Sci-Fi-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) founded in 1998.
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DISCLAIMER: OtherSpace isn't an adults-only/whips-and-chains-and-
furries-freakatorium. We're a game meant for players of all types, all 
ages, and all inclinations. We can't be held responsible for the epic
adventures you might experience. We won't accept any blame for the
late nights. You're on your own with any typing-related injuries.

From the creative development team of OtherSpace comes Star Wars: Reach of the Empire, a MUSH that starts a few years before the original Star Wars trilogy and takes the classic space fantasy tale in an entirely new direction.
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Original Theme Science Fiction Space Opera Roleplaying [1]
Star Wars (Three years before Episode IV) [2]
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Star Wars [2]

OtherSpace Website: http://www.jointhesaga.com Telnet: jointhesaga.com 1790 The war with the Zarist Supremacy is at an end. The Orion Confederacy, an alliance built by refugees from the Orion Arm, helped push back against the warmongering of the Zarists and their Nall cohorts within the alien universe of the Ancient Expanse. Now, the depleted Clawed Fist Fleet is on the run, the Opodians of Kamsho have made their peace with the rest of the galaxy, the Thul are doing their best not to be noticed in their grimy corner of the cosmos, and the Kamir-descended Aukami in Multvaros wait, practically defenseless, for the repercussions and retaliation to come. All anyone probably needs is a good excuse. And now they might have one: Captain David Ransom Porter and his team aboard the Minerva reverse-engineered a transuniversal rift drive. Porter shared the design schematics with all worlds in the Ancient Expanse before taking his ship through a space-time rift back to the Orion Arm. The key ingredient for building a rift modulator: Kamir artifacts, which litter the surface of Aukam and other Kamir-influenced worlds. How far will people go in the hopes of scoring riches across the multiverse? And should everyone be so eager to find out what lies beyond those shimmering gashes in space-time? Join the saga and find out! Connect to OtherSpace at Jointhesaga.com:1790. [1]
From the creative development team of OtherSpace comes Star Wars: Reach of the Empire, a MUSH that starts a few years before the original Star Wars trilogy and takes the classic space fantasy tale in an entirely new direction. [2]
Started in 1998, this original-theme space opera was the first of several jointhesaga.com projects and will yield a spinoff - OtherSpace: Millennium - in June 2008. [3]
An original-theme space opera MUSH, created in 1998 and still going strong. While the majority of characters are humanoid, there are several furry-friendly alien races to choose from, including the eagle-like Falari, platypus/kangaroo hybrid Gankri, badger-like Llivori, raccoon-like Lotorians, cat-like Demarians and Lyiri, wolf/fox-like Pyracani, panda-like Opodians, salamander-like Ydahri, iguanadon-like Zangali and bat-like Tupai. [4]
Join the saga! An original science-fantasy theme in an evolving universe where aliens and humans abound with faster-than-light space travel. [5]

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Having been open since 15 years, OtherSpace has long history of unique evolving theme. It is a legend and many roleplaying legends started there. Its space opera theme and game arc can be compared to Star Wars. 1998-2001 are the Original Trilogy. The best story and heroes are here, it had heart. A swashbuckling space opera with dark undertones. Firey rogueish heroines such as N-Sha El and Jestliana unfolded the sinister plot of Hive Minders and Kamir aided by anti-heroes like Falkenberg. A story worth remembering. 2002-2006 is the Old Republic, a reboot with promise. Weaker than Original Trilogy, but faithful to original theme. Un-inspired stories about Athena and wars, is made up for by legendary adventures of rebel Jeff Ryan and larger than life Mika. They carried the plot, the new heroes of a hopeful reboot but once their activity slowed down the reboot began to sink. 2007-2011 is Prequels. This is the worst time for OtherSpace. A bad war story on rails and a lame spinoff called Millenium. Millenium is the screaming Darth Vader of the OtherSpace saga. No stand out characters and no good theme anywhere. The original story shifts to an alternate universe but like the Prequels its trying too hard, to be something its not. 2012 is looking up. The original universe is back, with original theme. Story is improving and the game too. Long time problem players kicked out, pbase growing up. Home run hitters Falkenberg and Mika sometimes show up, a shot in the arm for everyone. Brand new heroes like Leucohyle appear. Its watching remaster of Original Trilogy, not the same as the first time...but almost as good. If you want to play OtherSpace now is the time. Staff is good, pbase mostly active. No annoying buffer breaker poses. Mostly newbie friendly but vets are more impatient than some other Mus. This is a good place if you want original theme.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 6, 2012
I have now been playing on Otherspace for more than 11 years. I don't think there's ever been anything that has held my attention like that in my entire life. That must say something. There have been tremendous changes in the game in the time I have played, both in structure, and in story. What has not changed is the engaging, living stories that are told every day by the staff and players. The possibilities are endless, and the stories epic. My own characters have been involved in hijackings, revolutions, the beginnings of government, and war. I have played politicians and criminals, bottom-feeders and nobles. If you seek a place to kill things and level up, join WoW or some such thing. If you are looking for well-developed storylines, _mostly_ friendly players, and the opportunity to join in the telling of a great story, give us a try. My main character's name is Razorback and I'd be more than willing to answer any questions you have if you stop by, though using the +newbie channel would probably suffice. See you 'round.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 11, 2009
Otherspace, during the four years i've played it, has been through a lot of change. But throughout all of it, it has always succeeded in doing one thing; keeping it fun for the player. Once a new player logs in, he is greeted by both staff and players alike, and asked if they could provide any help or assistance. After a small bio and through chargen, you're on the grid of OS. The players are consistent and friendly and you can near always find roleplay somewhere. The skill system is something I truly think is fair and fun, allowing specialization in certain skills without having someone become super powerful so they can beat on younger players. The staff is always working on improvements, such as the Hspace system, crafting, and much more. I've been playing MUDs for 9 years and I strongly reccommend this game.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2009
I've been at OS:NJ for about a year now, and it's been a thoroughly enjoyable year of great roleplay and great player camaraderie. Originally scheduled to shut down after a ten-year run on June 28th, 2008, OS has just received a new lease on life due to the desire of its players to keep the game going. OS has a lot to offer any serious roleplayer. There's an original sci-fi environment with over a dozen worlds to explore and roleplay on, an original coded space system with player-owned spaceships, and a rich amount of background/theme stored on a wiki approaching 5,000 articles. The entire skill system is about to receive a full overhaul with a new design to encourage specialist characters, but remain class and level-free so the focus is on roleplay, not rollplay. Best of all, there's a dedicated, mature playerbase just looking for new people to bring into the saga as it takes off again. Give OS a try, and you can help be a part of the renaissance of this unique sci-fi MUSH! (And if you prefer fantasy? Don't worry- OS has a sister game called Chiaroscuro with many wonderful features of its own. You can check them -both- out at jointhesaga.com!)
