Legends of the Jedi
Star Wars-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1999.
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  | |     (C)ontact us at imms@legendsofthejedi.com      | |
  | |   (B)ased on the SWR 1.0 Codebase by Sean Cooper   | |
  | |          (C)reator CYBER_Aeon (Aka Ghost)          | |
  | |       (C)oding by Orion, Rojan, and Sintaka        | |
  | |       (G)ame Owners: Anna, Rojan and Walldo        | |
  | |              ...The Legend Awaits...               | | 
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Come to Legends of the Jedi and enter a gaming experience where the players can rewrite the classic Star Wars stories with their own battles, their own heros, and their own endings. LotJ operates on a progressive timeline that extends approximately 18 months, and takes players through all of major points of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. No matter what your favorite era is, you're sure to find it on Legends of the Jedi. The key positions on Legends of the Jedi are all played out by members of our player base. From the Queen of Naboo, the Jedi Master, the Princess of Alderaan, to the Sith Lord, or the last surviving Mandalorian hunter. LotJ players are never without exciting parts to play....
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Come to Legends of the Jedi and enter a gaming experience where the players can rewrite the classic Star Wars stories with their own battles, their own heros, and their own endings. LotJ operates on a progressive timeline that extends approximately 18 months, and takes players through all of major points of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. No matter what your favorite era is, you're sure to find it on Legends of the Jedi. The key positions on Legends of the Jedi are all played out by members of our player base. From the Queen of Naboo, the Jedi Master, the Princess of Alderaan, to the Sith Lord, or the last surviving Mandalorian hunter. LotJ players are never without exciting parts to role play. Have an idea of your own that you'd like to introduce? Our webpage offers an online method for submitting applications for things ranging from Jedi Force to clans to character roles or anything else you can dream up. Our playing environment features the planets and themes that are most commonly associated with Star Wars: Jedi Knights, Senators, hidden Sith Lords, Hutt crime clans, and bounty hunting guilds. Role play is strongly enforced on Legends of the Jedi. Player kills must be handled in accordance with our rules, and have strong supporting cause. Players who feel their death has not been handled properly will have the opportunity to dispute it with our player-elected Role Play Council, or RPC. The RPC is responsible for judging player disputes, restore requests, and many other in-game issues that may arise. Legends of the Jedi has a unique, user-friendly account system that allows our players garnish points from events, special quests, exemplary role playing, and the character's death (perm). Players may then use those points to purchase special races, and levels for new characters. [1]
LOTJ is a truly unique mud. It was passed on from former owners to the current ones, Anna and Orion. Since then Orion (the coder) has worked to create an accountable system of roleplaying and rewarding gameplay. The timeline is mobile, working from the earliest known themes (mandalorians, sith, old republic) through the ascent of the Empire, to the rebirth of the Republic. How this is done, however, depends on the players and the organizations(clans) that they make. For instance, instead of being in a military organization you can be an engineer who focuses on the creation of the best blasters or blades in the galaxy, or build ships from blueprints and then make a profit from selling those ships to other players. Not interested in that? Then be a smuggler, running spice (which adds a slew of bonuses along with a slew of negatives), or stealing ships. Pilots, Diplomats, Slicers, Spies, Doctors, Bounty Hunters and even Scientists can make a living and be part of our intricate storyline. All player deaths can be appealed via the RPC, or Role Play Council. This group of six player-elected jurors listens to both sides of the dispute before deciding if a death (we call them PERM for permanent) is legal or not. Our rules are clear, and our staff is accountable. Our rules for jedi and sets are simple. Jedi can be randomly rolled (you will have no idea) and then sensed by other jedi. Other jedi are set using an application/acceptance method. We give everyone a chance, and we give players the benefit of the doubt. With our account system, you never really lose everything even if all your characters die. Assuming your character has been played enough, you will get anywhere from 200-2000 points on death, usable to make a new character who is already leveled. You can even save up your points to 10,000 and purchase force, just as if you rolled it naturally! With new code added DAILY and a PR staff that strives to solve every player's issues, we offer some of the best service out there on a completely free mud. We don't even ask for donations, or accept them. Come see what you're missing, and we promise that once you enter our world you'll never look back. [2]

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I've played Legends of the Jedi off and on since 1999. I played regularly in 1999, 2003-2004 and now since 2010. Each time, I've been what I like to call myself a 're-newbie' because I have to relearn the game every time I come back. This isn't a bad thing, it's because the MUD is in active, constant development. The game is always changing, sometimes worse sometimes better. New features are being added all the time, just this last year there was a major revamp to the slicer class that made it even more competitive than before. Full disclosure: I am currently the leader of one of the game's dominant clans. My character, Zarkonian, has over 3700 hours of active gameplay on him. I have been engrossed in roleplay from the moment I made him, with people I don't like OOCly and with people that I do. This is a lot, as the game features a permdeath system. When you get involved in conflict, there is a chance you, your clan or your friends can be permanently wiped off of the map. I spend a considerable amount of time making sure that newbies and veterans alike get a position in my clan so that they can learn the game. LOTJ is an RP PK game. This means that war is a very important aspect of the game's roleplay. As happened recently, occasionally a clan can be given months to prepare for an inevitable war and still not be ready when it actually happens. A clan being defeated almost always leads to the storyline moving forward, however, which is the beauty of LOTJ's rolling timeline. We have three eras -- the Old Republic, the Empire, and the New Republic. In each of these, war is the focal point and creates a lot of internal and external conflict between players. Emotions can run high and people may misattribute a loss to immortal intervention, but this is almost never the case from my personal experience. other... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 15, 2013
First things first. When you start playing LOTJ it does appear brilliant. The MUD is as expertly-coded and polished as a SWR codebase MUD can be, except for the odd happening where a coder accidentally breaks the exp to next level thing when you type 'level' and it displays random number strings for months. After you've been around for a couple of timelines, if you're paying any sort of attention, you'll start noticing that certain characters act suspiciously like ones you've seen in past eras or timelines. And the clans run by those familiar characters seem to get an awful lot of breaks that other people don't, both from the immortals and by being conveniently left alone or outright assisted by, say, a clan of pirates run by yet another character that you feel like you've seen half a dozen times. To be fair, you can't entirely blame the MUD for this, as it's inevitable with a game that's lasted as long as LOTJ. People will naturally gravitate to each other over time, and you end up with a dozen or so powergamers that have been playing together for years and collaborate on everything. Should you develop a negative opinion about the mud that you make the mistake of expressing publically, prepare for open ridicule. They won't actually bother to attempt to counter anything you've said, ad hominem attacks are much, much easier. Olivia's review is a perfect example - within hours of it being noticed by the immortal staff, there were imms and players questioning whether or not the player was really a girl, speculating that the person was a bad roleplayer or had ragequit because they belonged to a defunct clan or one that was currently on the wrong side of a war, etcetera. Soon enough, you'll either have joined the player exodus (it wasn't that long ago there were 60-70 on constantly, now it's more like 30-40) or joined the 50% of the remaining playerbase that hides in their ships... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 14, 2013
Just out of curiosity, how would I legitimately counter the loaded statement that I am part of a clique that is 'cowtowed' to by imms when I know it isn't true? I am legitimately interested to hear your response. Thanks in advance.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 15, 2013
Also within hours the owner of the mud reached out to talk about the players' opinion and I'll do the same to you. The IMM staff is always willing to listen. If you aren't happy with something that is happening, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you are quitting over something you don't like, we'd rather you talk to us so we can maybe set the record straight. Immchat or email, to the whole staff or just me, we will listen. There's a lot of theory discussion that can go into why some players always seem to get into important roles, but I would like to point out that most of our clan leaders in this timeline were people who haven't done it before, including right this minute. Our pbase numbers are always cyclical with peaks and valleys, look us up on mudstats.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 15, 2013
