Magic City
World of Darkness-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination).
Ranked 456th of 783 worlds statistically.
Ranked 12th of 21 worlds in the World of Darkness genre statistically.

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1 (43 minutes ago)

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2 (last 30 days)

RhostMUSH 4.2.0-92RL(A)

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1 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen
                          Magic City MUSH

Welcome to the game!
Magic City MUSH is a World of Darkness 20th Annversary edition MUSH
set in Miami, Florida.  For more information see 
  To create new character     ------------   create <player> <password>  
  To continue old character   ------------   connect <player> <password> 
  To connect a guest          ------------   connect guest guest         
  To see who is on            ------------   WHO                         
  To quit your character      ------------   QUIT                        
  To get help once connected  ------------   help (i.e. : help commands) 
  Note: use double quotes around name for names with spaces.             
  Example: cr "player with spaces" password                              
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