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 7, 2008
After half a year of playing, I feel confident when I say that Otherspace has been one of the most engrosing role-playing environments I've ever played within. From xenophobic humanity to the peaceful Castori, the world of the Orion Arm is as diverse as the characters that play in it. Whether you play a shady rouge, silver-tounged politician, skilled surgeon, or a fearless starship captain: you will find a niche here. If you're looking for strong role-play community comprised of friendly and helpful people, you definately will want to spend some time on Otherspace.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 5, 2006
In a word, fun. That's a short word, sure, but it's a very important one when it comes to games. I've seen some of the best roleplaying I've -ever seen- in the year I've spent on OtherSpace, and it just keeps on getting better. The staff (and actually, the playsers, too) are incredibly friendly and patient, and willing to help out with just about anything you could think of. Whether you usually play the dashing rogue, or the upstanding military officer, or just a run-of-the-mill civilian, OtherSpace has a niche for you! -Anyone- has a chance at becoming part of world-changing events. If that's not your cup of tea, well then there's more than enough chance meetings to go around, with some of the most colorful characters this side of the Orion Arm. I, myself, am looking forward to another year (and another, and another...) at OtherSpace. I'll see you there!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 7, 2006
In a word, fun. That's a short word, sure, but it's a very important one when it comes to games. I've seen some of the best roleplaying I've -ever seen- in the year I've spent on OtherSpace, and it just keeps on getting better. The staff (and actually, the playsers, too) are incredibly friendly and patient, and willing to help out with just about anything you could think of. Whether you usually play the dashing rogue, or the upstanding military officer, or just a civilian, OtherSpace has a niche for you! -Anyone- has a chance at becoming part of world-changing events. If that's not your cup of tea, well then there's more than enough chance meetings to go around, with some of the most colorful characters this side of the Orion Arm. I myself am looking forward to another year (and another, and another...) at OtherSpace. I'll see you there!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 2, 2006
I have been RPing on Otherspace, coming up to my sixth or seventh month. During this time on this MUSH, I have been involved in multiple plot lines, all of which I've enjoyed a great deal. At first, the different commands are hard to get used to. But with helpful admins, and players, it was quickly over come. I'd like to find fault with OtherSpace, but I simply can't. The admins are very helpful, ready to answer any question that a potential player or currently player may have. Be it history of the OS game, or even small questions about the commands used in OS. In my opinion, OS offers something that most MU## would simply fail to offer. That being a place for characters to develop through their player's choices, be it good or bad. It isn't unusual for character's action to end up in the OS news or having impact in the larger OS community. All in all, I'd honestly recommend OS to everyone who's tired of 'hack and slash' and 'PvP' RPs. The action never seems to dull down on OtherSpace, and is simply a remarkable piece of creative work.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 30, 2006
Reach of the Empire has reopened after a roughly 8 month hiatus for a theme reset and some changes to the systems and layout of the game, as well as some restaffing. The biggest changes relate to the theme itself. The current timeline of the game is roughly 1 year prior to A New Hope, the Empire is still at the height of its power and the Rebellion consists of a single stolen Nebulon-B frigate and a relatively small group of dissidents. Like the previous version of the game, the prequels are not considered canon. While the general backstory is similar to that of the prequel trilogy, many of the specific details are different. Possibly the most important change, apart from the resetting of the theme itself is the introduction of the ability to app and play feature characters and pregenerated characters. Previously, feature characters were under admin control for the purpose of furthering arc events, but now the opportunity exists for players to play those characters. Feature characters come with a preset backstory and personality and are expected to be at least somewhat similar to the canon version, but there is still a lot of freedom to influence the evolution of the character and their impact on the world as a whole. As far as factions are concerned there are always opportunities. The Imperial Armed Forces, The Rebellion, The Bothan SpyNet and Defense Force, and at least 1 Hutt organization are active and looking for characters of various types. There are also opportunities for more independent characters, although the effort to establish on-faction characters of various roles is somewhat more involved, since factions obviously supply the character with a set of readily available RP opportunities to exploit and explore. The shortcomings of the game thus far from what I have seen are generally what you would expect from a smaller MUSH. The playerbase is fairly robust, but not large enough that niche type characters are easily supported. As I mentioned certain independent types and niche roles require a lot of effort to establish because there just isn't the character base to support them. The earning system offsets this somewhat, by allowing characters to be employed by a non-player run agency of some kind, but the problem still exists. Also, while the Ospace system is very nice, the cargo system is not in place which likewise limits the profitability of merchant/smuggler types when there aren't enough characters buying and selling goods.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 21, 2006
Simply put, if you love role playing, Otherspace is the perfect MUSH for you. Finding entertaining and rewarding role play is easy on Otherspace, because creating RP is always the first priority for its staff and players. Otherspace's original sci-fi theme is brilliantly written, and it comes to life thanks to the efforts of talented, creative, and dedicated administrators and players. Otherspace founder Wes Platt has created an exciting, dynamic world full of war, intrigue, and adventure, one that supports some remarkable RP. Otherspace also features a number of ingenious coded systems, designed to enhance its already stellar role play opportunities. Spaceflight, skills, economy, inventory... all these systems have been brilliantly coded in a way that stimulates role play without bogging the player down with too many commands. Otherspace also excels at providing a wide variety of role playing opportunities. On Otherspace, there are opportunities for any kind of roleplay you desire, from military to political to medical to freestyle adventure. Staffers will be there every step of the way to make sure you have something to keep you engaged, and like-minded players will always be around to elaborate on whatever you do. There's hardly ever a dull moment on Otherspace. Sound interesting? It is! So come and check out one of the best role playing experiences on the web. Information on Otherspace, and other games by creator Wes Platt, can be found on his website at: www.jointhesaga.com
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 17, 2006
A solid, engaging Mu*. I first wandered in around december 2004, and remember not being immediatly drawn in, almost overwhelmed by the complexity of the story. I flittered around for a few months, and then, I seem to have found my groove. The storyline is simple, a culmination of many of Science Fiction's quirks, given a Space Opera flair through the use of wide, galaxy-shaking events known as arcs, and the welcoming home feeling of steady, solid roleplay from a cast of players that are dedicated, amusing, and simply enjoyable to be around. The staff is amazing, you can almost always find someone on, willing to help when and how they can, and most can help plenty. Reasonable suggestions get reasonable responses, and so far, have seen little changes in that regard. Several systems are set in, most to assist in roleplay, instead of get in it's way. A streamlined +trade system, OSpace ship stuff, comms, stuff like that. Helpful, but not necessary to enjoy yourself. The strength of the Mu* though, is the aforementioned players and staff's ability to create events without falling into Endless Loop syndrome, trying to top themselves, falling into mediocrity in the process. They keep a complex story complex, but not so much that it's foundation breaks apart underneath it. Come try it out, take a look, and If you give it a chance.. you won't be disappointed. I know I haven't.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 6, 2005
After playing H&S muds for 4 years you begin to wonder if there are text-based games that aren't completely about slaughtering large groups of . You wonder if there are things such as politics and realistic social positions where you can actually make a difference throughout the entire game without needing to bash your way through with a bloodied mace. One day I was introduced to OtherSpace and I found all that and more. Unlike other text-based games, Wes Platt's OtherSpace has: -A nearly boundless roleplaying environment that doesn't focus entirely on coded processes and how good your eq might be. AND -A unique codebase which allows players much more flexibility in terms of roleplaying situations. Put simply, anything that you can see/do in real life can be translated into the mud where you dont have to worry about there not being a specific code for what you're trying to do. Another thing that'll shock you is the amount of attention you get from the staff. Most muds tend to have a very sporadic staff that barely spends any time on its playerbase. OtherSpace is different. :) Finally, not only is there a rich and ever-building storyline but a bunch of books that effect the entire game written by Wes Platt himself. All this from a free mud. Almost makes me wish I didn't pay for a few H&S muds that I was part of in the past. At OS, you're among friends. Why not give it a try?
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 22, 2005
JTS has been my favorite source of online roleplay for the last year and a half, since I was introduced to Otherspace by a friend. It's a great place to head to if you like a well-established story with an in-depth history and player base. The whole history can be a little daunting to begin with, but the admin are willing to help fill any holes that need filling when someone new is confused, not to mention any of the senior players that make Otherspace a great place to RP. All thumbs up to anyone who enjoys the sci-fi genre and casual roleplaying, with the chance to join in the larger arcs run by staffers. A good place to learn, it's worth checking out so I look forward to seeing you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 13, 2005
