Firefly - Still Flyin'
Firefly-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination).
Ranked 145th of 861 worlds statistically.
Ranked 1st of 3 worlds in the Firefly genre statistically.

Db Size:

Players Connected:
10 (27 minutes ago)

Maximum Connected:
26 (last 30 days)

PennMUSH 1.8.8p0

Average Connected:
12 (last 30 days) ▼14%

Minimum Connected:
2 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen

       $Z7       D                 Welcome to Firefly - Still Flyin'!
        $ZOMN$O$OZDMN                   OO+
        ZI+?+?7DZZZD8NZ8DDO8:          II$O+7I$88:
 I~~+:,D+=~~+?MNI=7N7DZZNNNNDNN       NZZI:,=7??7878:
          ZZ$$~:~7???7ODZ88MDN                             :Z$O,Z7OZZOD8MO8M+
             N+=:====D=7OOOD8                                   78,DZZ8Z888N
              ?+Z++==~+~777$88                                    :NMMNN88DD
                ?7?+7+~. ,?77D
                    $$$7=?7NN port 2517

We are open for beta!  Step aboard!

Use 'connect <name> <password>' to connect to your existing character.
Use 'connect guest' to connect as a guest and talk to us.
Use 'create <name> <password>' to create a new character.
Use 'QUIT' to log out, or 'WHO' to find out who is online currently.

You can learn more about our game at:

If you need assistance, please email us at:

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Total Players Connected By Server Type
PennMUSH 1.8.7p0 [1]

TinyMUD [1]

  1. MUD Server Status Protocol (MSSP)
Time Connected Note
27m ago 10 players 2 players left, and Gideon and Londinium connected
1h ago 9 players -3 players
2h ago 12 players 5 players left and Chandra connected
3h ago 16 players
4h ago 16 players +3 players
5h ago 13 players 2 players left, and Kent and Nikias connected
6h ago 13 players +5 players
7h ago 8 players
8h ago 8 players 3 players left, and Feng and Valentin connected
9h ago 9 players -2 players
10h ago 11 players +2 players
11h ago 9 players +5 players
12h ago 4 players -2 players
13h ago 6 players Londinium connected
14h ago 5 players +2 players
15h ago 3 players Martie connected
16h ago 2 players Londinium left
17h ago 3 players -2 players
18h ago 5 players 1 player left and Londinium connected
19h ago 5 players
20h ago 5 players
21h ago 5 players -1 player
22h ago 6 players -4 players
23h ago 10 players Londinium left
1d ago 11 players 4 players left and Londinium connected