Materia Magica
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1995.
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Materia Magica 5.0

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Welcome to Materia Magica!

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  Online for over fourteen years, MATERIA MAGICA is one
   of the longest-running, continually-developed games
 available, with a vast game world, detailed environments,
 intelligent monsters and other denizens, and many, many
 thrilling quests - you'll never run out of things to do.

   Copyright (c) 1995-2012 Ingenii Interactive Co., All
Rights Reserved. For game play information and more, visit 

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Materia Magica is a free text-based multiplayer game based around traditional fantasy themes, where a tight-knit and welcoming community is presided over by an active Immortal staff. The game world of Alyria is ever-expanding and vast, and new content is added every week. There are over ten million locations, tens of thousands of items and creatures, thousands of individually written quests, and hundreds of areas. The choices you make shape the world around you. Run for Mayor of Rune, and administrate the city to your preference. Create a clan with friends and challenge the supremacy of others, or co-exist peacefully. Build your own, permanent houses and clanhalls; areas that will stand forever in game. Prefer to be out on the open seas? Sail Alyrian...
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Materia Magica is a free text-based multiplayer game based around traditional fantasy themes, where a tight-knit and welcoming community is presided over by an active Immortal staff. The game world of Alyria is ever-expanding and vast, and new content is added every week. There are over ten million locations, tens of thousands of items and creatures, thousands of individually written quests, and hundreds of areas. The choices you make shape the world around you. Run for Mayor of Rune, and administrate the city to your preference. Create a clan with friends and challenge the supremacy of others, or co-exist peacefully. Build your own, permanent houses and clanhalls; areas that will stand forever in game. Prefer to be out on the open seas? Sail the Alyrian seas and battle pirates, whether they be players or NPCs, plundering their wrecked ships for riches! The game has over 200 bosses and numerous runs. Descend into the lair of the Ice Witch or the Hydra's Den. Plumb the depths of abandoned Clanhalls for lost treasures. Explore the forgotten Pyramid, or battle the madness of Kessarian's Dungeon, Hotel Hello or the Isle of the Sea Hag. For the truly elite, the Archlich Jhepp and the Megafather await. These are but a fraction of the enemies to find in-game. Online for over fifteen years, Materia Magica is one of the most venerable, stable MUDs out there. And it's free! Join us for a short while, or stay for years, whatever your wish. Come visit! For more information, visit our website at We also welcome sight-impaired players and have numerous settings that help optimize play with screen readers. [1]
Materia Magica is a free text-based multiplayer game based around traditional fantasy themes, where a tight-knit and welcoming community is presided over by an active Immortal staff. The game world of Alyria is ever-expanding and vast, and new content is added every week. There are over ten million locations, tens of thousands of items and creatures, thousands of individually written quests, and hundreds of areas. The choices you make shape the world around you. Run for Mayor of Rune, and administrate the city to your preference. Create a clan with friends and challenge the supremacy of others, or co-exist peacefully. Build your own, permanent houses and clanhalls; areas that will stand forever in game. Prefer to be out on the open seas? Sail the Alyrian seas and battle pirates, whether they be players or NPCs, plundering their wrecked ships for riches! The game has over 200 bosses and numerous runs. Descend into the lair of the Ice Witch or the Hydra's Den. Plumb the depths of abandoned Clanhalls for lost treasures. Explore the forgotten Pyramid, or battle the madness of Kessarian's Dungeon, Hotel Hello or the Isle of the Sea Hag. For the truly elite, the Archlich Jhepp and the Megafather await. These are but a fraction of the enemies to find in-game. Online for over fifteen years, Materia Magica is one of the most venerable and stable MUDs available. And it's free! Join us for a short while, or stay for years, whatever your wish. Come visit! For more information, visit our website at . We also welcome sight-impaired players and have numerous settings that help optimize play with screen readers. [2]
Materia Magica is an award-winning, free, feature-rich text-based multiplayer fantasy where action, adventure, and immersive role play occur in real time, twenty-four hours a day. Explore over eight million locations within the vast world of Alyria, select from a vast variety of fascinating weapons, armor, and artifacts, meet and interact with thousands of unique creatures, all while experiencing the adventure simultaneously with hundreds of other players! Materia Magica is multiplayer interactive fantasy, which means you are taking an active part in a living story. The choices you make can shape and mold the world around you. Since the game is text-based, you aren't limited by someone else's vision - your own imagination is all that is required to vividly illustrate the life and experiences of your character. Online for over ten years, Materia Magica is one of the longest-running, constantly-developed games available. Materia Magica also provides its own free, in-house Java-based game applet, the Moongate Client. Play from any computer with Internet access! The Moongate Client will save your settings to the server so you can play from any common operating system and web browser, while taking advantage of standard features such as customizable key bindings, triggers, aliases, variables, buttons, and many others. Join us for a short while, or stay for years, it's up to you. Our commitment is to provide an ever-expanding, persistent game universe - come experience it for yourself! [4]

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12h ago 25 players -3 players, the db grew 3587
13h ago 28 players -3 players, the db grew 479
14h ago 31 players +4 players, the db shrunk 2364
15h ago 27 players -1 player, the db shrunk 3111
16h ago 28 players +5 players, the db grew 9056
17h ago 23 players +1 player, the db grew 1338
18h ago 22 players The db shrunk 709
19h ago 22 players +1 player, the db grew 1569
20h ago 21 players The db grew 1394
21h ago 21 players The db grew 863
22h ago 21 players +1 player, the db grew 1653
23h ago 20 players -3 players, the db grew 1355
1d ago 23 players -5 players, the db shrunk 4641
I have been playing this mud since 1999. I can say that it has always left me coming back for more. The rooms are all descriptive, and full of original ideas. Quests are given out at questmasters, (NPC's) So you may quest at your discretion. Also, I find that there is always something new being added, new places to explore and new friends to be made. I myself am a player guide on the game, we are volunteer's who help out characters who are in a bind, or just want some general information or help about the game. I've met numerous characters from the game irl, as well as my fiance. The atmosphere is friendly, the layout easy to understand, and you will come to love the directional compass showing the way you can move. It also offers Clans, Playerkill, and locker storage. Also items are saved. This is a great game , not only for the play, but for the people playing it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 11, 2004
I have been playing Materia Magica for several years, from the time when it was known as Moongate. This game can be played in a variety of styles, from aggressive player-killing to extensive exploration to power leveling. The class system is based on four types and you choose a path based on race and skills. Certain combinations are favoured over others, since some skills and spells overlap. The prompt is very easy to read, with an organized layout and colour coding. Navigation is simple, with a compass in the top right corner to point out directions. The Immortals are active in the upkeep and development of areas, but for general help, there are detailed help files and friendly Guides to assist. The Guides are actually volunteer players who donate their time to help those who need extra assistance. The world is called Alyria, and in addition to the main part of the world, there are also two alternate planes of existence: The Underground and the Faerie Plane. Each of these areas encompasses thousands of rooms, creating the genuine feel of great distances that must be crossed to reach a goal. The arena system allows players to challenge other players directly from almost anywhere in the world. The auction system allows players to sell equipment from almost any location, and pick up the item at the nearest post office. The quest system gives rewards for following a set of phases, and gives quest points which can be redeemed for elite equipment. Players can navigate the seas as a passenger or with their own boats. The most important part of the game is socialization, through interaction with other characters and through the chat systems. There are players from all over the world with whom you can talk and play with. I highly recommend visiting the world of Alyria in Materia Magica.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 11, 2004
I've been playing MM for about 2½ years. I started off completely naive about this type of game and environment. I found the majority of players very helpful and the administration/imms and guides to be highly applauded. The layout of the whole realm of Alyria and the different planes is detailed; many many rooms, hidden areas, and lots and lots to explore. Many friends to be made in the game and in real life. I moved on up the classes and am now a GUIDE. The game is addicting and fun, at time frustrating but rewarding . GREAT JOB !!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 11, 2004
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2004
Materia Magica was the first MUD that I played for longer than a week. I took two characters to around level 60, so while I cannot comment on the more advanced features, I feel I have a better good feel for the mud. First, despite the reason I stopped playing (mentioned later), this is one of the best MUDs I've played. Seriously. Great coding combined with attention to detail. I didn't spot any glaring grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. The writing was terse, yet informative. A model for any other MUD. Secondly, the only reason I kept playing so long was the quality of the "puzzles". An example would be a new tower added, whereby you had to rescue a princess from a dragon (If memory serves me correctly). Unlike all the other MUDs I've played, where you're effectively going to storm into the castle, kill everything and get the treasure, this quest required logical puzzle solving abilities, and as a result was the most satisfying quest I've done. Anyone can level and kill things, not everyone can solve a decent mental challenge. I'll skip over all the other well done things (travel, other dungeon areas, exceptionally friendly player base), and skip to the real reason I decided to write a review: Quests result in every character being identical. Because all the numbers are visible, and because if you just keep doing quests, you can eventually upgrade your stats all the way, every character in the game feels identical. Everyone played the same set of classes, with the same skills, all maxed out. Eventually I simply gave up because it seemed characters were too similar for my liking. Skills should be much harder to get, and it shouldn't be easily possible for a class to get a high score in all the available skills with ease. If MM ever changed the questing system so that it offered no help in progressing with skills and stats, I would be back in this game quick as a flash, but until then, I feel it lacks.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 28, 2003