I've been playing on Otherspace for about four years. So I've come to enjoy playing there for the most part. Character creation is pretty simple. Right now the system has various levels to it, for those who want to commit more or less to creation. Most of this work is in describing who your character is, what they believe, and what their past was like. For those who are new or less familiar with the original theme, creation is pretty simple. You can choose your character's race, gender, career and a brief blurb about your character and be set up ready to go relatively quickly. The career options offered cover the most commonly played occupations that other players will find useful, which helps new players get roleplay to start out with. For those who want a character with an occupation that is not listed, or want a character more experienced, or anything all that much out of the norm, a more in depth biography is required. This is where you write about your character's past, their values goals and so forth. Where the basic character generation makes sure the player has thought about the character a little, the full bio character generation usually requires a lot more thematic knowledge. Fortunately, for those who want to look for thematic knowledge it is easy enough to find. There are IC News files (which are archived up to 2 years back as of this writing, so new players can see what has happened if they want to go back that far) which keep everyone up to date pretty well. There is also a 'Survivor's Guide' which introduces much of the MUSH's theme well enough. A couple disadvantages to getting information are set in the fact that things change so fast some information in the guide can be out of date (the IC news is kept up to date very well), the guide isn't inaccurate, it's that things keep happening so the latest update isn't always there. It's a primer to the MUSH though, not a one stop shop for information. Along with this there are several newbie helper types so that questions can be answered at most hours of the day. Thematic information is pretty easy to come by, and should someone be stumped to help, they can usually point in the right direction as to who to ask. As for actually playing: The great majority of the players I've interacted with are very friendly and willing to help new players. Some are better at assisting new players than others, but as a collective effort the job is rather well done. The staff is overall quite helpful. They often run a large TP and several run smaller individual TPs. The staff is also pretty supportive of player run TPs as well. This is the source of the rather constant change. If you're willing to keep up, it's great. Unfortunately if you're a more occassional player, this will mean most of time... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 31, 2005
Join the Saga really is 3 different games, Otherspace, Chiaroscuro, and Star Wars: Reach of the Empire so I'll write reviews for each individually. Otherspace: I really enjoy this game. The players and staff are friendly and helpful and their are a ton of options for your character. As this game has been around for many years it has a well established background and numerous logs to give you an idea what to expect in the game. The theme and setting are also well written and the creator is a published author. Chiaroscuro: By far my favorite of the three. There are three main areas but the one that is most played is Fastheld so I will restrict my comments to what I have seen there. The character creation is simple and there is an effective tutorial introducing you to the game's primary commands. A friendly, active staff makes new players feel welcome and is very helpful. Once you are in the game you find a well built world with a fascinating history created by Wes Platt (the creator of all three JTS games). The players are friendly and finding someone to roleplay with is no trouble at all. SW: ROE: Simply put, this game is awful. With the smallest player base of all the games and the least friendly staff, I cannot recommend this one. They will tell you that your character will be approved in under 48 hours, what they mean is that approval will occur exactly 48 hours after you apply. The game's history is divergent in MANY ways from normal Star Wars and you are expected to know all the differences when writing your required background. No problem except they don't bother updating the history when major things change. Looking at their website you would think the Empire rules right? Wrong! The Emperor is dead and the Deathstar destroyed. Where is this information? In a couple of hard to read logs on their now defunct forums. Once you finally get approved, then you can enter the game universe and meet the terrible players that lurk within. Every possible variation of the angsty loner bounty hunter can be found wherever you go. If that's the type of character you like playing, tough. The older players will just smack you around and then call you a whinner if you complain, and the staff will just tell you that you shouldn't try to be a combat character. The only problem is that there is virtually NO roleplay in SW:ROE that doesn't turn into combat thanks to the gun happy older players. Want to be a Jedi? According to the staff, only experienced players who prove they are mature roleplayers get to be Jedi. What this really means is that you have to be friends with the staff and they make you a Jedi when they decide they need another combat monster running around. Then these "mature and experienced" jedi run around in a pack doing whatever want... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 29, 2005
Well, I originally reviewed Otherspace by itself, when I was first asked to leave. I was allowed back onto Star Wars RoE, and have played it for a full year since coming back, and now I've been required to leave. So again, I'll offer my final review of the game, as I've completed my experience of it and can new look back and review it. The player-base is still RoE's strongest point. That is the only facet of the game that I am really sad to leave behind. They have lots of coded systems, and with coded systems you can do neat stuff, but it also limits what you can do as well. Having played on a seperate Star Wars MU** that had no coded weapons, and skills were more RP based than numbers based, I found I greatly preferred the RP driven format. But, the coded system worked fine for what it was. However, the problem with the coded system was that it turned the game into a contest of who could get better guns and better armor, and then get the l337 (elite) skills necessary to pound anyone else into the ground. My character had lots of really cool toys, but he wasn't the best out there at using them, so he could (and did) get frequently. However, I found that was a rare case. On the subject of TinyPlots, or the Story Arcs that drive the game, the longer I stayed, the less it seemed like Star Wars. Not to mention, I found it was nearly impossible to run any TPs as a character without specific admin approval or knowledge. I had several occasions where I had carefully laid out plans that I was pushing forward, just to all of a sudden run up against admin characters with super equipment and super skills. There was no way a group of normal PCs could have fought back and had any realistic chance of winning. The nice thing about the administration of the game is that they are available. And they'll listen, to a point. However, there are no set rules as to how combat is to be conducted or judged, and so it changes from situation to situation. As well, some admin are more flexible than others, willing to make OOC changes to have things make more sense, ICly. The poor thing about the administration of the game is that some are not flexible. Some are barely reasonable. I know for a fact that there have been admin in-fights because one admin did something that messed up another admin's plot/territory/whatever. As well, the administration has done some things that seem very bizarre ICly. Cloning 30 Vaders being the most obvious of those oddities. Overall, I think the game is good. There are good players there, and it is possible (if relatively difficult) to get involved in galaxy-impacting events. If you can tolerate the administration, or if you never have a disagreement with them, or manage never... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 4, 2004
If you?re ready to give something new a try and be immersed in a totally original RP immersive sci-fi roleplaying environment you might be ready to give OtherSpace a try. Otherspace was founded in 1998 by professional journalist/ author Wes Platt who 6 years later is still the driving force between what happens at that Otherspace. Storytelling is not just a hobby, but a passion for Wes and the other staffers at OtherSpace, who are all selected from current players helping us maintain a continuity of storyline while keeping things new and fresh. We have a little something for everyone both human and non human races from the British inspired Sivadians and Russian descended Ungstiri, to the warlike lizard race of Nall, the psionic Jellyfish-like Centaurans, the glowing Vollistan light singers and prophetic Mystics. Be a criminal, a soldier, a merchant, or a doctor, the possibilities are virtually endless. We use a fudge-based tasked roll system, but combat is always human refereed and we have a variety of other coded systems that are all designed to enhance the roleplaying experience like +speak which allows conversations in various languages. We are eagerly awaiting the full implementation of OSpace, which will include a trading system and further promote RP. Our focus is all about making the experience better for players. We have staff assigned to run events on individual planets so there is always roleplaying going on somewhere and never a dull moment. Otherspace is perfect for the experienced roleplayer looking for a new challenge but we also go out of our way to welcome new players. We have a survivor?s guide on our website at www.jointhesaga.com but you needn?t grasp everything at first. The staff is always there to answer questions. As the Journalism admin for the MUSH, I urge you to consider making a reporter character because it offers the perfect opportunity to jump into the thick of things almost immediately and continue to learn about the many worlds and cultures of Otherspace while roleplaying. My first character, nearly four years ago(which is the longest I?ve stayed with any MUSH) was a reporter and I found it a perfect way to become involved in our story. Keep in mind that our game allows for the creation of alts, giving newplayers to our game a chance to start out with a character in one of our humanoid races before moving on to something more exotic. What better way to decide your next alt than going from planet to planet in search of the latest buzz while honing both your writing and roleplaying skills by interacting with a wide variety of our experienced roleplayers. Just log on and ask for Michela or @mail me if I?m not online. Let your adventure into the world of Otherspace begin and a brief hello to any former players who might be reading this. C?mon back! A lot has changed in 6 years. There?s always something new and we?re better than ever!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 19, 2004
What is OtherSpace? OtherSpace is not just a MU**. It's not just a game you play that relies on your imagination to succeed. It certainly is not just a type of game one can walk away from. OtherSpace is an experience. Something to be savored, to be remembered long after you've logged off. You'll remember your good times and your bad times, all with some degree of enjoyment. You'll certainly never forget the first epic space battle, or the first engaging plot that you've participated in. You'll never forget the feeling when you realize that actions your character (and those around you) did months ago can now have consequences on today's roleplaying. I still fail, however, to accurately describe the experience that is OtherSpace. You're probably asking whether this is a review or an advertisement. Honestly, I cannot answer that. No amount of words I can say can praise the staff, coders, and players of this truely inspired creation. It's something that you have to see to believe. The coded systems are superb, from spaceflight to languages to the economy. Its by far the best balance of Roleplay and tech that I have ever seen. I can only say that to understand this review, one must log onto OtherSpace, talk with the friendly staff, and form your own opinions. The wealth of examples and hype are elsewhere at their website. So yes. I do believe this is a review. A happy, content, and solid review. ---- Vlad
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 4, 2003
