Fantasy (Adventure)-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1989.
Ranked 32nd of 633 worlds statistically.
Ranked 14th of 283 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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26 (a day ago)

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57 (last 30 days)


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41 (last 30 days) ▼7%

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26 (last 30 days)
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    .--~~--.    ...----~~~~~~------.........------~~~~~~----...    .--~~--.
   |        |  |          ___ ___ _  _ ___ ___ ___ ___         |  |        |
   |        `--'         / __| __| \| | __/ __|_ _/ __|        `--'        |
   |        |  |        | (_ | _|| .` | _|\__ \| |\__ \        |  |        |
   |        |  |         \___|___|_|\_|___|___/___|___/        |  |        |
   |        |  |                                               |  |        |
   |        |  |               The original LPmud              |  |        |
   |.--~~--.|  |...----~~~~~~------.........------~~~~~~----...|  |.--~~--.|
    `      '.__.`                                             '.__.`      '
                    |--__                                                  .--.
                    |                                                 _ .-'_
                    X                           -.-              ,--.( (    )
           |-___   / \       |-_                    _ _      _,-(
           |      ~~~~~      |                       `      (_________________
           X      | .:|      X                                         . 
--....____/ \_____| O |_____/ \_____ __ _ ___ ___ __ _ _ _____ _ _ ___ |\_ ___
         /~~~~   |:  . |   ~~~~~--...___ ~-~ ~ -_~ -~_~ _-~_-_ -~- ~-_/]_\_
         |.: |__| .   : |__|: .|        ```--.._~ -_~ -_~ _-~- -_~~~ "~~~~~^~ 
         |  :|. :  ...   : |.  |                ``--._~-_ ~-~_-~ _-~ _- -__-
         | .    .  ||| .      :|                      ``-._~_-~_- ~_-~- - __
         WWW______"""______WWWWW                           `-._-~_-_~- - ~
         --    ___-    ____--_                                 `-._~-_ ~ - -
                                                                   `-._ ~ __

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Genesis is the original LPmud. Much has changed over the years, but we are still a mud that manages to cater for many styles of play, from the pure role-players to the questers, the hack-n-slashers and the social people. As a game, Genesis is fairly tough and very open-ended. We recruit builders and coders out of the player community through an application process. Our wizards are divided into domains, where each domain has a theme. While our Middle Earth and Krynn domains are large enough to be muds in the own rights, we also have several domains that are built on the wizards own imagination.
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English [1] [2]

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LP [1]

Medieval fantasy [1]
Classic Medieval Fantasy [2]

Medieval Fantasy [2]
J.R.R.Tolkien, Swords and Sorcery worlds [3]

Sweden [1] [2]

LPMud - CDlib 06.05 [1]
Lp MUD [2]
LP [5]

1989 [2]

Genesis is the original LPMud, though little remains of the stuff from the early days. The emphasis of the mud is to be a challenging game. Themes includes Tolkien, Dragon Lance and many others. The world is strictly medieval fantasy based. There are many features that sets it apart from most other muds. One of the most enjoyable aspects is the interesting and ever-changing interaction between different guilds. Relations range from alliance to uneasy truce with the occasional outbreak of war. Another special feature are events, that are planned and executed by a special team of wizards from time to time. Being a newbie you may find yourself in interesting, unusual and sometimes challenging situations. But as you learn the world you find yourself developing an authentic, popular and powerful character. [1] [5]
Genesis is the original LPmud. Much has changed over the years, but we are still a mud that manages to cater for many styles of play, from the pure role-players to the questers, the hack-n-slashers and the social people. As a game, Genesis is fairly tough and very open-ended. We recruit builders and coders out of the player community through an application process. Our wizards are divided into domains, where each domain has a theme. While our Middle Earth and Krynn domains are large enough to be muds in the own rights, we also have several domains that are built on the wizards own imagination. [2]
The first LPMud, originally run by Lars himself. Since it's so old, it's also huge, and a little difficult for new players. Amongst many other things, there is a very large Tolkien area on this world. [3]
The original LPMud, and still one of the best around. Huge expansive world with a great variety of quests to go along with the usual mass mayhem. In fact, it is possible to gain quite a rank via quests alone, if desired. [4]

