Midnight Sun II
Fantasy-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1991.
Ranked 211st of 627 worlds statistically.
Ranked 87th of 280 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
Voted 39th on TopMUDSites.Com.

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             ...a medieval adventure under a never setting sun.


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Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud. It is an easy place to get started, but also hides a lot of complexity and challenges you may have to face as you grow. Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon. Wander the realms to solve one of the 50+ quests to be found (none of which are required). Ask around to get enlisted into one of the guilds. And last but not least hunt the world to grow as a character and join the famous ranks of our lords and ladies. Midnight Sun believes in a strict seperation between coders and players. When it comes to playing the game and finding your way you...
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Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud. It is an easy place to get started, but also hides a lot of complexity and challenges you may have to face as you grow. Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon. Wander the realms to solve one of the 50+ quests to be found (none of which are required). Ask around to get enlisted into one of the guilds. And last but not least hunt the world to grow as a character and join the famous ranks of our lords and ladies. Midnight Sun believes in a strict seperation between coders and players. When it comes to playing the game and finding your way around you will have to ask advice from your fellow players. For all other issues you may have, feel free to contact any immortal or staff. In general you will find that most people visiting our realms are friendly and willing to help you where they can. We hope to see you there. [1]

  1. TopMUDSites.Com
Although I've written a review before, I feel it is time to write one again, for new feelings and new characteristics have come to light. I went on a mud trying expedition, I tried quite a few, I figured that since people were too busy whining about things, and complaining, that perhaps there was another mud out there for me. I was wrong, really wrong. I tried all sizes, all themes, all codes bases, all different popularity, lets just assume I tried pretty much everthing. However, nothing compared to what I already had. Midnight Sun, can be taken as far as you want to take it. I admit that it times it's been a struggle to level, and takes some deterimination. But Midnight Sun offers such an array of people to talk to, that sometimes I find myself easily distracted and end up talking more than hunting. When I played other muds, there wasn't anybody to talk to, IC or OOC, at least not to the same magnitude, I've formed friendships with some to the point where we talk even outside the MUD.. you can't beat that.. Next, the overwhelming response a newbie gets.. sure.. we kinda throw you into finding things out yourself, but there is ALWAYS a rush of people wanting to help as soon as you enter.. I simply don't get the same feeling when an NPC introduces me to an area, as nice and planned out as it might be.. Areas, I'm lazy, there are so many of not explored, and some I've not even read up on yet ;) .. Midnight Sun grows with you.. you can see and do as little as you like.. or challenge yourself and see as much as you like.. The mud is constantly changing and growing, although there are grumbles from a few players, they would agree that Midnight Sun, is as versatile as they come.. We may not pull as many people in, because we're not as motivated to vote the... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 28, 2004
In years gone by ive frittered away thousands of hours on this highly addictive mud. Within the game players usually join a guild or clan. These vary quite distinctly allowing a wide range of variation in characters. The coding quality is top notch, rooms are well described, quests well thought out and i can honestly say its the most bug-free mud ive played. For people new to muds there is a very good online set of help files with extensive maps and players are generally very friendly indeed. For the more experienced players there are some very tough challenges indeed, though the rewards are high. So, in summary id say that if your looking for a friendly, stable mud with good quests and areas Midnight Sun is well worth a look.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 2, 2004
Midnight Sun is a medieval fantasy mud that's simple to learn yet amazingly complex to play. The basic theme is straightforward and direct: no complex race or class selection, political systems or "one-time only" decisions to be made. A new character is ready to go the moment it's created. MS is based on a guild system, each offering its own unique style of play. The guilds have good depth to them, and place an emphasis on thematic development so that each one "feels" different to play. Changing guilds is always allowed, so any time a player gets the urge to try something new, the option is always available. MS offers a wide variety of playing styles, allowing each user to customize his/her character. Every step of advancement is completely under player control, without any hard requirements on what a given guild forces a player to have. As a result, there are literally limitless small and large variations a player can try in the guild of his/her choice to become exactly the character he/she wants. MS's wide-open gameplay allows players to choose a path best suited to what he/she wants to do. There are plenty of monsters just waiting to be engaged, offering a challenge for players of any level. There's also an extensive list of quests that can be undertaken by players of all levels, offering unique challenges for combat skills and puzzle-solving abilities. However, none of the quests are required to be undertaken; they simply offer another avenue for exploration and character advancement. MS is a "small" mud in population, maintaining a community atmosphere. The players are generally helpful and talkative, and the absence of playerkilling allows everyone to relax and enjoy the game the way they see fit. If you want to become the most powerful player ever, you can. If you'd rather become legendary for your quest-solving prowess, you can do that as well. And if you just want to talk to some interesting people or find out what's the... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 14, 2004
great game. best mud ive ever played. quests are really tough, but really fun. The people are really nice and will help you with any problem you have(except questhint!).
