Edge of Midnight
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1993.
Ranked 276th of 653 worlds statistically.
Ranked 114th of 279 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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         _                            WELCOME TRAVELLER TO:
      \+++/               TTTTT H   H EEEEE   EEEEE DDD   GGGGG EEEEE 
       |-|                  T   H   H E       E     D  D  G     E
      /ZZZ\ 88  88888       T   HHHHH EEEEE   EEEEE D   D G  GG EEEEE
      ZZZZZ 88 8OO8O888     T   H   H E       E     D  D  G  G  E
      OOOOO  8888O8OO8      T   H   H EEEEE   EEEEE DDD   GGGG  EEEEE
      ZZZZZ   8888O888  88
      OOOOO   \/_8888888        OOOOO FFFFF     ---------------------------
      ZZZZZ   /                 O   O F         |With thanks to the coders|
8-------ZZZ-------8              O   O FFFF      |of DikuMUD, MERC 2.1,    |
\I-------Z-------I/              O   O F         |Rom 2.4, Oblivion 2.0    |
\     III I/>   /               OOOOO F         -------and Coffee Mud------
      III I 
      III I                M   M I DDD  N   N I GGGGG H   H TTTTT
      III I                MM MM I D  D NN  N I G     H   H   T
     /III I                M M M I D  D N N N I G  GG HHHHH   T
     \III I                M   M I D  D N  NN I G  G  H   H   T
      \II I                M   M I DDD  N   N I GGGG  H   H   T V4.8.4 
      I\I I
      II\ I     Pyros - Chaos Lord and Implementor  
      III\I     Adamantium - Goddess and Head Builder
      III \     Helped by Amarie, Mystie, Tiana and the Noble Council 
      III I\  
      III I \   E-mail: greyarchive.greyarchive.org
       III       This is a Adult mud but Please choose a non-offensive,
        I                 non-vulgar, medieval, fantasy name!
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Edge of Midnight V4.6 We now have a custom java/mysql base. Heavily upgrading in progress main concern is a haven for adult mature players. Anything goes with certain restrictions no means no, no harassment of players who don't want it, no spoiling anyone elses fun and no rape unless its purely roleplay and agreed by both parties. In this world of politically correct subject matter I feel there is a place for people who are open and happy about there sexuality and want to explore the subject within a safe fantasy enviroment. Email greyarchive@greyarchive.org
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Eye of the Storm [2]

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Edge of Midnight V4.6 We now have a custom java/mysql base. Heavily upgrading in progress main concern is a haven for adult mature players. Anything goes with certain restrictions no means no, no harassment of players who don't want it, no spoiling anyone elses fun and no rape unless its purely roleplay and agreed by both parties. In this world of politically correct subject matter I feel there is a place for people who are open and happy about there sexuality and want to explore the subject within a safe fantasy enviroment. Email greyarchive@greyarchive.org [1]
Step into a land where your dreams become reality. Boasting some of the most unique EOS code around, we're sure you'll find hours of fun within the Edge of Midnight. [2]

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The Edge of Midnight is a peculiar game that has survived two decades of challenges come May 2013. There are a few core aspects of the game felt to make it unique, not the least of which is the idea of unending evolution. EoM would like to claim that it fosters a role-play environment, but that, ultimately, is up to respect being established between the staff and the players. No game is without ups and downs, though Edge of Midnight may have ultimately had more downs than ups to date. Once upon a time, the game had a grand player base with very active and imaginative individuals. As staff grew sick over time with various ailments in the real world, the game became somewhat neglected. The well-meaning remainder of staff tried to carry on for quite a long time, but lacked a firm direction until rather recently. This chaos and disorganization is easy to see, I would think. Some very important changes have been taking place recently, but the transition from the old way to the new way is bumpy. If it went through without a hitch, then I'd really worry! A director was named as an official guiding force, game masters have been hired to facilitate role-play, the map has been restructured to be more logically connected (finally!), the wiki has been under review, the forums are now in full swing, and so much more. The staff have been trying to improve the game and their own approach to administration, but overall there is a decrease in melodrama. I've been on and off with Edge of Midnight for a decade and I have seen it climb and fall in popularity, wax in wane in melodrama, crest and fall systematically over time. We are getting closer to the appropriate environment for a well MUD, and we continue to do so daily. Some of the staff have been with EOM for as long, if not longer, than I have, but more importantly we have... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 11, 2013
This is a review section, not an advertisement. Your bias is showing. One doesn't improve without admitting one's faults, or with an exclusionary attitude. I guess spamming positive reviews just because you received one honest one helps you continue striving for your self-serving Sisyphean toys.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 12, 2013
This is a friendly place place to play! There are many good roleplayers here, and at times a very exciting place to play! Most o f the Nobles are helpful with one, rude, loud screaming exception. Be warned there is an extensive weapons/skills/armour revamping going on,but with all the cheerful, lusty and friendly roleplayers, you won't notice hardly at all!!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 29, 2010