This game is better than Crack! I just can't get enough.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 27, 2003
This is one of the best games I've ever played online. Everyone should come and join us. Meet new friends and have alot of fun.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 7, 2003
I been playing this game for yrs and i love it. the game is positively the most addictive thing i have ever done... i tried to quit a year ago due to immortal player disagreement (immortals can be asses in this game) just to find my self kicking my own ass for deleting my 60/240 which is real high.... but O'well start over i will... the game is fun but if u do play plz! save all judgements untill after u get out of lasler!? which is the newbie Town...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 5, 2003
The game is great, awesome, most people do complain bitch and whine like skitari said but in the end they are the 1's playing it and enjoying every min of it! i suggest you play and donate get your spell-delivery and aura make 1 of those popular class path/race'd char and start owning maxxed out archons!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 4, 2003
Excellent game and easy to pick up on. Not all the skills and spells are currently in use but it is interesting to see what they are working on or plan on implementing in the future. A lot of features here that I haven't seen elsewhere, ships, pets, homes, and a complete variety of quests to keep you busy even when you don't feel like doing the old hack n' slash. Try it out for yourself but save your judgements until you are atleast level 10 and leave the novice zone.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 29, 2003
i have being playing mm for a few months now and i love it! so much to do and so many people to talk to, kill, form up with, always something to do. as you progress into the game and get higher you may be asked to join a clan which is nice :) a lot of fun to be had in clans as you help allies and slay your enemies! such a great game!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 25, 2003
Hi there, I have been playing Materia Magica on and off for a few of years now. I think the thing that I like the most about it is the fact that it is constantly being improved. It is not just new areas, it is also improvements to the current areas and new features. It has a lot of mini quests that send you off on journeys to varying parts of the realm and with numerous automated quests that teach you about the game and its areas. I have never had a problem with any of the immortals. While I realize that most are busy, generally if you are polite and send them a tell, they will deal with whatever issue you have. There are player run enterprises that give you access to any of the major continents, and can take you through the maelstrom to a different plane called the underground. This can be a fun way to travel around the world. They usually yell in cities saying they are available. It is not easy, practices are hard to come by and skills and spells do not rise quickly. You can however fully develop a character that suits your personality by picking and choosing the specific skills you wants to use. It is not a roleplaying enforced game, it allows people from all types to play but interesting things happen constantly! You can always find people that you share interest with and join a clan with similar outlooks to your own. Because of its large player base, there is always something happening. There is usually an immortal or guide around that can help you if you get stuck. So even if you are a totally new player to this style (like I was), you can get help! The rules are quite strict. They monitor public channels and prevent people from talking about real world topics on them but there is these chat rooms that can be used to relay from, even when you are in the game world! So you can get a group of friends together and all talk to each other while you play. For free entertainment that you can play anytime of the day or night, I love it. -L-
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 5, 2003
I have been with MM for about 4 years, 3 of them on my main character. I still have a long way to go before I have done all, seen all, and been everywhere. The game is vast, and so are the differences of the players. MM has always had issues with players breaking rules, as have many other muds. But the down side to MM that most rules are not enforced. For those with a knack for breaking rules, this is the game for you. If a complaint is submitted, often there is a 3-4 day wait before your problem is assessed and rejected, if it is responded to at all. The immortals interact with very few players, and those they do tend to get the favoritism treatment. I have witnessed this first hand, and is valid, but as a player there is nothing that can be done but go with the flow. The quest system in the game is currently under an overhaul, as the game is always under constant development, for good or bad. The clan system of this game is very well though out and works better than on any mud I've seen. The economy is for the most part, stable. Compared to most muds, the developers have kept it very bug free, with the occasional slip. The biggest pluses are: There will always be a helpful player to assist when ya need it, you'll always have a new place to explore, a new mob to kill, and you'll experience ther ever constant growth of a hard worked mud. The biggest negs to this mud are: Favoritism, An innefective player help system (Guides) Closed mindedness of the immortals on some very important issues, and of course the half of the player base that gets away with breaking rules and making life hell for the newer players. Short term players: This game is for you Long term players: only a few of you could hack it, the rest would be severely disappointed.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 5, 2003
Materia Magica is a highly addictive game. The majority of players in the game are nice people but there are a few people that try to ruin it for other players(Although I've found this to be the case in most MUD's I've played. The world is immense and most of the areas have a good story line behind them and great room descriptions. New Areas are always in developement and are always fun to explore when released. Nearly anyone can make a good char if you are willing to spend alot of time on it questing(which is rather repetitive and tedious although rewarding). Classes and races are somewhat balanced, most are equals buy a few races do stand above the others and some class paths do quite easily beat others. The are two main drawbacks too MM that I have found: The First issue is PK, PK areas are being reduced in common areas of the game and although most of the new higher level areas consist of alot of PK, the amount of Player vs Player combat has declined over the years. Another problem with PK is the reputation system, although the idea is good with people who PK alot being refferred to as outlaws and people who don't PK at all or those that only kill outlaws being saints. Outlaws are punished with a death time of over 3 times that of saints and to go from a complete outlaw to saint takes 25 weeks RL time with no pking. (I'm am a BIG fan of PK, if you don't like PK than this either wont concern you or you will benefit from it) The second issue concerns Immortal and player relations. This has been an issue in almost all MUD's i've played and MM is no exception. Punishments for breaking the same rules can differ for different players for no apparent reason, other than one player may be a friend of the Immortal in charge. Also there is the matter that some players always seem to solve mysteries of the game alot faster than others due to information leaks. This issue by no means reflects all Immortals(just a select few) but it does dampen the otherwise great experience of MM. Overall I find MM to be the best game I've tried and suggest it to anyone who is looking for a fun, newbie-friendly game to try. P.S. - The compass feature is realy nifty for navigation, all MUD's should have it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 18, 2003
I started playing MM a few years ago by accident because i was bored. I have found this place to be addictive and fun even if i do get pk'ed once in a while. The commands are very simple to learn. As are the citys and surrounding areas if you spend enough time in MM getting to know the place. I know exploring some areas can be dangerous when your new to the game or if you dont know who to trust but there will always be people around who will help and they dont have to just be 'GUIDES or IMMORTALS' all you have to do is ask. Of course some people can be rude, but then they are out numbered by those of us who are not. In addition the in-game help files are extensive and clear. Support sites and clan sites for MM are helpful and varied providing indepth maps, speedwalk and quest infomation to tracking individual players movements and pk skills. The MM site itself supports player profiles where you can create a page for your char and leave comments good or bad on others to an equipment finder and message boards. All i can say is if you plan to just visit then dont be rude. If you intend to play then Alyria will welcome your with open arms and never let you go.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 16, 2003
Materia Magica is a great MUD. The challenges are great and the gameplay exciting. It is very interactive with several websites supporting the game. Admittedly to be a top class player on all levels in the game you will need to donate money to receive special items, however you can also write quests, stories, articles and interviews to obtain 'donation dollars'. It is very newbie friendly and easy to for first timers to learn the ins and out of the game. Overall : 7/10
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2003
i've watched people play alot of games, but this one i had to play myself. i love the idea that you can role play, be whomever you want to be. I feel like it's another life that i live. I really enjoy this game. I would recommend this game to everyone i know, in fact i do. This is one really... as my kids put it.... cool, and "in" game. Thanks for creating this.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2003