'Should you develop a negative opinion about the mud that you make the mistake of expressing publically, prepare for open ridicule.' This is probably a reference to us joking around on OOC (Out of character channel) after we noticed the negative review. LOTJ pbase is familiar with people yelling, 'I quit!' and leaving to cool off, only to welcome them back later when they wind up returning. The staff are completely receptive and open to discuss anything MUD related. In fact that day we were talking about this they made a mud-wide message urging people to come forward or speak privately with any/all of the imms here with whatever issues they might have via immchat or e-mail.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 15, 2013
Let me start off by saying this mud has problems. All old muds do. However, this is one of the few muds I've found over the years where the pros FAR outweigh the cons. This mud is quite literally the last real Star Wars MUD. Every single other competitor has either simply faded away or become so stagnant and unchanging that it might as well be considered dead. LOTJ does a fantastic job of keeping things updated, adding new things and keeping the flow of the game moving so that the curse of stagnation does not force it to meet a similiar fate as the others. There is always conflict, as it should be, and it always keeps things interesting. Again, there are a few obvious problems. Some of the players are less than spiffy, but I overlook that as the majority of the playerbase here is excellent and do what they can to make the game enjoyable. To sum it up, if you haven't tried this mud and you, like me, have skipped through every Star Wars mud you can find looking for a solid home....well come in and be happily surprised. You've found it.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2012
Legends Of The Jedi is a Star Wars based MUD that entertains era based time lines. Players will move from old republic, to Empire, to New republic, and that kind of thing over a span of about one era per year. When the final era is over, the time line restarts. This establishes legacies, and often has 'End Era Events', which consist of grand battles or nifty plots. I've had a fairly enjoyable time on the MUD, finding the RP both casual and intense at times. But the real thing that kept me around as long as I stayed was the fast paced PK and combat systems, which would pump adrenaline through my body time and time again. PROS: The staff are constantly updating things, and are mostly friendly, helpful, and open to input. People are generally nice to newbies here, and it's even forbidden in most cases to kill someone who's under a certain level. The gameplay is pretty smooth, easy to learn, and aids roleplay/PK equally. There are coded commands in the emote system that allow you to target things, people, items, even ships. It makes it so much easier to become in depth in the game. There is an account system that garnishes you points as your characters inevitably die. You can use these points to purchase levels, restricted races, or even force for your future characters. CONS: Code that's broken in some places, or virtually useless in others because of how the player base has developed. A good example would be the weapons branch. Repeaters, and swords have become the only good weapons to use. Force pikes, pistols, and everything else has become obsolete because of lesser damage, and null supply of crafting materials. The staff have made it pretty clear that they don't intend on changing this. War, which I feel is the main component of Star WARS, becomes a taxing chore when you have to mold your character ideas around what the code allows, unless you mind... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 30, 2010
Some things from this older review have been updated now. For example, when I touched on immortals not intending to change the balance on weapons and how swords/repeaters were the best choice: It's all been balanced out, and rebalanced again recently. Each weapon type is now viable in its own way. There are still factions of players who prefer PK over RP, and diminish the game sometimes in that regard. But there's also the opposite, we have some solid roleplayers here. Races are still streamlined towards certain classes, some will be better than others at things. Others are versatile. But there's a wide variety to choose from to fit different character ideas, so it's not easy to pigeon hole yourself. This game is constantly being updated and takes feedback directly from it's players. It's worth a look.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 10, 2012
My experiences with LOTJ as a whole, over my time playing and staffing there, have been pleasant. This is despite the ever-present problems that every MUD has of the players who are only there to cause everyone headaches and frustration. I played Legends of the Jedi for a period of several years, moving my way up from hopeless newbie, to a Roleplay Council member, to an Immortal in that blip of time. I got to see a lot of how the MUD works from every angle, and while the positions I found myself in caused me minor headaches at times the general playerbase always remained constant: Fun, devoted, and able to adapt to almost any change. It was the one thing I missed when I resigned my positions on the MUD to follow through with my education and career. When I came back two years later, I was surprised to see that the old spirit hadn't changed. The Roleplay that a lot of our players put forth is without peer at times, and while we do have a few cat-girl skeletons in our MUD-closet, most characters rolled by our members are well developed and always up to something. I would be lying if I said that bias', exploitations in code and staff, and power-gaming weren't present here like they are in every MUD at one point or another. The difference I've found is that once there is a problem, nobody stands for it. The issue gets resolved, in the end, no matter how many times someone tries to get away it. We all strive to make LOTJ better than ever, with everything that happens, and that what I feel has made the player base still appeal to me in the long run. It's why I came back, and why I'm still playing now. -- Modem
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2008
I've played Lotj for 5 years now. I grew tired of the hack and slash of most muds and instantly fell in love with a rich environment where i could become one of the most influential and powerful players without ever needing to kill a single mob. A universe where everything is possible (my first character, a Jawa, fell in love with a human =D) I've seen the fall and rise of mighty empires, horrific murders, terrible plagues, treachery, and justice. I've seen planets burn and mutants unleashed. I've fought in wars, been arrested for terrorism, abducted by Sith, harassed by drug addicts insisting my name is Edgar The Brain, and much more. Whilst PK is permitted in this mud it generally only happens to those who deserve it, in my 5 years i've been PKed perhaps twice, once because i attacked another ship and another whilst a soldier of the republic, who spat in the face of a Mandalorian during a war. The Pbase are fun loving and dedicated RPers. Why don't you come join us and see what has kept me here for so long. -Rottki The Pirate. P.S I
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2008
This mud rocks my socks. I mean seriously. I had to go buy a new pair yesterday. It's just that crazy. One day I was like 'lulz omg, this is awesome.' The code is immaculate and always being worked on. And there are cool players there... like... uh... well, there's a couple of them. I think. Well like me for instance. I'm pretty awesome. The immortals are ok. Sometimes they think they know what they are doing, but I set them straight, so it's all ok. They all know their places. It's very well RP enforced, unfortunately shoot em and ask questions later can be fit into the IC flow... it happens. But regardless, this is the greatest SW mud I've ever played, and yes I've played them all, including the ones that are yet to come. Seriously. Like I said, this place rocks my socks. So bring an extra pair.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2008
This is one of the best muds ever it has a very large community of solid roleplayers, a well thought out character development system and a very light atmosphere. If you're new to roleplaying muds it's perfect for you, trust me, I was when i started. The permanent death system is very well made and is one of my favorite parts of the mud, as it adds a sense of danger to the game. After you die, if your character is old enough you get points added to your account with which you can buy other races which adds a bit of replay ability to the game. The multiclassing system is phenomenal forgoing the whole single class then remort style for a max level in each of the 12 classes. For instance you could end up being a level 150 engineer and a level 150 scientist and have 40 levels of piloting etc. This allows for dynamic characters and a lot of fun because you could go from making ships to smuggling to being a diplomat all in a day. The clan system is also very well thought out. They can completely dictate how you play the game if you want them to, whether you're and engineer or a Combatant there's something for you join the imperials, the republic maybe? Or one of the many companies available most have job placement for everyone. This is just a quick jotting of some things I like about it. Oh did I mention droids, datapads, player made space ships weapons and armor, the huge star wars setting, or player housing and shops? Nah... you'll see when you get there. Take my word the best mud this side of Coruscant!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2008
Legends of the Jedi is one of the best Star Wars based MUDs around. It is constantly evolving and changing, as the code base gets updated, new areas get built, new skills get coded in... all sorts of good changes and updates. There are currently around 62 different species that you can play. Note though, that some of these are restricted based on the current time line, require an application to be able to select, or require you to spend some of your 'account' points to buy. This helps keep everyone from playing a Mandalorian for instance, which wouldn't make the galaxy very realistic. About the points, you earn points based on the amount of time you have played a character, how well you have roleplayed, for participating in special events, and for cinematic death scenes. Its really a reward for good playing, and allows you to buy various races or even some levels to start out with. A very nice feature for the players. The mud also has a great space flight system. Planets and objects are positioned based on an x y z coordinate system, and planets have an extra X, Y component. With the various ships you can get, space exploration and space combat can be really entertaining. Or maybe you just like to run cargo to earn lots of Credits. Its really up to you how you go about it. And what about the ever popular force? I love how force is a random (although kind of low) chance for any character to have. You can't really be 'sensed' until you hit level 100, which prevents people from just suiciding until they get a forcer. You can also send in applications to play a forcer, or use a lot of points to start off with the force. Again, this prevents everyone from being a Jedi, and makes it a bit realistic with the random percentage. LotJ also has a Roleplaying Council, a group of pseudo-immortals / staff people are... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 5, 2008