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Even after more than a decade in this realm the Immortals catch me with surprise from time to time. Some art the times I lone have travelled the lands, sometimes meek and wary to find quests in the loose ends of tales and riddles. Aye, many art the times I travelled in hords among fellow warriors, bashing and smashing our enemys to pulps.. Many I call friends here in Genesis, but there will allways be someone on that long and dusty road whom I call foe.. Dark Travells /Baudoin
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 20, 2006
I started out together with 15 other students at my school. We occupied the computerlabs and waited in Genesis queue(gone now, thank goodness) and then mayhem broke loose. Equipmenthunting and stealing each others passwords to gain advantages. Nothing was unheard of in this time of joy. Grades dropped for everyone as the fantastic progresses piled up. I then dropped interest, only to gain it again now in later days. Now the world is slowly changing, with several old characters still here, and many new arriving. I have tried other muds, but none are so clean, straightforward and fun as Genesis! Est Sularus Oth Mithas!!!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 27, 2006
If rp doesn't frighten you, and you expect something more then hack&slash from mud - that's a place for you. Try - and you will not regret.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 27, 2006
If you like roleplay, if you like intrigue, if you hunger for power, or if you desire the company of a tight-knit guild, Genesis is the place to MUD. This MUD has the best quests, amazing and innovative gear, and the best gameplay out there. You don't start in a generic, over-played class like some MUDs advertising every known class D&D ever came up with. Instead, you start as a race (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, hobbit, or goblin) with virtually no skills or abilities and must rise on your own merits or rely on the help of friends. You don't join a class later either, and your choice need not be permanent. Instead, you seek a guild that fits your playstyle and desires. A guild is more than just an association of friends who give each other gear. It is your base of power. You started as just a race, remember? You choose who you are with your guilds. You can join one racial guild (very few skills and powers) such as the Dunedain, Houses of Palanthas or Raumdor, the hobbit adventurers, the kender (which changes your race from hobbit to kender), the minotaurs (changing you from human to minotaur), the orcs of Gorgoroth (changing you from goblin to orc), or any of a dozen others. You can join one layman guild (average skills and powers) such as the thieves of Krynn, the Necromancers of Raumdor, the Templars of Takhisis, the Blademasters of Khalakhor, or the Worshipper of the Elements. And most importantly, you can join one occupational guild. This is the allegiance tie you put the most into and get the most out of. Like Middle Earth? Most of it is here as it was during the War of the Ring. Want to be a Ranger? Sure thing! They have three occupational branches: the rangers of the north (with extreme stealth and cunning fighting), the rangers of Ithilien (strong fighters on the fringes of Mordor), or the rangers of Gondor (strong fighters,... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 18, 2005
Genesis is not easy. If you want somewhere to be an Uberwarrior in less than a week. Wrong place! The text (yes.. text) requires thought and imagination. But.... If you have the heart to play in the original LPMUD, if you want a character that will live for years, not days, developing in a natural way through novice, student, then graduating to become a Mage, A Necromancer, A Knight of Solamnia or a Member of the Dragon Armies of Thakissis then, you can aspire to become all those things. Characters on Genesis are slow to grow, but the roleplay, the relationships and the chance to stretch the imagination in the worlds original mud are not to be missed. There are many options for races, alignments and professions as there are in the books that the Mudd was based on. Several domains feature characters from Tolkien. Bilbo Baggins is making breakfast this morning. Care to drop by Hobbiton for tea? The Armies of Thakisis currently control the solamnian plains, but the beseiged Knights of Solamnia are battling back. Want to earn your spurs fighting the Draconian Hordes? Come join us. It's not easy, it's not fast.. the best never is! Sionell Starthumb,Flame of the Dragon Devoted Servant of Pyros Female Kender.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 10, 2005
For the first time player Genesis, and probably most LP Muds, take a little time to get into. There are no constant chat channels and flashing colours (although you can set these up in your client if you like). But when you start to get into it you start to appreciate what a fantastic totally immersive experience it offers. Genesis is the Daddy, the best of the bunch, all the rest are pretenders to its throne! Come and join us, if your lucky you might bump into me, and survive with vital organs intact. In the Name of Lady Kitiara Uth Matar, Tarax Taranor, High Officer of the Blue Dragonarmies of Ansalon
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 4, 2005