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 3, 2004
I've never been one to quickly pick up on MUDs.. and I've been around to a lot of them.. I've hit most of the current top ten.. and I can honestly say that Midnight Sun is truly remarkable.. and so entiely diffent than any other MUD.. it's not always the big things.. sometimes it's the little things.. for example.. I've always hated movement points.. how it costs to move from room to room.. in Midnight Sun you can move as quick as you want as often as you want with nothing stopping you .. and I who love to more around at my own pace.. not a predestined face take full advantage of this.. movement also never prohibits you from fleeing a room.. letting you kill up until the last possible moment and not die.. and still be able to escape too hard fights.. And the way your health is shown.. in bars of color instead of words.. makes it easier for you to keep track of when your getting in over your head.. I can't expect you to be hooked as soon as you join.. it isn't like most muds.. you have to find the newbie forest on your own.. but a simple tell to anyone and they'll guide you so far and come and find you if you get lost.. these people are rigid and don't look down on you.. I who's incredibly shy can even find friends among this group.. this isn't just a mud.. it's a reality.. a family.. in which all events are shared.. these people are friendly real and have a sense of humor that can make anyone smile.. the rooms are thoughtfully constructed with descriptions that make you feel so part of the environment.. quests for all degrees of knowledge and ability.. how could you not want to at least try? When something gets such wonderful support from all those who stay long enough to experience.. there is no long character making process and you switch... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 22, 2004
Midnight Sun is like a good book that you cannot put down. Whether you are fighting a new opponent in a newly opened area or close to solving a cleverly written quest, you will find yourself becoming completely lost in the game. I started playing Midnight Sun in 1995 and it has never become old. The immortals are attentive and the powerful lords/ladies are very newbie friendly. There are enough guilds and subguilds to fit your or your role-playing personality. I have played other muds and have found MS to be the best. I can say only one bad thing about MS. Once you start, you will not stop. Not only will you lose track of the time in the land of the never setting sun, you will also lose track of time in the real world. And that is just how a good book should be.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 7, 2004
A couple of years ago I was sitting at home, bored as usual. We had a computer in our family, the jinx with that one was that it was locked so you couldn't install any software. After a while I remembered that I had seen some guys playing something they called 'MUD', at the local library where I live. I had close to no idea what it was, except that it was a text-scrolling roleplaying-type game. I thought that I could give it a try, so I gave the old dial-up modem a pat on the back and after a couple of minutes I was searching the web for this 'MUD' thing. The details have faded from memory, but all of a sudden I had found my way into Midnight Sun. I checked out the website, http://midnight-sun.ludd.luth.se:3000/, and later connected to the game itself. And there I was, standing at the square of arrivals. The first thing I saw was a person giving 10000 coins to another person, and I was amazed! I instantly felt that I wanted to be so powerful that I could get my hands on 10000 coins! I studied the help files for a while, finding everything well organized so I had no difficulties learning the basic commands. I ventured northward in the realms in the search for some prey, and found something called 'The newbie forest'. It was filled with various animals and other kills that were suitable for low levels (but ack, beware the goose!). In there I encountered another player, who actually had a sword! I remember it very well, he had a mist sword. We started talking for a bit and I was very curious as to where he had gotten it from. It was then that he told me about the guilds under the neversetting sun. Instantly I knew that in order to gain power and 10000 coins, I had to join one. Tentatively I asked around a bit, and soon I found way... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 7, 2004
