lands are true, some others are not. Moriarte was a cool dude, some of the time out of line. Taeveshar is a great role player, way to great if I say. Silex didnt play in the game that often because he has so much stress I believe, coding and his job and taking care of the players problems. I dont really have much to say. Many of my friends have quit this game, because of its addictive-ness and its problems. I will mention a few of them. 1) Thieving 2) Non RP Killings 3) Lots of the Quests are for avatars and high ranking players. 4) Extremely hard zones. 5) Immorts Alts that have the absolute best armor and really high levels when they make a new char. 6) Silex believing his (one) immort over several players. Those are just a few off the top of my head. Final Remarks: Distant Lands is a good game. It has a awesome coding structure. Some of the people are Friendly. Other are not. Why I was banned: The last response I received from Silex was that it was cause I first of all threatened to hack Jaz’s Pc (Ian), then hacked it, stole his password to Distant Lands, got onto Distant Lands, and proceeded to change a large amount of items on Distant so... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 14, 2001
First off allow me to congratz those people slamming DL. Lunestra, Anubas, Wortex, Thorak, etc. Secondly, shame on those of you that say good, how dare you oppose the views of the before mentioned. But seriously,lets look at the facts, not the bias. All of the negative revue submitters STILL play DL, despite their so called problems with the game, and most have equipment others can only dream of, despite their complaints. Anubas, you were deleted for a reason, don't pretend otherwise. Lunestra, Soleil, whoever, drop the phsyco babble, you were one of the worst hoarders, and didn't start out with 'newbie' gear by any stretch of the imagination. Essentially people, those negative posts are written by people who were treated fairly, who've had every advantage, but also who seem to feel they are owed more. Our staff is a bunch of good people who are doing this in their 'spare' time. Remember, they do have lives and jobs outside the game. Perhaps if you 'slammers' would do the same you'd appreciate our gods more. And above all, it's JUST a game. I've had negative encounters with the gods of dl, but by far and away I think them fair, and reasonable. As to Avatars, there are many who will help newbies, Ladychance, Gunthor, Sol, Reave, etc... So, next time you decide to pick up your poison pens people, remember that you do still play there, so try to point out what is good in our Distant Lands, rather than trying to scare people away.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2001
Let me start by saying that Distant Lands was the first mud that i've ever played, and it is the best. I have tried others but the others just dont match up to Distant Lands. I dont think you can ever get bored on DL. The people there are great, friendly, and nice. But, the thing that bothers me most on DL are the immortals. I think it is unfair how an immortal gets to kill a player just because they dont like them. Yes, they did build the game, and they do have power, but i dont think that they should be able to kill players simply because they dont like them. Other than that, DL is a great mud. Check us out. Be sure not to tick off the Immortals.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 5, 2001
Ok, without making this sound like DL2 hatefest2001 I wanna make a few quick and (based on the last few reviews) timely remarks about this mud. Posative Comments Based on What Ive Seen and My Own Opinions: * Awesome construction. * Lotsa areas but many innaccessible. * The creators rock. Generally nice people but way over worked and underappreciated. * You can roleplay if you wanna. * Some stuff and people are pretty helpful. * Man the time and work put into making this mud oughta be rewarded becauses its awesome. * Hard to get bored there. * Most of the imms are great (some suck royaly). Negative Comments Based on What I've Seen and My Own Opinions: * Suckage culture (to much PK, looting, stealing, pilaging, hoarding like Lune an them said b4). * In my opinion one or two of the immortals are a pain in the ass (eg teleporting people to DTs (deathtraps) because they are not roleplaying with flags on or because they have some kind of personal vendetta to settle for their mortal alt's being slain and such.) * I have seen and heard of people talking disparagingly about players (some r kids) public channels. One of my friends left because her real name was broadcast on a public channel and the imm involved called her a crackhead and other unflattering things. * In my opinion immorts that make areas that pander to the wants and needs of their mortal alts is major league cheating (eg good aligned, paladin, female weapons an armor). * In my opinion theres too much sexual harrassment of players by other players and immorts alike and cyber stalking as well (I had a femme chara there and had to del her some months back due to this). Synopsis * Should you play there? - Definitely but at your own risk. - Only if you are mentally strong. - Dont spend a lot of time there though or you will get trapped in the cultural loop. - If you like good roleplay you will like it. LifesABitchThenYaDie
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 2, 2001
hi there everyone, i am Fizz,and i am kinda new to these lands, and i wanted to compliment these lands very much. Very beautiful sites to see, many places to be explored. I have found some grumpy people in turien, but i have seen more good than bad. I haven't seen the immortals too much, they must be very busy, so i just travel around in my own life. Like this one time when we ran into this mean guy and we ran away and i never seen him again but i wanna see him again cuz he was cool and i thought it was fun but i almost died and i was scared but he was mean but i liked it. ok enough from me, i must go now. Take care in your journeys where ever they may lead you. -Fizz
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 30, 2001
Well my alt Thorak wrote a review about DL2 some time back but since then not many obvious changes have been implemented to improve DL from a gaming or a social perspective. The psycho-social element is what I wish to review today. Lunestra Moonchild is a dark, bitter and twisted character, unfortunately her roleplay was ruined by people subsuming she was another alt. I Lunestra this way because coming back to DL2 has not been easy for me as a person. By and large, I'm staggered at what I percieve to be the cesspool of creaturedom I see on DL2. The true nature of the alleged roleplayer overshadows the character and the person beneath the fascade is oftentimes revealed. For example, from my point of view, some (obviously socially inept) immortals get a kick out of the power that they have and threatening mortals for them has become a pastime. This is racemic of an individual taking a gaming role to validate their existence or to validate some part of their psychological selves that is incapable of incomplete or perhaps insufficient in the real world. However, to be fair, there are some real gems in Distant Lands who extend the hand of friendship to everyone. On a player level, to validate the words of Thorak, greed, selfishness, narcisism, egoism and corruption are commonplace. Unfortunately, there are no believable moral, ethical or other mechanisms in place to deter this. Trust is simply not there...noone trusts anyone (especially immortals) to take charge of a situation and remedy it in a fair and equitable manner. It has been a documented fact that a large majority of mudders value mudding for the social exchanges that occur and not just based on the merits of gaming itself. The pervasive an addictive nature of the mudding experience comes largely from the psycho-social bonds formed between individuals rather than as a consequence of gaming itself however, this does not negate or preclude the fact that for some, gaming itself has compelling elements (eg organisation, achievement of goals, fun etc). No matter what anyone says, mudding can never be just a game because the actor (player) is not just interacting with a virtual gaming interface but with other individuals as well. The way DL is structured, it brings out the very worst in human nature...the drive for better equipment, more money, more power at all costs etc, has the propensity to ruin the psychosocial elements in the social exchange process for a good number of people...some people get crushed, trust is lost, disempowerment is experienced, depression is felt as well as other crucial mindsets!! DL has identifiably changed some traits in my personality structure for example...because it confirms some inner heuristic that tells me all people are bad at the core and therefore I should not trust or interact with them. Hence, some actors in some situations in the the mudding social exchange environment, quickly become subdominant in the social stratum of the mudding experience then... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 27, 2001
I am a reasonably new player to the Distant Lands words...under a year really. But in that time I've become engrossed in a world of imagination, adventure and frankly a lot of fun. There are arenas where you can test yourself on a regular basis as well as fun RPs where you can...despite what others have written...RP! We've been oft attacked in Turien and dealt with many a murdering rogue. That's what makes it fun to do. As for the equipment and the hoarding...many of the people who would be blamed for that are the first to HELP a new person and to retrive the body of someone who died. Its easy to point out the bad...but the good is in DL just the same. But here's the thing...be able to ask for help and you'll get it! A lot of it! In my first week...three Avatars helped me and got me set up with good starter gear from their 'stash'. And in turn...I do the same for others. Its the way it works. And in a final note as to the Immortals...I believe they look at it like this. Read the rules...obey them...and be nice to your fellow players within those rules. All is well in the lands of of Turien. If you're new...come check us out. We won't let you down for a good, interesting time. The people are varied, the races are diverse...and frankly...for a gamer..its a good place to set up shop and stay a while.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2001