LOTJ is a phenomenal player driven roleplay environment that hooks players by the sheer depth of the game. Before I played LOTJ I barely knew anything about Star Wars and I had never participated in any form of table top roleplaying, such as D&D. I didn't play LOTJ because it had anything to do with Star Wars. It was quite the contrary in fact. LOTJ actually turned me into a Star Wars fan and showed me how rewarding a roleplay environment could be. It has a wide variety of professions to choose from that may be familiar to those who have played the SWR codebase, however there have been several changes over the years that have expanded the game to a great degree. There are several things to do whether you want to make millions creating the best equipment in the galaxy as an engineer, pickpocket and swindle your millions as a smuggler, make your millions claiming bounties as a bounty hunter, or endure a life on the run as a known criminal. The possibilities are endless. The game has something to offer to both people who enjoy roleplay and those who enjoy a player killing environment. However, PKers beware because death is final and there are no second chances. I have lost several characters in the past who have been involved in the shadier side of things and to stay ahead of the pack you have to be quick thinking and tactful. Though, the feeling of outsmarting your opposition is exhilarating. I have tried every class and every single class has its perks, but regardless of class your character will always have a diverse skill set depending on the race you pick. The game is very well regulated and the staff takes their positions very seriously. You don't have to worry about a corrupt staff here and there is a Role Play Council (RPC) that is elected by the player body to help assist in PK disputes and general roleplay technique. invite... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 1, 2008
With LOTJ I played sometime last year, got extremely disinterested and left. Then a friend who continued to play, asked me to come back and give it another shot, so I did. I am still quite disappointed with the MUD. The game does have some decent features, plenty of races, your good ole Star Wars type classes with some good, thought out and sometimes downright impressive skills. The game is also quite newbie friendly, as long as you understand that some things cannot be answered on the newbie channel if the answer consists of In-Character information. It has a couple of quests beyond the 'give this box to (name)', but not too many (that I have found.) So with all of these grand skills and decent coding, what is the problem? The players, the RP and the character limitations that can be encountered. The staff, I have found to be helpful for the most part, every instance of where I legitimately used a request for assistance, I was properly assisted. My number one and primary issue is character development. When I create a character, I expect to be able to play my character the way he is meant to be played. If I make an engineer, I expect him to be able to make and repair stuff. I expect a medic to be able to learn first aid and cybernetic installations. All of the above works perfectly well, but for their system for bounty hunters this does not work so well. The bounty hunter system works great on paper, but then seems to die once put into action. You have hunter master, whom new hunters need to learn their skills from. But first you have to find them, then you have to hope they teach outside of their OOC groups. I've not experienced the refusal to teach, I have heard of it, and based on my experiences, I believe it; I have, however, experienced the inability to find a teacher. I play character... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2008
I began to play Lotj about a month ago, after I decided to give it a go when another Star Wars mud I have been playing decided to die out and just idle. It's a good mud, the code is great and offers a variety of things to do, classes to choose, equipment to wear. The players are generally a newbie friendly lot, but you get the occasional person who's a jerk. The downside to Lotj. They claim to support RP. Lotj's idea of RP is use code all the way, get an occasional say in, but code code code. 'RP' on Lotj is get shot. And the game has a rule established where if you disagree with your current situation, you cannot complain or try to go against it until the entire RP is over. This means possibly being left unable to do anything for up to 1-2 hours. If you complain about it to the immortals, they tell you to read the rules. If you enjoy good code, and shooting people Lotj is for you. If you dislike people shooting you first without emotes and reason, then run away.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2008
LotJ is a great MUD in my opinion. Although the name is slightly misleading, and may make you think that it's easy to become a jedi or forcer, it's actually not easy. Few are ever forcers, but there are tons of other fun things to do, and get involved in. I enjoy it very much, and someday will be able to RP as a forcer. All classes are unique and interesting to play, and all have an impact on the gameplay. Not only are the classes unique, but the races are as well. Though I would like to see special, unique abilities per race, who knows if it'd happen. Never even submitted the idea! I should though. In any case, two thumbs up for LotJ.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2008
This mud is very well coded and thought out, with strict RP/PK Policy as well. It also takes a long time to develop your character. About 6 months later, and I still had yet to max all my sciences. New features have been added over time, a gathering system invented and makedroid feature adds a nice touch, and gameplay can be hours of fun if you find the right people to roleplay with. However, from a player standpoint I have yet to say that LOTJ has matured into the utopia of star wars muds that it could be. There is still corruption among immortal staff, some of whom tend to have vendettas (I've been the target of several). A personal account should explain it best. Here is my experience: I returned from a break of about two months and created a jawa just for fun. I'd been playing for about three hours, joking around like I usually do, with the people who AREN'T busy botting. When I noticed one of the 'friendly' imm staff had decided to set my jawa as a human for 'poor' roleplay. Mind you it had been awhile and I may have said a few nonsense things on IC channels, but nothing drastically over the boundaries of that race's RP. Now, their rules state that you'll be given a warning and a week to adhere to the roleplay rules if your're inconsistent with the RP for that race until that type of measure would be taken. For me it was different. I inquired about why I had been immediately stripped and was met with a rather rude response and even called an 'idiot'. This is the type of treatment you can expect from the staff if they don't like you. There is no diplomacy, nor is there negotiation. If you are vilified, then it will be clear they do not want you there and any good characters you roll, you can be sure to lose it somehow until get... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 16, 2008
I agree with some of the things said in this review - there is corruption. However, in my experience I have not seen a MUD without corruption, and the corruption in this MUD is minimal, from what I can tell. There is some bias, but cases such as this are rare from what I have seen. The /occasional/ spammer is even rarer, although the MUD does crash every so often due to bugs, as no MUD is perfect of course. Although most of the time the bugs are fairly fixed.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 25, 2008
It should be pointed out that this original reviewer is in fact someone who is very close friends with the aforementioned 'spammers'. The goal of the spammer was an attempt to 'blackmail' the staff into undoing the punishment that the original poster has mentioned. This spammer has since moved on to attempting to advertise another mud on our games channels, one that the original poster owns.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 10, 2008
The above comment is yet another good example of LOTJ staff vendettas. This mud used to be ranked #23 on TMC, why it is they've resorted to this and are so desperate for a scapegoat is evidence enough that they've fallen by the wayside. Do not blame 'blackmail' for your failures. This could really be a great place to play if there wasn't so much drama and corruption. A desperate attempt at best to bring ratings back up if you ask me and also a rather sorry attempt to save face. As for knowing the spammer, I knew them at one point in early 2003. I have also tried my best to deter and discourage them from spamming LOTJ and even my own MUD. That would explain the rarity of their visits as of late. That person and I rarely speak, if at all and that you would even think to bring that ancient assumption up only extends my point further about the drama and vendettas. Now, you can sit and debate all day and nitpick and this and that and make excuses for why your MUD is doing so poorly. You can blame George Bush and the economy, maybe it's the economy. Perhaps the Planetary alignment is off, that could be it. You can even target me if you like, despite constant efforts to help remedy the situation with the spammer, sure, I'll be your reason for why you're not doing well, we can do that. Heck, you can even blame it on my MUD if you like, why, maybe because I just started a MUD it's shifting the laws of the universe and it's causing your MUD to fail. ...But I think you owe it to your players to do something about the evident abuse of power. Maybe just maybe, that'll work and put you back where you were, where you belong. At the top. I'll be back in a year or so to see if anything's changed, much like have... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 7, 2008