I Love MM it is one of my favourite MUDS of all time. The community is really key and I think that is what puts it a step above the others. The people on MM are absolutley the best. I also like the fact that the imms are constantly updating the world with new items quests and areas. I have been palying for quite awhile now and hope to see many new people.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 31, 2003
Materia Magica, wow it seems only a few months ago I was calling it Moongate, but now thats all referred to as 3.2 usually. Right now MM is in version 4. something. By far the best mud created. Many people who play it will bitch,whine,complain, and many other things. But in the end most of them only have good things to say about it so let me hit those key points. I'v yet to play a mud where you have "3" different worlds of exploration within one. In MM you have the Virtual Plane, Underworld, and Faerie Planes. The virtual planes is for everyone. This is the main area on MM. You will find the most cities, pking, shops here. The ship system is wonderful. You can actually buy your own ship and sail around the virtual plane's ocean. The housing system is just as great. To think you can have a house with over 50 rooms! I mean you can build your own city or own dream home for your character. Of course this becomes costly. Another great thing is that with all the towns, not just one town is overcroweded by the massive 250 average player population. Which means there are probably around 750 active players playing the game. When you reach lvl 60 you tend to want to belong to something which is where the clans come into play. With about 65 clans right now, clans are important. Within clans you also get clan halls you can recall to. These can be up to 75 rooms! But it isnt easy. You must root to get such a massive hall. Ok i think thats enough of the virtual plane lets talk a little about the underworld. The underworld is primarly for higher players usually Heros (240) and Archons (241). This underworld can be traveled to in four ways. By boat(player owned),Through hellbent, by a player owned home you can recall to, or with the luck of casting teleport or using a quest item called sirchade ring which randomly teleports you. The underworld contains probably some of the hardest if not the hardest mobs in the game. Of course you will need your friends to help if you plan to get this great gear. The Underworld has about 5 towns and about 3 in development. It is growing everyday. However be careful, you dont want to lose your gear or die! Now the faerie planes is a planar that is homes of the feys and sidhes (two races in Materia Magica) This doesnt have very much gear, maybe 3 or 4 good items but that is about to change very soon. There are about 3 new towns in devoplement and 1 that just came out today, an Inn. You get to the faerie planes three ways. Hellbent, Teleport, or a jasper stone. However if you're a fey or sidhe you can get there by casting a spell called abjure on yourself which brings you to their plane... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2003
Materia Magica is the best mud active in internet. But nothing is perfect, so MM has some few bad points too. The multiclass advance system is very original ( consists in obtain some magic stones that only avaliable in very-few places). But the number of magic stones required is very high! 250 for first mult-class! It can be considered the worst point in this game. Many players that dont have patience to get these stones, stop to play the mud or only play for duels. However, the mud is wonderful. Many skills, spells, quests. Advanced options to play in a formation. A huge world with many cool places to explore. PRETTY seasail system. High role-play! In conclusion: Materia Magica is the best.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2003
I played this mud on the recommendation of the reviews and the fact that it was ranked so highly on this site. Unfortunately, I found the walk-through lacking and very impersonal. Materia Magica is a very humorless game; I was insulted and called a vulgarity when I grouped and asked for help. I had to ask several times before I got a response from a guide. The newbie guides I found confusing and longwinded. Worst of all, the mapping system is barely useable. I'm sorry if my review is not up to snuff. The other mud I have since joined has all the other great things that everyone listed without the impersonality. I wish Materia Magica well in its future.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 15, 2003
This game is great. The administrators listen to player feedback better than any other game ever! Due to this good suggestions get implemented, as well as the HUNDREDS of evolving features of the game. I just bought a boat!@#
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 26, 2003
I've played other muds, some good, some bad. This MUD is simply incredible. It has everything I've ever seen in any other MUD, in a comprehensive, consistent, dynamic, original environment. Some stuff it has is... -player owned boats -player owned houses -player run shops in development -a music system -an alchemical system in development -an herb mixing system -around 75 clans (give or take, depending on economy) -a fully consistent, original, massive history -200 and some spells -nearly 200 multi-use skills A GIGANTTTIIICCCC WORLD! Upwards of 7 million rooms, 20-30 full cities, lots of dungeons, lots of areas in all environments from deserts (lowangen comes to mind) to islands (seahag isle and arcane archipelago come to mind) to mountans (vospire comes to mind) to castles (shadow castle comes to mind, as well as rune, vospire, and decara castles).... there are seriously unexplored areas -- THAT's how big it is! give it a try, whether you're a novice (there are novice areas to acquaint you with the commands and interface and game itself) or a veteran. There is a MEAAAAAAAAANN (very balanced) PK SYSTEM!@# THE BEST MUD EVER!#@()AS=ooo
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 24, 2003
I've played other muds, some good, some bad. This MUD is simply incredible. It has everything I've ever seen in any other MUD, in a comprehensive, consistent, dynamic, original environment. Some stuff it has is... -player owned boats -player owned houses -player run shops in development -a music system -an alchemical system in development -an herb mixing system -around 75 clans (give or take, depending on economy) -a fully consistent, original, massive history -200 and some spells -nearly 200 multi-use skills A GIGANTTTIIICCCC WORLD! Upwards of 7 million rooms, 20-30 full cities, lots of dungeons, lots of areas in all environments from deserts (lowangen comes to mind) to islands (seahag isle and arcane archipelago come to mind) to mountans (vospire comes to mind) to castles (shadow castle comes to mind, as well as rune, vospire, and decara castles).... there are seriously unexplored areas -- THAT's how big it is! give it a try, whether you're a novice (there are novice areas to acquaint you with the commands and interface and game itself) or a veteran. There is a MEAAAAAAAAANN (very balanced) PK SYSTEM!@# THE BEST MUD EVER!#@()AS=ooo
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 24, 2003
This game is the best game I've ever played. It's so big that you seriously CAN'T explore every area in it in a year!@ hundreds of multi-use skills and spells make traveling and interacting really really fun. it's just so awesome. the COMPASS rocks! rah rah, my character just joined a clan but i have to get to work because we're taxed this month!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 19, 2003
I've played this game for quite some time now, and the more i keep playing the more i get sucked in! This highly addictive mud is completly FREE! Players from around the world can join this game from the Java Telnet applet located on the website. Friendly guide staff and immortals are always there for your gaming questions. This MUD is byfar the best MUD in exsistance. Complete with full ANSII colour, completly free, this game has no competitor.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 16, 2003
Materiamagica has been what my friends refer to as, 'the game'. I've spent much of the last 3 years playing it and through it have befriended many people. What makes materiamagica so good isn't just the game play. Its the people. There is enough strife to keep the game 'competitive' And enough elbow room to become fast and reliable friends. The game play is outstanding though. There is very little in game that you cannot figure out for yourself via help files or hint channels. The novice town of Lasler is built to lead a new person into the game with the least amount of trouble. Player Guides make it even easier if you have a problem with game syntax or just class help. Truely helpful individuals. Politics do come into play as you become more involved. But that is what you can expect when you have groups of people (clans) interacting with one another. Very interactive world. I've never played a game quite so well put together. It has had about 9 years to get its act together so the areas are well thought out and meant to challenge a person mentally as well as testing your charachters prowess. so rah. quest on. Niax Rhasu
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 14, 2003
In a world where all muds declare how 'newbie friendly' they are it is nice to finally find one that is good to its word. The mud features an optional newbie tutorial that is very handy. Go through it and you get your starting money. Once you are ready, you can go through a whole newbie world. Very easy to follow, yet challenging enough to keep interest high. The players online at any given time starts at 150 and goes up. They have a balance of high level characters to the low level characters which is an added bonus. This mud features automated quests in a way I have never seen before and it is very refreshing. You can quest as you like but will find you can only quest so many times in a certain time period. The world is huge but they have quests remain within a certain section so you won't find you are running all over the world trying to finish your quests. The addition of more than one quest master helps with the area you start with also. The skills, classes and races have been carefully thought through and are very well balanced. One of my favorite features is how the room descriptions and mapping is handled. Very unigque and very easily understood. Many of the player are nice if approached in the appropriate manner. You will also find your rude and obnoxious players, as is common with any muds. They have "guides" which are very polite and helpful. These "guides" are about the same as a newbie helper. They multi system has been perfected and is easy to use and understand. The only thing I have found that doesn't meet my expectations is the amount of actual role-play involved with the game. People can make ridiculous names and in no way have I met anyone that was willing to role-play. When I have attempted role-playing, it is laughed at mercilessly. Over all I would higjly recommend this mud to anyone that isn't highly into roleplay and are just looking for a good time to be had. Be prepared to learn and with that learning, earn great rewards. Thank you, Edra "Have you hugged your Guide today?"