What I like most about Genesis is that it is attractive, without acting fancy. It has no impressive coloured fonts, it doesn't count with levels in numbers, you can't see how more points you need till next level, you can't just kill everybody and everything in sight, you can't figure the world out in a week, it has no job-specification when you create your character, it has no chatroom-option, you can't choose a weapon and be good at it without joining a guild, it has no fancy website (yet), you can't survive on your own during newbie phase, you will get killed when you attack a rat when you're too small, alignment isn't shown in your description, and you can't write your own description either. Honoustly, Genesis MUD might appear as a boring game. However, if you bite yourself through character evolution and bump into another player for the first time, you'll discover what playing Genesis is all about. We, Genesis Players, are all about Roleplaying. Our characters are equally unique. We are all part of 1 or more Guilds and clubs, which provides us with the right skills and guidelines. And when I talk about guilds, I don't mean, a good-aligned cleric guild, an evil-aligned mage guild and a neutral sellsword guild, I mean tens and tens of guilds. You can be member of 3 different guilds at the same time (racial, layman and occupational), and all will influence your title. The only level-indication we know verifies from novice to myth. Our common goal is to survive. Like you in RL, our characters need drinks and food, will get exhausted from long walks, will flee when the battle gets rough, are naturally afraid, and need to learn swimming and climbing. We all have our restrictions. But the longer you play, and the older your character gets, the lesser your restrictions will be. Find out how unique YOU can be in a world that is gigantic! Every room is different, every theme aera... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 20, 2004
Simply put, this is one of, if not THE, best MUD's out there. Original to the max, Genesis will make you think, and unlike other MUD's out there that quickly become predictable, Genesis will keep you on your toes, its world continually shrouded in mystery. For those of you sick of stats, skills, and experience being reduced to simple numbers, Genesis will be a pleasant relief; the quantitative is replaced with the qualitative in a complex world in which even hack-n-slash becomes a fairly intellectual endeavor. This MUD is tough, but rewarding. I only have two complaints: the world is so big that you can have trouble running into and meeting other players at times, and second, Genesis is not exactly beginner-friendly--it's very tough to learn your way around and figure out how to move up in the world. But even for newbies, if you are highly intelligent, resourceful, and patient, this MUD will be far more rewarding than any other!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2004
Genesis is in my opinion, the best mud out there for roleplaying in the literary realms of Tolkien, Dragon Lance, and EarthSea. Add to that the numerous other realms that have been carefully crafted by devoted wizards, all with their own detailed past and vibrant present, and you have probably the best mud out there for the meshing of so many styles of play. Roleplaying is so much more fun when you do not have 100hp/50ma/100mv flashing by every few seconds in combat and you are always striving to reach 5000xp to reach level 12 or whatever it may be. Instead, if you go to check your health, you might find yourself feeling very well, hurt, or even barely alive. Your mind could be slightly degraded, or in a vegetable state. Levels are not numerical, life begins as a novice, then greenhorne, and you progress through great-adventurer, a hero, and finally a myth, which unlike many muds where there are countless people at the maximum level, is a very rare thing to find. I think that the best part is that guilds and classes are not things that you are born with, you don't have to decided right of the bat that you want to be a Paladin, a Wizard, or Barbarian. Instead guilds are as they should be, organizations of people who will allow you into their group if you prove yourself to be of like mind or in some cases worthy of their powers and willing to serve. In a guild you don't trained to have 10 ranks in swords and 20 ranks in fireball. Instead you train from student, then on up to journeyman, craftsman, veteran, master, and for the very skillful one can become a true guru of a skill. Life is hard to start with as there are no 'tells' or chat channels but only post offices and various creatures and peopl who will carry messages, but people are not cold and self centered. The atmosphere is I... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2004
Just an update to my previous comment. Life in Genesis as a 'newbie' is now significantly easier. The wizards have worked extremely hard and just recently opened up all new base level content to help players adjust to life in Genesis. They have created a brand new newbie area filled with easy to understand guildlines to help you get by in the world. I think the most useful new creation of the wizards is the Newbie Helper system. Under this system any older player who wishes may equip themselves with a small pin, allowing communication with any newbies who are in need of assistance.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 27, 2006