Vendettas? People who try to hold the mud hostage with pages of spam and arse-hattery can't have vendettas held against them, they get their just rewards. Don't make an *long unnecessary expletive removed* out of yourself to try and 'get back' at someone you don't like. It's not fair to all the other players. That being said; DO A BARREL ROLL
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2008
I've been a long time running fan and player of Legends of the Jedi (LotJ). Sadly, I've in the military so the actual amount of time I've spent on LotJ is not since 98 or 99, but rather maybe a totally of five years at the most. This MUD has had its ups and downs. Way back in the day when Ghost and Raven ran things, the MUD was just blossoming. Very few of the current playerbase remember that far back, but we veterans are still here nonetheless. Over time Orion came to the MUD and things really started to kick. The MUD more or less took off and became (I feel) the number one Star Wars MUDs out there. Of course the trip is not without it's rocky roads, but dedicated players and an outstanding Staff have kept LotJ despite all the detours we've taken. For those of you that tried LotJ long ago, we have entirely new code, new planets, new features and new systems. This is truly a MUD that has taken the idea of Star Wars and presented it wonderfully on LotJ. LotJ normally goes through three stages, or eras as we call it. First being the Old Republic / Mandalorian / Sith era. This is generally when LotJ 'starts over' and the MUD has had a pwipe. The plot is player driven and eventually turns into the Galactic Empire / Rebellion era. Of course, we then move into the New Republic / Remnants era which is generally our 'last era' until we decide to start entirely over with the first era. As stated in a previous review, each era lasts a long time. Months, sometimes a year. Sometimes it could be short, who knows. As I said, it's player driven. Anyone out there looking for a RP heavy MUD, LotJ is for you. You want to be a badass and be a 'twink' of PK, you can do that here though, but expect it to still come its... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 29, 2008
LOTJ. The bastion of Star Wars Mudding Paradise. A strong game of ample RP and more players than you could count on both hands. Creatively formed clans and true Star Wars drama permeated the place so heavily that OOC channels were practically phased out. So...What Happened? As the 'Era Changes' became more and more frequent, the game started to take on a rather odd quality. It remained good, but odd nonetheless. The constant PWipes and Clan changes took some serious getting used to, but it was something you could easily tolerate in order to enjoy the quality of this game...until now. The Era changed a few days ago, and such clans sprang up as 'A Neutral Government', yes, that's it's official title. 'Well...that's not TOO bad...' you say? It now has PETA. Yes, PETA. The very same PETA we have here on earth. At first I suspected it was merely a joke, simply a quip of good humor to welcome back it's players after the most recent PWipe, but when I inquired about it, people were offended. As if I'd just insulted the greatest idea they've ever had. I honestly believe that one of the greatest Star Wars muds ever has degenerated into a mockery of itself. Perhaps the constant era changes requiring complete revamps of planets and clans has exhausted the staff's creativity? Perhaps it's drawn every drop of imagination they've had out and wrung them dry, leaving us with Space PETA. I don't know the answer, I just know it's wrong...disappointing...and disheartening to see. Goodbye LOTJ. I knew ye well.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2007
Blar did not know anything about this mud. It is a great game. A PWIPE and Era change only occurs every 9 months or so. We had a era change and pwipe 2 days ago which probably made this person think that way about the mud. P.S. Nobody in the mud even knows who Blar is. Just a newb.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 3, 2007
I've been a regular player of this MUD for roughly 8 years now. In those 8 years, I've had more debates, arguments, and disputes with the staff regarding how I felt the MUD should operate than I would care to recollect. Through all of those arguments and all of these years, though, I've continued to contribute to LOTJ as a player and as an adviser when possible. I don't stay to satisfy an addiction to text-based RPGs. I stay because I genuinely feel that the staff has the best interests of the players in mind when making decisions, be they to implement a new rule or to conduct a pwipe and transition to a new era. In response to the 'constant pwipes', there is roughly one pwipe every 1.5 years. While this may seem frequent to those who are more accustomed to games which involve developing a character's storyline over long periods of time, such is not the nature of LOTJ. Legends of the Jedi is an RP-enforced, PK-driven MUD with a progressive timeline. The process of preparing a character to interact with the environment and other characters is not an arduous one; it can be done in a matter of weeks. To submit to the deletion of the characters and a new timeline every 1.5 years is vital to the prevention of stagnation, and is essential to keeping the MUD enjoyable for players, both new and old. As for the issue of a 'Neutral Government', the concept was taken far out of context. The Neutral Government is an all-inclusive title for every planet not controlled by the leading faction at this point in the era. Nothing more. As for 'PETA', it was the concept of a player who wished to try a new idea. This MUD allows for players to expand the boundaries of roleplay and traverse unexplored territory. Most consider this to be a good thing. It saddens me to hear that the MUD was not what this person was but... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 3, 2007
For almost two years, I have called LoTJ home. Literally overnight, I went from mudding on DBZ muds to mudding on this starwars themed mud. I can honestly say that there has never been a dull moment for me on this great game. PETA is something that will give the RP atmosphere some spice and breathe life into some original RP. The Neutral government clan is probably something that will be shaped later on in the storyline. I remember when you came in making a total jerk of yourself and asking about the clans. A few people, including myself, tried to explain to you that it was somethiing to give the storyline a bit more 'omph'. Next time, you might want to stick around and see what those clans are about ICly rather than go bonkers on the OOC channel, hm?
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 3, 2007
I think the situations within this review were both very trivial and completely unwarranted for leaving not this game, but really any game. Pwipes are nessecary for an game of LOTJ's story design, and it's the Era Changes that move the story along and keep it fresh. Would one rather is just get stagnant, like in games that have a single storyline? Because of the Era Changes...which aren't very often, things stay fresh. PETA? It was a joke. Lighten up. Neutral Government? Why would someone take offense to that at all if that's describing a planet's government? LOTJ has done nothing but improve from where it was some time ago, and if some of the recent additions are any sign, it will continue to.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 4, 2007
The Era only changes at most, twice a year. And when it does, sometimes, but not always, there is a pwipe. This is because many years have passed in some case, such as now that we are in the Imperial Era from the Old Republic Era, and to allow players to join this new era without having disadvantages to the veterans. Everyone who played in the last era was given 'end of era' points, which allow you to basically make a leveled character by simply spending points. You do not have to start as a level 1 character, unless you chose to spend your points to buy a special race, or the force, and so forth, or save them. The 'A Neutral Government' clan is only a placeholder, for ungoverned planets to use on the planets listing, and to keep the mud from sending out messages about 'X planet has no government.' It will not be a player clan, in any way. Yes, there is a minor organization called PETA. LotJ allows players to make their own clans in two ways, by application, or by using a new command to form a clan in exchange for credits, if the play also has a minimum number of other players willing to join. For more details on that, read about formclan on the LotJ wiki at http://www.legendsofthejedi.com/wiki/index.php/Clan
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 4, 2007
Blar, According to your post here, it looks like the product that you are looking for is different than the product that LotJ offers. LotJ would likely be unable to sustain its pbase of about 75 people during peak hours if we didn’t keep the storyline fresh. LotJ’s progressive timeline spans over a period between 12-18 months. We begin our timeline with a pwipe and everyone get’s to start over new. We then break the timeline up into three eras, each lasting between 6 – 8 months depending on player feedback and our player generated storyline. We have a moving timeline, and we promote ourselves as such. I’m sorry that you were confused about what we offer. When we do conduct a pwipe, we advise the players for weeks in advance, and we compensate them with plenty of account points so that they are able to start the new timeline with the ability to spend their points to level their new characters. Our previous pwipe was 14 months ago, and this recent one was required because new code was introduced that affected pfiles and accounts, and how they interact on our new website, www.legendsofthejedi.com. Regarding PETA, and all of its 2 members, I’m sorry that you didn’t find it funny. LotJ has much to offer, that perhaps you didn’t consider. As I said above, we have a brand new website, over 200 /active/ players, a well educated coding staff who work as professional programmers by day, very creative builders, well trained in-game programmers, and staff who are always listening to player feed back to provide the best possible gaming experience that we can offer. The best part about all of this, Blar, is that you, and hundreds of others, get to enjoy all of this for the low, low, price of the player's gratitude. Happy mudding, Blar! Anna
