End of Time
Final Fantasy (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Secret of Mana)-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 2005.
Ranked 377th of 762 worlds statistically.
Ranked 4th of 5 worlds in the Final Fantasy genre statistically.
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Formerly known as the Cleft of Dimension, welcome to...
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           )\|/(                  | (   )/ |   \ \ | | / \ (
       -   | | |   -              | /--\   | /) \/ | | \  | \
           \\|//                  | \--/   ||  \   | | /  | /
         /  ) (  \                | (___)\ | \  )  | | \_/ (
            \ /                   |______( |_(   \_| |____/
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    :::::::/| |\:::::::             \ | |\  | /)  (\ | | /--\
  o  ::::::\---/::::::              / | |/  ||  \/  || | \--/
| |    :::::::::::::                \ | |\) | \    / | | (___)\
|\|      :::::::::                   \| |_/ |_(    )_| |______(
|\|/|\    o                  DikuMUD by Hans Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe,
|<|\| |\| |              Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer
|/|>| | |\|               |/MERC 2.1 code by Hatchet, Furey, and Kahn
 \|/| | |/|\|           |/|\| |ROM v2.4 copyright (c) Russ Taylor
   \| | |\|/|\    o    /|\Final Fantasy etc. is copyright (c) Square Enix
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The history of the world tells of great legends, from brave heroes to the worst of evils. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, wars have been won and lost, but at the center of each epic conflict has always simply just been people. Sometimes those from the humblest of origins can rise to be the world's greatest hero or the world's greatest fear. Follow in the footsteps of great legends of the past, from Cloud, Edgar and Cecil to Sephiroth, Golbez and Kefka. Engage in and help determine the fate of the great Kingdoms of Guardia, Empire and Shin-Ra. Help shape and become the next epic story within the world that so many others have left their mark. With over thirty years having passed any...
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With over 13 years of steady development, End of Time is one of the most feature rich, largest text games in the non-commercial, 100% free area of the genre. In that time, we have crafted a very original game that boasts numerous features that you won't find on any other game. While our theme encompasses the majority of the classic Final Fantasy games (up to 10) along with Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross, familiarity with these games are in no way necessary to play, enjoy or understand End of Time; however if you are nostalgic for the days of classic JRPGs then End of Time is the right game for you! The game is set in an original world that is a patchwork of elements across the games we based our theme on, with at minimum of thirty years having passed since any of the events from our source material making for an intricately woven backstory. Explore a rich, huge world complete with a unique overworld map with nine starting races and four starting classes available from creation, with more options for both available in game. Other features include a detailed character creation (with options for quicky or random character generation), fully customizable limit breaks, a deep magic system unlike any other game, a fast paced overhauled combat system, group combo technique skills, dozens of unique skills and spells, and so much more. We are always looking to improve the experience and fun of our players. If you've tried the game before and found the Fighter class a bit underwhelming, now is the time to try the game again, as we've recently (June 2017) added in a brand new set of various combat systems for Fighters that greatly increases their effectiveness while adding in multiple new strategies and layers of depth akin to the magic system for spell casters. Other recent changes (as of January 2018) include an adventurer's guild and area guides spread throughout the world; more leisure/game based areas; newly rewritten character creation; respec system that allows you to redistribute points along with full retroactive bonuses for training stats (no more worried about messing up your build!); combat adjustments to make fights easier for players; new skills for all classes; experience adjustments for speedier leveling; a completely new overworld map system using coordinates with PNG image loading, an exponentially larger and redesigned map, lower encounter rates on the map, new chocobo riding features including stables outside of every town; new in-town mini map to make navigation in towns easier, along with select dungeon maps. [1]
The history of the world tells of great legends, from brave heroes to the worst of evils. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, wars have been won and lost, but at the center of each epic conflict has always simply just been people. Sometimes those from the humblest of origins can rise to be the world's greatest hero or the world's greatest fear. Follow in the footsteps of great legends of the past, from Cloud, Edgar and Cecil to Sephiroth, Golbez and Kefka. Engage in and help determine the fate of the great Kingdoms of Guardia, Empire and Shin-Ra. Help shape and become the next epic story within the world that so many others have left their mark. With over thirty years having passed since any of the events from the games within our theme and the great legends of those stories long since passed, this is your opportunity to become that next great hero or villain. Explore a rich world, complete with a unique overworld map, with a deep history comprised of the events from familiar settings with nine starting races and four starting classes available. Discover more race options and quest to gain the promotion classes within the game itself. Customize your