Unknown-themed MUX (Multi-User eXperience).
Ranked 342nd of 817 worlds statistically.
Ranked 9th of 45 worlds in the Unknown genre statistically.

Db Size:

Players Connected:
1 (41 minutes ago)

Maximum Connected:
15 (last 30 days)


Average Connected:
2 (last 30 days) ▼33%

Minimum Connected:
1 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen
Welcome to TinyMUX
  "connect <name> <password>" connects you to an existing character.
  "connect guest" connects you to a guest account if one is prepared.
  "create <name> <password>" creates a new character.

  "WHO" tells you who is logged in to the game (case sensitive).
  "QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.

  Once logged on, "help" gives help on specific commands, functions, and
  special topics.  Other 'help' commands include "+help" and "news".
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Time Connected Note
41m ago 1 player
1h ago 1 player
2h ago 1 player
3h ago 1 player
4h ago 1 player
5h ago 1 player
6h ago 1 player
7h ago 1 player 2 players left and Oleo is alone
8h ago 3 players
10h ago 3 players
11h ago 3 players Arther connected
12h ago 2 players Cleo connected
13h ago 1 player 2 players left and Oleo is alone
14h ago 3 players Merri connected
15h ago 2 players Arther connected
16h ago 1 player
17h ago 1 player
18h ago 1 player
19h ago 1 player
20h ago 1 player
21h ago 1 player
23h ago 1 player
1d ago 1 player
1d ago 1 player
1d ago 1 player