Otherspace and Star Wars RoE are not the only MU**'s I've played, but they are definitely my favorite. And not just because they are free. Otherspace is unique in that it's completely original. The races and story lines are all interesting, and it doesn't really matter WHO your character is, they can get involved. I've played a few different characters on Otherspace, and each of them have had a chance to get involved in some pretty important plots. As for Star Wars RoE, I think the game is on its way to being really cool. Your character is free to roam the galaxy, and you can be a trader, an Imperial, a bounty hunter... basically anything you want. I think it's a great format for a Star Wars game. And since the rebellion will need to be run by the players, it's going to be interesting to watch things develope. Both of the games strongest points are their player bases. I've had more fun RPing with the players on these games than in just about any other gaming experience I've had, and I've been gaming for a long time. The storylines are all entertaining, and the opportunities to really participate are great. I think the weakest points of the game would have to be some of the judging that has gone on. There are a lot of gut calls that have to be made, and I think that there lies problems in this. Of course, for it to remain a MUSH and not a MUD, it HAS to be this way. But I think it's fairly easy for the administrators to pidgeon-hole particular players. I've played the games for over a year, and it was the administration that caused me to choose to leave. I felt like what was okay for other characters to do was not okay for my characters to do, and I felt that the rules were changed 'just to get me.' I do not believe that the administrators of the games are as a whole bad, but I think players just need to be aware that there will be situations that come up where they do not like the results. But I think the administrators sometimes push the game over the line of being a fun GAME to play. However, even with its faults, I enjoyed all of my time RPing in the games up until I left. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes RPing online.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 6, 2003
Yep, it's another review about SW:ROE. Here's the pros and cons on this (IMO) pretty cool game. * There's a growing player base. * We're in our second SA (Story Arc) and there's plenty of chance for your char to become (in)famous if you wish them to be. * The players are very helpful and, if they don't know the answer to your question, they'll point you to someone who might. * Recently the Admins relaxed the rules on alts a little: you can now create as many chars as you wish, as long as you don't abuse the privilige, you can create multiple human chars (something banned up until now, to keep people from ignoring the other races) and you can have chars in the same org, as long as you're careful about their paths crossing. * Also, at the same time, the staff added Luck Cards - they save you in a life-threatening situation and are given out every three months. These are replacing +luckrolls on our sister MUSH, OtherSpace - and unlike +luckrolls, a Luck Card protects you for the entire scene: you'll survive, injured perhaps, but somehow you manage to get out alive. * You get a choice between PK or consent-based fighting. With PK, there's no referee and it's pretty much up to who's the better guy with blasters/knives/whatever weapon happens to be in use at the time. Consent lets an Admin ref the fight and tell you what you should +taskroll. Personally, I prefer consent-based - it keeps you from getting slaughtered too easily in most cases. * This taken in to consideration, it's still very, very easy for a char to die here, if you aren't careful. My own char's run into several life-or-death situations, pre-Luck Cards. She managed to get out of all of them, true - but only because she's fairly lucky *anyways*, I think. The Luck Cards are in place to keep your char from getting killed - but they work for *one* RP scene only. After that, you're fair game for anyone you may have annoyed enough that they want you dead. * If you want Gifts (like Marksman or Claws), Faults (like Sadistic, Fugitive or Youth) or Quirks (like Dark Side, Infamous, Force Translation and Military Training), you *must* send in a bio that explains why you have the Gift/Fault/Quirk. There is no other way you can get these. The Admins put this in place (and took out the bit of code that allows you to get Gifts, Faults and Quirks on your own) to keep people from running amok with stuff like Sadistic and Force Sensitive - at least, this is my theory on the whole thing. * Jedi and Force Sensitives are *not* open for application. Neither are Feature Characters. FCs never will be - and Force Sensitives are going through a trial run to see if allowing them would be a good idea. The main reason for this is because the MUSH set... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2003
Star Wars: Reach of the Empire uses a lot of the OtherSpace systems and it shows. The same FUDGE roleplaying system is utilized along with the same Chargen and other systems. This is not to say it's a bad thing. The systems are easy to use and understand and the +confetti points and the points handed out for arc events taking place (whether you were in the scene or not) make sure that some parity is maintained and no one necessarily falls behind in the character development race to far, as long as they are around and active. It also doesn't favor, then, the people who run from scene to scene and allows people to remain more IC - solving the problem of "but my character would never be there for that." The staff is helpful and chatty, always seeming to be on the Organization and Public channels and receptive to criticism. This is great now, especially with the small size of the MU* because the staff now knows the playerbase a lot more intimately and much more one-on-one attention is received. The first Arc focuses around Tatooine and therefore most of the roleplaying is there, as are most of the PC's. The Arc system, by the way, is a series of events that form one overreaching story, which the players can effect with their actions. An Arc might be similar to a season in a television show or one, long, drawn-out episode. A problem is established, confronted, and there are fall-outs as a result of it. It's clear that the staff isn't afraid to break from Star Wars canon. In the first Arc event, Luke Skywalker was killed in a pod racing accident, while Biggs Darklighter lives. The game is establishing itself as a place that sets its own tone and makes its own stories, rather than relying on the constraits of canon. It's own setting, in the 'in between' time between Episodes III and IV give it a lot of wiggle room to grow and develop. While there are some snags right now (as of this writing - 9/3/02) - space isn't active, and the one-planet setting leads to some odd situations, such as a Commodore and Colonel "on assignment" to the backwater Tatooine Outpost, as the game grows and expands, some of the "bunching up" can be alleviated. This is also an excellent game to be an Imperial on: It is called, after all, "Reach of the Empire" and Imperials have a large staff dedicated to them, but independents, like smugglers, will also have an infrastructure. Also, thankfully, the Imperials are treated like competent individuals. Stormtroopers are allowed to hit what they shoot at, TIE fighters use their acceleration to their advantage, and so on. If you want to be more an Imperial cut-out, Reach of the Empire is for you. While the game is new, this is the attempt to get in on the ground floor. Positions are needed in all sectors - ask... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 3, 2002
Ok, the short version of this review is the Otherspace is a great place for those interested in good RP in an interesting theme. Read on for the details. The first thing that happens when you log on, as a new character or as a guest, you get a channel full of greetings and a helpful staff that will help get you answers to you questions. This is what discourages more than a few, is that there is an application process. At first I was a little skeptical, but now I'm glad we have them. They help people to think about their characters, the applications are looked at and they give advice should anything be wrong with them... but best of all it keeps RP quality rather high. Another thing about OS is the RP itself. If you want, you can roleplay a character from dozens of different cultures, and about five human races. Many of these have well established cultures and histories that others are usually more than happy to help with... or at least guide you to the answers that you need. Help files: If you have any questions, you can ask real easily and either someone will answer or guide you to one of our easy to find once you know how and in plain English help files. If this isn't complete enough (which it probably isn't) the other reviews more than explain why Otherspace is a great place to RP.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 8, 2002
When I found Otherspace, I wasn't looking for a MU*. In fact, I had never played one before. I was a long-time veteran of tabletop RP, and had owned my share of dungeon crawler computer games, but had never really played an online game. Now that I've been on OS for six or seven months, I can honestly say that I couldn't have picked a better place to start. Otherspace is a true Role-playing enviornment. While this means a bit of work to learn the totally original theme, it is well worth the effort. In a very short time your character becomes totally immersed in his or her own relationships, employment, adventures, travel and soforth. Most of the intial learning curve is covered in the application process, where you craft your character to your original concept. While not all applications are approved on the first go-round (a real admin reads each one and approves or rejects it), we now have a Realm of Dream where those awaiting approval, characters who are not in IC mode, and those who have passed on can interact in freeform RP. Otherspace also offers plenty of room for exploration, with an entire galaxy (and in the future, different galaxies) to explore and a number of playable races, from several 'flavors' of human and humanoid, to catlike Demarians, lizards, insects, and a sentient robotic race. The admin on OS are friendly and helpful (and I don't say that only because I now am one;) and always willing to help out new players, both with establishing their character concept and with any troubles after creation. Don't be suprised, though, if they tell you to "Look it up" if your answer is in one of the comprehensive and easy to understand system of help files. After a few days, you'll get the hang of it and find your own answers in no time flat. Otherspace is an exciting, fun, and immersive RP enviornment, and I would encourage anyone interested in RP, especially of the sci-fi variety, to give it a try.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 29, 2002
I want to take a minute and share with you the wonderfully unique rich roleplaying experience I?ve found at OtherSpace. When I stumbled upon OtherSpace(OS) I admit I wasn?t looking for your typical MUD. I didn?t go in for your hack ?n? slash PK bloodbath with a character with a mile long list of stats and no personality who would be decapitated by an angry mob several days after creation. Even MUSHes and MUDS who claimed to be RP-Intensive had their problems. People seemed at a loss when not engaged in some kind of coded activity, combat or piloting ships aimlessly from planet to planet. I was interested in actual roleplaying and that is exactly what I found in OS. Here, the focus was on storytelling and creating a life for a well-rounded character who in all likelihood would be around for a good long time. That isn?t to say we don?t have a wide range of coded systems to support RP. We have an Rspace system, which supports inspace combat, a working economics system and +speak which allows for use of alien languages in-game. Our Fudge based skills system has a plethora of skills to choose from: from medicine to unarmed combat from Seduction to underwater basketweaving. We have something to fit everyone?s niche. You can be a politician in anyone of our active governments, a soldier in one of our militaries, or a criminal in our ever-growing underworld. If you can dream it you can be it. We have a wide variety of races both humanoid and alien. At OtherSpace RP happens constantly. No more waiting for that elusive planned TP that occurs once in a blue moon and always when you?re not online.) At OS, we are almost always in the middle of an arc (a chapter in our ever-evolving story. Each world has a team of admin whose job it is to create exciting RP opportunities for their worlds so no need to worry about being left out of the action. Fair warning, RP at Otherspace takes effort and creativity but you are actively rewarded for your efforts through the use of our experience points system you can earn points by being online and actively Rping during arc events. You get the points regardless if your in the middle of the main action. You can also earn points by earning votes from fellow players. You can then use your points to increase skills and stats. If all this sounds interesting but a bit confusing don?t worry. We have a large extremely newbie-friendly staff and extensive information at our website at www.Otherspace.org including the Survivor?s guide to walk you step by step through the character cration process. Come give us a look. You won?t be disappointed.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 12, 2002