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 12, 2003
Honestly, this game seems 'just right'. There isn't a huge economic and theological system, but it's still elaborate enough to maintain individuality. Many MUDS build on detal. "Better religions! Better economies!" I'll tell you, though, if I wanted an elaborate economy, I'd take a business course, if I wanted to learn theology, I'd go take a religious course. It's a fantasy realm, and fantasy is what this MUD demonstrates. The compass is definitely an awesome feature. I hate having to read just for directions. PK is restricted in a very good fashion (There's PK where you die, and you don't spend time dead, a PK where you die and you do spend time, and a PK where you lose your stuff.) One problem I've seen is sometimes the immortals tend to shut suggestions out that can be very good. The gameplay, however, is awesome, and the display is as well. Colors are by no means flooded, but there are enough to further express a few things within the game. So yeah, good game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 12, 2003
I'll start out by saying that what originally hooked me on this game was the compass. I had tried one or two muds before this one and couldnt stand the "Exits: North blah blah blah" crap. Probably the most impressive aspect of this game is the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to get a good character. To all these people who complain about having thousands of hours logged, sitting in social, whining and complaining do NOTHING to enhance a character. The worst aspect of this game...Probably the fact that immortals rarely listen to those with quality sugjestions. Random things keep popping up that dont do much to enhance the playability of MM yet most of the good sugjestions remain ignored. I'll give props to Vassago, he deserves a whole crud ton of credit but ignoring a large amount of the player base doesnt help. Even though i complain quite often about what happens in the game, it's still the best thing out there hands down. MM4LifeFoo
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 11, 2003
Materia Magica is hands down the best free MUD on the net today. An enormous world, a generally friendly population and a well thought out class and combat system all contribute to the experience. While MM had its problems, as all games do, it still remains head and shoulders above every other free MUD out there (and probably most paid ones too, althought I wouldn't know). It's difficult to say enough about the positives to this game. I first decided to give MM a try when I logged on and was immensely pleased by the color scheme (don't you hate those MUDs that torture your eyes with neon or overly dark text?), and I've been there ever since. Give it a shot.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 9, 2003
I joined materia magica just after 2001, when i arrived i was flabbergasted and confouded by everything. This was the first mud i had decided to play properly and now, when ever i decide to try another mud i always compare it to MM. MM to me is a milestone in mud creations. I am the sort of person who dislikes too much reading, and within 5minutes i had set up a fully operative character and joined a novice clan. regardless of it size it does have an immense back catalogue/manual of help available to anyone, you can even type help and it will find the closest written to it for you. This game although has such a special focus on socialness though that you can ask anyone for help and they will privelige you with their experience, i mean i never read the manual for this mud and now know nearly all of the fundamentals, controls basic and intermediate (in my opinion). There are many cities such as Rune, which represent the world of Alyria's elite and the back-dodgy alleys of Sigil. But after a while this reminded me of a phrase i heard in the Matrix. "I dont seen numbers and letters, i see blonde, brunette, red head." but in this case, i see people, streets, magics and homes. there is such an aura to this game, socially atmospherically and intelligently. No matter what aspect you wish to play be it a Roleplayer, a Player killer, or just a social hog there is always room in the halls and homes of Materia Magica. yes there are quirks with this mud, but doesnt all muds have them? These quirks are usually nothing more than an essential reboot that is performed occassionally, and i stress occasionally, but they are done with such efficiency and swiftness youll be back slaying dragons and orcs in a matter of Minutes. Compared to the other muds i have played, none can compare so far to MM. The unique compass, color-system, the whole thing makes it a Wonder to the visitors, a massive expanse of exploration the the New People, and a lifelong home for the well-reknowned. Many people have been on here since it was first created in 1997, and have even said they wouldnt dare leave. Its their dedication, and caring of the newer members that make the world of Alyria the only place to be. I was Dwyn Geldrin, happily to have brought you this review. And remember, look before you judge! :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 8, 2003
A massive family. Very social, always on the move. Extremely dynamic. Humungous. Whether you're a social butterfly or a complete loner, whether you are looking for fun, RP, hack and slash, or an exploration experience, this is the place for you. Very accepting of newbies, there are 5-10 GUIDEs that help new players (or old) out with questions.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 7, 2003
This game kicks major arse. With over 300 socials, a dedicated chat area, millions of rooms of virtual map, a directional compass, hundreds of areas, and awesome dedicated people, it is the best out there! CHECK IT OUT!:>
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 6, 2003
As far as MUDs go, this one is superior. Completely original, it is MASSIVE and COMPREHENSIVE. Check it out.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 5, 2003
I've finally found a game to keep me interested! This isn't one of those 'top out your character's abilities in a week' type of games. Yes, it takes time to develop a good character, but it makes me feel like i've accomplished something. There's always something to do here, be it questing, exploring, bashing some mobs, roleplaying, _sailing_, solving riddles to find special rewards called "marks", and on and on.... And then of course we have the clans, cabals, orders, cults, covens, etc...groupings of like minded folk, that like to chat, group hunt for eq, or whatnot. Now for a negative or two (only fair right?)... If i have to come up with one negative thing, i'd have to go with the slow character devopment. But that's just because i'm used to the ones that let you rise to the top and quickly lose interest. All in all, it's a very deep and enjoyable world, that i would recommend to anyone.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 4, 2003
Materia Magica is the single best game I've ever played. I have clocked thousands of hours and many years, and still haven't explored everywhere. It's a massive world, and there are hundreds of thousands of items and hundreds of thousands of enemies! Truly a new way to MUD
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 4, 2003
ok....ive played this mud for a bout a year..and one thing that is definate is that there is a variety of players online. Some range from angry adolescents with the power hungry motto and no roleplay ability to the mature role players that muds advertise..also always stay on the good side of the immortals and their friends..after all if u get on their bad side once..or speak on behalf of one who has...ur character suffers many grievious tones of what do you want to no answers during a do i know..because ive owned more than one player..and tried this out.. the classes are magnificient in my eyes..i love the variety that there is..but there is always room for more..and races thats is pretty an avid dungeons and dragons races to me seem to be in need but hey...the more the merrier.. all in all i play mm because its the only form of wasting time that i can find..and i find it challenging..i travel alone mostly because people like to pk unsuspecting newbies...and because other people like to get personal. the few "friends" i have in materia magica..well that is what they are few..but they are the ones who helped me realize that despite all the bad roleplayers..and the bad "children" whom like to take advantage of a newbie...there are those who do stand up more for you than than ive seen guides and immortals do..also....dont get vassago will definately lose ur character...its been done...he works hard to make mm a fun and enjoyable mud for all users...and i think that he succeeds with what he has to work with...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 2, 2003
Ok, I just started this to see how on earth something could beat Dragon Realms(shameless plug). So far I'm not exactly thrilled. This is what I've noticed: Just from reading the referances: Has 3(and exotic) forms of damage: slice, puncture and impact. This is a good thing, as variety is the spice of life. Magic looks to be VERY interesting, and quite unique as far as MUDs go, requiring items to use magic and such. Unfortunatly, aside from those two points, the game playes quite a bit like Avatar and most other MUDs like it. The same "Train wisdom and intelligence like a goblin on samatak for practices" strategy applies here as most other MUDs, as well as the same practice system. Now keep in mind, I'm speaking of the bare essentials here, as a person who's played this game for roughly 10 minutes. So I can't comment on anything other than what's allowed of a level 1 player. Steel.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 1, 2003
Ok, where to begin. This may take awhile. Ok, im probaly the most HATED person in this game, do i care? Not really. it's kinda hard to get stuff/go places/ get help. In-all i think i have about 20 friends. most people i've known from the start, This is the first mud i everplayed, during my stay here i've tryed a few others, they suck. I've played Moongate/Materia Magica since about november 1998, i never got all this "help" you people are constantly talking about. but hell, im refused alota things. Over time, you find out players have immortals and who there mortals are. 1 for example. Loged on my char and stole all my equipment from my 'Archon' tho the imms said he didnt, i know for fact he did, when he admited it. Recently there was a crash in mm, i lost something that is valued with a large sum of MM's currency "gold" not replaced. oo well, the game is 'sorta' balanced many disadvantages to the game. The benefits of this game are. --------------------------------- The Vmap, very nice for travel. The fact that if you have 80 dollars your charcter may stand a chance. The class/race/multiclass system's. Very cool. Being a Archon. Good times indeed. Quest, The items, Practices, all the rewards. Lot's of items/areas. Pee-kay system! kinda fun, off-balanced tho. DISADVANTAGES ------------------- Prolly everything. The fact that $80.00 U.S can get you 'balanced' The players are sometimes assholes. i mean real assholes, as i've said before, im the most hated person in the game, im most untreated. The fact that you can play (ill stretch this) THOUSANDS of hours and still have a sucky char is very un-cool. ----- My archon's page looks like this. Player Information for: Gorvan? Hours Played: 3,844 Age: 19 years (Born 4/14/1405) Class Level: 70 Total Level: 241 Race: dwarf Gender: male Class: archon Alignment: 996 (angelic) Hit Points: 605/2341 Practices: 3 Spell Points: 137/2041 Quest Points: 1,987 (1024 quests) Stamina: 792/1707 Reputation: -82 (Outlaw) Strength: ??/22 Vitality: ??/25 Knowledge: ??/20 Luck: ??/22 Wisdom: ??/22 Courage: ??/24 Agility: ??/20 Sanity: ??/24 Personality: ??/20 Spell Complexity Comprehension: 100% Proficiency Complexity Comprehension: Wea: 100% Def: 100% Com: 100% Tek: 100% Mys: 100% * You have 11,367 archon points and need 708 to advance. * You have killed 25,282 creatures and 588 players in combat. * You have been killed 382 times, 400 in player kill combat. * You have defeated 107 players and lost 133 times in arena combat. * You are carrying 0 items weighing 7 stones and 31 pebbles. * You will flee from combat if your hit points drop below 0. ---- You will notice he has an excess of 3,800 hours. and still cant kill some of the lvl 240's, unbalanced? you decide. Some will say it's skill. just ignore them. Within this game i've had alota money spent. ill name it and the prices. Spectral aura, (Gives 9 AR 100HP 75 sp/st) it last for year... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 1, 2003