Ok, obviously everyone that wants to promote his/her mud through a review is going to say it's the best mud they ever saw. I'm going to skip by that and give an overview of the features of Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun has been around since 1991. Since its inception, it has grown steadily, always expanding, always growing, but the administration has always made sure, that whatever was implemented was of high quality. Because of that, perhaps MS(as we refer to it) has not grown as fast as other muds, who give their coders a more free reign and I mean free as in less control about what they are doing. After 12 years, this has produced nearly 10000 rooms of high quality content. What you won't find in MS, are rooms with no item descriptions. If a room is bare, it doesn't go in. What you won't find are guilds that have about 50-100 guildlevels and only about 15 spells or skills to earn. Every level you earn, you are rewarded with at least 1 skill, and a lot of times more than that. We currently have 6 guilds available: sorcerers, druids, war monks, priests/paladins, lycanthropes and blademasters. Each of these is totally unique. You won't find a druid skill to be the same as a sorcerer skill with another name tagged on it. MS has different hit locations, not just the standard "my WC vs the monsters AC"...no, you get hit in the head and you're not wearing a helmet, you're going to feel it. Midnight Sun has a great party system that for once doesn't let people just sit and earn exp while their big friends are killing. You earn exp if you're in the fight. We have player castles..make it to lord/lady status and you get to buy a house that you can upgrade and decorate to your desire. We have 56!! open quests at the moment. Although you don't need to quest to raise past a certain level, will... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 25, 2003
First of all some basic information: Midnight Sun is medieval fantasy with somewhat classic guilds/classes (sorcerers, druids, priests, lycanthropes, war monks, blademasters) Each guild is very specific in its skills and many of them have some additional subclasses, guild levels or another ways how to be even more unique person. There is party hunt ability, at the rank of lord/lady you can own your house with various improvements. By solving various challenges you can get additional (and permamnent) rewards - bonus channel, accessibility to special areas or global emote for example. Midnight Sun is not pk mud but you can still test your skills in the arena created for it. However what I like most on this game and what is the reason why I have spent almost 8000 hours there is the real atmosphere and something truly magic inside. You can hunt and raise easilly, but you also have to think a lot if you want to get the most from your skills and become the "legend". There is also ultimate freedom of what to do. Midnight Sun offers over 50 "official" quests from the very simple ones to extremely complex. However you never need to solve them to advance further, it's completely up to you. Your total exp is something like quest_exp*combat_exp so solving of the quests will help to your advance (especially if your combat experience is already high) but there is no need to do it if you don't want to. Additionaly to this MS offers dozens of "mini" quests and secrets which usually lead to great rewards. (Btw. note those quotes around the word mini, because some of them are not quite smaller than the "official" ones.) What I like on MS policy is the rule to have as little numbers as possible in the game. You never do 50hp damage, you never wear +10AC armour. Personally I never liked this exact math. In Midnight Sun you must evaluate the items by yourself. Instead of doing xx damage... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 20, 2001
Midnight sun is a MUD, as you might have guessed by the fact that it's featured on this site. I once read a report which divided MUDders into four general categories: achievers, explorers, socializers and killers. Well, for achievers, MS offers a large range of interesting monsters to kill, and we even feature monsters which our highest level players fear to challenge. However, there is plenty to kill for the more faint of heart. For explorers, MS is a quite large MUD (over 9000 rooms, i've heard), with plenty of areas nicely hidden. Don't rest until you've found Fargha ;) After that, still don't rest, there is still plenty to find. For socializers. MS is divided into guilds, and each guild has their own channel to chat over. Altough the chattiness of guilds varies, there is also the possobility to gain more channels to chat over, such as the Mortal Battle channel, and of course the Lord channel for our high-level players. For killers: I'm afraid I might have to disappoint you. MS is a non-PK MUD. We have this thing about being 'player friendly', and don't feel that killing each other is very friendly. However, if for some reason you feel you MUST kill someone, there is a PK arena located somewhere in the realm for those who wish to pit their abilities against another player. Well, that was nice. I think i'll write another review soon, approaching Midnight Sun from another angle. But for now, this is Twilight, signing off.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 11, 2001