Once upon a time, long long ago, a teenage girl dreamt of flying in space, fueled by volumes of science fiction. As she grew to adulthood she discovered that space travel the way she dreamt it was not possible in real life. The hunger was still there, still feed by more volumes of science fiction, science, movies and TV shows. Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Wars fleshed the dream out with astounding images, aliens and ideas. As she explored the realm of computers she discovered gaming. First D&D type games, like Rogue and Moria. Then she discovered role playing, first in MOOs. Soon she found a MUSE that let her be a Vulcan in Star Fleet. This is where she got her first taste of MU* space. Finally she could act out the dreams of that teenage girl in the virtual realm. Piloting in space became a deep draw for her and off she went searching out other types of space engines to try by joining other MU*s. D-space, Chuckles, HSpace and finally RSpace. She found OtherSpace when a HSpace test MUSH was closed down and she wandered in, looking for another place to fly. First character created never really became a pilot, but fulfilled another love of hers, Native American culture, Stargazer was born 11 June 2000. She is still alive and well in the continuing saga. Still the hunger for piloting nagged and her next character on OS was a female pilot and pirate. Now that teenage girl with dreams of space has 3 major characters who's job is piloting and several more who know how to pilot on the side. She has other alts on other MU* who also still RP and fly those games spaces. It's a blast. Hikaru and Brody are always throwing in some major change to RSpace that keeps a pilot character on their toes. I love it, see... I'm that teenage girl who dreamed of flying and living in space. Now, virtually I can have that and much more. So maybe I can't fly in real life, but I'm a hotshot pilot virtually and that's pretty darn cool if you ask me. Am I addicted to OtherSpace? Well, you decide: I'm on the staff, I have over 14 characters on OtherSpace alone and I'm connected a lot. So come to OtherSpace and fly where RSpace offers many challenges due to it's changing nature. "If you don't know how to fly, fall with style." ~Inspired by Toy Story: The Secret Life of Toys Otherspace.org, port 1790
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 11, 2002
A review of Otherspace, huh? Tired of wandering around, killing random rabid fidoes just to see your experience point value go up by 10? Sick of being stuck as one class, or having people ignore you if you try to RP with them? Connect to Otherspace.org :1790, and say hello on the +newbie channel. There are no classes, and the only limitation for a character concept is your imagination and the theme as has been thus far developed. /You/ create your character, /you/ RP the character, and /you/ can change the game. Every time you participate in a scene, there's a chance it will make the news. You can topple a government, if you have IC reason, the gear, and the connections. The government won't respawn 20 minutes later, it will stay dead unless you let it come back. I started playing on OS a year or so ago. I think it was Alf(in an earlier review) that said OS is more addicting than cocaine. I'll disagree. It's not more addicting than cocaine, it makes cocaine boring and entirely drab in comparison. Otherspace is currently in its thirteenth story arc. Arc XII: Song For The Lost is as engrossing as ever. Other Arcs have taken OS into hostile alien invasions, alternate universes, civil wars, diplomatic incidences, and any manner of other plots. The application process for Otherspace can go several different ways. New players are welcome to apply for 'bit' characters. These bios are written beforehand, and the player slips into the bio. New players are encouraged, however, to apply for a Feature character. The Feature application requires a childhood, an event that changed your character's life, a post-event story to where the character is now, a goal for the character, and values that the character holds near and dear to him/her/itself. Though the Feature app is quite a bit different than the Bit application, it is still within easy grasp of most players, especially after reading the Survivor's Guide and news files for the race of your choice. Anyways, connect and come see us! The players and staff are glad to answer any questions you have, or point you to a news, +sinfo, +einfo, +help file, or website where you can find the information. -Xillimn, a six-foot tall psychokinetic, levitating, crystalline, intelligent, curious, many-eyed jellyfish. Or a Centauran, whichever you prefer. Otherspace.org, port 1790
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 4, 2002
A Month in Space In which Jinyu is sucked into the vortex of OtherSpace addiction, and lives to tell the tale - just barely... I grew up with all those classic tabletop RP games. The Dungeons & Dragons boxed set! AD&D. MERP. Rolemaster. Spacemaster. Traveller. Paranoia. Even (*gasp*) the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles roleplaying game. Usually, I was the referee because I had a large room at my house with a nice big table, and a roaring fire for those cold New Zealand nights. At least, that's why they told me I had to be Gamemaster, Dungeon master, or The Computer ("The Computer is your friend! Trust the Computer!") The occasions when I could just relax and be a player were few and far between. I'm not really complaining - I learned to generate roleplay scenarios out of nothing, writing adventures and conflicts on the fly, managing to stay just two steps ahead of my players for the most part. I wasn't really one of those super-organised GM's who plans everything in advance... mostly, I just used to wing it. I drifted away from roleplaying gradually, mostly because as we all grew older, the player group wasn't really interested in the kind of RP I wanted to pursue. But I always kind of missed it, missed the generation of something from nothing, instant creation. Then, on a warm Friday evening in March, I discovered OtherSpace (otherspace.org:1790). I'd been idly sifting through MUD's, curious about whether in fact any true RP was taking place on them. The described original future alternate-reality theme of OtherSpace sparked flashbacks to memorable Traveller campaigns, and I logged on. Immediately, I was placed in a Newbie channel and greeted by a staffer (Wik'ikik!) Any questions I had about the game or the character generation process were swiftly answered. RP aides started paging me with suggestions and helpful advice. All this before I'd even created a character, a wonderful support network of interested enthusiastic players. And what characters! Insectoids, reptillians, a bunch of humanoid races, mechanoids... the list goes on. I wrote a bio in an hour, after having some questions answered by staffers and reading the Survival Guide at http://otherspace.org/sg40.htm , and logged off. When I logged back in the next day, my bio had been accepted and I was already on my way down the slippery slope of addiction. Over the past month I've been corrupted by a seductive "financial restructurer", inducted into a criminal organisation, danced at an alien funeral, gotten drunk in seedy bars, had my arm broken in two places by a monolithic Zangali, witnessed the arrival of a mysterious alien artifact, used a dingy back alley on a distant planet for pulse assault pistol target practice, and so much more. I get to be a player again, but with many of the creative elements that make being a referee so much fun. Want an NPC to spice up your scene? No problem, just write him or her the... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 1, 2002
Don't get me wrong but this is a great mud to Rp in but some of the admins there need some more PR skills, They have this nifty charter system setup, and I was impressed on the detail it has. there's 2 main things they offer Bit and Feature, Bit is a lame auto generated Bio for those who cant think for themselves and feature is a full version char of the realm, it makes you stand out because you get to have Skills and define your char at that time. However they recommend you read there Survivors guide which has all the important information to play OS. They also encourage you to play a feature char because you cant really do anything as a bit but walk around so you go for the feature? get prepared to get rejected a few time, or in some cases more then a few, They will pick it apart on anything and everything, from you name and to what skills you have taken. Other then the application process I found the OtherSpace to be very friendly, I was in a nice Rp session with 2 people for 6 hours straight and some people go longer then that, its very easy to lose track of time when playing at OS. I would recommend this mush for people who have days to wait for there application to get approved, it seems to be worth it, but gets boring quick....
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 19, 2002
When I started searching for text multiplayer games online, I was hoping to find a replacement for the immersive roleplaying games I'd done in the back of the school library when I was in secondary school and some of the play-by-email storytelling games I'd been in (but had dried up). Instead, I found MUD after MUD of "you-can-pick-to-be-a-druid-but-you-gotta-go-kill-the-fuzzy-rabbits-to-level-level-level-because-levelling-is-the-only-point-to-this." Some promised RP but they either didn't deliver on that, or the place was so empty there wasn't anyone to RP with. Then, one day about a year or so ago, I stumbled onto OtherSpace. /RP-enforced/ ... no level-rushing (no levels, for that matter), always someone on, and always helpful people on the newbie channel to help you get started. Wanna play a lizard? A fish in a bowl? How about a braniac, walking-talking bear? Pirate? Smuggler? Scientist? I wish I could go into detail about all the options and detail you have in your character, but I can't ... how could I? Its an ongoing, continuous roleplaying MUSH ... there are broad story arcs, but more than that your character develops his/her own arc ... you start with a detailed background that makes you think, and over time you watch your character grow until the inevitable day, a year or so into playing your character, look at the +bio you entered the game with and think, "Wow, how my character has changed from the in-character, roleplayed experiences he/she has had ... what a rush it is to be along for the ride!" I find myself there now. I hadn't looked at my character's biography in a long time ... my character is a lot different, not in violation of the biography, but simply because of what has gone around in the backdrop in the story arcs and what my character has personally gone through in-character. It did not take long through playing MUDs for them to pretty much all look alike. They didn't have much originality, and in playing them the characters I played on them didn't have much individuality. OtherSpace is unique ... races and worlds all original, and a plot and background that not only changes, but you have a chance to be a part of that change. Ever watched Star Trek or Star Wars movie and thought if you had a character in there, you would do something different? Now's your chance to do something different, have a character that is an /individual/ in a game that is original. My suggestion to those who yearn for something beyond being a level-100 MegaUltraSuperWarrior out there killing anything alive ... join the adventure of OtherSpace!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 17, 2002