Materia Magica is simply the best MUD out there. ---- >---- -ALL ORIGINAL -FREE -MASSIVE AND EXTENSIVE CLASS SYSTEM WORLD ITEMS ENEMIES (MOBILES) AREA -INERACTVE -NEWBIE FRIENDLY Start off in Lasler, where you buy armor and practice your initial skills and spells. Take the trial, recovering the three leaves: digging in the graveyard for one, stealing another from an insane gypsy, and traveling deep into the dark, dank Ghering caverns for the last. Continue the trial by passing through a shrouded forest, passing dryads who may or may not help you. Finally evade a dragon, stealing his loot. Answer a riddle, jettison your mount--and fight. Get a mark (reward) at the end. This is all before level 10, of the possible 240 levels. (Not to mention the elite ARCHON MAGE class that is reached by completing the 9 levels of the Dungeon of Arbaces, under the 16 various-pk, mazy levels of crazy Lord Bloodbane's Proving Grounds, on Irda Isle.) It is one mark of the possible 50+. VERY newbie friendly, always someone on to answer any question. ------------------------------------------ If you are looking for a MUD that is the best, something that you can get into, and something on the cutting edge of gaming, THIS IS THE MUD FOR YOU!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 31, 2003
Simply Amazing. MASSIVE (over 8 MILLION rooms) 200+ unique, massive areas constant new areas 3 giGANTIC planes: faerie plane great alyrian underground overworld (alyria) REALIZED BALANCES CHARACTER SYSTEM 4-tiered multiclassing system 240 possible levels +ARCHON class (infinite, atm) religions/gods 200+ spells 100+ skills QUESTS 1000s of unique, level-based quests quest for items, practice points, gold CLANS aka guilds 75 or so constantly evoloving clans if you dont like the clans MAKE one!@# OWN YOUR OWN STUFF BUY A HOUSE! design it! decorate it! hang a picture, put a closet, a bed!@# BUY A BOAT! name it, navigate it maintain its hull make it legendary soon BUY A SHOP run it, sell items, etc constant player->admin interaction makes the game exactly what you like. Within hours of a suggestion on the Materia Magica message boards, it could be (and has been) implemented. This is just a simply amazing game. (use port 4000, 9000, 6666, or 23 also large MM communities: many others...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 29, 2003
A very thought through, thorough, "rpg-able", versitle MUD. A big w00p to the programmers and immortals for all their hard work. A great thanks to Vassago for kepping it free and continually expanding!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 29, 2003
Well..uhh..umm...i've been playing for about a year now...I came across Materia Magica (moon gate at the time) way back in 1996..tried it..didn't think too much of it since it was new and not so instresting with the amount of people..just last year my friend came up to me and asked the question that has probably impacted my life more then anything else since then "Hey! you play Materia Magica?" i should have walked away..but..i didn't..i responded.. " I?" and WHAM!...all day he is telling me about how great this game is. SO hey..why not try it out. Almost immediatly i reconized it..but all was not as it seemed. It had changed..instead of the few people juts questing all day it became about 300+ people average...although most quested alot still, but they had added the wonderous quest limit (5 max for about 10 hours, not sure exact time), there was alot more help in the newbie town to help me on my way, alot more help files, and just thougsands of things i can't even keep track of.. Now it has become so incredably addictive i can't stop playing it..when i'm not questing or leveling or even practicing my skills to perfection..i'm standing in townsquare chatting with clannies or sailing the world in my Coaster The Interloper. What atracted me most to this game was the little compass thingy for each more typing exits or reading the white below white (exists: south, east) No matter what time there will always be someone to help you and someone trying to kill you. With other MUDs i have played i could care less about entering a player vs. player zone with the only about 30 people online..but with 300 you gotta think twice about entering PK, you can't even trust what you see at night..a shape shifted fey could be lurking in the next room dagger in hand ready to jump you. Inconvient at times..but it's the way it should be. It is also the largest i have ever seen..over 8million unique rooms...4 large continents, hundreds of small islands, over 8 large main cities and a bundle of smaller ones, 3 planes of existance, an arena, player sponsered tournaments every couple of months, Ships to navigate the sea..can't afford a problem just take the friendly transport ship The Merdraco that stops at all major ports, or even the Iron worm if your in a hurry, like a specific town alot? a house there!...There is juts countless things to do on MM..and every morning i wake up and go..i'll go outside today, juts to find myself glued to my chair playing Materia Magica. If you like MUDs, or want to start, i highly recomend atleast trying this one, you may find yourself in my position be warned!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 28, 2003
Wow. Where do I start? About 5 years ago I was surfing the internet for something to do because I was bored out of my mind. I wanted something different than the usual first-person shooters I had been playing non-stop. I thought back to a time when I saw my cousin playing this weird text game and I had asked her what it was. She told me a little about it and I thought boy, you really have to have a good imagination to enjoy something like that. Well anyways I decided I would try the game that she showed me. I logged in and read all the directions. I got into the game and I was stuck. I didn't know what to do next or how to move or anything. Heh, I thought man this isn't doing it for me. I quickly x'ed out of the game. I decided to check on some other rpg's that were available. I came across the site Materia Magica. This looks interesting I thought. Maybe I'll try it out. I logged in and everything was explained clearly to me. I got into it right away. Bam. I was hooked for hours. I couldn't stop, it was so much fun. 5 years strong and I'm still addicted. I'm having the time of my life! The world is completely customized and the world practically changes every week. The implementors listen to the players and the players actually steer the game for the most part. Normally when you reach 240 in an rpg, that's it nothing else can be done. Congratulations you have just one the game. But not in Materia Magica. There is actually a class above and beyond 240. The most skilled players reach Archon level at 241 by taking a challenging Archon quest. What an experience it is! I reccommend this game to everyone you will not be dissapointed it's just brilliant all the things that are implemented. After playing this game you'll never be the same =)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 28, 2003
I've been playing Materia Magica (Moongate Online as it used to be known) since September 1996. As one of the older people on the game, I've seen people come, and people go. As with every game, there are some people who seem to insist that everybody but them is cheating, as well as getting upset with people in the game over some trivial matter, like being killed, and then doing something stupid, such as going online and writing a bad review for this game. ;) I'll be one of the first people to tell you that Materia Magica is one of the most addicting games out there. Every character level one can get is supported with equipment, and knowledge about where to level and what to kill. With several new features destined to come out sometime in the next year, such as Archon Classes, and Clan Towneships, work on Materia Magica never stops. Oh, Archons are the 'Avatars' of the game. The highest level possible. There are a total of 181 Archon levels to try and get. Throughout all of its existance, Vassago, and his co-Admin Darkstar, have been in charge of MM/MG, and it's grown well under their care. I, personally, don't plan on leaving anytime soon, even after 6 and a half years. I encourage others to come and try it at once, for once is all that's needed before you're hooked by its immersive system.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 28, 2003
A lot of work has gone into making the world of Materia Magica a great place to play. I'm a three year veteran of the game and there is still plenty for me to do. In the main world alone there are four large continents, and there is an underground world and a third realm for those who are experienced and have the desire to explore. Characters have the option of several different races and classes, and as a character progresses they gain the skills and spells out of four different groups of classes, and a fifth bonus class for those who wish to advance even further. The world is continually being updated with new areas for people of all levels to enjoy, and features are always being added to keep the game fresh and interesting. This game has been around for a long time, and once you get involved you can see for yourself that it's a very intricate and involved world.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 27, 2003
Materia Magica is the single largest, most developed MUD I have ever seen, let alone played. I'm a 3 year vet and STILL haven't explored its world of over 7 million unique rooms. It is truly a sight to be seen. Check it out:>
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 27, 2003 ports 23, 4000, 6666, 9000 Materia Magica is the BEST MUD. Its world is the largest, comprising over -----8 million rooms----... yes, that is 8,000,000 unique rooms interconnecting to form the best most fully developed mud world ever. fully-developed PLANES: Overworld Underworld Faerie Plane features include: ~a 4-tiered multiclassing system over 200 spells over 100 skills a 5th optional archon class ~WONDERFUL, developed, balanced PK (PvP) system ~fully developed religions ~200 fully developed zones ~240 normal levels to pass ~average online... 200-300 the world is large enough to accomodate this number ~over 300 socials (emotes) ~constant development ~"global" quests every holiday ~thousands of quests dungeons, volcanos, townes, underwater areas, areas in the sky, towers, islands, jungles, anything you can think of!@# ~12 fully developed races, and as many classes!@# making for thousands of combinations, each with their pros and cons! ~ boating, etc. you name it, we have it! ----------------------------------- unique features that make MM stand out: ~ASCII COMPASS!@# (no typing "exits") ~ASCII VMAP! MmMmMmm -------- JUST PLAY THE GAME:> It's the best!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 27, 2003
