Fantasy-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1991.
Ranked 414th of 862 worlds statistically.
Ranked 171st of 373 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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  ******  ***** *****             WELCOME TO          *       *                
 **   *  *  ***** *****                              **      ***               
*    *  *   * **  * **                               **       *                
    *  *    *     *     **   ****         ****     ********            ****    
   ** **    *     *      **    ***  *    * **** * ********  ***       *  ***
   ** **    *     *      **     ****    **  ****     **      ***     *    ***
   ** **    *     *      **      **    ****          **       **    **    
   ** **    *     *      **      **      ***         **       **    **         
   ** **    *     **     **      **        ***       **       **    **         
   *  **    *     **     **      **          ***     **       **    **         
      *     *      **    **      **     ****  **     **       **    ***     *  
  ****      *      **     *********    * **** *      **       *** *  *******   
 *  *****           **      **** ***      ****        **       ***    *****    
*     **                          ***                         
*             (O)          *****   ***                                         
   o          <M         *      ****
  /| ......  /:M\--------------------------------------------------------.
  \| ^^^^^^  \:W/--------------------------------------------------------'
   o          <W              Not all those who wander are lost.
              (O)                  - J.R.R. Tolkien
This isn't right.  This isn't even wrong.
-- Wolfgang Pauli, on a colleague's paper
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Completely original mud, now with nearly full Portal client support! Active builders and coders mean new things are being brought online all the time. Choose from 10 guilds/classes for a wide variety of playing styles.
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English [1] [2]

November, 1991 [1]
1992 [2]

Heavily Modified [1]
Custom - forked off LPMud years ago [2]
MudOS [3]

Medieval Fantasy [2]

USA [1] [2]

Server Type:
LP [1]

Many different realm types; mostly but not entirely fantasy-oriented [1]
Non-themed fantasy [2]
Original World Built [3]

One of the oldest MUDs around - founded 1991 - Mystic prides itself on being extremely newbie-friendly. Our players and immortals are great people, and the community is one of the best things about Mystic. Many, but not all, of our realms are fantasy-themed. Players can found their own clans, and are also involved as class guildmasters. Each class has a unique set of skills or spells, and we periodically add more. There are huge areas to explore, and you'll never lack for challenges. We allow registered player killing only. If you like it, have at it! If you don't, you're entirely safe. Not a PK fan, but want to beat on your buddies anyway? There's an arena where you can do battle at no loss of XP. We have MUD-wide team wars as well, where everyone fights and no one loses anything. Come join an extremely newbie-friendly MUD and find adventure, friendship and mystery. Check us out today! [1]
Completely original mud, now with nearly full Portal client support! Active builders and coders mean new things are being brought online all the time. Choose from 10 guilds/classes for a wide variety of playing styles. [2]
More than just a game, Mystic is a community of people from all over the world, exploring an almost endless world of adventure. On Mystic, you'll play a fearless warrior, a powerful mage, a skilled healer, or a member of one of our other exciting guilds . Along with humans, you can choose to play elves, dwarves, and many other races . You'll travel from realm to realm, slaying monsters and solving exciting quests. You'll meet new people and develop your skills within your chosen guild. Eventually, you may join one of our many player-run clans , or even found your own. Over time, you may even become one of Mystic's immortal wizards , who build new realms for other players to discover. See you on Mystic! [3]

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Mystic is a wonderful place and has been in my life for the past 11 years. It's full of adventure, areas to explore and very friendly players. Whether you want to confront dragons, the king of the undead or seek out special quest items and explore the countryside Mystic is the place. Mystic now hosts learned skills that auto- progress as you use them. You can spend experience if you wish, but as I player I have found that to be unneccessary due to the excellent progression algorythms written by our head Gods. There is also war from time to time that allows players to fight each other (Though no experience or anything is lost in a war) and many other features including clans that make Mystic a wonderful and enjoyable place.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jun 5, 2008
There is a lot one can say about Mystic, more than I could write here. The most to be said about Mystic can be found on the MUD itself. As a player and recent addition to the staff of wizards, I have seen Mystic grow in innumerable ways. Every day there is something new that gets thrown into the mix. I have even thrown in a thing here and there. When I started as a player, it was a thrilling experience. A very large world, Mystic had many things to offer and explore. After some time, listening to the local players casual chatting, I compiled a list of legendary creatures, weapons, and quests that I wanted to conquer. I was helplessly addicted. I played for about seven to ten hours a day and a good five days a week. This continued for six years, three of which I focused on one character. After completing the majority of the 'legends' I had set out in mind to gain, I went to the other end of the MUDding spectrum, programming. As a programmer on Mystic, I can safely say that Mystic strives to be one of the cleanest, largest, and most diverse MUD out there. It meets that goal. If you are looking for a MUD that is not only fun, but has near unlimited possibilities that grows at an expontential rate, take Mystic for a spin. You won't be wasting your time. ~Dew - Former/Current Player and Staff Member
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Oct 21, 2005
Mystic, a mud full of high adventure and humor, it's perhaps one of the oldest running muds out there these days and doesnt seem to have any intention of closing its doors anytime soon. It has a little something for everyone and doesn't force anything on anyone. You're a player killer? Great! Register at level 5 and take on Mystics finest from Clan Einsturzende! You just love PVM? That's fine too. With 4 Continents and over 15,000 rooms there are plenty of places to hunt and plenty of different monsters to kill. You just like idle chatter and a friendly enviorment? Then this is the place for you, with arguably one of the friendliest and most helpful player bases i've ever had the pleasure of mudding with, Mystic has plenty of good conversation and ribald humor. Intimidated by starting out fresh on a new MUD? Don't be, the players of Mystic really are some of the friendliest people you're ever likely to find on any game, dont be afraid to ask us for help or ask any question that might pop into your mind . If you're looking for classic sword and sorcery and a friendly environment then stop on by .. we won't bite... much ;)
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Apr 22, 2003