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 4, 2007
Half of you say it's a joke and the other say it's to add spice. Even you can't make up your minds. Priceless.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 6, 2007
It's both, Blar. Both.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 10, 2007
Legends of the Jedi, has certainly evolved over the years. From a poorly run, PK happy environment, to a better run PK justified world. Though I'm happy to announce that recently a more MUSH oriented part of the Galaxy has been built and opened for those who wish to RP rather than P v P, the Hapes Cluster. Hapes is off by itself, much like canon, and isolated from the rest of the Galaxy. Its built more towards heavy, adult oriented RP rather than the 'classic war' of the Empire vs the Rebs that is about to happen in the 'main galaxy.' The staff is the best its been in the 6 or 7 years I've played the game. They are courteous and helpful and willing to work with you on ideas you wish to introduce into the mud. The coding is fresh and vibrant, and the building is unique and well thought out. With over 30 people logged on during the 'slow' periods, there is still plenty to do for loners and those that require people alike. Come give it a shot, its voted one of the top 50 muds on TMC, and well worth it! Bliz.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 24, 2007
I came into the mud at the suggestion of a friend of mine from school (Jason a.k.a. Pyke). He told me about the mud, what kinds of things to expect, the different classes and races available. To be honest, I half expected it to be similar to other muds I have played. I have never been more happy to be proven wrong. The playerbase in general is very newbie friendly. The RP is very rich. Most players will go out of their way to RP with someone even if it is someone they don't know ICly. The main thing that really stands out in my opinion, however, is that there are so many paths you can take with your character. From being a lowly engineer on a meager salary, to a bounty hunter, to a smuggler with your hands in someone's pockets, to even a slicer with your hands in someone's bank accounts...the possibilities for character arc advancement are only limited to your imagination. If you have been bored with Star Wars muds before, I urge you to at least give LoTJ a shot. The immortals are friendly and always willing to help. Our Roleplay Council (RPC) are available for pointers on RP...as are the regular pbase. And in the words of the immortal race known as the Jawa....UTINNI!!! Viva la Jawa!!!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 3, 2007
I do not know where to start, except that really this is a great mud. Yes, there are those few renegades who will twink, be jerks, and other stuff, but every mud has those few people. What I really like about LOTJ is how the Staff and the Playerbase usually responds to it. The players do not bring it up ICly, and the Staff does what it can to punish/fix bugs/code in new features to make playing more enjoyable while keeping those select few limited on abusements. LOTJ, in my near year playing, has been constantly changing for the better with new code, planets, rp oppurtunities and Pbase growth. The staff is always willing to respond to problems, and have even implemented a feature that allows one to display their problem to the imms until one gets around to helping you. Newbie-friendliness has been greatly improved and only gets better as more and more players help out Newbies with problems and getting through confusing parts of the game. Truly, this is a great mud and one of the best SWR muds, and most certainly my favorite mud above all.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 19, 2007
Poor roleplaying overall. The typical thing on this mud is to shoot first and simply don't ask questions. Players tend to group up then search for reasons to kill others. Sadly it seems as the SWR world gets smaller the crummy players crawl out of the woodwork. If you're desperate for a mud with many players it's a good choice...but you wouldn't know since they don't let you see the who list.....hmmmm
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 5, 2007
This comment is such bologna. The RP is heavily enforced, and that is why you cant see the who list, is so you cant just go off and pk people. This mud in my opinion is the greatest star wars universe I've ever been a part of, better than Galaxies the MMPROG! Constantly evolving through timelines, constantly being fixed and worked on and built for... If you seek 'One MUD to rule them all' then play LotJ!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 13, 2007
I dont care for this person's post, on the sole basis of overgeneralizing things about ingame activities. There exist a large portion of players who roleplay over 'use of code.' As for searching for reasons, I still believe that this again depends on what sort of character you play. If you are, say a smuggler for instance, and you steal from someone... would you complain that the person you stole from sought retribution over you? There are noncombative classes here at Legends of the Jedi, which make it far better than most muds I've found. Classes like medic, scientists are some to name the few, but with creativity others can be roleplayed. For instance, CEOs of companies, cargo freighters, engineers, technicians, rescue pilots, etc. There are a lot of options here at Legends of the Jedi, which I've found to love. At any rate, the purpose of this message is to at the very least explain to others that the above user's post does not override -all- that happens.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 17, 2007
I've been playing LOTJ for 3 years now, coming on at the very beginning of a new timeline and I personally thought it was a blast. I played long enough to look into different avenues of roleplay and found multiple groups. The immship wasn't the best at the time, due to some problems behind the scenes but that was cured and has now been improved greatly. Right now we are in the process of implementing new areas to the mud and a new timeline has begun anew. We have our bad eggs like any other mud does, but the staff is working diligently to cure that as well. I as a player and RPC member(a group of players elected to handle roleplaying problems and interpret the rules)of the mud in its current state would have to apologize to this player but I think he probably just had one of the few bad experiences that everyone is bound to run into. We have a lot of roleplaying within the mud itself, and a lot of players that are really good at it. Please don't shoot us down over a few bad experiences.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 19, 2007
I agree that there are some players with very poor roleplaying skills who do attack first and RP later and it does detract from the game experience. However, it is a small portion of the playerbase. It is quite obvious from this review that you experienced a small portion of the game and have solely based your opinions on that. I've been playing for a while now and while I've seen the quality of RP on LotJ rise and fall, it's been in an improving trend for a few months now. Unfortunately, the way some players choose to initiate RP is to attack until you are stunned, drag you off somewhere, and then initiate actual conversation with you which is perfectly legal. Also, there are rules that allow your character to be restored if he is caught in one of the 'shoot first, don't ask questions' scenarious caused by some of the poor RPers. The staff of the game also work to correct those players with their deficiencies to prevent recurring instances. If you're interested in an SWR mud where the staff care about the players and are helpful, come try LotJ. Give it a few weeks or a month and see how you feel about a game. Anyone who has been mudding for a while knows you can't base a game off of just a few days of play or logging in on and off for a few months without any consistent playing time. Come check out the mud and see what it's all about. Be your own judge.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 23, 2007
Writer has limited knowledge of the MUD overall, and seems to have had a bad experience with part of the combat in the game and used that experience to portray the entire game as a whole. This is not an accurate representation, seeing as how LOTJ does enforce roleplay and has an active roleplay council as well as immortal staff. Players can't just run around killing each other for no reason, or look for reasons to kill someone with their buddies, as roleplay (and strong roleplay reasons) are required to permanently kill or 'perm' a character. On top of that most killed characters can log the incident and petition the roleplay council for a restore on the lost character if they feel that death was unfair or lacking strong roleplay reasons. Roleplay is a large part of this SW mud, and always will be. Simply cutting that out in a one paragraph review is neither fair to the mud itself or the players that work hard to create a community and to create a story of their own Star Wars Universe.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 24, 2007
Sadly, this post is true. PKers or 'role players' as they tend to call themselves are present and team up to seek weak excuses to perm other people.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 17, 2007
I could go on and on about why LotJ is fantastic. It was a great mud when I started, it has improved more and more since I've been there, and it's still improving today. Sure, there've been some ups and downs. But I promise you this- if you've never played LotJ, and you like SWR Muds, or even just SW RPGs, this is the place for you. If you're willing to give it a chance, expect all the help you could need, whether you're a Mudding veteran or are completely new to the Mudding world. If you come to LotJ, and give it a chance, I promise you it will become your mud of choice.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 11, 2007