Well ive thoroughly enjoyed my involvment in this mud for the last 3 years. It is fairly easy to get started mainly due to the amount of help you are quickly offered but it very challenging for higher levels. The mud offers a wide choice of guilds, from the classics such as paladins and sorcerers to more unusual such as lycanthropes which fight in animal forms and sacrifice their weapons and armour to the goddess. Areas are added to this mud on a very regular basis meaning there is no over crowding..only after stringent quality checking from senior staff. What really makes this mud though is the people here and the atmosphere they generate, as someone said earlier its like a community, i for one have made genuine and lasting friendships through the mud. Give it a try you wont regret it!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 9, 2001
Midnight Sun ROCKS!! I have logged 3700 hours on my character there (targent) and i have enjoyed every minute of it. The quests are good and for the most part solvable *grin* but what really keeps me there as opposed to ther muds i have played is the quality of the people on the mud. Almost every1 is generally friendly and those who arent merely add spice to it. I heartily recommend MS and prolly dont do it justice (course i just got done playing for 12 hours *blush*)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 2, 2001
Midnight Sun ROCKS!! I have logged 3700 hours on my character there (targent) and i have enjoyed every minute of it. The quests are good and for the most part solvable *grin* but what really keeps me there as opposed to ther muds i have played is the quality of the people on the mud. Almost every1 is generally friendly and those who arent merely add spice to it. I heartily recommend MS and prolly dont do it justice (course i just got done playing for 12 hours *blush*)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 1, 2001
This is a really good mud, The quests are pretty good, and if you're a powerplayer you can also have the time of your live. And if you don't want to do quest and are to tired for killing the real things you can talk with the other players, on almost all sorts of things
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 29, 2001
I want everyone to know that this game R-O-C-K-S! No other word can describe it. I started mudding with MS a year ago and didnt have a clue what a mud was. The people there were great! Since then I have had a wonderful time being here at MS and think that all the players is what makes me come back for more. I could go on forever about MS but until you come in and see for yourself i could never tell you enough. So have your popcorn and drink and pull up a chair cause i promise once you log in you will be here awhile :) Happy Hunting to All
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 27, 2001
Well what can i say. I have been playing this mud on and off since 95, and i still keep coming back. Since then its really got big. There are stacks of rooms etc to explore, quests to do (some of which are rock hard, but then again im a bit thick). It has some mad mad monsters. Most of the people are really friendly and good sense of community abounds. Although like any community it takes a while to get into. So try MS, stick around for a while and im sure you will keep coming back for more just like i did.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 27, 2001
Though you can get caught up in some odd discussions, this can be a lot of fun. When I am not working on WoW (the greatest mud) I like to have fun being a player on this mud.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2001
I have been a player at Midnight Sun since 1995. Although I've tried other MUDS, Midnight Sun has been the best. The players are very friendly - almost a family-like atmosphere. When tragedy strikes players in RL ("real life"), the MUD players come together and support them. I have not seen a "sense of community" like MS's at any other MUD. Because of busy RL life, I've had to stop logging onto the MUD, sometimes months or years at a time, but everytime I come back... Well, it's like family. They always welcome back the old folks! So, if you're looking for great play (medieval fantasy) and great friends, come join MS. Nova
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2001
Midnight Sun is the perfect MUD to start playing and keep growing with the people involved in it. You can either enter the game for some action, role playing, try some questing, explore and find new places, or just to enjoy a nice chat with friends. This game evolves and grows with help of the players ideas and the experience of the inmortals. It is an extremely friendly place for all people, and everybody is willing to help new players with or without MUD experience. I have been playing in this game for 3 years and can't get tired of it :) also have made plenty of really good friends in here. Try it, you won't regret it :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2001
Best mud I've ever played - interesting areas and quests; fair admins; friendly players. Somehow this mud doesn't get boring, maybe cause new areas and quests are added from time to time and sometimes things get changed. And mud is non numerical, this also keeps it interesting. I have played it 7 years now and I'll continue.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2001