The Concise Review: OtherSpace is a well-written story. It is supported by a simply amazing community of dedicated players who are receptive to new players and willing to aid Guests in all that they can. It is a bit MUSHy for my tastes, but I quickly learned that hard-code is not necessary for a good roleplaying experience. I do not agree with many of the players of OtherSpace who believe that hard-code detracts from roleplaying, *grin* but their own form has it's definite advantages as well. The world is amazingly well-developed with subtle interactions I know that I have barely begun to scratch the surface of. That said, the playerbase never made me feel out of my league, and went out of their way to aid me in any questions that I had. Play by Play Review of A Roleplayer's First Trip To Otherspace: Stardate 0.0000- Becoming somewhat bored in my usual rp-enforced game, I'm not a big fan of solo-rp or sitting around practicing my skills because there's nothing better to do. Decided to check topmudsites.com for another rp environment to fill the hours I tend to spend in practice/forage/craft mode on the first. Stardate 0.0001- Checked the thread on Invitations. Became quite interested in Greensleeves's post about Modern Vollistans. Having heard a fair bit about Otherspace, decided to go to their webpage and learn everything I could about this race and it's culture/society/history. Had some questions, decided to log on and check the news files. Stardate 0.001- Logged on and was warmly greeted... this surprised me greatly as I am not used to rp-enforced games having public channels and ooc areas. Dropped a line on the newbie channel that I was responding to the Invitation, and was reading news files. Lots of people offered to help answer any questions I had, and I slowly began to open up and ask silly things like "Do Vollistans have gender?". Stardate 0.005- Began to realize that an OOC area for a roleplaying game is a -good- idea. Learned much about the game from simply listening to the newbie and public channels while I was reading help/news/forum/survivor's guide files. The other players were most attentive and seemed glad to have me aboard. Stardate 1.000- The birth of my character. I was still quite amazed at the wealth of information out there, and realized that my character belongs to a xenophobic-technophobic race... which helps to explain a lot of my own lack of knowledge in game, go Nick! No sooner had I applied for the character and asked how long approval usually takes than Brody popped me an approval. Stardate 1.50- Sat around in the ooc room for a good bit just listening to the channels and reading help files. Decided that since I was responding to an invitation, I should talk to the RP Admin in charge of that situation before entering the world. Stardate 2.00- Luke (Volskywalker) appears, helps answer some syntax questions and background questions that I not... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 23, 2002
Wow. You want a review of OtherSpace, that's it in a nutshell. Wow. I'm serious here people. I've been playing at OtherSpace for a year and a half now, and I think I've been an admin there for nine months. And I've only been there a fraction of the time that its been online. The game itself is three and a half years old, and we're currently in the middle of our twelfth story arc; The Marionette's Last Dance. Some of you may be wondering what a story arc is. Well, to draw a common analogy a story arc would be the equivilant of one season's worth of episodes for the X-Files, or Babylon 5. The reason we've done twelve in three and a half years is we have an excellent storyteller in Brody, the creator of the OtherSpace universe, and we can't go into syndicated re-runs, so whenever you log on you're garaunteed a new twist or turn somewhere on the MUSH. That's another thing to mention, we're a MUSH, not a MUD. Subtle difference, I know, but there is one nonetheless. A MUSH is what some might call a Role Play Intensive/Required MUD, but really we're pure RP. There's nothing on OtherSpace without RP, we have no mobs to hunt and kill, no automated 'bad guys' or 'good guys' for your characters to hack into little bits. We have ambiguous characters that can't be pinned down to one certian alignment. Their moods may vary depending on the actions going on about them. Though a few have reputations as being not so nice in a consistant manner. Also since we're a MUSH we don't offer stock 'classes' of any sort. We give the player a chance to develop their own character how they see fit, without forcing them through any sort of classing system. If you've always wanted to play a tailor you can play it. Pilots, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Reporters, Talkshow Hosts, and Doctors all inhabit OtherSpace, along with hundreds of other possibilities. Now, as befitting a Role Play MUSH we have one minor requirement. We ask that you write a biography, and I don't mean write 'my parents died at age 4, they were nice. i grew up with wolfs that taught me to bite people'. We want a little more content and themely understanding than that. If you take the hour or two to read and research a character you'll be well rewarded with an easily written biography, and quick acceptance out into the IC areas of the MUSH. This game has eaten whatever social life I had before I found it. Its more addictive than cocaine, and one reason its sucked me in is I'm a sucker for changing things. I love to see how my actions affect other characters, how a six foot tall cat reacts to me calling it fuzzball is a favorite of mine. The players here are all dedicated to furthering a wonderfully original and deep theme, the codes... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 5, 2001
With the turn of my one month anniversary at OtherSpace, I'd like to express my true admiration for the game. Let's start with one of the most major selling points of OtherSpace: Theme. OS is a large departure from the traditional MUDs (the rest of them). This is not a game where you walk in, killing everything you meet (although there is a feature in OS that supports this). The science-fiction theme of OtherSpace is wholly original and you won't find anything else like it. Its space system, RSpace, is revolutionary. Unlike the room-based space systems the rest of them use, RSpace is a real-time axis-based environment -- the closest you will get to text-based space travel. Environment. The worlds of OtherSpace are comprehensive and robust -- coming together to form a synergestic universe. You have unlimited boundaries. Perhaps you want to be a trader? OtherSpace's fluid economy system will suit you nicely. A marine? OtherSpace has dozens of military organizations with a different flavor to each of them. A hacker? The criminal underworld in OtherSpace is developed nicely, ranging from small gangs to large crime syndicates. Characters. Unlike the rest of them, OtherSpace requires that you think out your biography and propose your character. While this may seem stringent, it raises the quality of OS considerably. You will never find characters that have one line descriptions. Each character is fully developed and well thought out. They have histories, families, and quirks. Roleplay Quality. Excellent, due in part to my previous point. The people you'll meet in the game are not there to fight you. They actually /roleplay/. You'll have hundreds of opportunities daily to roleplay with other people. Staff. The staff is nice and patient. They take the time to explain every aspect of OS that you might have. OtherSpace, an award-winning robust MUSH. It's constantly evolving one that'll ensure that you will never get the same experience any same day. Come to OS and experience something that you'll never forget.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 5, 2001
What makes a MUSH a 'good' MUSH? There are tons of ideas on this, but my personal thought is that a 'good' MUSH has the ability to keep a player interested for a great length of time. This can be done in a number of ways, from TP events to the characters on the MUSH. Having played on OtherSpace once before, I took a hiatus from the online community for a couple months to pay a bit more attention to school. (Darn school, giving me such a great connection and then expecting me to do something besides MUSH.) But when summer rolled around, I felt that I could enjoy MUSHing once again. My first stop, to my own surprise, was OtherSpace. Why? Quite simply, it is the finest sci-fi MUSH I have ever had the pleasure to play on. The admin are friendly and helpful, the theme is all original and well laid-out (from the mind of the mighty Brody), the selection for characters is enormous (sixteen races to choose from!), and the Arcs (now in Arc XI) are amazing. Never have I found myself so completely entranced by a MUSH before, but OS is able to keep my attention day after day. Despite the fact it's set a thousand years in the future, it is fantastically realistic -- which, if you're a fan of realism like I am, is a really great selling point. The chance for character development is enormous, and one can explore almost every aspect of their character through high-quality RP with a dazzling myriad of people. There's no 'feature characters'; everyone has a chance to be a 'star' in a storyline. All in all, this is a massive, amazing and truly incredible MUSH, and I urge you to at least visit and chat with other players and admin.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 15, 2001
I joined OS about a month and a half ago. In the beginning, I was uninterested and just wanted to wander around. The friendly staff answered every question I had, and they still do. Unless the question is incredibly obvious, it is answered as soon as someone knows the answer. Furthermore, I was unable to simply 'wander around'. In the first two days, I got a job with a Military and have gotten huge RP from it ever since. RP is completely mandatory and I love it. It adds so much to the game that hack-and-slashes don't have. Have you ever said to yourself while reading a sci-fi book, 'I wish I could do that...'? If you have, then Otherspace is the place for you. Everything's interactive, it's most of the fun.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 28, 2001
Well, where should I start? There are so many good things to say about Otherspace, I can't even think of them all. Newbies will find that the Otherspace staff and players are quite friendly. (I recieved about ten greetings when I first started) The staff are VERY dedicated to the game, as are about 99% of the players. A newbie might be overwhelmed by the application process, which is required for you to enter the actual areas of interest. In fact, they may even get rejected the first few times. (I was rejected once) The payoff of enduring this is an extremely fun time. Players get immersed in a game created by the ingenious mind of Wes Platt AKA Brody. There are about 20 races to choose from, each with it's own distinct social structure. Also with around 20 planets to explore this game is NOT small. Among the most interesting things about Otherspace is that not only can staffers can change the course of the entire MUSH, players can too! Every little thing that a player does might affect what happens on the entire game. And to top it all off, if your character dies, (It's permanent death) he/she goes to a big Wal-Mart in the afterlife to get checked in! (I know for a fact because my character was killed when the ruler of a planet blew it up to 'damage' an invading alien fleet) Then if you accepted into the afterlife, you get your own haunted ship to roam and explore, so deceased players can still play! (You can even haunt people occasionally MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... ahem...) So if you're looking for a fun MUSH to play, and you're willing to give it a try, come to Otherspace!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 28, 2001
