Logrus MUSH
Social-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination).
Ranked 455th of 815 worlds statistically.
Ranked 59th of 87 worlds in the Social genre statistically.

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Players Connected:
1 (23 minutes ago)

Maximum Connected:
3 (last 30 days)

TinyMUSH 3.1.p6

Average Connected:
1 (last 60 days)

Minimum Connected:
0 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen
This world is Pueblo 1.0 enhanced

Welcome to Logrus MUSH

Logrus MUSH is a social mush only. There is no geography--this is Chaos.
Go wherever you like. Enjoy!

  "connect <name> <password>" connects you to an existing character.
  "create <name> <password>" creates a new character.
  "WHO" tells you who is logged in to the game (case sensitive).
  "QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.
  "news" informs you about recent program changes and items of interest.
  "help" gives help on the commands, "help commands" for a list.
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