When I first began playing the Legends of the Jedi, I was astonished at how amazingly organized and newbie friendly the interface was! As a player whose been aimlessly looking to find a good, roleplay-intense mud that combines the fast action of Star Wars with the sci-fi element of space travel found in very few these days, I believe I have found a place to call home. Here's why: Having over 60 players in an interactive Star Wars setting, Legends of the Jedi has thus far proven to be the most active Star Wars mud I've seen. There is always something to do, whether its for the player who wishes to roleplay with others to the person who wishes to have the element of most modern-day MMORPGs out there (leveling, training, partying with others, etc). Players are extremely helpful, and the Immortal staff is there to aid you. One highlight of my mudding experience was accidentally crashing my ship (nearly killing me in the process). Unable to move or call out for fellow players to help me, I asked the roleplaying council (a completely separate series of player-elected staff members that are there solely to help players!) for advice, and... in within minutes an immortal was there to help me out. Overall, the quality roleplay I've had with the community as well as helpfulness and respect makes Legends of the Jedi a place that I feel I can grow with and enjoy. I look forward to seeing you ingame... it's truly an experience that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. -Calibas
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 11, 2007
First off, not all of the people who complain about corruption in this mud are disgruntled players who aren't getting what they want, despite what Walldo has posted previously. Be aware also that Walldo is an immortal on LOTJ, and while this doesn't discredit what he says, it should be noted that there will be some bias in the review. This game has some good points and some bad points. You can be the judge of whether or not the good outweighs the bad. The good: Crafting - you can pretty much make anything in the game that you need. This is what makes LOTJ better than most of the other muds out there. Gameplay - Lots of things to do in this mud. Mob killing is just one aspect. There is a full blown economy, lots of player shops. You can make a living (well used to be able to) running cargo, smuggling goods, delivering items. Coding - Lots of good stuff added on a regular basis. Some people might view this as bad, but it keeps players from being stagnant. Accounts - You gain credit for characters that you make for your account, which helps offset the loss due to pkill, and losses due to pwipes. Permanent Death - This is probably my favorite part. Death is real, and it is for good. You would think that this would change the way people behave significantly, but it does not. The Bad: Coding - There is always a bad side to lots of code. The mud is not very stable. Lots of memory leaks, many of which have been fixed, but in terms of stability, this mud has a long way to go. Part of the problem is lack of testing. The other part is unavoidable when making lots of changes. Any piece of software destabalizes with code changes. Pwipes - Possibly because the timeline changes in the game, possibly because new code is added that requires old things to be but... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 5, 2006
If you talk to some people, they will talk about player and immortal hostility, corrupt staff members abusing their abilities, etc. etc These peole are virtually all disgruntled former players who haven't gotten their way and have taken upon themselves to badmouth the mud.. I'm pleased to say that these problems have ALL been dealt with. Orion has gone a LONG way to improving newbie friendliness. All staff members who have created problems in the past are now gone, and there are now stringent rules governing immortal behavior. If you violate the immortal agreement, you can kiss your position goodbye. Orion adds new features, quite literally, on a weekly basis. In the last few weeks he put in newly-revamped pturrets, the aiming ability, wounds, and the TIPS system. The MUD is in the process of switching from the 'Old Republic' to the 'Empire' time frames and the Sith Empire has recently been introduced, so the roleplaying opprotunities and events have just increased tenfold. The staff is constantly trying to make the mud as newbie-friendly as possible. This ranges from a large project involving overhauling ALL the mud's helpfiles to being more receptive on OOC and immchat. You will find asshats and smart mouths on any mud, and LOTJ is no exception. Newbies may be intimidatd at first by these players, but the immortals are starting to crack down on players being rude to newbies. New players should keep in mind that most people are idiots, and they shouldn't be discouraged by the obnoxious behavior of a small percentage of the playerbase.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2005
Many of the earlier posts discuss player and immortal hostility, corrupt staff members abusing their abilities, etc. etc. I'm pleased to say that these problems have ALL been dealt with. Orion has gone a LONG way to improving newbie friendliness. All staff members who have created problems in the past are now gone, and there are now stringent rules governing immortal behavior. If you violate the immortal agreement, you can kiss your position goodbye. Orion adds new features, quite literally, on a weekly basis. In the last few weeks he put in newly-revamped pturrets, the aiming ability, wounds, and the TIPS system. The MUD is in the process of switching from the 'Old Republic' to the 'Empire' time frames and the Sith Empire has recently been introduced, so the roleplaying opprotunities and events have just increased tenfold. The staff is constantly trying to make the mud as newbie-friendly as possible. This ranges from a large project involving overhauling ALL the mud's helpfiles to being more receptive on OOC and immchat. You will find asshats and smart mouths on any mud, and LOTJ is no exception. Newbies may be intimidatd at first by these players, but the immortals are starting to crack down on players being rude to newbies. New players should keep in mind that most people are idiots, and they shouldn't be discouraged by the obnoxious behavior of a small percentage of the playerbase.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 13, 2005
I have been playing LotJ for almost 5 years now. The first SWR mud I ever played, it gave me a new view of Star Wars. I have tried to quit many times, not because I want to, because I just have to. It has always drawn me back with the 'I wonder what's new' philosophy. The current Immortal staffing is excellent, as well as the 'evolving storyline' we have. RPC(Roleplay Council, for the LotJ-impaired) elections happen at least 1 every timeline and are a good way to get involved. It seems like everyday the past few weeks have produced a new piece of coding from our mad-coding head coder/owner Orion. He is an extremely talented man and can code the bugs out of pretty much any system on LotJ, mostly because he's had something to do with it all. Building is handled on a builder's port, which really helps with the RP aspect, considering immortals aren't running around everywhere changing things. RP is something very enforced on this mud, but nonetheless, it is fun. Extremely helpful to newbies, come check in on us. Just disregard Madrox, he has a bad temper. Korr
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 7, 2005
Star Wars - Legend of the Jedi Galactic War has broken out, and it's up to you to take part in how this war plays out! Engineers, Scientists, Diplomats, Spies, Soldiers, Bounty Hunters, Born Leaders, Smugglers, Pilots, and even Jedi Knights play a big part in the immersing story that IS LoTJ. I've personally played since April of this year, and I can't get enough. When I first started, I ran across some severe issues with a few members of the staff, but these issues have been resolved, and it's been hard to turn my head away from the computer since. As addictive as it is fun, Legend of the Jedi gives you the opportunity to roleplay WHO and WHAT you want. Most classes and races can be selected upon entry to the mud, the exceptions being very rp-intensive races, and force-sensitive characters. Every new character (besides Defels, Toydarians, Mandalorians and Gamorreans) has a random chance to roll force. Meaning you could be sought out by the Jedi, and eventually become a Jedi knight. A great community, the ability to be what you want, and a powerful storyline...What else could you want? How about new code added almost daily? How about a cool account system to keep track of your characters and account points? How about a whole heck of a lot of fun? All of this can be found on Lotj, Try it out.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 4, 2005
LOTJ…where to begin. To start off, I’d like to say that I’ve been playing LOTJ for roughly 4 or 5 years…way before the current Immortal administration came into place. I devoted a lot of time and effort into the game back then, and I –thoroughly- enjoyed it (actually, I loved it). The game had a much, much smaller playerbase, creating a more communal environment, and the game pretty much remained stock, with some code and building modifications here and there. The two main Immortal administrators at the time were far from perfect, one who was seemingly addicted to the ‘slay’ command, and the other who liked to create godly, all-powerful mortals which he used to kill the rest of the players, but I loved the game nonetheless. Suffice it to say, I was an LOTJ addict. And now we come to LOTJ today. It’s clear to me, that things have drastically changed. Though it is true that I have been an on and off player since the current Immortal administration took over, I’ve been here long enough to make some clear distinctions between how things used to be run, and how things are run now. The current owners of the game, Anna and Orion, came to the game in 2003 as builders. With a rift between the then-owners of the game (Ghost and Raven), Anna and Orion somehow propelled themselves into full-time Immortals with much more power than builders. Raven eventually quit due to his disagreement with Ghost, and Ghost, realizing that he had no more time for the game, gave LOTJ away to Anna and Orion. In their two year reign as owners and head-Immortals…Anna and Orion have done a lot for the game. I mean a lot. They have spent –countless- hours coding and building new areas, with the product being some fantastic areas and game systems in place. They have hired a plethora of Immortals to take care of building and PR issues, and have created an RP Council…whose aim... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 22, 2005