hi there, i am Wortex Kenderwood...i am currently blocked on DL...so out of boredom i will write a review about this place. As far as the MUD goes i love it...fun place to adventure, talk to people, meet new friends.....but we have run into some trouble with the staff at Distant Lands...although very few things have happened to me directly, my friends were being deleted, robbed without it being role played and all the staff could do was say that they didn't know what to do about it...yet our convoersations were always being spyed on by the staff....so the thieves romed free..and we were eventualy blocked...now i am waiting to get back on to visit some of my friends and hopefully i can stay to see them for a lil bit before being kicked off....but enough of that...if u want a good MUD...go to distant lands..but if u don't know the staff personally....keep your mouth shut and don't express opinions....u will be deleted if u don't agree with something :) -Wortex Kenderwood
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 13, 2001
For it being the first and only MUD I have ever played I can't really say anything about other MUDs, however I can say how much fun Distant Lands is. From when I started playing in December I have had a lot of fun playing this MUD. It is very newbie friendly, the comradere is great, and the new role play function is great. Anyone just starting out would have a great time with DL, it has very easy-to-learn and simple commands. I recommend anyone who likes roleplaying games to give it a try. Kangus
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 12, 2001
Hello I am anubas Wildfire, once a great and honored avatar on distant lands. Sadly I was deleted for NO reason what so ever other than the greed and non thinking of the immort (HIGH) staff. Sadly the staff puts there real life friends above any of the characters. And they claim not to take things personal, yet they go out of there way to snoop and spy on players that have gone against there rules or if they do not like them IRL. The MUD has been VERY WELL coded but it lacks the friendlyness it once had. The high immort staff is petty and cruel and was said on MANY occasions that they could delete whomever they wanted out of anger because they could always go back and change it if they wanted. This is not the way to run a mud in my opinion and many others. This mud was made to flee from another mud that shall not be named.. The creators fled because they were treated unfairly and were not happy at all and for good reason, but they do not see that they have turned into the very thing they tried to flee from. So in other words, the mud has been corupted and plagued with EXTREMELY hostile and vindictive Immorts and they cannot control their own temper and ways.. or rather WILL not control themselves. Anubas Wildfire
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 7, 2001
Well I looked in on DL2. What can I say, it used to be a great mud in bygone days. The interface is better than a lot of muds and it has a lot of races and classes....however, to be brutally honest the mud sucks in term of the rules and the people who play. The system is unbalanced. Theft and greed is rife. There seems to be a real lot of contention and hatred amongst players. Everyone is out for their own betterment and so their fellow players fall by the wayside with little caring or concern. New players are treated with contempt. The game itself seems to be highly structured around equipment more than anything else so people get really greedy and hoard so maxed items are commonplace. Any particular class seems useless without equipment which is a shame. There is little by way of team playing which is how a good roleplay should be structured. One of the things that makes table-top so successful is that people have to work together to survive an adventure. This, in my opinion, should be how muds are structured. Areas seem to be ego-strokes for immortals in that many are way to hard for the average player and therefore the few areas that are ok for the average players are played to death. There are many reasonless attacks that exist on the township that seem to be baseless and without a storyline. These are perpetuated adnauseum. Dont even bother playing an evil aligned character the equipment for them is scarce at best. The game seems structured for neutral and good players in terms of areas, mobs and equipment. Some classes seem unfinished and therefore attract few newer players or even give people a motivation for continuing. In terms of races it seems there is a good variety but everyone wants to be a giant, therefore a barbarian or a warrior because they have all the best racials such as +3 strength and high constitution. As far as roleplaying goes, there is little consensus amongst immortals on what a roleplay consists of so players get confused. Avatarism seems cheap and easily aquired. There appears to be no honor in avatarism when a player gets there. Some players seem to hit avatar quickly (eg in weeks and not months). There is this stupid MPP scheme where you can get MPP's for role play however the redemption rules are harsh and involve getting things that you could get at later levels with no out of class spells being offered in the wish scheme. A roleplay flag was implemented which is good but apparently if that flag isnt on you are not considered to be roleplaying so therefore you dont really get a choice. There seem to be few quests for higher level players so higher level players hang around for ages just making money when experience is maxed. Guilds seem to be started by just anyone and go just as fast they... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 28, 2001
Hail Friends, What does on do to quelch the fire for adventure deep within ones soul. I pondered many moons in many lands finding little satisfaction. Until the day came I stumbled into the glorious Distant Lands I now live. In these Distant Lands if have ventured far away from from my place of birth. I have aquired items of wondrous magical ability. I was accepeted in one of the most honorable guilds there is. The lovely and fair goddes of light allowed me to follow her. I have proven my ability in combat alongside many friends. I was blessed enough to join the ranks of avatars. And yet the fires of adventure STILL burn in my soul. So many new items to be discovered, areas to explore, and new friends to meet. I reside in Distant Lands. Tis my home, where my heart and soul flourish. Kitaria Wildfire, Mishrathim of the Vestige of Vigilance and follower of Celestial.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 16, 2001
Roemen screams a battle cry and jions the fight! I have to say that this is the most entertaining game i have ever played. i have only played stragedy games on line but now i spend all my time playing this amazing game. The game sparks the imagination and intrigues the mind. Roemen
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 1, 2001
Distant lands is an awsome mud it have well rounded charecters choosing and has a multiple aray of weapons and armors. There are constantly getting to areas to explore and new weapons to find . my opinnion is that distant lands is the best mud on the web.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 29, 2001
Hi my name is Casey or Nocht as I am known in the MUD Distant Lands. About a month ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of MUDs. I was bored at work and had heard about them previously from an obscure magazine long ago. Not realizing how many MUDs there are on the net I was astonished. I am an avid web searcher and always check out anything that interests me. I was truly surprised to find this world of role playing was so large and had gone unnoticed by me for so long. Immediately I decided to try it. I felt like a little kid in a candy store that had an infinite types of candy to offer. After spending a good hour or two finding a few that sounded good and started trying them. In trying them I found a few things. 1. No MUD is the same. 2. Not all MUDs are good. 3. Complex is not necessarily fun After finding these things out for myself I continued to find a MUD that fit my style. Being a picky person it wasn't easy, but I did find a few. Of all the things I can tell you, if you are a newbie like me, here are some tips and my favorite MUD. 1. Find a newbie friendly MUD. This is important as some are very complex and hard to figure out. Gaining levels can be a pain and it's easy to give up quickly when you don't know what you are doing. 2. When playing, get into your Role. The whole purpose of playing MUDs is to become character you created. It makes the game more lively and besides, no one wants to hear about your dishwasher breaking down while trying kill a dragon. If you are evil, act it. If you are good, act it. 3. Most important, HAVE FUN. Remember to have fun while playing. This is a great way to relax,kill bad guys (or good guys if your bad) and still be home in time for dinner. It's a great way to make friends all over the world and relax from a stressful day at work. Or just a great way to have fun. I mentioned earlier that I would let you know what my Favorite MUD is. It's named Distant Lands (www.dl2.net) It is newbie friendly, and has many different places to go and have fun and kill monsters. The Lords and Ladies of this MUD (those who are pretty high up in levels) are friendly and willing to help almost anyone out. The gods who run the mud are fair and just, as well as being quite willing to listen to suggestions and/or complaints. All over all I would say discovering the MUD world is was a great thing for me and who knows. Maybe one day I myself will attain godhood status. See you in the MUD fields and make sure to Give Distant Lands a who... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 15, 2001
Before I began too play this mud I had tried out 10 others and played them seriously. I'll begin with saying that none of them stood up against Distand Lands. The way this mud operates is captivating. The game play is easy and effortless, it doesn't take long hours of mudschool or you don't have too fill out long forms too be acceptive. We have a good player base and the immortals are allways around too help out. The world is incredible we have 8000+ rooms, 18000+ items, and 6000+ mobs for you too spend your time at. Generally the connection is fast and the game is allways up other than it is subject too a few reboots. Some nights we have 10 arenas and others a random quest nothing too long but something interesting. Roleplay is fairly good although it could use some work, where if any experienced roleplayer cares too could come join us and we might learn from you. For the roleplay we have guilds of all sorts, All evil guilds, race based clans, Class based clans, good based clans. We had some attacks on the city so the citizens decided too organize a council which meets regularly too discuss different political situations in the world. Religion is present as you can pick from your favorite deity based on his charachteristics such as philosophy, or the other goodness, one war, another conflict and some just straight evil. Silex the coder is allways busy working on new ideas, new spells, new skills, and new possibilitys. We've been up and running for 5 years or so and if you try us out you can obviously see why we've tested time and lasted.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 13, 2001
