Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 2018.
Ranked 463rd of 785 worlds statistically.
Ranked 206th of 361 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.

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                          O OOOOO             OOOOO O                        
                    OOOOOOOO        w,----,O       OOOOOOO                 
                 OOOOO       O----------Oo -OOO          OOOOO               
              OOOO       O- ,-O-----OOO                     OOOOO            
           OOOOO       O ----------OOO-O                        OOO           
         OOOO        OOOOOOO----O      O              O           OOO        
        OOO         Ow----O-   w                       OOO          OOO      
      OOOO         w-O---,O       -  O oo Ow             O-O         OOO     
     OOO          O--O--O-     OOoowOOwOOOwoOo           Ow-O          OOO   
    OOO          O,---O-O-w  OOowwooOOwO-ow wO           O--O           OOO  
   OOO          O---OOO-w- OOoOoOoow- OOwOwOwoow       O---O             OOO  
   OOO           O--O---OO--OwooowOoO-,   OoOowOoo    O------O           OOO 
  OOO            O-O------w- wwOoooOooO,,  wOo     O--------OOOwO         OOO 
  O O            OwO-------O--wwwoowoOwOO,-     w------OO---O             O O
  O O             wO--------O--OwowwO OooO---O-OOOOw------OO              O O
  O O             OOO-------O---oo O  Owow,,O-O- -O-OO-----O              O O
  OOO               O--------O--OowO  woowO--OO-O--O----OO,--O            OOO
  OOO                OO-----,--woOOOOooooww-O--w---O-----O    w           OOO 
   OOO                OO---  OOOwwooowoowO- OOO-----O--                  OOO 
    OOOO                O--        OOwO-O     -O------O-w              OOOO  
     OOOO               O                      OO---   -O             OOOO   
      OOOO                                      OO-                  OOO     
        OOO                                      OO                 OOO      
          OOO              **=======================**            OOO        
            OOOO           ||  A P O C A L Y P S E  ||         OOOO          
              OOOOO        ||         VI.V          ||       OOOO          
                 OOOOO     **=======================**    OOOOO               
                     OOOO                              OOOO               
                           OOOOO OO  OOOOOO  OO OOOOO   

By what name do you wish to be known? 
We are a fantasy genre MUD with a very active, friendly player base and staff. We are constantly evolving and providing new content. Over 70+ active zones and more coming 14 different classes and 17 races to choose from. Perks that enhance game play. Newbie Scavenger Hunt Quest to get some starting gear and help to explore. Level Based/Class Based Encourage Multiplay (2 characters at a time) Encourage RP
- Grapevine (2024)

English [1]

2018 [1]

Fantasy [1]

United States [1]

CircleMUD - Circle3.1 SunTzu 1.09 [1]

Medieval Fantasy [1]

Introduction: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your interest in the MUD. Our MUD has a fantasy theme, with emphasis on game play rather than strict role play. We began this MUD from GAMMA 0.0, original DikuMUD code, in October 1991. Subsequently there have been major code updates. Modifications to the MUD are shaped by the players themselves, via suggestions and ideas they submit to the implementor. This MUD contains 71 fantasy zones for game play, the majority of which are original works, created by the players themselves, specifically for this MUD. Our average player base is 2000 which is maintained by our own player scrubber. This program eliminates players who do not log on for prolonged periods of time. Our player database is compiled of players from sites all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The current version, Apocalypse 6, was a collaborative effort to add more features, races, classes, and zones. We have a very friendly and helpful staff and player base! Come join our bonus weekends - Bonuses include experience, gold, and damage increases! [1]

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