Pakan's post is a bit misguided. -First of all, there are only THREE helpfiles of rules. The vast majority of them are common sense, many involving things like alt interaction, multiclanning, etc. -Concerning the immortals moving the timeline forward. Many players have complained that this timeline has grown stagnant and boring. The immortals are attempting to providing an environment for the players to enjoy. The immortals do not decide clan leaders. Yes, players apply to be initial clan leaders/senators/etc. From there on out, the players elect/overthrow leaders. Can you name one mud, when after a pwipe, leaves all the clans open for whoever wants them? There has been a lot of debate over a specific clan leader who isn't the most well-liked player. I'd hate to follow the OP's mold of worshipping Orion, but he has been doing this for years and has a good idea of what's going on. And honestly, who knows more about the situation, the OP or the owner of the MUD? I cannot think of a single PR Immortal who does not spend time working. To be frank, Orion is not the kind of guy to put up with lazy people on his staff. -Not being an immortal, you cannot really understand the constant influx of messages on immchat. The staff is often busy working. They do not sit around 100 playing games. If they have the ability, the immortals will answer your question. Do you have any evidence of immortals catering to the needs of those who curry favor or playing favoritism? While LotJ is far from perfect (what mud is?) there are still dozens of excellent qualities in this mud. Kudos to the OP for encouraging people to try the mud and make a judgement for themselves.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 26, 2005
First and foremost, I think it's hilarious--simply hilarious--how you claim you receive no response from the imms on immchat. Every thing I say, even if it isn't a question, is responded to unless there are no imms online. Are we talking about the same imms here? Second of all, most of the rules aren't taken seriously nor applied harshly unless you REALLY overstep their boundaries. We're not talking America to Mexico boundaries, we're talking walking across the Canadian border, through the United States, past Mexico, and to the southern end of Brazil. I mean common knowledge rules, by the way. As in, don't say OOC things IC, don't break the perm rules, don't multiplay, etc... Third, everyone is going to worship the person who runs a MUD everyone likes. You may not like it. You may claim to be the rebel... In truth, though, everyone does it not out of necessity or will, but rather they do it, most of the time without noticing, simply because they really like the guy (or gal). He's your drug dealer, after all, so to speak. Fourth, the storyline is not as imm run as you think. While immortal interaction, in my opinion, does help the story line out a bit, it is not used a great deal. We don't have to seek permission to capture planets, take prisoners, kill people, bombard planets, etc. before hand. We, the players, develop the story more than you claim to know. I've been there and done that, my actions have or will make an impact. Fifth, have you ever heard the term, 'The squeaky wheel gets oiled first' ? If you were an intelligent person, you wouldn't be quiet. I complain and moan and whine until my voice is heard. Orion, the Imms, and the RPC may not like it at times, but it gets things done. Trust me on this one. So please, before you start slinging crap and insulting people and the MUD, review your thoughts and your... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 27, 2005
LotJ. Where to start. Well, let's start by first saying, you won't find another Star Wars MUD out there with the pbase we have that is constantly growing. What started out as an average MUD has quickly escalated into a larger MUDding community. The MUD itself is very newbie friendly, anyone and everyone is willing to answer questions, with or without a side joke to tag along, including immortals. We have an active RPC; which stands for Roleplaying Council, that oversees the enforced RP element in the MUD. Orion, one of the Co-Owners, is constantly coding and always has new updates that are gathered from the players' posts in the forums. He's quick and efficient and gets it done right. A greet system has been integrated in for as long as I can remember, that allows people to go about their business without everyone knowing who they are at first glance. Instead of seeing 'Bob', you'll see something like 'A very strong, remarkably tan-skinned Human male.' LotJ is far from the stock base of SWR and is always bringing to light new, innovative code. Join the family and I promise you will not be disappointed. Heck, you don't even have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy your time here.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 13, 2005
I've been playing this MUD off and on for the last 5 years now and I have to say, it's been getting better and better. The great thing about this MUD, is that combat isn't the main focus. I just recently came back to LOTJ after a LONG hiatus and so far I've had two characters that I've really just RPed with and I've never been bored. LOTJ offers many different races and professions based on the official Star Wars Universe and Extended Universe. You could be a bounty hunter, a jedi, a slicer, a soldier, a dancer, ANYTHING you want to RP. The Immortal staff is great, Orion is a wonderful admin (way better than slay-happy Ghost or Mr. Mset Raven of yore), as well as Anna and the other higher ups. LOTJ also has a great RP Council which oversees all RP on the MUD so that everything is kept fair. Unfortunately, the MUD, as of late, has been having issues staying up during peak times which is bad for those of us who work a day job and want to come home and just play our favorite MUD. All in all, LOTJ is a great MUD ran by great people. I'd recommend it to anyone, as long as they aren't Drel.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 21, 2005
Well, this mud was the second SWR mud I ever tried. My first was Hunter's Network (god rest it's soul), and then I came to this. This was when it was owned and governed by Raven and Ghost, and at the time, I was blown away. I started playing, BOOM, pwipe. I was so disappointed I had found such an awesome mud and didn't get to play :(. Anyway, I have played and IMMed on this mud on and off since 2001, mostly played. It has almost always been a very enjoyable mud. I had great fun when Raven and Ghost were around, then it switched over to Anna and Orion. I admit, I hated the new feel to it at first, I couldn't stand Anna and Orion. I even quit for a couple months, came back to a new timeline, then got a little angry over a bad incident, left for probably 4 more months, and now I am back again. I get on for the first time in 4 months, and, it is like my first time on there all over again. I was blown away. All this new code, a new class, new races, and....60 people! HOLY CRAP! Never been this many on! Wars are wars now, and, 60 PEOPLE! Did I mention, 60 PEOPLE! It is the most heavily populated SWR right now (I think...). The mud is very stable, and most people are very friendly. There aren't as many newbie perms either, it is actually pretty safe to wander around as a newbie, unlike it used to be. The RPC is not corrupt, the IMMS help out. Overall, the best SWR out there. I suggest everyone try it, cuz it has a little of everything. Old Republic, Civil War, New Republic. My views, I would like to say, are educated, because I have played so long and I built ships there for a while. So, please take this to heart and try out the BEST SWR out Thanks... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 2, 2005
I started playing at LotJ quite some time ago, and I must say, it just hasn't been the same lately. It's hard for me to honestly enjoy adventures in the Star Wars universe with the extreme amount of rules that this MUD employs. As of this writing, there are 5 pages of rules, 53 in total. These range from the necessary to the absurd. Regardless of the amount, however, the control of Immortals over players is almost absolute, and seems reminiscent of life in East Germany during the 1950s. Another issue with the MUD is its 'RolePlay Council.' This is a group of players who are supposedly united to handle issues arising from breaking the rules. In my experience, they are simply a cabal of self-serving Immortal pets. I don't want this review to seem a childish insult, but every run-in I had with this RPC was ill-fated, and they generally choose their friends when it comes to resolving a dispute. The MUD's codebase is very nice. It is perhaps the most advanced I have played on, and I particularly am fond of the space system and the myriad new skills. However, this amazing coding is overshadowed by the police-state nature of the game. Only today, as I logged on, I was threatened that I was not to use the AOL Instant Messenger while playing, or I would be reported as a rulebreaker. While this MUD has strengths, such as a diverse playerbase and a strong codebase, I would strongly advise against playing here, unless you like your course in the game being dictated by page upon page of rules and regulations. My path seemed ironically rather narrow even in the face the great potential the codebase could provide.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 20, 2005
I happen to agree with Sintaka. I once believed that the immortals were nothing but power-hungry freaks. I was totally wrong, however. I need to emphasize that yes, there ARE a lot of rules. But every single one has been made to prevent an activity that could degrade the playing experience of another person. Many, if not all of these rules are completely reasonable for everybody. And to the comment about AOL Instant Messenger, you can use it all you want. However, you cannot divulge in-character secrets over an out- of-character medium. Comparing the MUD to East Germany is just an childish insult. Orion and Anna have put in THEIR time to make this game what it is today. It's much more diverse and fun than it was a couple years ago. The rules have been changed and added to, yes. But many of the originals were quite useless, like not insulting the genitals of an immortal. Tons of new commands, skills, and areas have been added, and more new things are on their way. As for the Roleplay Council..If you don't break the rules, you usually won't get into their path. If you've been wronged, a proper log of the event will clear your name pretty fast. They can cross-check it with the MUD's log and confirm your story. It's not their fault you can't provide proper proof. The system is exactly as fallible as the system of court that we use today. Decisions are made based on the evidence that is given. Despite any shortfalls that may be perceived or imagined, this game has always been and probably always will be a great place to be. We recently just hit 90 players on at once. Why would they be there if it wasn't fun?