This game is awesome! There is so much to do and so much to learn within the game. There are quests, equipment runs, discovering "marks", new areas, player killing, etc. Lots of roleplaying, detailed character outlines, and the website has everything you could want including forums for posting any kind of information as well as player registries and so forth.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 26, 2003
MASSIVE! FULLY DEVLEOPED! FREE! THE BEST OUT THERE! Materia Magica is the best MUD I've ever seen, let alone played. Its world is the largest out there, consisting of over EIGHT MILLION unique rooms. Its cohesive religion, class, economy, and shipping systems make playing an experience! 24 hour player support, a novice town, and immense help files make beginning the game very easy. Characters may reach archon status, after reaching level 240, and experiencing 4 fully-realized classes, and fight off the evil archon hunters that palgue Alyria! A tightly-knit admin-player relationship allows players to steer the game in whatever direction they want. Popular suggestions take mere days until implementation. THIS MUD HAS EVERY THING ANY OTHER HAS, AND MORE.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 23, 2003
Materia Magica is the greatest concoction ever assembled between a man and his text, and anyone who dares defy this claim is an arant fool. End of story.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 31, 2002
all I have to say is that i have played every mud that has hit the top 20 chart for the last 2 years and materia magica is the only one that is all original and fun. the game has very helpfull immortals and the possabilty of being one your self. it is a promising game. THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME THAT I HAVE EVER PLAYED THIS GAME SHOULD BE TOP 5 AT LEAST
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 22, 2002
the mud was nice. large world, varied races/classes. and the player base was great. only problem i had was the "Immortals" of the game seemed to punish the innocent and leaave the cheaters alone
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 11, 2002
I have been playing for about 3 wks and this is one of the best MUD's I have ever played. Consistent development. Cooperative players . . . and a HUGE world.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 10, 2002
This mud is the best ever Dracons rule aaron
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 1, 2002
This game is awesome!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 29, 2002
I have been involved in role-playing games for about 18 years now, some experiences have been good, some fantastic and some I would prefer to leave in the dark recesses of my mind (thank the gods I have a bad memory). Materia Magica has definately been an experience and a journey that I will not forget. My main character has been a work in progress for about 4 years now, she still has a long way to go. Admittedly, I do not play her every day, nor as much as I like but the feeling of accomplishment I get when I reach the next stage, or explore a new area, satisfies me every time. There are ships, that can take you to each of the 4 continents in Alyria but you can also ride them through the maelstrom to the Alyrian Underworld, an complete virtual world of its own, with serveral places for higher level characters to explore. The ships are great fun, complete with your own ship plank command, which you can send unwanted guests to the depths of the seas. Pk is part of the realm, it can be avoided easily but it is usually something that most people get involved in at some stage, though there are some clans that do not enter PK at all. There are tons more things I could tell you about MM, it is probably easier if you come see it for yourself. When you get there, pray if you need any help. There is a bunch of players called guides, who exist just to serve the novice player. Kat Baxter
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 14, 2002
Interesting, pretty, fast, easy, excentric, entertaining...Couple of words that help describe Magica Materia. I've been playing for little over a month now and i must say, they have done an awesome job...Bards actually play their spells, you don't just "cast healing" you have to know the notes...They assist with some of the earlier notes and spells but a lot of the stronger spells you learn and figure out as you grow. Its a very simple and easy mud to work with. You can grow steadily as well as enjoy the sites and cities. Their structure for chatting is a little different than most muds, consisting of a wait time between chats such as 15 seconds or 20 seconds. Their quest system is fantastic, and their npc interaction is beautifully coded. Its not often that you find a mud where the immortals and the coders meticuously comb through their product and make sure that everything meshes and fits nicely. There are remort options which is very nice and the battle for those would like to play pk's is very nice as well. Im proud to say that i think i've found myself a new home. Penn AKA Acen
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 27, 2002
Hi i've played MM for close to 1 year now (my 2nd stint) and i thought i'd just share with you wat i like abt it. Firstly this is a really huge all-original fantasy world with several continents and many clearly-themed towns. I think the size of the world affects how long you're gonna be staying in the game. Obviously the bigger it is, the more places to explore! I'm based in the riverside town of New Riegel which is designed as a haven for Bards. To claim its title of the Venice of MM, there's a quaint canal-front in the southwestern corner of town where there are gondolas plying their trade ard canals and fancy shops selling lotsa interesting stuff. And if i want to get to the town of Lowangen in the cold, far, artic north. I can choose to go by foot (Great North Road) or mounted on a unicorn (my personal fav) or if i have the bucks, take the New Riegel Balloon Service (10k gold pcs). what this means is that no 2 towns are alike and they have very well-defined character, you might find yourself staying in one particular one coz you simply luv it. Besides these interesting towns, there are the normal fare such as countless dungeons, magical towers populated by eccentric mages and mobs, forests with treasures and other exotic places (eg. Atlantis) as well as your wilderness chockfull of beasts. There're even other planes like the faerie plane which i've yet to explore since i have my hands full with the towns on my continent. I've not gotten bored yet; Such is the size of the world of MM. This game's a heaven for RP fans since there's thousands of equipment, weapons, artifacts, reasures to satisfy your urge. One point i feel worthy of special mention is the amt of effort that goes into the design of MM. Take this description of a sword, one of many hundreds in the game: THE ROYAL SWORDMASTER'S SWORD Weapon Level 160 This is the royal swordmaster's sword of Atlantis. God only knows what would happen to you if he found out that you have his weapon. It is truly a magnificent sword. The hilt is made of pure pearl and the blade is constructed of some of the finest steel that you have ever seen. Maybe you should return his sword and beg him for forgiveness. Talk abt a sense of humor=) I know you're prbly not going to pay much attention to the descriptions in the 1000s of items but in my opinion, only a well-thoughtout and designed mud take cares of such nitty-gritties, the sense of humor is a bonus of coz. The npcs in towns eg. townsmen, resident, shoppers etc actually talks to you. Talk abt attention to details. Incidentally, the Angry Citizen likes to slap me and scold me when i walk past it for no gd reason, of coz i always send him to hell for =p... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 21, 2001
I started playing the older version of this game 3 years back and loved it. There was a break of one year when i tried other muds and i have to say that the rest simply can't match MateriaMagica's moongate. Recently I went back to MM and created a new character aka newbie and started playing from grounds up again. The improvements surprised me and i like it even better now. Having seen some muds that lowered their standards through the years, this is no mean feat.This game is constantly upgrading with new places and new features to explore, a lot with players' suggestions. Vassago and friends had done a great job here. And what's more, there are many players who stayed these past years in addition to the newbies and i don't need to say why they did so. MM is that good! I guess there's no way to tell you how good it is here..go try it out and see the difference. =)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 10, 2001
This game is stuning, an emotional rollercoaster with too many loops and turns. This game where roleplaying is encouraged, leads interesting paths. From starting as a "newbie" and eventually clutching this game close and excelling in the art of mudding. There is no other mud goes close to topping this one. The world of alyria has a wonderful site @ which has all the information a moongater will ever need eg (100's of help files, A message board, An equipment information database and much much more) This game is certainly worth a try, you may find it hard to start off, but with previous mudding experience you shall have no trouble. Miowara P.S. If you've had previous mudding experiences HOW COME YOU HAVENT PLAYED THIS ONE!! :->
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 4, 2001
This game kicks some mega ass with 240 levels, 4 available multiclasses, an awesome auction network, thousands of every kind of armor and equipment, marriages, diovorces, and a HUGE world with a city to fit everyones wants and needs.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2001
Materia Magica is a truly amazing MUD to play. Admittedly, i'm a total newbie when it comes to MUDs, as I only really started playing them a few weeks ago, whereas some people have been playing for years, but I fitted right into this one. The ingame interaction works perectly, and the little exit map for each room is truly a godsend. It saves a lot of pointless reading, trying to work out where to go. The quests are fun and imaginative, and for newbies like me the Immortals are very helpful, and you can also enroll in the Novice clan, which is a good idea, because often someone else will know something that you don't. The commands in Materia Magica are thankfully simple to learn. In the last MUD I attempted to play, I was killed by a tabby-cat because I couldnt equip my weapon, and then I had no idea how to get ressurected. I left that one quickly, and discovered Materia Magica. There are simple hints, and easy to access command lists. Materia magica is both an excellent MUD for the newbie like me, or for the more experianced player. it offers a challenge, and contains enough excitement to last years. Well done to the makers!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 24, 2001
After playing Materia Magica for nearly three years I have to say that this game is completely addictive. The world is ever-expanding and the implementors are constantly providing different activities for players such as global quests and an ingame capture the flag arena. With a player base of several hundreds most would think that pure population would become a problem. However, Materia Magica has evolved and expanded to accomodate growing numbers of players. More and more areas are added everytime I look around and more seem to always be in planning. The character class system provides the player with a multitude of combinations to achieve what any gamer wants, to make his or her impact on the game world. My thanks go out to the creator of this game that has provided me with countless hours of entertainment (Not actually true as there is an hour counter for each character).
