Social-themed MOO (MUD, Object-Oriented) founded in 1992.
Ranked 441st of 707 worlds statistically.
Ranked 51st of 65 worlds in the Social genre statistically.

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2 (last 30 days)


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1 (last 60 days)

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1 (last 30 days)
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                            RIP, Patrick McGoohan.                             

There's a pair of handcuffs by the bed. They're surrounded by empty Chinese
food cartons, an empty bottle of wine, and two wine glasses. One of the
glasses has fallen over, leaving a red stain on the carpet which slowly
creeps towards the handcuffs.

The alarm clock went off an hour ago, but the room's inhabitants have shut
it off, preferring the warmth of their shared bed to the cold of the real

                       This is OpalMOO.  Welcome to it.                        
                    Wizards: Briar, Opal, Min, Fox, and Lyn                    
                        Number of connected players: 6                         

     +-----------------------------+      To register a character,
     | connect <player> <password> |      log in as a guest
     | connect Guest               |      and type:
     +-----------------------------+            help @request

     Watch out for scrytch's surprisingly grimy vampire with a nightstick.     
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