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 7, 2005
My only comment is on your comment about being threatened not to use AIM. You're allowed to use AIM while playing the mud, the admins just don't want people spreading IC information over AIM or anyother OOC means. It's a free world, you can use AIM if you want to, but if you're talking to another player over it and you're spreading IC info, that other player may turn you in and your character will be disciplined.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 4, 2005
I've made chars on Legends of the Jedi twice. The first time, I had met the former coder on another MUD and tried it out. I got bored pretty fast, though I must admit it was extremely well coded. The second time, after a spark in curiosity, I tried again. Man, what a bad idea. Frankly put, this is one of those 'Muds that were really really good, but then some imms decided to take over and make it their ego-feeding project.' My char was hardly 10 hours old when I had my first run in with an imm who had a jedi. Not only was I pkilled, my equipment was totally lost. I thought they had maybe some newbie friendliness, I asked for them to let it slide. What did I get? 'Stop your complaining, deal with it.' Geeze. I'm new, give me a break. So, I asked for help a little more. Not only was my equipment permanantly lost for some reason, but I felt degraded, bullied, and ultimately, just another newbie to abuse. Simply put, I wouldn't be surprised if this MUD slowly vanished into a bare-bones playerbase of a few rigged and immortal-supported chars. My advice? If you're looking for a good roleplaying SWR MUD and don't mind taking lots of b/s, this is the MUD for you. If you're a human being with a sense of pride, dignity and don't want to be treated like turd, this is NOT the MUD for you.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 2, 2005
I find it somewhat absurd that you're complaining about the rules on LotJ. If you read over them carefully you'll notice that they don't restrict characters in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, this huge number of rules that we have is a result of abuse through the players. Whenever a problem becomes somewhat widespread, we write up the rule against it and thus prevent it from becoming an issue. Would you rather have players that are allowed to do whatever they please? If you ask me, having a large number of rules that prevent idiocy from occuring when you're trying to RP is something I'd enjoy any day. I also find it disturbing that you think that we immortals have control over characters akin to East Germany. If you can give an example of a situation where we've controlled what a player can do I'd sure like to hear about it. I honestly don't see any basis for that accusation. If we actually did control what players were doing, what would be the point in playing? LotJ wouldn't ever have any RP. Then there's the accusation that you've made about the RPC council being a group of self serving pets for the immortals. This has to be the nth time that I've heard that accusation and it always bewilders me. The RPC was selected by the PLAYERS in a vote which we held allowing anyone to run for the position. And now that they've been selected you're complaining. Aside from that, I'd like to see some basis for these accusations that are always leveled at the staff. I think its ridiculous that someone might accuse us of being self serving when you have situations like an immortal playing a Stormtrooper character. Self-serving indeed! As far as the RPC council choosing their 'friends' in votes, once again I think that is quite an unfair accusation. For every vote done by the RPC they have to have a basis for it and the immortals review decisions... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 2, 2005
Lex, chances are you had a run in with Raven, who mset all his characters. He got fired and the MUD has since changed ownership. The new ownership is somewhat more put together than the old set of staff.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 21, 2005
Legends of the Jedi is a uniquely coded SWR knockoff currently being (primarily) worked on by Orion. There are several unique things that recommend this mud, but nothing is there that can overcome the level of active hostility to new players by both player and immortal alike. While Orion and Anna, the MUD owners, are both gracious and helpful to new players, in my brief time playing I was bombasted not only by players over standard chat channels, but by multiple members of the 'Roleplaying Council' and by multiple immortals including Don and Sintaka. In addition to insults and hostility, I had the misfortune to be online shortly after an argument when one of the immortals shut down the chat channels. In my twelve years of mudding, I haven't seen anything quite like that particular instance, and the chat channels stayed down for an hour on the first occasion. When asked about it, the Immortal I spoke to apologized, said they'd forgotten it was off, and turned it back on. Later in the day, the same thing happened. And again the next. While in and of itself, this isn't a bad thing, all immortals in stock SWR have a silence command and can take care of individual offenders using such a command rather than shutting the whole channel down, which opens the potential for new players to be unable to ask questions about the game itself (as I was unable to do). Later discussions have shown that the majority of the staff is both hostile toward the playerbase and unsympathetic with new players. Having said that, the storyline perspectives of the mud as a whole are interesting; the mud runs a six-month cycle, starting in the Old Republic, and jumping amongst the canon Star Wars timeline so that it's players have an opportunity to play in every era. Also, the clanning system can give rise to some friendships and/or roleplay opportunities that stock SWR doesn't have. There are several ship coders, and builders... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 16, 2005
Hmm, some interesting points you bring up. I agree with you that many of the players are pretty insensitive to new players and I've had to tell them to quit it several times. But I'm really surprised that you claim that the staff is hostile to new players. The only time that the members of the RPC/Immortal staff ever get on the case of a player is if they've been repeatedly ignoring either of us. As far as the disabling of the OOC channel, I don't see a problem with that. We shut it down when it gets to be quite a few people causing problems on the channel and it's dealt with by closing the channel for some time. Also, your claim that by shutting down OOC we're preventing new players from asking questions is pretty baseless. LotJ has a RPC and IMMCHAT channel that directly sends a message to either of us. Doing this almost always gets you a response if we're there. As far as the staff being unsympathetic, I really don't know what you're talking about. I've seen tons of new players helped out and we do our best to make sure that you're not going in totally blind. Just one last thing too...if a player is causing grievances, it helps to use some common sense (not so common in this case, it appears) and let one of the staff members know. We'll deal with it. Sintaka
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 2, 2005
When I started playing Legends of the Jedi two years ago it was a breath of fresh air in the SWR world. The code was new and exiciting, the playerbase was large averaging 20 players at peak times. It simply was the best SWR out there. Leap ahead two years... Now it seems the new Admins Orion and Anna have taken the best SWR on the net, and IMPROVED it. The code is continually updated, marking the most significant breakthroughs seen thus far in the SWR world. I would not even attempt to delve into the new and exciting ideas implemented, because I have only 10000 characters here! The areas, though somewhat slow in being implemented are of such a high quality, that it makes quantity seem less important. This by no means, its a small MUD, its actually quite large, but LOTJ has resisted the temptation to toss an area a week into the mix, instead preferring to take a month or two to build a quality product for our enjoyment. The staff though small, and exceedingly busy developing and improving the galaxy, is FAIR, evenhanded, and user friendly. The playerbase has grown from the 20-30 people to over 40 on an average with a record 68 trying to survive in the galaxy at large at one point. The RP is on a continuing timeline, and is very intensive, just shooting em up won't give you much satisfaction here. If you want to enjoy your time at LOTJ, developing a charachter through leveling is just a small part. Developing their personality and interacting with other characters within the MUD is essential to enjoy the full LOTJ experience. If you are stuck in what seems to be a stagnant mud, LOTJ is a must for you. Come by and check them out, they are truly one of the best muds on the net.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 21, 2004
I totaly agree with Chizzel! This is one of the best muds around. The force system is one of a kind featuring many unique powers. The clan system well, the best I've seen anywhere including pay to play muds. The ships even though they took out some of my favorites for now, are very detailed and a combat with them is just as so. The normal combat in the game is a large improvement over the standard SW codebase. They have so many new and exciting features you would have to be a staff member to catch even a small fraction. Though that doesn't mean they are out of reach of the players. The classes are all well balanced and have a large and plentiful skill set. I must admit even though I dislike to that there are a few bugs here and there, but if they are reported they are quickly taken care of. The staff are helpful and cooperative. Also they actually read e-mails you send to them. Unlike a good amount of other muds out there.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 31, 2004
Chizzel is right. I've seen some of the other SWR muds that claim to be to LOTJ's caliber. No where near it. I have been here since what many, including myself, consider Neo-Nazi Raven's regime. Nowadays we have the wonderful Anna and Orion. These guys are great. Stop by and enjoy our mud!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 18, 2004