They have since added additional content for Newbies who are just starting out to help the adjust to the realms and give them direction on what to do next. As well as adding new buffs called imbuements that are found randomly on different items in the game when killing off different mobs of npcs. Really a very cool add to the game that everyone is enjoying.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 30, 2012
What took you so long? Finally you found the way to the best MUD around, especially if you are looking for a fantasy based one with a rich Tolkien and Dragonlance theme. I've been around in the realms of Genesis for about 10 years and I have tried to play a lot of different characters, and each has been as fun! People usually stay active in Genesis for a really long time, and there are still _many_ around from the time I started to play as well. Genesis is good for both the casual player, who likes to enjoy a few hours in the game now and then, but also a perfect choice for a character who'd like to take part in long running intrigues and politics, serve as the head of a guild or likewise. The world of Genesis is very large and I can honestly say that even after 10 years, I have not yet visited every part of the realms, and there still are mysteries for me out there. Roleplay is encouraged and most of the characters I meet try to remain in character, at all times. The world is still under constant development, and I have recently become one of the wizards/coders myself. And right now I am investing a lot of my sparetime to create new things for this already large MUD. Most players are more than willing to help a newcomer, and there are also good guilds for a newcomer to start in. I hope to see you in the game!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 20, 2004
What to say about Genesis? Hurm... Genesis is the original LP MUD. It has been around for 15 years, with a very steady player-base, a good group of wizards, a variety of guilds, and some amazing quests and features, code-wise. It is a fantasy medieval mud, based 1/3 on Lord of the Rings and 1/3 on Dragonlance. 1/3 is all original. One thing that has impressed me about Gen is that the players are nice. They are very helpful to new people, and Gen has retained about 100 players on-line at peak (European) hours for at least the 4 years I've played. Since the server is in Sweden, it's a little slower during the US hours, but english is the operational language. Roleplay is highly encouraged. There is a good mix of good, evil, and neutral guilds to pursue. The wizards have really put a lot of effort into the details of re-creating tolkein's world and that of krynn. Currently there are at least 20,000 rooms. If you are a Tolkein or Dragonlance fan, this is definitely a MUD you should check out. Incidentally, player-killing is allowed, and some of the different guilds go to war from time to time. But there are plenty who avoid such, and several neutral guilds to choose from. The wizards do a good job of restricting pkilling to those who prefer it. Another thing they have added in recent years are game-wide "Events." For instance, an egg hunt at easter, a scavenger hunt, etc. The website is currently being updated, but in the meantime, I encourage anyone to try genesis out. If you are brand new, you might like to check out is the forum where some of the more active members post. That site is: You can pm most of us for tips, etc. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 19, 2004
Genesis is a massive medieval MUD. I am sure there are bigger MUDs out there, but I’ve never found one I liked better, and I’ve been mudding for 12 years. The site is stable and has been at the same ip address and port for the past 6 years. The machine the MUD is running on is about 5 years old and is dedicated exclusively to MUD-use, and players are donating funds to buy a new one. The MUD Administration pretty entrenched--they’ve had the same core of people running things for as long as I’ve been playing. The focus does seem to be on stability rather than innovation, but considering how many MUDS have disappeared over the years, I think the conservative approach has served the Game well. One third of the players appear to be American, the rest, European. Themes range from book-based (Middle Earth, Krynn, Earthsea) to ‘original’ imaginings, all with a ‘medieval’ feel. There are more than 2 dozen guilds, with the predominant guild style being fighters. There are 3 major magical guilds (2 ‘evil’, 1 ‘good) and a couple of minor magic-user guilds, but the rest are fighters. We have Knights, Warriors, Gladiators, Mercenaries, Clerics, Mages. and more. Player killing is permitted so long as it doesn’t become harassment, so basically we are able to settle scores but not carry grudges. Magical artifacts are limited in number, but still common enough for most players to be carrying a magical item or two, so we all get to be heroes in our own campaigns. I have a lot more to say, but I've run out of time. Check out the website at
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2004
I used to play this mud, but now I play counterstrike instead, and it rocks! Got to go to a party now, latuh!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2004