Star Wars-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1992.
Ranked 233rd of 757 worlds statistically.
Ranked 6th of 19 worlds in the Star Wars genre statistically.
Voted 579th on MUDConnector.Com.

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10 (an hour ago)

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16 (last 30 days)


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4 (last 60 days)

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0 (last 30 days)
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                             Version 5.6
                     Based on DikuMUD, Created by:       
                  Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe, 
           Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer 

       JediMUD is running by exclusive agreement with Touchtown, Inc. 

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JediMUD has been running more or less continuously since April of 1992, and was voted Mudconnector's Mud of the Month in September of 1995. Currently, we're enjoying increased stability and many new changes to the JediMUD that you might remember. One of the surviving pioneers of the early Diku era, JediMUD continues to grow and thrive. A piece of mudding history is here, just waiting to be played. This is -the- original JediMUD! We look forward to seeing you here!
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[Dikumud] Originally a modified Sequent II [1]
DikuMUD - Originally a modified Sequent II [2]
JediMUD [3]

1992 [2] [3]

DikuMUD [3]

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JediMUD has been running more-or-less continuously since Summer, 1992, and was voted Mud Connector's Mud of the Month in September, 1995. One of the few surviving pioneers of the early Diku era, JediMUD continues to grow and thrive. Come experience mudding history; come experience the glory of JediMUD. [1]
JediMUD has been running more or less continuously since April of 1992, and was voted Mudconnector's Mud of the Month in September of 1995. Currently, we're enjoying increased stability and many new changes to the JediMUD that you might remember. One of the surviving pioneers of the early Diku era, JediMUD continues to grow and thrive. A piece of mudding history is here, just waiting to be played. This is -the- original JediMUD! We look forward to seeing you here! [2]