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 8, 2001
Beautiful! I've been looking at other MUDs over the past few weeks, seeing if I could find a better one anywhere, and I couldn't! Moongate had wonderfully colored outdoor maps, fully developed towns and NPC's, and many many quests, including the fun "global quests". What I like the best, though, is MateriaMagica doesn't have the standard list of exits at the bottom of your screen, but a type of "compass rose" showing you all the directions you can move, all closed doors, and weather the next room will be dark or not. Out of the game world, there is a equipment lookup, an atlas of the world and towns, a "Registery" where you can post bio's and descrptions of your charachter, and message boards for any and all problems, questions, or rants! Moongate also has very helpful and patient Immortals - hats off to Vassago and the crew! By FAR the best MUD/MUSH or whatever I've seen. One you try it, you'll never go back!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 26, 2001
Hi, I'm a fairly low level character from Materia Magica. I have to say that its a high quality game. I've been in other games before, and nothing has come close to MM. Its very fair, and the possibilities are endless in terms of adventure. MM really is limited only by the borders of your imagination.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 11, 2001
In my time I've had a number of computer games published and played many more. It is only recently that I've come across the world of online gaming. However, having discovered MM, you can keep all other gaming genres. You can keep your other MUDs. Nothing compares to MM. From the large number of races and classes to choose from, to the HUGE world, to the Questing & Training system, to the quest items system, to the Multiclassing system, to the interesting donation items, to the Clan system, to the pk system, there is *so* much in this game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 10, 2001
After playing Materia Magica for about five years now I have come to the conclusion that this mud is , and will always be my home for online roleplaying. At first it would seem the game is challenging and that your work does not pay off, but if you simply ask for advice as you go it's very easy to pick up on, and in no time you will have an above average character. A lot of people get turned off to games because they're first character isn't too great. Because of this a player will become frustrated and not paly as much and may even quit. My answer to this is work your way through the game slowly. There is plenty to do for every level range. Clans are another great assest for beginers, because it allows for advanced players to share knowledge even more freely then they would with a stranger, not to mention help you out in other aspects (Equipment, Leveling, Questing). There are always guides and Immortals on to help just in case you can't seem to find any helpful players at the time (I being a guide myself). As for the world of Materia Magica, it is the most extensive I have ever seen. There are areas ranging from mountains to castles to temples to dungeons. All that aside the skill and magic system in the game are top notch, making spellcasting a very important part of the game. Some of the classes have some very exotic spellcasting techniques as well, making for interesting combat. Psionics casting their mental spells silently, adding stealth to magical power, druids using a invocation/evocation system rather then your stander 'Cast Mob' of most systems. Questing is indepth, with a story behind each mission rather then go to point a, kill mob b, recover object c of most other games. Questing allows for truely magnificent advancement of your character in many aspects, as you gain experience gold practice points for skills and quest points to purchase unique and powerful items that can be gotten no other way. The combat system is down right beautiful, with descriptive messages for every aspect. Not only are there different body parts to affect that you can choose through the built in targeting system, but there are also tons of other factors that matter in combat including active defenses, armor class, spells, and simply timing. The game may seem a bit much for a begining mudder, or ever a player who has played a basic rom mud. But once you get into the game it becomes a lot more fun. And there are no shortage of people to help.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 29, 2001
Materia Magica is the best mud I've ever played. Seriously. I've been playing for almost two years now, and it is VERY ADDICTIVE. Sure, it has its player fights, but doesn't every mud have some bickering? The Immortals, or "Imms" are very friendly and will help if you get tricked into being killed, etc. There is a newbie town where you learn how to do everything, and also players, guides, who will help you. This game is huge, with a completely original world, and underworld. It is completely free, though if you wish, you can donate and get sweet items. There's everything yhou could want in a mud, from clans, to player-to-player combat, to regular and global quests (in fact, there is a St. Patrick's day GQ right now). So, if you want a totally fun, addictive, player friendly mud, then Materia Magica is for you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 17, 2001
When they say the most addicting game on the internet i would have to fully agree. I enjoy playing the game a lot and no matter what i always seem to come back for more. The imms do a good job at keeping it fun too. They take care of people who break the rules even if they are immortals themselves. I love this game and probably a little too much it has become a part of my life not one i like to admit about too much cuz you really dont get the women this way but it is a part that will always be there. So if you ever think about trying this game it is fun but beware addiction is just around the corner
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2001
Materia Magica is well organized, colourful and full of helpful players. The website is beautifully designed, with players submitting their own creative works to share will all. The game keeps changing and evolving, and player input is effective, if done politely. Materia Magica is completely free, with no ads running on the website whatsoever. The players support the game, but it is not necessary to donate money to be a good player or to have fun. I believe that Materia Magica is the best text-based online world out there, easy to read and fun!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 31, 2001
I've played this MUD for only about a year or so now, and I must say it is by far the best MUD you will ever play! With a very newbie friendly area. It's very easy to understand, and some of the players there are very friendly. And voulenteer guides help get the job done when immortals are unavailible.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 30, 2001
Materia Magica is the best game that I have come across to date. It has a large player base with usually 100-300 players online at any one time. MM is newbie friendly with an extremely helpful immortal staff and guides who spend most of their time helping new players. It has dozens of areas with over seven million rooms total to explore. There are multiple towns that are over one thousands rooms each where players can get quests, level together or chat. For those that enjoy player killing there are pk clans you can join that allow you to fight people in other pk clans or you can fight in certain rooms that are set for PK. If your looking to start playing MUDs or your a long time players of MUDs stop by MM, it will change the way you look at other online games.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 30, 2001
I found MM about 2 years ago during the MG era and have stuck around through the changes. I really have to say the changes that have been made over the time I've been playing have been thoughtful and really added to the game. Even though a few players can be annoying at times, the imms and other staff do their best to make it an open and enjoyable environment for everyone. Any time I've had any problems I've found an imm, a guide, or another player who was willing to help me out. Basically I think Materia Magica is a great game and that it has a lot to offer any player who is willing to put a little time and effort into it. Its not easy but it is addictive (seems like the most challenging games are). So if you want to have fun and meet some real characters visit Materia Magica. Just be prepared for the desire to stay logged in 24/7 that will follow!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 26, 2001
This is an outstanding hack and slash mud. Any hacker who is looking around would do himself a favor by starting here. The people running this place have identified what needs to be done to achieve their goals and then done it. ACTION - Plenty! Many unique areas with lots of mobs that are fun to fight. Combat is exciting. MAGIC - Complex. Many factors are involved to determine how to build your character. So many options that it would be very difficult to become master of all of them. The magic available to each class is mostly different and appears to require a unique approach to succeed. Those who like magic need to experience this mud. RACES and CLASSES - Meaningful differences. Many options with each class. You chose how to develop your character given the available choices. PK - Absolutely! Thriving. There is no permadeath. Those who want to avoid PK may have some difficulty as it is restricted by area. If PK is not your thing, you must determine if this game will meet your expectations before sinking a lot of time into it. In the newbie region, there is a quest that requires that you go through a PK room. RP - Not much for beginners. However, there may be some available as one advances to a higher level and meets the right people. I did run into a player whose clever use of emotes and aliases demonstrated that he was (or could be) adept at RP. I really did not play enough to make a determination of the RP potential of the mud as a whole. There is no sayto, directional emote, or aliases that accept variables. PLAYERS - Overall, players are more friendly than average for an action-oriented PK-enabled game. There is your occasional antagonistic adolescent. While I was on a quest I was told by one such youngster to leave or I would be PKed until my balls turned blue! At least this lady's(?) discourtesy was matched by her graphic humor. But otherwise players were enjoyable and very helpful. You can count on over a hundred characters online. MEETING PEOPLE - Combat code encourages grouping. People are always asking to form a group. My problem was the if I grouped every opportunity, then I would level too fast to fully explore the Newbie region. Unless you constantly turn down every chance, you will meet experienced players who are starting up new characters. Often these will seek you out again the next day, asking if you want to group or if you need anything or have any questions. You don't have to be Mr. Personality Plus to meet lots of nice people here. The Where command shows the location of others in your region. There are several options to the Who command. These are helpful in a game of this size. NEWBIES - There is a region for new characters, up to level 10. A new character will spend 3 to hours... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 15, 2001