character with our detailed character creation including merits/flaws, and fight your battles with the aid of fully customizable limit breaks, a deep magic system with countless possibilities that along with combat overall has been completely overhauled, the aid of group members and combo 'techniques' that you and your group members can execute, along with a vast swath of skills and spells, very few which are stock and the few that are have been completely rewritten, many of which are evolvable as mastering will lead to entirely new ones. While our theme encompasses the majority of the Final Fantasy games with heavy influence from Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross, familiarity with these games are in no way necessary to play, enjoy or understand End of Time. Our game boasts numerous features unique to our game implemented over literally years worth of development, a friendly staff and playerbase and an overall laid back, fun atmosphere. [2]

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End of Time is the mud that I just keep coming back to. Even if I step away for a while due to real life, I find myself logging into End of Time again. Why? The game is still in active development - new areas, skills, quests are worked on constantly. The change notes are at 399 and growing and there minor tweaks all the time that don't even go into those notes. The changes aren't just thrown in at random and do nothing - most of the changes improve the ability to build out areas or directly impact players. The implementor is open to ideas from all over and puts his own ideas up to get input from the players. The story and background. If you have the time, check out help history and help timeline. The game is a mixture of Final Fantasy and the Chrono Series, and a lot of effort went into making the EoT world sensible in that framework. And just like the games, you can talk to practically everybody. While using "talk" is how a large portion of questing is done, it also teaches you more about the world and the attitudes of the various people. As the hero there is even a broader story for you to embark on that will take you through the different areas, learn the different cultures, and find your way to amazing and hidden new places. The already indepth system and the variety between the different classes: Other reviews have already gone into how amazing magic has incorporated elements and combinations into the spell system. What wasn't mentioned was the amazing summons that mages get access to. Like most games, mages are super squishy but the access to summons helps them survive... while they still have mp. On the other side of spells are the beefy knights with access to sabre spells, allowing them to make use of the elemental system alongside their melee combat. On the other side are the far more physical classes of thieves and fighters. Fighters are a straight-forward melee class at first but branch out to bushido for samurai or blitzes for brawlers. Thieves on the other hand are good at the obvious backstab, but they also get so much more. With access to traps, sniping with the bow or thrown dagger, and even fighting drunk with a gun for their off hand. But remember to make use of your skills because you will need them. So come on over, create, quest and explore. Join me for drinks and a cruise over the world in the Morning Glory airship. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors and Triple Triad. Join hands with Guardia, Shin-Ra and the Empire or forge your own story in the world of Dissidia. Come on over, we look forward to seeing you! PS - Join us on discord to ask questions, chat, and even offer ideas for improving the mud.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 30, 2018
So... I tried giving End of Time a second chance, since I saw Hades_Kane posting about all the new features. 1) There weren't that many new features. They did expand the class list a while back, and are working on expanding it again. While the MUD does have SOME nice features, they're mostly cosmetic, and there's very little in the way of class balance. Now, I'm not the sort that thinks mages should be able to tank, and certainly don't think that knights should be able to do as much damage as thieves. But, that's part of the problem. Knights actually CAN do more reliable damage than thieves. In fact, thieves really don't get anything useful until level 40+, aside from backstab, which has a very high miss rate. 2) The administration here is horrible. Hades_Kane is a nice guy, but has no actual control over what happens. Rules are enforced arbitrarily by an admin who will and has admitted to having a short fuse, and holding grudges. Don't expect to be treated with anything even approaching respect, but don't dare to disagree, or you'll face dire consequences. All in all, the MUD isn't terrible, but it's VERY unpolished, and it doesn't seem like the important things are being addressed. Furthermore, the few players that do log on spend 95%+ of their time idling. In the 2 weeks that I was there, I never grouped once, because there was never anyone in my level range online.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2014