Distand Lands is a D&D based mud. There is alot of old fashioned classes like, Thief, Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Illusionist, Cavalier, Ranger, Druid, Bard, Ninja and Paladins. Distant Lands has 9 different races (several of which have sub-races). Your race helps to determine your ethnic background,height, weight, and several other miscellaneous things. Most races have certain classes which they cannot be, and several have other restrictions. The main races which are available are human, half-elf, elf, half-orc, dwarf, half-giant, gnome,lizardman, and halfling. If your interested in Role-Playing this is the mud for you..There is 108 levels.. the last 8 levels are for Avatars. Well anyways, i hope to see you play this mud, You Will like this mud :) i know i do. and i've been playing muds for 7 years and i've been trough alot of muds.. this is the only one that has came close to the ultimate mud, for me atleast.. everyone has thier favorite.. -The Origanal Locke Ironheart
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2001
Touching on Dovoc's posts, I think that like Reave said there is a bias here in DL but a lot of the people are good friends IRL and maybe Dovoc didn't realize that as much and figured the immortals were favoring certain people. But there are few immortals who abuse their power and though I could give you those 3 or 4 names right here I'd rather not bring too much attention to it...most immortals are EXTREMELY friendly and a lot of fun to be with. With some MUDs you have basically no relationship with the creator of the game and they are basically just a name beside the copyright but Silex and Celestial make mortal characters and of course their immortals and you get to actually talk to them and get to know them. About the boot-licking to the immortals, yes some people do try it but it's just like the kid at school who always says "Teacher teacher you forgot to give us homework!" No one gives them pressure to do so, they're just looking for brownie points and there are certainly no people saying "Suck up to us or you're outta this MUD." ;) Many people have mentioned it on their reviews and I agree that the people in DL are a "main attraction." It was my first impression when I started DL and saw how friendly everyone was. I couldn't believe how quickly I made both rl and irl friends. The active players around you are a HUGE asset to the game experience in whole and DL more than fulfills that requirement. In addition the game is very adaptable to players, experienced or clueless. I myself am very familiar to MUD games but if I wasn't I could easily go to the FAQ's on DL's homepage and figure out how to play. There are strengths and weaknesses in all the classes and races featured so you get to work with people to get things done. For example if you're a mage who can't sew and doesn't have money to get your cloak fixed at the blacksmith you can ask someone with the sewing skill to help you out for free. I also like how players have some power both IC and OOC in DL; there's a mortal reading room and the idea command where you can submit or post ideas to the immortals and maybe it will be used in the game. Also you can apply to be a builder and work your way up a little in the immortal divisions and when you hit level 101 and complete a quest you can be an avatar, where you get some powers or extra skills...sort of like a more evolved form of a mortal :P Outside of the minor immortal abuse of power which I have seen, the majority which are dealt with fairly, I really have no complaints at all with DL. It is VERY VERY addictive so don't be surprised when you spending... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 5, 2001
I fail to see why anyone would post a bad review on Distant Lands. I've MUD'd for less than a year now, but I started with DL, and after looking at several others and experimenting, I chose to stay with DL. On the issue of favoritism that has been voiced by a certain unhappy someone, I can only say perhaps there is a certain bias. Think though that some of these folks have known each other a very long time; I for one cannot say that I wouldn't be biased in a judgement between a friend and a stranger. After all, our Immortal staff are in rl just human. As a game, DL is beyond a shadow of a doubt the single most addictive thing I've encountered, and I believe our Immortal staff does a first rate job in delivering the goods. So, to the DL staff I say, keep up the good work and we'll see you round the fountain. Reave
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 4, 2001
I have mudded on and off for 8 yrs i just started back up intentsly about 3 months ago. I tried a few and ended up here i liked the friendly atmosphere,the teamwork and the use friendly set up. I just tried another that was getting high reviews. It was nice and was set up a little fancier but it was to much work to play it(just to start). I have found that the immortals are very friendly and have not witnessed the things that dovac has staed in his review. As for some of the good stuff going to immortals characters i find that hard to believe since ive helped a few find the good stuff and get it for them. I would assume an immortal wouldnt need my help to find it(since they probably know there way around). For a fun, easy and friendly atmosphere i would suggest trying distant lands. BEWARE IT IS ADDICTIVE!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 4, 2001
I have only been mudding for a relatively short period of time and Distant Lands 2 was my first mudding experience. Since I began playing Distant Lands 2 I have been totally consumed by it. Overall as a new player I found that the game is well laid out with a good variety of character possibilities, rooms and mobs and a lot of challenges that make the game exciting as you progress through your levels. The things that has made the game so compelling for me is the people. Not only has DL2 provided me with opportunities to explore role playing, but it has given me a chance to interact with others and make new friends. This has added an element of anticipation and excitement to the mud for me. Distant Lands 2 is a very friendly mud with lots of people around prepared to help out. The immortals are a great bunch of people and generally the game is very user friendly. Summing it up I would have to say that I highly recommend this mud to anyone whether new to mudding or not!! Soleil Kenderwood, Master Bardess and Healer of the Dragons of the Mystic Star
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 3, 2001
I have been playing this MUD for about a month now and can not got off it for the LIFE of me!! Someone help!! If you are looking to find a game that you can play and just stop playing whenever you feel like it...THIS IS NOT THE MUD FOR YOU!! Distant Lands is by far one of the most incredible MUDS that I have encountered. For one, the amount of interaction between ALL players in phenomenal. It doesn't matter HOW experienced you are. It seems like EVERYONE adds to a true role playing experience with this game. Errr...and Silex...if you are reading this...I think you are an incredible human being, a genious with coding, a very handsome fellow, blah blah blah...(can I have some MPPs? LOL) Seriously...try this MUD...there will always be someone here to help you out if you are a newbie. You can look for me even, Selrahc. Hope to see you in the game. *Winkz*
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 3, 2001
As one of the Immortal staff on this mud I myself have been around this mud from its days in beta and to its present form, so i have seen many a player come and go. Some that are determined stay and others that cause so many problems that they are making other players leave are warned many times before they are banned or purged. Dovoc caused many problems and was warned many times to stop and he refused the warnings so hence he was banned. So get off your soap box dovoc, If everyone reads the review's that are here they will see that 99% of the posts here are of a positive nature and they all love DL, There is no butt kissing involved on this mud and the Immortal staff are watched very closely to make sure they do not use their powers to cheat and find or get the good eq (as dovoc trys to imply) for their own mortals. This mud is run by a very good immortal staff that roll plays with the mortals and they try to help new players as much as possable. The comments that dovoc has made sugests that the Immortal staff does not care and that we are mean, well this is true to a point, but only for those that cause problems and are always breaking the rules and do not heed to the many warnings they are given and then are site banned or purged. Distant Lands is a good mud and has a large player base that is growing day by day, their are always new zones being added to the game and new things happening, Every day is a new adventure so judge for yourself and come to DL and check us out. On a final note, Be sure to read the help files and follow the rules and you will never have a problem with the immortal staff, In fact you will enjoy the company of them and you will make freinds with many of those that already play on DL. Moriarte God of War.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 1, 2001
I Have recently started to play at DL and I find it a very friendly MUD. I decided to read some of the past reviews here before writing my own. I really feel that Dovoc's post is made in anger because he was/is a trouble maker and was banned. The creators of DL have taken the time to create a world for people to play and have fun, if they wish to ban a problem person that should be able to. After reading Dovoc's first post I can understand why he was banned again, after all, he said he would have more fun downloading a copy of circlemud and playing by himself.. so why would it bother him to be banned from such a terrible game?? Kudos to you Silex... All I will say is this... dont make a decision based on one or two reviews found here... Come to DL and see for yourself whether it is the MUD for you or not! Hope to see you at the fountain of Turien someday soon.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 27, 2000