The Edge of Midnight, a place where I am proud to have spent many years playing and helping create a fun field game where just about anything can happen. EoM is a land of Chaos and life filled with people that are willing and able to have fun and roleplay nearly anything in the broad spectrum of possibilities. While EoM is not a MUSH we do heavily encourage and reward RP. One of the ways is with an automated RPXP system that grants experience based on your RP. This EXP, unlike in many other games, can not only be used for leveling your character, but also for bettering yourself through custom made equipment or items to help you change classes. It can directly influence your stats and skills, as well as aid you though the process of rebirth, known in many games as remort. EoM is currently home to many characters who live and work together in a community environment enriched by multiple guilds and clans. It offers the ability for anyone who wishes to start a clan of their own. Our world however, is still a bit of a work in progress, with our code and many parts still evolving. So from time to time things about the world do change. Most of the time change is for the better, in hopes of maintaining a fun, balanced gaming environment for all adult text based gamers to enjoy.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 29, 2010
I have played EoM for many years and the player base has always been friendly, and willing to help. The nobles are always helpful as well, and tend to show newbies how to get around the game. The mud is always updated and fixed up fast as the credit goes all towards the nobles as well. The game is quite great to be frank, but the only problem I have or anyone would, being a veteran to mudding for many years, would have to be the Admin Pyros. I do have respect for the guy, dont get me wrong, but throwing ban threats around like candy is nothing to be joked about. A ban is where you close off a connect to a player for something illegal or offensive they have done with a bit of warning. Whether it was a rash move or he was having a bad day, I would not know that using such a way to intimidate someone, especially on a long playing player such as myself for seeing if there was any roleplay xp awared for players who played on the previous version of EoM... is just completely unjustified. The mud itself is great, the noble staff is great, the mud is newbie friendly... but I dont recommend Pyros as one of the greatest admins out there.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2008
Hello there, If you've read the discussion board on my promotion of this place, than kudos to you. It tells you most of what I'll tell you this day. But if you haven't, feel free to read it along with this Review. Edge of Midnight, in my opinion, is one of the greatest games I've ever played. The best thing I can say is giving this place a try, but why? I'll be sure to tell you all about why. First off, the storyline of Edge of Midnight begins with a being created of Chaos. His name is Pyros. As Chaos is a sort of element that incites suprise, whether it be good or bad, in whatever it may be. Chaos and madness are what made this being, so surely you would believe he's not very sane. In fact, he was so insane that he created a realm made entirely out of this Chaos. He molded beings for his amusement, created societies, and toyed with them. He made the realm merely to turn it upside-down with his constant meddling. Pyros is neither a benevolent or heinous immortal. He is merely one who seeks to fill the void known as his boredom with the creations of mortals. The game itself is a DoT code that has and still is being heavily modified. With a excellent team of coders and builders, the game itself molds like chaos and blooms into more than just a game, but a society. The game itself is known as roleplaying mud, though if you're into hacking and slashing apart the most difficult of mobs, this is difinitely a place to test your skills. With many different races to try, one places themself in a sea of endless possibilities. Not only can you hunt, but you can play character of any race of any choosing, and you only have more say in where you go from there. But with so many possibilities, a new person could easily become lost in subtle... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 31, 2005
** The following review is soley my opinion ** Some of you may know me from my staff position at Feudal Realms, other from other forums relating to muds/code. And those that know me, know that I have usually nothing bad to say about any mud imparticular (mabye I just havn't visited enough bad ones?) First off i'd like to say that EoM does have the best EOS code I have ever seen. The game mechanics are awesome, good skills, good fight code, and a bunch of good people. When I started playing EoM years ago, it's was full of rp and things were pretty much ran silky smooth by pyros and adamantium. However it went down for a year, and just recently came back up. Now it being my first mud (eos code may not be my top choice now but it is my start) I was happier than shit to see it back up, and quickly made my way back. But things were very different. Pyros, while normally a very nice guy, started getting very one-sided over the females of the game. And if you were to say anything about these females in anyway, even the slightest remark of criticism, you were shot down, slandered, or told you were just plain ass wrong. Well seeing as how things had changed so much, and I was going to only hinder my good memories more by visiting there, I announced that I would be leaving and gave my email out on ooc for my "friends" to contact me on. But before I could make a peacefull exit, I was simply denied. I am very down about leaving EoM, but there comes a time when things start becomming to much, and it just isn't worth it to try and stick things out. I will remember the old EoM forever, and try to simply forget what it has become. Aequitas (Ken)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 16, 2003