Might as well get comfortable for this one, because there is so much bull here to correct, this is going to be a long post. I'm going to start by correcting the various forms of misinformation and outright untruths, followed by a little bit of background as to why such a negative review was posted in the first place... so you can skip the bullet points and get right to the drama if you prefer :) 'There weren't that many new features.' The well over 150 change notes in the year and a half between this disgruntled former player's time here would beg to differ. Among those include: -The addition of 15 new levels worth of content, including full questing and promotion for every class in the game (the scope and amount of change added to the game with this completion of content cannot be overstated) -Over a dozen new additions to just the triggers section of the OLC programs, along with countless other tweaks and additions to other aspects of the OLC. This may not seem like a big deal to many players right out, but it allows us to make even further and more immersive areas, quests, and boss battles. -The addition of 256 colors, unicode, and MSSP support -The ability to track quests and other values in an array with our OLC, again making a vast improvement under the hood on what content we can present to the players -THE ADDITION OF CHOCOBO RACING, CHOCOBO RIDING/DIGGING, AND CHOCOBO TRAINING. -The opening/addition of well over a dozen new aras -A new PK system that introduces changes such as opt-in PK looting, a 7 level PK range, and more -The ability for clans to view rosters -The complete rewrite of several aspects of combat, including the way base damage is applied (the 'attack' value in score being a far more reliable and accurate measure of damage you'd do in combat), a complete rewrite/better balancing of things like dual wielding and grip -Much of the timers in the game have been rewritten to be based on seconds instead of ticks, including regen and spell affects, making regen a much faster affair and allowing for an intense amount of versatility in spell affects, as enormously powerful, but extremely short duration affects have been added and are further possible -The addition of separate wait timers and skill cooldowns on all skills, which facilitated at least a partial if not outright rewrite of most every skill in the game. The benefit of this along with the second based regen works toward a much faster pace for the players (not faster combat, but the ability to heal faster and the ability to stay more engaged in combat, as you may 'bash' and only suffer 1 or 2 seconds of wait time, but then can attempt a disarm immediately after, and loop through various available skills until your cooldown for other skills have expired) -A ton of misc. adjustments to so many of... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 6, 2014
[...continued from 1st reply] 'and there's very little in the way of class balance.' There is a misconception among many people that all classes should be equal in all ways. We value interesting, unique classes that serve different purposes over the flawed notion of balance = equality. Thieves vs. Knights were given as an example, and the player lamented the fact that Knights out damage Thieves as an example of poor balance. The thing is, Knights are physical/magical hybrid class of the game. Magic is extremely powerful on End of Time if cast right, and that alone puts Knights above Thieves in a DPS situation. Combine that with the fact that they also possess powerful attack skills, and Knights are clearly a class designed for damage. Thieves, on the other hand, are a utilitarian class, meant for stealth, dungeoneering, and finding ways around situations other classes don't possess. Anyone who has played a table top RPG such as D&D or Pathfinder understands that a Fighter fulfills a very specific role within the party, while a Rogue fulfills a very different role. I don't think anyone would argue that D&D has 'little in the way of class balance' because a Rogue can't traditionally jump into a pit of archfiends and hold their own while a Fighter can... but that Rogue is invaluable in even reaching that pit by bypassing traps, finding secret tunnels, activating magical knick-knacks, etc. That isn't to say our Thief class is without merit in combat... hardly so. A clever Thief (and this is the clincher here, the class is designed where a strategic, clever player is necessary to succeed in the role) will pre-plan a run through a dungeon or two, and well before 'level 40+' as the player put it, the Thief can sneak around an aggro area, laying traps to prevent the aid that invariably comes from attacking sentient mobs, stealing useful items out of their inventory to prevent their use in battle, followed by sneaking and hiding (which is near necessary for backstab to be a successful tactic) and then hitting the mob with a backstab. If the player is dual wielding, there is the chance for 2 hits, and on a successful backstab, a flee is near guaranteed as the skill when landed carries no cooldown or wait time. A flee followed by an immediate re-entry (or if the mob is the type to follow, entering the room and being hit with one of many nasty trap options) and another backstab can be landed. In two hits, with the use of a combination of skills and techniques, a single Thief can get a tough mob down to half HP. And this is just solo. This doesn't touch on the dynamics a Thief carries with them in a group with other players, or their use or aid they give to a party when going through a dungeon. Clearly this player is grasping at straws to try to draw a negative light the... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 6, 2014
[continued from reply 2] 'Furthermore, the few players that do log on spend 95%+ of their time idling.' We do have a few players who enjoy chatting or keep their connections alive waiting for others to log in, but very recently we've been prone to having several players all on, interacting, and numerous grouping with one another. For a smaller game still trying to finish numerous 'in development' systems and who hasn't been listed for very long, I'm proud of the strides we make all the time on building a playerbase. It's cheap to take digs at a game trying to gain a playerbase for having low connections. Afterall, it's a catch 22... You need players to get players, and we are doing well for where we are in development. As far as the 'drama' of the piece, it boils down rather simply. Quest information had been being too liberally shared on public channels over the last few days with repeated warnings by the Admin in question that this needed to cease. The player began discussing the existance of a certain quest (assuming that because he had seen me point someone toward it