I felt i needed to say a few words about Otherspace, but the hard thing is to come up with something to say that has´nt already been said about this terrific game. I can tell you this much tought. Otherspace is the most intresting mud/mush í have ever played, altought i might not have played that much mush/mudds, well practicly almost never, but this was the only game of all the other mush/mudds that got me intrested. When all the others promised about the same things in gameplay and world Otherspace offered something different, something uniqe. The first thing that hit me was the very kindly reception i recived, not just from the admind but from all the players as well, helping me become familiar with the game and creating and applying for my first character. One thing i felt instantly was different from other games was that you had to submit and apply for a character, it might have felt very enoying at first. especially when my submitted character was rejected a few time before they applyed it. But i was always told what i was to fix in order to make my character as realistic as possible. You might think all this sound rather boring, but i can tell you that it really has a purpose. As every character has to be applyed for, it makes you care and think and value your character more, its not some peice of text and data, it´s you! As everybody takes pride and joy in their character, the world gets more alive and realistic, here you will find no one who will act unrealistic, cause everybody gets together and makes a great RP that will leave no one untouched. All toghether with the original theme, frienly people and the great and serious gameplay makes Otherspace something you will have to look really hard to find something similiar, but i doubt you will ever find any. No other game has keept me awake for so many nights as Otherpace. Join the saga and find the adventures of your dreams.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 25, 2001
I've been at Otherspace for a little over 5 months now, and I feel that I can honestly say its the best MUSH I've taken part in. There are a great number of key elements that place OS above and beyond the rest. First off, the Admin are great. To me, the quality of the admin running the place is more important than players, plots, and just about anything else. I came to OS from a MUSH where I left for just that reason....rotten administrative leadership. I have found OS to have everything a player could want. The admin are knowledgeable, and eager to help. At least one can usually be found online at almost any hour of the day or night. They treat the players with respect, and seem to honestly have the players best interests in mind. I don't think I have ever seen any member of the Staff publicly squabbling with a player. If conflict does arise, the admin take quick action. Second, the theme and plots. Otherspace is an originally themed game, which in any capacity involves a lot of extra work on the admin's part, and can easily be done poorly. OS lacks for nothing. There are multiple worlds and enough races to keep just about anybody happy. There is an opportunity for just about every type of player, whether you're strictly into humanoid characters (I think there are something like 8 or 9 choices for that alone) or giant lizards. Giant cats, giant bears, creepy jellyfish......and they're all set up in a way that is pleasingly realistic. And if you have an idea for a new race, the admin are not above listening to your suggestions. A lot of time has been put into making the world complete, and yet it still allows a lot of room for creative expression on the players part. In fact, OS relies heavily on players for their input in developing the storyline. OS isn't like so many other MUSHes I've seen, where the players are only there to act out the admin's fantasies like little more than puppets. The story is for the players, and it is the players that ultimately decide the outcome. Any player can expect to be involved in a major plot. "Newsworthy" scenes aren't reserved for the 'main characters' or 'admin favorites' because there really aren't any. If you make an effort to get involved, and show up for prescheduled arc events, there's no reason why you shouldn't see some action. And if you put in a request for a little RP for you and your friends, there are a good many admin appointed to the staff specifically for helping to generate role-play and scenes. Finally, there are my fellow players at OS. Otherspace has a good, strong player base. The characters are diverse and interesting, and the players behind them skilled. Although people talk about 'enforcing' RP, I have found that the good majority of players there need no enforcing. /want/... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 6, 2001
OtherSpace, by far, is the most entertaining role-playing experience out there. Having played on five other MU**s, I’ve seen my fair share of online environments, and none of them measure up to OtherSpace. Unlike so many other MU**s, OtherSpace does not subject its players to administrator squabbles and power trips. An admin is not an unapproachable, dark, cloaked figure that only comes out of hiding long enough to pass some mandate, whereupon he slips back into the shadows. Quite the contrary. OtherSpace’s administrators are open to new ideas, and are always there to take questions, comments and concerns. Rarely is there a time when at least one administrator or director is not online. The quality of the role-play at OtherSpace is superb. The players and staff work together to make the worlds actual worlds, complete with detailed room descriptions, weather systems, and most importantly, people. There are characters of all sorts who contribute to the planets in the OtherSpace universe. Politicians, merchants, traders, doctors (good and evil), soldiers, scientists, bartenders, engineers, police officers, musicians, artists, and yes, even firefighters! These characters aren’t just names without faces, either. They’ve all got meat on their bones. They’re people with unique catch phrases, quirky behaviors and ghosts from the past. These characters are excellent role-players and take part in many of the scheduled and unscheduled events that occur at all times of the day. I’ve been online at four in the morning to find a staff-member stirring something up. OtherSpace also holds Story Arcs, which are a series of interconnected role-play events that span a month or two (or more), that tie the MUSH together in one great big story. We actually see a universe develop as a result of our actions, rather than the typical “Shoot Klingons today. Shoot Klingons tomorrow. Yawn” that occurs elsewhere. Another perk is that OtherSpace is an original theme. This means that players get their chance to make their mark on the universe as it grows - from creating new terminology for some technical system to adding to some aspect of a species’ culture to deciding the fate of an entire planet through RP. Players at OtherSpace are not bound by the same constrains as, say, players on a Star Trek MU**, where certain aspects are unchangeable so that the delicate “balance” established by the TV series are not disrupted. OtherSpace is much more dynamic. If you’re looking for a player-kill MUD, OtherSpace isn’t it. If you’re looking for dungeons and dragons... nope. If you’re looking for the same old StarFleet versus Klingons or Stormtroopers versus Jedi Knights, look elsewhere. But if by chance you’re looking for a rich, constantly-developing environment full of detailed characters, excellent role-players and fun, exciting role-play... give OtherSpace a try!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 10, 2001
Otherspace is a science fiction MUSH which has caught and kept the interest of at least one player - myself - who would not normally consider involvement in online sci-fi gaming. Its designer seems to go out of his way to have his creation meet and conform to just enough stereotypes and "rules" of the genre to be readily accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of almost any form of science fiction, before letting his imagination loose. The setting and game which have emerged from this process are diverse, often intriguing, frequently entertaining, and (a rarity in science fiction) only occasionally confusing or contradictory. Greatly aided by the efforts of a number of active staff members and long-term players (many of the most prominent characters are run by people outside the admin team), Brody does a good job of ensuring that there is usually something significant going on somewhere in the MUSH each evening. The diversity of the setting and the range of activities encouraged within it help to foster a broader array of characters and styles of role-play than is common to most other MU*s I've encountered. While Otherspace has a number of classic "heroes", an array of mercenaries, and a guild of bounty hunters, some of its more notable characters are medics, scientists, merchants and diplomats. And, in contrast to many other games, it's entirely possible to avoid risking life and limb should you wish to do so - my own character has been injured just once in over a year of game play (and that came from arguing with a martial artist). I also know neither in- nor out-of-character how to pilot one of the coded space ships (which are very popular among OS's fans of trading and combat simulation games), yet have never encountered much difficulty as a result. OS's chief problems come from its merits - few people know all of the setting, and occasional errors are made as a result. It's possible to play for a long time without ever coming into contact with some sections of the PC and NPC population. And it can sometimes be hard to keep track of just what is happening where before you blunder into something you hadn't realised was taking place. But all of these can usually be overcome with a little reading of the news files and bulletin boards, or a few polite queries fired in the direction of the (nearly) ever-present Brody. In summary - Otherspace is overall the best science fiction game I've come across online. It is usually friendly and welcoming to newbies and old-timers alike, its creator is notable for his willingness to listen to (thought not, of course, always to accept) alternative views, and the player base contains a large number of talented roleplayers portraying a broad array of characters. I'd recommend giving it a try - if nothing else, take one of the pre-made "extras" (some of which are former PCs) out for an exploration of setting.... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 7, 2001
As in everything I do, it seems I have to drag my feet for a good long time before I finally get around to doing it. But eventually, I get around to most things (like finally writing out this review), and I must say, I am *ever* so glad I didn't give up on Otherspace. Not that my first experience on OS was a bad one. Just that it was *the* first experience. I didn't even know how to communicate with the others when I first logged on, and was intimidated right offline again by all the greetings thrown my way. (I was afraid the players would think me a snob for not replying, you see. Silly me.) Anyway, it took a year of coaxing, but I finally took the plunge and began plowing through all the help files. And I'll say now that if I had to jump into MUSH'ing cold, I (well, Snowshadow, really) would probably have had to look *real* hard to have chosen a better game to do so than OS. Not only were the players and staff friendly and helpful to a complete newbie, but they were encouraging. First, with learning the common commands. Then the nuances of playing, and dealing patiently with my unintentioned trespasses. And most of all, it was the reasoning behind everything that happened that impressed me the most. If I questioned what had happened, I asked, and was *listened* to. And though the results weren't always what I wanted, they were *logical*. Which leads into the other element of what I like about Otherspace. The story and events behind it. I like to think of myself as a writer, first and foremost. Not necessarily a good one, but I absolutely love the way plot, thematic elements, character, timing, and all the other subtle but indispensable details work together to tell a good story. I would never have made it - evinced enough interest to learn how to get around even on a daily basis - on a game without a focus, motivation, or in-depth background. I play purely for the story and characters. OS provides a rich environment that contains a unique and plausible history for each and every world/corner; not an easy prospect for an original theme, where one must establish everything themselves. Not only that, it is dynamic, and the creator/staff are not afraid to push the boundaries if IC events call for it. But even as the staff help to maintain a framework, the players may add to it, even change it, and thus provide the excitement and unpredictability to a story that I rarely find while writing on my own. Add to that month-spanning, coherent threads, that have distinct finales or climaxes and yet never really end, enhanced by hundreds of side-plots run by scores of other people...and you have a combination that had me abandoning writing for over a year despite my working toward a creative writing minor. I guess this is out... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2001