Hello, a little while ago I made a post describing what I felt was wrong with this mud. To display his charitable nature, Silex decided to ban me. Not only that, but I have mailed the e-mail I was supposed to mail to attempt to get unbanned. Alas, I guess poor old Dovoc has kissed enough butt. I got one reply in which he (in my opinion sarcasticly) told me why I was banned. I replied letting him know in more detail what is wrong with the mud. Unlike such moronic brown nosers, and no, I wont give any names *cough* zuzu *cough.* Oh, and this was interesting, Silex's (the creator) wife made a post declairing how wonderful the mud really is (and seeing how she knows where everything goes, and every time anyone can beat her, obviously they are too strong). That my friends is bias at its finest. I may have ben a bit harsh when I said you should not play. If you have played many muds, then this one will annoy you. But it is "sometimes" friendly (sometimes, unless someone you know becomes an immortal char and deletes you....jazrael and caitlin for example) If you do decide to play this mud be a cloud warrior, and kiss butt, HUGE BUTT. You get points toward making a wish by posting reviews, (as long as they are nice...unlike my honest ones) just my opinion Dovoc P.S. ready my post at 12/22/00 - 12:24:50
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 26, 2000
In the realm of Distant Lands, you might enjoy the wonderful player interaction, immortal staff, or the large variety that comes with such a place... but the thing you might enjoy the most is being part of a MUD that lets you grow to create friendships that might last longer than you play on DL. With arenas, quests, other mortals, and millions of uniqe places and items, Distant Lands is the BEST MUD I myself have ever played. It also gives a hint of encouragement to know that there are enough people in the realms that have made it to avatarship... you might make it there one day also.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 26, 2000
The new world of Distant lands is always growing with new places to adventure and new friends to make. This place that we call home is within the city walls of Turien and the friends we have made there will last a lifetime. There are many guilds that one can join those that offer many different ways of living in these lands. Our guild is the honorable House Silverblade where there are many a great adventurer, as well as many great adventurers in many of the other guilds. We have a fair number of gods that create new places for us to adventure and many new items and weapons for us to discover. There is a great amount of creativity that has gone into the creation and everlasting building of this mud and the immortal staff is very helpful as well as many of the players will lend a helpful hand to anyone that asks. As with all muds there are rules and certian ways of doing some things and if one reads the help files and asks questions you can enjoy your stay in Distant lands without any problems at all. We welcome you to come and take a look at our fair city and surrounding lands and to explore and discover new friends or find old ones. Distant lands is a very open place that supports and encourages Role-playing in a great way.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 25, 2000
I've never really played MUDS before. I've tried out a few, but never liked the whole idea of a PURE text adventure. Not so much because of my lack of imagination, but due to the fact that MUDS themselves didn't give me enough to grasp at the inner workings of my mind, and give me great visuals through the text. That all changed when I started playing Distant Lands. I was dared to start playing it, by several of the guys that I go to school with. And I'm glad that they did, because now I'm HOOKED!! The environment is TRULY enriched with great visuals, whether they be rooms, items, battles, spells, what have you. There are A LOT of helpful people, to help you get around, and to give you some COOL items. And the Gods are friendly and can end disputes for you. I especially like the idea that the Gods will actually create items, and houses for you.(For a fee of course. But that just makes it more Interesting.) I Love the Distant Lands. I'm an Official Addict.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 25, 2000
I have played on DL since before it started in public Beta. It has taken a long time for it to get to the place it is now. Dl has a very helpful immortal staff and the mortals are also very helpful to a new person entering the realm. Dl offers a variety of classes and races. Each class can become multi-classed in avatar stages. The world is totally unique. All of the areas are from scratch. Players of every level can find any type of challenge they wish to find. There is a vast amount of different items to find and mobs to kill. Some players are deep into roleplaying and others decline to do so. The varity and friendly people that can be found in DL is what makes it such a wonderful MUD. Come and visit us sometime.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 24, 2000
Distant lands is great! Without a doubt, this is the best mud ive ever played. If your not impressed by the 100's of different character class/race combinations, then your astounded by the sheer size of the world. The number and variety of items is enourmous, the gameplay is intuitive and natural. the controls are superb. the game progresses nicely, and much attention has been given to minor details that really add to the flavor. The difficulty is on a perfectly set learning curve, with different enemys in different areas of the world, of varying challenge. When your a newbie, many of the higher level characters offer thier help, making learning MUCH easier. -Zuzu LionHeart www.zuzulionheart.com
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 23, 2000
As a player of this mud, I have found many things that need work. First off, the classes are no where near balanced. In order to be any good at this mud, you have to kiss major....butt. Sucking up is heavily rewarded. Backtalk usually leads to a cold shoulder from everyone. The only really good equipment has a *required* max of 5, with almost 1500 players, a max of 5 means that: A) only people with high level immortals can get ahold of the really good items B) money means NOTHING in this mud, if some cleric finds a REALLY sweet 2 handed sword, 100 million coins couldn't buy it C) all the REALLY SWEET things are horded once found Barbarians SUCK HORRABLY, they get about 1.5 times the hp of warriors, hit less often, cant wear good armor, dont hit as hard, and the best race for hp isn't even able to be barbarians. assassins cant even backstab most mobs, and have suck hp, and hit like wimps. Mages have VERY LOW HP, hit like wimps, and keep having the spells that are decent weakened. Clerics are ok, they can hit pretty hard, have crap hp, but have some nice healing spells. so if you want to be a half cloud giant warrior who kisses immortal's butts on command, you should still stay away from this mud, it sucks. Go find a copy of circlemud, download it, and play by yourself, you wont feel as though you wasted your time as badly
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 22, 2000
Hello everybody! I wanna talk about Distant Lands. Although it is true that this is my first MUD this is sure to be my last and only MUD, I have had the pleasure in Being with Distant Lands from its start to the present and thru all of its changes it only gets better, Silex and the other immortals involved have created a truly original and fun place to play, whether your there to RP, Quest, or just chat with others this is the place to be if your tired of the old cut and paste MUDs that look like copys of each other you need to check this MUD out. -Zuzu LionHeart
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 20, 2000
I've been roleplaying and doing a countless amount of MUD games since I was 8 and this is by far the best. The first thing I noticed when I started was how helpful everyone was. I sent out a shout asking for help and in less than a minute I had received tells and shouts offering to show me around. Thanks to those people in less than a day I had already gotten the hang of it and was beginning to build some strong friendship foundations. I was surprised at the friendliness by the players; in all the muds and free-forum rpg things I have done I never got this close to the people. This adds to the enjoyable experience of DL as a whole. The other thing that stands out in my mind is the wonderful roleplaying that is carried out. In a few muds I played, things were way to OOC or too obvious (such as the room saying "The peasant woman is ofering a quest") and not much roleplaying was required. Here the quests are incorporated and done in a well-roleplayed fashion, so that you feel the game is more realistic. There are so many things to explore in here and if there's something you want to add you can even apply to be a builder, where if you're accepted you can make rooms and zones yourself. I also like how power is distributed to everyone. There are mortals, avatars (where you need to be level 101 and complete a quest), and many levels of immortals. Avatars get some powers mortals have but are not so powerful as an immortal. A greater god has different privileges from a greater builder, and so on. The only grudge I hold is the abuse of power of some cetain immortals. It really does bother me a lot because they personally have hurt some friends of mine. But most of them are really good...I think Baasha and Trilly have been the most fair ones I've seen and everyone loves Malifaxis. ;) And hey, not everything is perfect. All in all this is one MUD I'd definitely reccomend to anyone, new or old to roleplaying.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 16, 2000
I have played Distant Lands since this September, and yet it's so fun. I have received lots of help. The mud is extremely newbie-friendly, the implementors and the staff are hard-working, and PK is restricted unless of course it's role-played. I recommend this mud because it has everything what a mudder wants: Newbie-friendly Diligent staff Role-play encouraged Arenas Quests Role-plays Lots of players on at a time One of the top ten muds Friendly people Over 100 original zones And most of all, having fun. In Distant Lands, you can also become a builder and help contribute the mud by creating your own zones. Building here is very simple. I myself am a builder here. So please come to Distant Lands and I hope that you enjoy your time with us. -Khalid
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 16, 2000
Distant lands is an awsome mud it have well rounded charecters choosing and has a multiple aray of weapons and armors. There are constantly getting to areas to explore and new weapons to find . my opinnion is that distant lands is the best mud on the web.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 9, 2000