I've been a hardcore player for a little over a year now. This is an awesome mud to play on, the people can be friendly, but watch out for the player killers if you're new at this. I just read a review and someone mentioned poisoned cookies; poison is a spell, and it sounds like someone cast poison on them.. If you had slept you may have regenned a little faster and not died. Like mother used to say, don't eat food from the floor. :p This is the only MUD out there where I've seen a graphical wilds like that, and a rather fast mud at that. There is almost never a time when there is a user count below 100. Akede
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 11, 2001
this is a game with everything but theres one thing wrong with it, if u go trough using the link that u get fot the telnet here because it isnt the same telnet they use sure it supplies the same info but..... its in white backgroung with black writing but the link at materia magica gives u colour and anything you ask for (nearly)after that but then again if u dont want full screen stuff from here then..... its your choice either way anyway back to the game i havent been on it much only about 60 hours on whole and it sems to be fine ...... exept for the tricks like i was after something to eat and i found some cookies how i was i syupposed to know they were poisend and i died and had to stay in etheral void for another 6 mins it can get annoying as well when this part gets stuck up the top (writing) and keeps attracting your atention or when you lose your place (your curser and it turns up somewhere else) etc rldl
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 8, 2001
I've spent a lot of time trying to find that "perfect" game, and I knew right away when I started playing on Materia Magica that it was the perfect MUD. Sure, there are arguements, etc, but every good MUD has those, every good MUD is run without making exceptions for everything and everyone. I've seen some pretty bad games where all someone has to do is ask for something, anything at all, and they get it right off the bat (in this instance I'm talking about extra hp or money, or stuff. cheating, etc). MM is not like this, and is it just terrific. I haven't been playing very long, but I'm addicted already. It's a beautiful, well-made game, I commend Vassago and the rest of the staff for doing a terrific job! A well-run game, I recommend is for anyone and everyone who hasn't joined in on the fun yet! And if you don't understand MUDs, I know that the staff is understanding and helpful. I, myself, already knew a bit how to play, but once I found it I got my friends to join, and they don't know zip about MUDs ( sorry Molly, Brette, Nicole, but it is true, and you know it ;) ), but the staff was friendly and helpful to them and to me when I get lost in their world. It's a huge world, intricately made, but not too terribly big, like some MU*s try to be. Those MU*s aren't very good, because most of the staff doesn't know the whole world's layout, much less a whole town. This game deserves every vote it can get. It it truly a unique, beautiful game unto its very own category. Thank you, Vassago, and everyone on the staff, for making a terrific game! - Samantha/Chantilla
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 5, 2001
Materia Magica is the best RPG mud ever! Vassago (the creator) did a wonderful job creating the world of moongate. In the game my name is zion. This is the most detailed, awesome, cool, etc game ever and you all should give it a try.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 4, 2001
You haven't played a real MUD until you've tried Materia Magica. It's the greatest and most highly adictive game I've ever played. If you're an avid player of several MUDs, then don't play this one, because once you start, you'll never be satisfied with others!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 1, 2001
I've been playing for over 3 years and there's never been a dull moment.. there's always something to do. While I'm not questing I'm killing outlaws that stalk pk rooms looking for a fight, in between I'm fitghting archon hunters left and right so I can gain more experience and level. This world is everchanging, there is a great set of imms working on the mud every minute of every day and night, constantly adding new areas with new items and adjusting the coding to make game more balanced and more enjoyable. This is the only game you'll ever want to play. Also, when I entered the world of MM I had no RPG background, I'd played it all... first person shooters, 3d stradegy, adventure, etc. I still try to play many of the new games that come out... I've mastered Diablo, Diablo 2, Half-Life (and every mod) Quake 1-3, however I keep coming back here, I have more hours in this game than any other game I've ever played in my life. Come, you will not be disappointed!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 21, 2000
I have only been playing for about 9 months, but I can say that this is the best mud that I have played. I cant bare to go a day without playing. There is so many places to explore and all the people are great. I dont think I could ever get bored with MM. If your looking for something new to play, give it a try. If you dont think you have enough time to put into it, give it a couple of weeks, youll be hooked and youll find the time. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 20, 2000
Being a faithful player of Moongate since August 1997, i have seen the game grow, from a peek of "75"!!!! to a peek of over 200! so many users, so many friends, so many lovers. Clan wars. Affairs of the heart. Moongate has changed my life.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 20, 2000
This is an excellent and very addictive mud, its a very vast world, and I suggest everyone try won't be disapointed
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 19, 2000
I have been playing this game daily for the last 2 or so years. It has become almost a vital part of my life. The staff of Immortals lead by Vassago work hard each day to maintain this fun and challengeing mud. There are thousands of things to do and thousands of places to explore - I guarantee you will not be bored. It's a very user-friendly, efficient, well-run game with players from all over the world. It is by far the best MUD on the net.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 18, 2000
Welcome to the world of Materia Magica, where all your role-playing wishes can happen. A widely varied list of classes and race to choose from. Thousands of places to explore and more being added by those hard working Imms. The global quests are challenging and fun. The Guides and Immortals are great. The people of MM are wonderful..yes even the naughty ones. *grin* I was addicted to this mud almost 3 years ago and I don't think I'll ever leave. :P
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 17, 2000
One day I was surfing the web, as often happens when at work and bored, and I came across a mud. Previously I had played a number of offline and online games but had never really heard of such a thing as a mud. Coming from a gaming background, mainly of Ad&D, in the form of visiting a GM ever friday night for the majority of my teenage years, I have always been intruiged with the worlds of fantasy and wizardry. I was searching I believe for +fantasy +games +free and I found a link to zuggsoft, after careful scrolling down the list and attempting connection to a couple of sites, I came across a place, now known as Materia Magica and I was hooked. I think after two years of enjoying and playing this online world I am qualified to say that it has relieved me from my sorry existance on a number of occasions. I guess for the first few weeks I was curious as to why it could hold my attention, the next few months I felt the same, 2 years later I still hold the same curiosity. I have narrowed it down to this... The game is constantly changing, morphing into something that is realistic and fascinating. The challenges are constant and it hold the same addiction that it did for me two years ago. I think when you find such a place it is hard to sum up in a few words, I suggest you try it and see what you think. From helpful immortals and guides to challenging areas and skill devolopement it still captures my intrest two years on. If you do come and see what it is like, I invite you to ask me or any of my clan members for help/guidence. Queen Salion Of Tuath Fiana clan list 1)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 17, 2000
I was introduced to this MUD about 2 years ago now, and have watched it evolve beyond your average hack and slash MUD. While it can be complex for new players, the system of guides and friendly imms (at least the ones I've talked to online have been friendly) makes it easy for even the novice mudder to get around and learn how things works. With a wide array of classes, races, clan types, and quests system (not to mention the regular Global Quests) there truly is somethng for everyone at Materia Magica. If you're looking for a challenge with variety I'd suggest you check it out.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 14, 2000
Materia Magica is by far one of the best games I have encountered on the web. The creator of this IEN, termed by many as "Vass", and the Immortals are constantly adding new equipment and skills/spells. Just this year, many new areas have been added (I can count about five). This unique game also has a good questing and levelling system (you can choose four of thirteen different classes, plus the special Archon class after you have completed your first four), over 70 clans, and many more great features. Materia Magica also has a beautiful web page crammed with useful information. From there, you can access all the help files, view the atlas and maps of cities, contact the Imms, and post on a message board visited frequently by many players from around the world. There is also a FAQ section and a registry section (where players can post information about their characters and about themselves). So, if you are looking for another cool game to play on your free time, (not one of those MUDs that get too small and too boring), Materia Magica is a must-try. (Did I mention, role-playing is encouraged. :P) K.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 31, 2000
This is a great game, so large i havent been everywhere and ive been playing 3 years. U can go up to 4 classes and a special 5th class bonus type, archon, which is new to this version. archon is a endless class since it has so much lvls, all characters are uniq, over 10 races, and 13 different classes! A nice questing system too best ive seen, and a practicing system thats true to how it should be done. Uteo
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 30, 2000