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I have been with this mud for a while now.. since 1995. Several things I must say about this mud. First of all, it is a very stable mud with a regular player base ranges from 5 to 30 at any time. Uptime has reached 15 days at one time. Secondly, there are always players and immortals trying to help the new comers. Also, there is a market-driven auctioning system that people can buy or sell the items.The rent cost has been reduced next to nothing. Immortal-enforced rules and regulation enables players to play with more joys rather than hassles. For newcomers, there are old players around for years. Show your abilities and skills. Respect is earned not given. Come and show us how good you are. :) If u need help when you just come in the game find Dank or Asdi. We can always give a helping hand.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 3, 2006
After looking over several Dikus and derivatives of Jeremy Elson's original Circle code, it appears that JediMUD is still the most client-friendly Diku-flavored multi-user text adventure game today. A large number of enhancements from the vanilla diku/circle include two remort classes (bard and ranger with a rich set of new skills), group experience bonuses, 30-35 rent slots based on level, the most comprehensive combination of newbie zones and help files, user-driven database save (no more crash losses), economy (banking), in-game quest objects as well as a special quest zone, additional zone implementation by Steppin, Ciara, Arizhel, Cogitasne and others, bulletin boards, mail, user-configurable prompts, the best object/creature identification system in the game, a proven IMMORTAL support structure, typo and bug support, among others. I realize that it might be a drag to leave your 100th level paladin in another game, but try it out. You're first character could easily reach the maximum JediMUD mortal level (30) in less than a week with help from the experienced user base. If you saw this review, log on and look for me, Dank. I'll show you around.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 28, 2006
Having played this mud for so many years some people would call me biased in opinion. This I believe to be untrue. I have coded/hosted many other muds in my years and no matter how many times I leave I always happen to come back. Why? One simple reason...Stability. Jedimud has always been there. Sure we have groups of players who have been there equally as long as myself if not longer and they have plenty of extra equipment but they worked for it. Truth of the matter is, the mud rewards those who work. As far as social environment goes...I have met some of my best friends ever on this mud. I really hate to see reviews of Jedimud from people who are just sour saying that the mud is corrupt or the admin are corrupt or what not. It's a game, and I happen to think it's a great game, worthy of spending my time playing. So thank you Jedimud for your years of good times. Go PEZ!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 12, 2005
I used to play this MUD back in 1992, and every now and then over the years, I would wonder if it was still around. Well time came full circle, and I figured I would revisit JediMUD and see how had fared over the years. All the old zones were there, in addition to a lot of new ones. It was good to play again... for a while. Over the course of only a few weeks, I came to realize the majority of the player base was now a tight collection of elitists and min/max'ers of unparalled extremism. It is NOT a MUD for anyone looking for social interaction or a friendly atmosphere. I was "steamrolled" numerous times by passing groups who didn't even give a glance that I already had a mob engaged. Many times I would ask basic questions that would go completely ignored. It was almost as if anything of value, no matter how small, was off limits to anyone but this "nouveau elite." I saw unbelievable and irrational hoarding of items. While I simply wanted to equip myself, someone else would swoop in to collect their 36th duplicate treasure to store on their 12th storage character. Although there were exceptions (Szordrin, for example, was very helpful with a basic question), people were generally rude and entirely unhelpful. All that mattered was cold experience and loot, how fast it could be obtained, and to hell with anyone that stood in their path getting it. Common courtesy and respect were only given between between veteran members. If you're an outsider or considered a newbie, forget it. So have at it, denizens of JediMUD. Have fun collecting all those patterns of bits and bytes. You have taken what was once a truly great MUD and reduced it to nothing but a microcosm of humanity's most undesirable traits--greed and apathy.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 8, 2005
this mud is the best one here so dont even bother to think go vote for us=>
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 6, 2005
I have played JediMud for 8 years and must say that this mud is always looking for new ways to please those players old and new. The greatest achievment of JediMud lies in the admin and playerbase alike. Featuring amazing stability and endless availability of character improvement sets JediMud apart from the rest.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 21, 2005
I love this mud, I started about 6 years ago, then while playing at my brothers house and asked my nephew to watch my character for awhile, then taught him how to play, before I knew him, my brother, and my other nephew started playing, I quit for a couple of years, and they passed me up. So one day I decided to start again, and even though they are now the teachers and I the student since I forgot most of what I knew, this game is still where I like to spend my free time. If anything, this mud has become a friendlier place to play over the years.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 4, 2005
Started playing Jedi about 6 years ago, best mud around! Others try to imitate but there is no other mud around like this one. Great for experienced mudders and newbies alike. Want a fun mud, come to JediMUD
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 30, 2005
Ive been playing this mud since 94'...have tried hundreds of other muds...and none compares to this....the best!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 5, 2004
I have played in Jedi since 1992. I have tried other muds, but I just keep coming back to Jedi. The people, the admin, the atmosphere... I guarantee you will not finda friendlier and more welcoming mud out there. Try it out! THis is a mud for the new player as well as the seasoned mudder. If you like personable, this is your place. And once in there...look me up! happy to help.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 23, 2004
I have been in this mud for quite some and out mostly.The people are friendly but only if your nice and polite...we tend to get grumpy if you get annoying. Newbies are always welcome and will find that learning is not only easy its fun too!!! JediMud offers a nice variety of zones that are generally flagged with a recommended level, so that you dont run into one of the extremely hard zones and get whacked instantly. And thats just one of the good things about jedi I could go on all day about positives and yes to be honest there are negatives but thats why its so fun.All in all you really just need to come in and see for yourself or you will never know.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 18, 2004
Very nice place to hang out and play... been enjoying it for 10 plus years If you ask nicely you will get help starting out.. very large world... been playing forever and still havent visited all the areas
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 17, 2004
If muds were cars, JediMUD would be a beige Toyota Camry - it performs adequately, and can't be faulted for leaving anything out. It does not, however, take many great strides as far as code and technology is concerned, relative to other muds. Reliability has improved greatly in the decade JediMUD has been around, going from day-long uptimes to well into a week or two. There are bugs, but they are on the whole tolerable. The classes are adequate, although they are mostly "bread and butter" classes of RPGs. Zones are numerous and overall well-done. The staff has improved as well, providing decent support to the excellent playerbase. If that sounds somewhat lukewarm, it is. Don't expect to see any fanciness - this mud stays well within the box and strives to do that well. As a reminder, though, there is little emphasis on the "Jedi" of the mud's namesake; Jedi are little more than another warrior-mage class, and are uncommon only because there is not a great incentive to be one. This is a good beginner mud. The players are friendly if you are polite, and you will learn a lot. Do not, however, expect this mud to stand out.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2004
this mud rules played it for a while kicks ass
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2004
This customized diku/circleMUD places a heavy emphasis on new player support, boasts a wide spectrum of new zones. A small staff of dedicated coders implement bug fixes and cool new special mobile procs continuously. Plus, JediMUD simply has the best administration involved in the game today. Requires some multi-class grouping for best equipment, but solo players will find several classes that suit their particular style. Hybrid classes include jedi and sohei, which blend the best attributes of warriors and mages. Remort classes of Bard and Ranger provide superior playability, offering a wide range of powerful equipment and skills. Informal and humorous player interaction via the gossip channel (> lev 3) is the heart of this mud, as the playerbase boasts newcomer and ancient fossil alike! Lack of abitrary and sometime silly RP rules. No guilds or clans to muck with. Just hours (years) of endless fun! Come and give it a try. Look for special newbie helpers who will help get you on your feet! I started playing in 1993, and I'm still around 10+ years later!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2004
Jedimud has been up since 1992 making it almost 13 years old. There are few muds that have been able to last this long, so come and see why. I have been playing for almost 4 years here and have not been able to play anywhre else since. Jedimud boasts a huge world with tons of zones; most of these being unique to jedimud alone. The name may be misleading, as the main theme of the game is fantasy rather than star wars though there is a well done star wars zone and a Jedi class. There are many unique skills for each class and the mud is still being upgraded constantly. It was based on original Diku code but has undergone humungous advancements to the code making it very unique. Jedimud offers remort options and remort only classes and has an extremely well involved administration, almost always online and ready to help. Come check it out at Host: and port: 4000 I'll be hoping to see you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2004