I think Distant Lands is a very good mud. Silex and Celestial are very caring people. Generally both are busy (who isnt)but they know how to relax and have some fun now and then. Which makes for a great immortal staff. Cause if the immortals arent so tense about things then they can help mortals out better. To me its sorta like having a team going. You have leaders, followers, troublemakers, goofballs and people who sometimes just come on to chat with others (ok so I do that sometimes). I not only learned alot from Distant Lands, but I also gained lots of new friends!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 3, 2000
As I said earlier, Distant Lands is a very newbie-friendly game. There are lots of people who help them know the commands, zones, people, etc. Also, the implementors spent lots of time coding new commands, new races that most muds don't have (Personal experience), and organization. The mud is very original, friendly, challenging, and most of all, FUN! There are many events that go on Distant Lands, especially quests, arenas, and role-playing. After asking some of my friends, they all agreed that Distant Lands was THE best among other muds. What Distant Lands has are the immortal staffs who are very dedicated to the mud, and many mortals that play. If you need some help such as commands and zones you can ask merely anyone who plays. Please join Distant Lands, and see for yourself. Leyon
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 2, 2000
In a distant land, you can learn new things. In a distant land, you can meet new people. In a distant land, you can have the time of your life. I have played many MUDS, but none as exciting, friendly, addictive, gigantic, and as, well, in da house, as Distant Lands. I have only been playing this game for 1 year, and I can't believe that how big it's grown. New characters, new people, new equipment, new spells, new classes, and new races( I could go on like this for a long time but I won't). Distant Lands has 14+ Classes, 21+ Races, too much equipment, and WAY too much friendliness. With the many guilds you can join, all offering different ranks, can make you earn respect throughout the entire land. Distant Lands is newbie friendly. WAY too newbie friendly. If you ask anyone to help you explore the world of Turien, Rocksport, and many other cities in the Distant Land, numerous people of all classes, races, and levels will be at your feet begging for you to pick them. I know this, because I am one of those people and would be more than willing to give anyone a ride on the learning express of Distant Lands. You don't have to be a certain age, live in a certain part of the world, be a certain religion, or anything like that to play Distant Lands. All you need is a big imagination, a lot of determination, and a lot of patience. -Leyon
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 2, 2000
Distant Lands is without a shadow of a doubt the most well governed, well run fantasy roleplaying game out on TelNet or whereever...and to be honest the only thing keeping it from hitting it huge on the computer game market is that it does not have graphics. Thats what makes it so great, that this game is magnificent even without using graphics, it uses the best monitor out there, your imagination. New players are always welcomed with open arms, Avatars and Immortals are always around to help, sure there's the occasional thief or assassin waiting to grab hold of you (dont all games have that?) but thats what makes the game fun, always on watch. Without question vote for and try this great, no, this fantastic RPG MUD. -Layoric Valeria
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 2, 2000
I have played lots of muds that were considered the "Top Tens". Overall, Distant Lands was the best. The implementors and the staffs are hard working people. THe mud is newbie friendly, and roleplaying is encouraged. There are quests, arenas, and guilds that also make Distant Lands a fun mud. We have lots of players that are on throughout the days, and we are looking forward to see more people play. So come to Distant Lands, and enjoy your stay. Leyon (Since 1998)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 1, 2000
Right , Now I'm rocking, this MUD is definately the coolest one I've played so far (not to mention my first) , but as a bigginer it was'nt too hard to learn , ask I speak I'm playing right now and leveling. Anyway , if you like your RPG fantasy based then this is definately the one. Smooth and fast. anyway If you dont check it out , well then your missing out one one exellent MUD. -Andrew Wright
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 30, 2000
I've just started playing muds, having played RPG's for quite a while, so I joined one similar to AD&D. Having never played a mud before , I am still trying to figure out how to do it and the is no obvious help coming from distant lands, I have shouted and tried to ask people but I can find anyone helpful. Ive spent about 10 hours in the world and can honestly say I am almost no better off. If all muds are this unhelpful no wonder there are so few people playing 'cos its freeking difficult to learn. If someone out there can please mail me at thinass@hotmail.com to tell me how to get started I would be very apriciative. otherwise it seems like a cool environment.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 30, 2000
Immerse yourself in a realm of countless possibility. Distant Lands has a large base of friendly players. Most who are on every chance they get. A friendly and always helpful staff of immortals are there to help and give suggestions to help you enjoy your stay. Distant Lands is an engulfing role-playing experience. Multiple classes and races to pick from. numerous and diverse areas to explore and find unique items in. Builders are on constantly adding new places to explore. Arenas are a good place to test your skills verses a friend and often yield nice prizes. A questing system allows you to become an avatar. Avatar are players who have acheived a lv of 101 and higher. Avatars tri-class with two more depending on their original class. It's almost positive that you'll have a great experienace working your way to becoming an avatar and make many friends while doing so. Ryle Sworder, Three Winged Angel of the Dragons of the Mystic Star.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 28, 2000
In the realm of Distant Lands, you might enjoy the wonderful player interaction, immortal staff, or the large variety that comes with such a place... but the thing you might enjoy the most is being part of a MUD that lets you grow to create friendships that might last longer than you play on DL. With arenas, quests, other mortals, and millions of uniqe places and items, Distant Lands is the BEST MUD I myself have ever played. It also gives a hint of encouragement to know that there are enough people in the realms that have made it to avatarship... you might make it there one day also. -Sirus LionHeart
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 28, 2000
Having been on many MUDs, when I first tried out DL2, I found the detail that went into everything was refreshing.. the races actually had attributes which not only distinguised one race from the other... it actually came into consideration in gameplay! Drow for example are penalised during daylight, and are more often than not ambidextrous. The classes are also significantly different.. making each class a different experience. One big surprise was how quickly battle prompts go past - this took a lot of getting used to.. more often than not, I still find I don't react fast enough to events that take place during fights. Pop in some time.. people are usually friendly, although there are fights that break out and blood spilled.. but it's all in the fun of the game!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 26, 2000
I have played muds for quite some time now, and have come across no other muds quite like Distant Lands. I find that it has the best combat system of any other mud that I've played. If there is anything about a mud that a player would want to be perfect is the thing you look at the most, combat. The prompt is very helpful and shows just what you need to see, and is easy to read. The people that play Distant Lands are all very helpful and any newbie that needs a hand won't have to go far to find some help. The immortals, although are usually very busy, will be friendly and helpful to anyone that has questions or concerns. Role-playing on Distant Lands is very encouraged and rewards are given for doing so. There are many arenas which add a spice to the game, pitting yourself against other players. The lands grow bigger by the day as many new zones are always being added, to keep any traveler happy for a long time. Not only is Distant Lands easy to learn and inviting to play in, it is also very fun and addicting and will have any player coming back for more. -Sirus LionHeart
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 25, 2000
Distant Lands was my first mud experience, and I'm glad that it was. What attracted me to this mud the most was the fighting engine. The fight messages are easy to read and understand quickly during battle, and the prompts go at just the right speed. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting almost a full second between prompts or having the prompts go by so fast that you can't respond. Players here are often very social and willing to help out newcomer without hesitation. The immortals, too, are friendly and willing to help out when they can. One of the most interesting things about this mud is the quest system. After players get to a certain level, they must go on quests to advance further. Quests are a lot of fun and are usually role-played for a long time before the quest actually begins, which gives players a chance to gather clues about the quest. Avatar levels, which are gained as a result of a quest, let your character learn knowledge from other classes, giving them abilities beyond their class. Distant Lands is a well-developed mud that's a lot of fun to play.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 23, 2000
Hail Friends, Whats does one want in a mud? Excellent user Interface (check) Large diverse areas (check) Diverse Races (check) Divers classes (check) Roleplaying (check) Hugh mobs to test your skills (check) Avatar system (check) Friendly playerbase (check) Guilds (check) Many help files (check) Dedicated Immort staff (check) Ability to advance to Immort (check) Restring of items available (check) Following Gods (check) Quests (check) Stable playability (check) Endless replayability (check) And I could go on and on. I am an avatar and builder for Distant Lands. I have also played several other MUDS and MMPORGS. It is in my humble opinion that Distant Lands mixes the best of all elements togther to create an unforgetable experience to a wide plater and immort base. But dont take my word for it, join us now at Distant Lands and become part of our world. .;:Kitaria Wildfire, Mishrathim of the Vestige and follower of Celestial :;.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 7, 2000