in the past that it gave him carte blanche to discuss it however he wished). The MUD was warned yet again by the Admin to cease discussion of the quests, to which the player gave argument toward it, continuing to not only discuss the quest in particular during the course of the arguments he was supplying, but then begins to grow increasingly belligerent, telling the Admin not to threaten him, telling the Admin if he doesn't like it, to deal with me and to get off his ass, etc. He was nochanneled as a result, then continued arguing with the Admin through private channels, threatening the Admin with me, basically. He then proceeds to post a public note to the MUD, calling the Admin a 's****y imm' and stringing together numerous other insults. And again, the dispute resolution guidelines were specifically drafted to deal with situations like this, situations that this player seems unable to find himself avoiding. He then proceeds to do what is practically outlined what specifically NOT to do: 'We do not like to 'pull rank' with regards trying to report a staff member to another of 'higher rank'. Also, certainly do not try to threaten or otherwise intimidate a staff member with the threat of reporting them, this is one of the worst ways a situation can escalate.' and 'KEEP THINGS PRIVATE!' (followed by more specifics about this) As a result of this escalation, the character was simply frozen, which is again, a temporary and easily reversible thing. The player decides to circumvent the freeze by logging in additional characters to rant and rave on public channels and post even more PUBLIC notes, the new characters only being the ones deleted while his older characters with far more time put into them left untouched save for a nochannel and freeze reversible).... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 6, 2014
I'd just like to chime in that while I was never personally the target of any ridicule or malice from the admin who is not Hades_Kane mentioned in this review, his attitude toward various players definitely contributed to my eventual departure from this game.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2014
==========================SHORT REVIEW============================== Player Score: 9/10. --- FANTASTIC! Pros: The custom coding makes it hard to believe it's a Diku/ROM base. Nearly every NPC is interactive, as well as many room elements. Dynamic casting -- Casters don't just spam c 'spell'. Even melee battles don't use the same tired damage verbs. Whew. Personal merits and flaws chosen at creation ensure uniqueness. ASCII additions such as Element Field and Map make game fresh. Ever wanted to have your very own skill? Help Limit Break. Cons: I'm personally not a fan of extended creation options. Some custom syntax's are harder to remember. Limit Breaks take a little work to set up. Overall: Between the largely custom yet (mostly) memorable syntax, fun and never tedious quest/discovery system, and the ability to TALK to almost EVERY NPC in the game (Similar to Square/Enix games), End of Time is *easily* one of the best MUD's in existence. ==========================LONG REVIEW=============================== So I found this MUD about a week ago while I was searching through some MUD forums. Logged into it last night after finally having a moment to play it. Although I never really liked MUDs with a game/anime theme (I will not digress into why at this moment), I decided to give it a shot. The member on this specific forum had given it it's praise, and so I decided it was worth at least 20 minutes. The very first thing I will say is that I was initially put off by the creation system. I personally am not a fan of largely customizable characters, especially when it can make the creation process take as long as 5-10 minutes, when I just wanted to play a game. I will not spoil exactly what you can customize, but as a new player I just sped through it ;). So after going through the creation process and materializing in the End of Time MudSchool, everything seemed as normal. Another Diku/ROM MUD to fully explore it's custom areas, reap their treasures, and learn its (probably) small quirks...Right? Hah, I was in for a shock. The custom syntaxing alone will blow any MUDder away. And it's not so robust that an experienced (or even newer) player will be lost. Some syntax's could have used some more thought, but like with all new things with heavily-documented help, I picked it up in less than 20 minutes. The first thing I have to mention is NPC interaction. Just like all of the Square/Enix games it's based on, in End of Time you can talk to any NPC, simply by typing 'talk '. NPC's will give you a wealth of information, and not just at Mud School where you'd expect. Throughout the whole game, you can talk to NPCs to activate/end quests, find out information about the game or other areas...literally everything. Whatever you could find out in a traditional Final Fantasy game by pressing Action on an NPC, you can find out in End of Time. In Narshe, you find... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 9, 2013
Very enticing, makes me wish I had more time to MUD. If I ever put half as much energy into playing muds as I do creating, End of Time will be at the top of my list.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 8, 2013
Great game, awesome staff, entertaining theme, friendly player base. They have a great balance between advancement and area exploration. With three main starting factions the whole mud has real replay value as You follow the various storylines and visit locations that bring back fond Memories of console RPGs sparking great channel chat about FF related Trivia or just gaming in general. Well worth stopping by, charged is quick And the newbie area is immersive and addictive with unique spell casting, Combat and skill,learning systems that are moments to learn and lifetimes To master. Looking forward to seeing you there.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2012