Good day fellow adventurers. I am here to tell you of a new and exciting land called Distant Lands. I had the pleasure of wandering this area for some time now and all to my little hunter satisfaction. It is full of legendary monsters, mystic lands, and heroic people. The gods keep the balance with fair judgements. If you are looking for a place to fill your dreams and make your mind dance. Come in. Come in and open your eyes to the distant lands.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 22, 2000
In a distant land, you can learn new things. In a distant land, you can meet new people. In a distant land, you can have the time of your life. I have played many MUDS, but none as exciting, friendly, addictive, gigantic, and as, well, in da house, as Distant Lands. I have only been playing this game for 3 months, and I can't believe that how big it's grown. New characters, new people, new equipment, new spells, new classes, and new races( I could go on like this for a long time but I won't). Distant Lands has 14+ Classes, 21+ Races, too much equipment, and WAY too much friendliness. With the many guilds you can join, all offering different ranks, can make you earn respect throughout the entire land. Distant is newbie friendly. WAY too newbie friendly. If you ask anyone to help you explore the world of Turien, Rocksport, and many other cities in the Distant Land, numerous people of all classes, races, and levels will be at your feet begging for you to pick them. I know this, because I am one of those people and would be more than willing to give anyone a ride on the learning express of Distant Lands. You don't have to be a certain age, live in a certain part of the world, be a certain religion, or anything like that to play Distant Lands. All you need is a big imagination, a lot of determination, and a lot of patience.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 22, 2000
In a distant land, you can learn new things. In a distant land, you can meet new people. In a distant land, you can have the time of your life. I have played many MUDS, but none as exciting, friendly, addictive, gigantic, and as, well, in da house, as Distant Lands. I have only been playing this game for 3 months, and I can't believe that how big it's grown. New characters, new people, new equipment, new spells, new classes, and new races( I could go on like this for a long time but I won't). Distant Lands has 14+ Classes, 21+ Races, too much equipment, and WAY too much friendliness. With the many guilds you can join, all offering different ranks, can make you earn respect throughout the entire land. Distant is newbie friendly. WAY too newbie friendly. If you ask anyone to help you explore the world of Turien, Rocksport, and many other cities in the Distant Land, numerous people of all classes, races, and levels will be at your feet begging for you to pick them. I know this, because I am one of those people and would be more than willing to give anyone a ride on the learning express of Distant Lands. You don't have to be a certain age, live in a certain part of the world, be a certain religion, or anything like that to play Distant Lands. All you need is a big imagination, a lot of determination, and a lot of patience. ~Sirus
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 7, 2000
Greetings all Although it is true that this is not my first mud this is sure to be my last and only mud, I have had the pleasure in Being with Distant Lands from its start to the present and thru all of its changes it only gets better, Silex and the other involved have created a truely original and fun place to play, wether your there to RP,Quest, or just chat with others this is the place to be if your tired of the old cut and paste muds that look like copys of eachother you need to check Us out. thankyou for your time. Pandor.. G Builder for Distant Lands.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 2, 2000
Hail Friends, I wish to relate a recent joyous experience so you might have a small look into the distant lands of Turien. Just yesterday I was maid of honor in the joyous wedding of my sister and her betrothed. This event was held in a hugh temple, people from all over came to be witness. Vows were exchanged, gifts received and a wonderfull time was had by all. Cake was thrown, firewater made guests pass out. No more could be asked. This is just one small snippet into the rich depth Distant Lands can offer anyone. Be you a warrior looking for glory or a shephard to a god. The choice is yours. Kitaria Wildfire, Follower of Celestial and Dragon Knight.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 19, 2000
Well Distant lands is my first mud, it is also my only mud. Its so much fun i have never even wanted to go to a different one. I started here about 5 months ago, and it has taken up plenty of my time, its very fun, always different, and VERY addictive. When you start out other players will help you, immortals are there to help also, and fix things. The hardest part about the game is learning the lay of the land. Distant Lands is always expanding, new zones go in all the time now a days. so even the "experinced" mudders get lost still. The room descriptions are right on, the equipment is fun and origanal. The part i love about Distant Lands is that you can do, and be anything you want, it is literally another world to play in. You can start a guild, start a war, be good, be evil, by a house, make a friend, or make an enemy. Just a big old world waiting for you to come and play in. Anyone and everyone should come with me to Distant Lands, i hope to see you there.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 14, 2000
Hrm, what can I say about Distant Lands... Is it enough to say that I've wasted 4 of the best years of my life playing here? I've been playing this mud since it first went up, all the way up until now (well, besides that point when I actually managed to break my MUD addiction... but oh, that certainly didn't work out in the longrun), and I still can't get enough of it. It's been interesting to see all the changes that took place in the mud over the years. When it started out, it was basically a bunch of refugees from another mud (which I won't name), so people generally knew each other off the bat, but as the years went on, tons of new players have started up here, and gotten just as hooked as us oldschoolers. Also, these days (thanks to good ol' Mudconnector here), we're getting more new players than ever, so **YOU** too should stop on by! Distant Lands has something for every type of mudder... If you're a newbie to mudding in general, most players (and all of the immorts) will be happy to help you out. If you're just a newbie to the mud, then you should be able to jump right into the action, since the basics of it are like most DikuMUDs (with some pleasant twists, of course of course). So, what is the main reason I like DL so much? That would have to be because the potential is always out there to start from scratch and slowly begin to dominate the mud over time. New zones are constantly going into the game (especially right now... they're going in at an alarming rate), so there will always be new equipment and new places to explore. So, if you're a newbie, a social mudder, or a hardcore mudder, you'll certainly find what you're looking for in Distant Lands.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 13, 2000
I started mudding just a few months ago and Distant Lands was my first mud. I've tried many other muds since then and, though some other muds had more features or were more developed in certain areas, I haven't found another mud that has been as fun to play, nor that has been as engrossing as Distant Lands. The mix of gameplay and role-play is subtle and powerful and I've never seen anything like it. The immorts take great effort in making the world a great place, and they succeed beautifully. Quests in particular are very well done. Some of the better quests were the result of months of planning and buildup, with events pertaining to the quest scattered throughout that time period. When you start playing Distant Lands, you'll notice that grouping and teamwork are not only encouraged, but also required to succeed in many cases. This aspect of the mud brings with it a whole new level of gameplay. But, don't take my word for it, stop by and see for yourself. I'll see you there.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 11, 2000
This is probably the second best Mud game I've ever played. (The first was pay to play, so I didn't bother continue that.) The world is huge, and filled with secret tunnels, doors, buildings, &c... I find the descriptions are perfect for giving an idea for the specific area, and aren't so long they're annoying. If there is anything you don't like about the game, the creator actually can be spoken to. The people online are willing to aid anyone in any way they can. Not to mention there's something for everyone. If you like brute hack and slash games, select a worrior, barbarian, ranger &c... If you enjoy more stealthy playing, try a thief, ninja or assassin. You like to enhance your preformance with spells, you can choose druid, cleric, &c... You like power at your finger tips, select a magic-user or illusionist. I'm not going to get into races because I don't have that much time. One last note; JUST TRY IT!!! Odds are you'll enjoy it. I'm just a player, so if anything in this post turns you off, don't hold it agaist the game. Try it for yourself and form your own opinion.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2000
Here's a review of Distant Lands from the perspective of a god: I use zMUD 5.5 which comes with a HUGE list of MUDs to choose from. I clicked and tried about 60-70 of the MUDs that are on the list and none compare to Distand Lands. The prompt scroll time is perfect. Most other MUDs I've noticed, the prompts move either slow as molasses or fast as wolverines hyped up on crack. Distant Lands' scroll time is perfect, giving you ample time to read what's happening in the prompt while not taking too much time to do it. There are many classes and races to choose from, each with their own special abilities and spells (if the class gets spells). -- That's my view more from my mortal side...now for my God's view: I started as a minor builder, creating rooms and whatnot and got advanced to minor god. The way that the room, MOB and item creation is set up is incredible. There are SO many different things you can set for your creatures to make them literally "come to life" it's incredible. The other immortals that I "work" with in making Distant Lands a better place to play are some of the nicest people I've met. Silex and Celestial (the implementors) are VERY cool (for lack of MUCH better words). Other God(ess)es such as Belinus, Moriarte and Trilly are very cool to work with as well :) One immortal that stands out above most is Malifaxis...His title is the God of Conflict and it fits! The way that he presents different scenarios for the mortals to endure through is awesome (you have to play the game to see what I'm talking about!). I won't give away anything, so you'll have to come see for yourself.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 30, 2000
I think Distant Lands is a very good mud. Silex and Celestial are very caring people. Generally both are busy (who isnt)but they know how to relax and have some fun now and then. Which makes for a great immortal staff. Cause if the immortals arent so tense about things then they can help mortals out better. To me its sorta like having a team going. You have leaders, followers, troublemakers, goofballs and people who sometimes just come on to chat with others (ok so I do that sometimes). I not only learned alot from Distant Lands, but I also gained lots of new friends! :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 30, 2000
I have been mudding for over five years and have had various characters of all shapes and sizes. I have been a builder...avatar...barbarian...ranger...thief. I have played on a total of 10 muds but of all the muds Distant Lands is by far my favorite. On DL you can interact with great people. There are interesting character classes with unique skills and the equipment doesn't all look the same or work on the same pcs. It is a blast to upgrade or try to upgrade. And if you are into rp then this is also the mud for you. The immorts relish rping characters and will interact with you and make sure you have an enjoyable time and will take your comments and criticisms seriously. This is NOT the mud for pkillers however as pkilling can only be done in rp and otherwise is punished. My pc Barbarus is headed for lvl 99 and will avatar soon (fingers crossed)...so if you want a fun mud experience then log on and look me up... Barbarus or Oog. Then vote Distant Lands!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 28, 2000
The inviting world of Distant Lands awaits to all who dare join a game where roleplaing skills are important and powerleveling is not the norm. I personally have enjoyed DL's rich background and interactive God staff more than any game I have played. And that includes UO,AC,EQ,BG, and so on. Join today and give Nala a 'tell' I would be happy to show ya round ;)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 16, 2000
Ah yes the mystical fantasy realms of Distant Lands, a beautiful, well run MUD on TelNet. All are welcome and newbies especially. Roleplaying is heavilly and I do stress heavilly required. If you are a serious roleplayer Distant Lands is most definately the game you should be playing to get your fix. I came to a harsh reality when I mistakenly found out I had not roleplayed a Player Killing, the consequnces severe, I can assure that wont happen again. If you are a serious roleplayer this is the game for you! If not...then go play Medeivia...lol.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 15, 2000
Ive been to a few sites mostly with friends. This was one of the few sites ive encountered where upon entering on my own was meet with people who were friendly to a newbie within a short time felt like i belonged and was able to easily navigate around. With the help of there many help files this is an adventure i plan to stay at for awhile.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 13, 2000
In a distant land, you can learn new things. In a distant land, you can meet new people. In a distant land, you can have the time of your life. I have played many MUDS, but none as exciting, friendly, addictive, gigantic, and as, well, in da house, as Distant Lands. I have only been playing this game for 3 months, and I can't believe that how big it's grown. New characters, new people, new equipment, new spells, new classes, and new races( I could go on like this for a long time but I won't). Distant Lands has 14+ Classes, 21+ Races, too much equipment, and WAY too much friendliness. With the many guilds you can join, all offering different ranks, can make you earn respect throughout the entire land. Distant is newbie friendly. WAY too newbie friendly. If you ask anyone to help you explore the world of Turien, Rocksport, and many other cities in the Distant Land, numerous people of all classes, races, and levels will be at your feet begging for you to pick them. I know this, because I am one of those people and would be more than willing to give anyone a ride on the learning express of Distant Lands. You don't have to be a certain age, live in a certain part of the world, be a certain religion, or anything like that to play Distant Lands. All you need is a big imagination, a lot of determination, and a lot of patience. -Zuzu Lionheart
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2000
I have been playing this Mud for like a year or so and I have tried others but none are as newbie friendly, interesting and fun as this mud. Probably one of my most favorite part of this mud is that the immortals are always growing and developing the game so it never gets old. The other players are friendly [and the gods make saure that they are friendly] and There are players on every corner wainting to help a fellow " adventurer" So come and id you see me on, I will help you join the fun [that sounded kinda corny didn't it]
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2000
Distant Lands is without a shadow of a doubt the most well governed, well run fantasy roleplaying game out on TelNet or whereever...and to be honest the only thing keeping it from hitting it huge on the computer game market is that it does not have graphics. Thats what makes it so great, that this game is magnificent even without using graphics, it uses the best monitor out there, your imagination. New players are always welcomed with open arms, Avatars and Immortals are always around to help, sure there's the occasional thief or assassin waiting to grab hold of you (dont all games have that?) but thats what makes the game fun, always on watch. Without question vote for and try this great, no, this fantastic RPG MUD.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2000
Distant Lands is a great user-friendly MUD, with interactive Roleplay. The Immortals which rule the lands are friendly and very creative. They are always adding to the great fun of the game. If you haven't tried DL2, you don't know what you're missing... try it out today...don't wait, you might miss something exciting, although there's always something exciting happening. Sparky
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 11, 2000
Distant lands is great! Without a doubt, this is the best mud ive ever played. If your not impressed by the 100's of different character class/race combinations, then your astounded by the sheer size of the world. The number and variety of items is enourmous, the gameplay is intuitive and natural. the controls are superb. the game progresses nicely, and much attention has been given to minor details that really add to the flavor. The difficulty is on a perfectly set learning curve, with different enemys in different areas of the world, of varying challenge. When your a newbie, many of the higher level characters offer thier help, making learning MUCH easier. ~Legolas.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 11, 2000
I have been playing on Distant Lands for a long time. The reason I have played that long is the friendly environment that is created by the immortals and mortals of the realm of Distant Lands. I like the idea of mortals who can become avatars. Distant Lands is newbie friendly. The Immortals are helpfull and understanding. The biggest reason Distant lands rocks is because new ideas are always fermenting. New code is tried out. New races are introduced. Role playing is encouraged. The immortals like to roleplay as well. It is a fun place to be and you will always find someone willing to help you with questions or levels. Come try us out. Trill
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 10, 2000
In the realm of Distant Lands, you might enjoy the wonderful player interaction, immortal staff, or the large variety that comes with such a place... but the thing you might enjoy the most is being part of a MUD that lets you grow to create friendships that might last longer than you play on DL. With arenas, quests, other mortals, and millions of uniqe places and items, Distant Lands is the BEST MUD I myself have ever played. It also gives a hint of encouragement to know that there are enough people in the realms that have made it to avatarship... you might make it there one day also.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 10, 2000
The new world of Distant lands is always growing with new places to adventure and new freinds to make. This place that we call home is within the city walls of Turien and the freinds we have made there will last a lifetime. There are many guilds that one can join those that offer many different ways of living in these lands. Our guild is the honorable House Stormblade where there are many a great adventurer, as well as many great adventurers in many of the other guilds. We have a fair number of gods that create new places for us to adventure and many new items and weapons for us to discover. There is a great amount of creativity that has gone into the creation and everlasting building of this mud and the immortal staff is very helpfull as well as many of the players will lend a helpfull hand to anyone that asks. As with all muds there are rules and certian ways of doing some things and if one reads the help files and asks questions you can enjoy your stay in Distant lands without any problems at all. We welcome you to come and take a look at our fair city and surrounding lands and to explore and discover new freinds or find old ones. Distant lands is a very open place that supports and encourages Roll playing in a great way. Life life to its fullest, Come visit us, Decide for yourself. Frayen Eveanheart Viceroy of the House Stormblade.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 25, 2000
I have been playing on muds for only 2 years, and i have to say that this is the best game that i have ever seen. The players are frendly, and the immortal staff are really helpfull. I really injoy the quests and role playing scenarios that goes on, which makes everyone join together and have fun.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 25, 2000
All you people that have read the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, This game is for you. It will take you on a trip through time and space to a neverending story. One that you and your family will enjoy for years. You will meet many people like my good friend Jinilisp, Or Cliff, Or Silex, I admit there are to many people to name. But I can Promise one thing to you. To all that play this, you will be put in a neverending Story, that you cant get board of. So come meet me. Hawk and Jinilisp, Leaders of Silverblade the guild. And have some Fun! :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 20, 2000
I've been playing for four long years now. I play late into the night non-stop still amazingly marveled my the mobs and rooms. Original skills and spells make DL a really worth while place to be. I don't think my coffe pot will ever recover.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 18, 2000
Distant Lands is a mystical world were you can meet new friends and explore this mideavel, and magical place. Everyone will welcome you with a smile and will help you. Some of the nicest people I have noted on the game are Ladychance, Trill, Silex, Garth, Jinilisp, and many more. You will have hours upon hours of fun in this wonderful game. It is like a living book a neverending story that you can read over and over again! And remember if you join to and like it tell Silex that he did a great job on it. And tell me hello also.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 17, 2000
You are approached by a muscular man with pointed ears and long, blonde hair. Suddenly, his head jerks up towards the sky, and he howls like a wolf! He then tips his big green hat to you, and says "Hello there, the name's Woof, at least that's what my mom called me, alot of others call me Gadren, though I don't reall care for the name. I'm one of these realms few rangers, and its most helpful. I will always willingly use my healing powers, given to me by the Immortal I follow, Garth - the Great Platinum Dragon of Truth and Nobility, to help anyone who I find injured on the battle field, in our town's plaza, or in my blood brother John Paul's (he's a retired Paladin) Holy Grove. I serve under the great clan Storm Blade under my leaders Frayen and Mandalan (a couple of clerics), and Timothy (the strongest paladin in the realms). I have searched far and wide and have yet to find a better place to live my adventuerous life than here in Turien. I admit, thieving has become a bit of a problem in the past few months, and some of the immortals here are a bit of a pain in my arse, but I just keep smiling and healing the wounded, and of course, protecting nature." Woof's facial expression suddenly goes from a broad smile to an angry scowl, "However, if I EVER catch you commiting acts of cruelty towards nature, you WILL regret it!" His smile re-forms on his face, "The most common adventurer professions in these realms I'd have to say are Cleric and Warrior. There are also quite a few Thieves, Assassins, and Magic-Users. Cavaliers, Barbarians, Paladins, and Ninjas are a bit rarer, and the rarest adventurers I've seen are Illusionists, Monks, Druids, Bards, and my brethren, the Rangers. To be honest thats is why I am a Ranger, I think its a lot easier to make a name for yourself if you are unique like me. To be honest, I'm surprised not more adventurers choose to be rangers, we fight well, stay in good health, posses healing magics, fiery attack spells, moderate defensive spells, and some monster summoning spells too! Though I am surprised there aren't more of us, I'm not exactly hoping for an increase in the Ranger population. Anyways, if you want the most exciting adventuring experience you can get, come down to the town Turien, just head down this path, make a right, and enter the distant lands!" Woof then reaches behind his cloak, pulls out a magic scroll, and vanishes in a flash of light! "So" you think to yourself, "Am I brave enough to be a part of the Turien community?"
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 13, 2000
I've never really played MUDS before. I've tried out a few, but never liked the whole idea of a PURE text adventure. Not so much because of my lack of imagination, but due to the fact that MUDS themselves didn't give me enough to grasp at the inner workings of my mind, and give me great visuals through the text. That all changed when I started playing Distant Lands. I was dared to start playing it, by several of the guys that I work with. And I'm glad that they did, because now I'm HOOKED!! The environment is TRULY enriched with great visuals, whether they be rooms, items, battles, spells, what have you. There are A LOT of helpfull people, to help you get around, and to give you some COOL items. And the Gods are friendly and can end disputes for you. I especially like the idea that the Gods will actually create items, and houses for you.(For a fee of course. But that just makes it more Interesting.) I Love the Distant Lands. I'm an Official Addict.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 29, 2000
Armed with an unbelievably addictive code, inovative role players, and a friendly immort staff, this mud seems to skyrocket past all others. Built from scratch with great coders and creative builders has embued Distant Lands with something most other muds seem to be missing...a personality all of its own. Helpful immorts and newbie friendly players make this a great environment for mudders of all experience levels. So if you are tired of everything else or just looking for a change of pace come travel these Distant Lands and find what you are looking for. *WARNING: Distant Lands is not a substitute for sleep*
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 28, 2000
I've played on a few MUDs in my many online roleplaying years. I've even played Asheron's Call, EverQuest and Baldur's Gate online. I must say that no matter how awesome the graphics may look on any online RPG nothing tops a good MUD and I must also say that Distant Lands is the best that you can get out of a MUD: Immortals that are friendly and willing to help when you need it, friendly mortals that help out starting players. I should know, because I'm one of those mortals. Silex and Celestial (the main implementors) are the greatest immorts that I've played on a MUD with. You like AD&D? You like hack-n-slash? You like MUDs? Come to Distant Lands and swing a sword or thrust a dagger. You're bound to have fun! I've been playing for about 2 months and I'm hooked!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2000
Having been on many MUDs, when I first tried out DL2, I found the detail that went into everything was refreshing.. the races actually had attributes which not only distinguised one race from the other... it actually came into consideration in gameplay! Drow for example are penalised during daylight, and are more often than not ambidextrous. The classes are also significantly different.. making each class a different experience. One big surprise was how quickly battle prompts go past - this took a lot of getting used to.. more often than not, I still find I don't react fast enough to events that take place during fights. Pop in some time.. people are usually friendly, although there are fights that break out and blood spilled.. but it's all in the fun of the game!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2000
I have played muds for quite some time now, and have come across no other muds quite like Distant Lands. I find that it has the best combat system of any other mud that I've played. If there is anything about a mud that a player would want to be perfect is the thing you look at the most, combat. The prompt is very helpful and shows just what you need to see, and is easy to read. The people that play Distant Lands are all very helpful and any newbie that needs a hand won't have to go far to find some help. The immortals, although are usually very busy, will be friendly and helpful to anyone that has questions or concerns. Role-playing on Distant Lands is very encouraged and rewards are given for doing so. There are many arenas which add a spice to the game, pitting yourself against other players. The lands grow bigger by the day as many new zones are always being added, to keep any traveler happy for a long time. Not only is Distant Lands easy to learn and inviting to play in, it is also very fun and addicting and will have any player coming back for more.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 26, 2000
Distant Lands (dl2) is a fast pased mud with lots of friendly players and immortals, the combat engine is fast. It offers aliases to be stored right on the site. No matter how mad I've made them, the immortals still help when you need it. Most people on there are very friendly. Dl2 is a good place for beginers in mudding, It has many completed help files. Dl2 is still under progress, and probably never be completed.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 26, 2000
Distant Lands was my first mud experience, and I'm glad that it was. What attracted me to this mud the most was the fighting engine. The fight messages are easy to read and understand quickly during battle, and the prompts go at just the right speed. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting almost a full second between prompts or having the prompts go by so fast that you can't respond. Players here are often very social and willing to help out newcomer without hesitation. The immortals, too, are friendly and willing to help out when they can. One of the most interesting things about this mud is the quest system. After players get to a certain level, they must go on quests to advance further. Quests are a lot of fun and are usually role-played for a long time before the quest actually begins, which gives players a chance to gather clues about the quest. Avatar levels, which are gained as a result of a quest, let your character learn knowledge from other classes, giving them abilities beyond their class. Distant Lands is a well-developed mud that's a lot of fun to play. -- Sith
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 26, 2000
Well, to put it bluntly, they have neither lizardmen nor necromancers, but for some reason I still love it. While you're stuck with more traditional races and classes, there are some that you might not expect in there such as ninjas and 3 different half giants to keep you interested. The gods are nice, and basically everyone's nice. There aren't many evil people but the game is not very biased toward them either. Seems to be a whole lot of role playing. A whole lot, and it keeps getting more common. I really like that. Someone came in and said other MUDs have more role playing though, and I dislike most other MUDs when I tried them, so I can't tell for sure. Oh yeah, and it was built from scratch, so don't get too used to anything. Now, I'm done writing so bye.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 19, 2000