This is an extremely good MUSH. I've only been here for about 2 months (when I write this) and there is always someone to help me. The admin are much more friendly that most places I've been to. In addition to that, there are many RP oppertunities there. Some of which are quite fascinating. I must say, Bravo to the players and the admin.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 28, 2001
I've been on a half dozen or so MU* before, but OtherSpace is fast becoming my favorite. There always seems to be something going on somewhere at any time of day or night. If there's nothing going on where you are, there's usually some other place you can get to where RP is active. OtherSpace has an original theme with diverse races and options that allow for a vast variety of characters to be made to suit most any person. Just as the theme is original, player originality is encouraged to. This results in one of the most high quality player bases I've yet seen, yet without the sense of elitism that makes some high quality player bases unapproachable for newbies. Both players and admin are generally very helpful and fun to be around. Another thing that keeps life moving at OtherSpace is the constant presence of a "Story Arc". Each of these master plots is carefully woven into the continuing story, and designed in such a way that the players can get into and effect Arc events, whether on purpose or by accident. I myself have recently experienced the latter, having stuck my nose in (gotta stop doing that) on an argument that has eventually lead to political intrigue, press release wars, and a bounty on my head that's crimping my social calendar. But all of it has been great fun. Besides the well-crafted and lively world, OtherSpace offers a well-designed website with plenty of information for new and old players alike. An easy to use web-based discussion board provides a forum for players to make suggestions and share roleplaying tips, and even ask theme questions. An optional mailing list can keep you up to date on the latest major happenings. OtherSpace provides a well-rounded background against which to pursue one of many possible lifestyles and affect anything from your local tavern crowd to the fate of millions. I highly recommend it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 26, 2001
It's tough to write anything else about this MUSH that hasn't already been discussed in any of the previous reviews, so I'll just have to settle for emphasising just how great it is. It's great. The idea of an original theme worried me at first - in other games these tend to be either too overblown and melodramatic or just boring and not actually not that original at all. OtherSpace in none of these things - imaginative, immersive and atmospheric are just a few words I would use to describe the theme. The staff and players are incredibly newbie-friendly, and there are a multitude of races and professions to choose from. The RP is of a high standard and, more importantly, enjoyable. I'll stop now before I start to repeat other reviewers - just to state that what they say about OS is true.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 3, 2001
Otherspace is my only real experience with online RPing. There's an interactive fiction MUD I go to (not very often, since I found OS!), but that's chatting and playing a few things online- no roleplaying. There's one or two player-killing code-intense type MUDs I looked at, but they didn't hold my interest. I originally found OS from a posting to the IF newsgroups; it sounded interesting, so I looked up the website. Once I read a log or two and glanced at the various races, I was hooked. I learned as much as I could about the theme, all of it utterly fascinating. The admins are helpful, player-killing is rare, and it never lacks for role-playing opportunities. Some things you have to give up so you have for time for other things. Otherspace is what you give up those things for. It's completely original theme. There's a multitude of player races, plus some NPC races. A bunch of planets and ships, and plenty of other players mean the fun never fails. This has addicted me as very little ever has, I generally go on most days for over an hour. As I said, I have little MUSH experience, but it's hard to imagine anything else being as good as this. The admins are dedicated to their job, stirring up RP, coding, handling problems and helping newbies. Did I mention it's very newbie friendly? This is definitely /the/ place to go. If you haven't tried it yet, at least look at their website, www.otherspace.org. You'll be glad you did.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 2, 2001
A good review does more than simply tell you "This place is great, come see it," or, "This place sucks, don't go there." A review should tell you what, exactly, are the strengths and/or weaknesses of the object under review. Bear with me, then, because this will be longer than your average review. I first came to Otherspace MUSH in the Summer of 1998, a few weeks after it opened. Admittedly, I had met most of the people involved in its creation, including the Creator himself, Brody, on another MU**. I knew Brody and his new staff were creative people and gifted roleplayers, but what they were attempting to do seemed impossible: build a committed playerbase for a game based on a completely original theme. For those of you who are most used to hack-and-slash MUDs, you may not realize how difficult this is. An environment that is created for the purpose of RPing, rather than combat, has a lot working against it. Most such games are based on existing themes like Star Wars, Star Trek, the Lord of the Rings, Camelot, whatever. Players come to such games with some kind of background knowledge of the theme and have some idea of the kind of character they want to play. With an original theme, it's very different. Otherspace's theme is, as I said, all-original, springing from the mind of Wes Platt, a.k.a. Brody. The story began in the year 2650, when Earth was the center of a coalition of worlds known as the Stellar Consortium, comprising a number of original worlds and alien races. Humans and aliens had learned to travel faster-than-light thanks to a "gift" from the malevolent Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind, and spread across the galaxy. Outside the orderly world of the Consortium was the Fringe, a ragtag collection of worlds where those who did not fit in to the Consortium (or were on the run from its legal authorities) dwelt. The most powerful man in the Fringe was the ruthless Lord Fagin, the Pirate King. Beyond the Fringe was the Parallax, a militaristic empire ruled by the reptilian Nall, who had subjugated various alien worlds beneath their clawed fist. I say "was" because this was the lay of the land, so to speak, for 5 of what Brody calls "story arcs." Story arcs are sustained plotlines that are played out through a series of staff-organized RP events over a period of a few months. It's like a season from a serialized TV show, such as Babylon 5. During these first 5 Arcs, the Stellar Consortium nearly collapsed, rocked by internal scandal and external threat, the worlds under the fist of the Nall rebelled and gained independence from the Parallax, Fagin's empire nearly collapsed, and the insidious Hive Mind's schemes were revealed and it was (presumably) destroyed. Along the way, a few worlds were destroyed and a warmongering alien race known as the Kretonians were royally pissed off. Arc V ended with the Kretonians invading and all... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 31, 2001
Otherspace MUSH has been one of the best places I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. Brody, the HeadWiz, is active, and this helps keep everything moving smoothly. I have been with OS for roughly two years, and I can't say that about any other MU* I have been part of. Just like any MU*, you get what you and the Admin put into it - and if you manage to put much of anything into building your character, you will get a lot out of OtherSpace MUSH.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 17, 2001
Well, what can I say that hasn't been said yet? Basically, I just want to stress how awfully addictive OtherSpace MUSH is. I have only joined back in October, and the two months I have played were more than enough time to 'get hooked'. Despite having never played in a MUSH or MUD before, I was so fascinated by the world I had stumbled into that I needed but two hours to learn all commands I needed to start playing - and from there, things went downhill. On numerous occasions I stayed up until six in the morning because there was RP going on I didn't want to miss. (I'm European and have to deal with a six hours time difference to EST.) Speaking of RP: like all the reviewers before me, I can only praise the OS staff for the Story Arcs they run. Just like real GMs they come up with the beginning of a plot, some events that will take place, and a possible end - but it's up to us players whether or not the plot will really take the planned course. All in all, it comes down to this: if you love original Sci-Fi, then you should visit the OtherSpace page at www.otherspace.org and take a look around. You will not be disappointed. ;)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 27, 2000
Coming off of an almost 5-year tenure with muds, Otherspace shocked me in ways I couldn't imagine. The admins actually running complex plots? Amazing! No need for the illogical and often boring struggle for levels in hack and slash? Very nice. Not restricted by mobcode or mob stores? Fascinating. But, as I've looked at other mushes in my tenure here, I've learned that many of the good ones have those things. So where does Otherspace differ from the other top mushes? Maturity. A good number of the players really know how to rp well, are motivated to create their own plots, and we have very few twinks. Admins. Plots are complex, compelling, and as true-to-life as sci-fi gets. Admins are helpful yet commanding respect, fun-loving yet responsible. And they certainly aren't afraid to do (literally) world shattering events. Atmosphere. A place where you can talk about your disagreements civilly without people going psycho. People from all over the globe with a variety of opinions grace the place. Women come on in decent numbers. Okay, in all, it's a nice place. Nice website (www.otherspace.org) with lotsa info, nice players, nice admins. Log in at telnet://otherspace.org :1790 and talk with people about it. I'm sure you'll agree.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 14, 2000
Overall one of the best MUSHes that I have played on. Based on an original theme from the mind of it's creator, Wes Platt, Otherspace is roleplaying intensive to the extreme. It follows a series of story arcs that constantly change the ever evolving universe. These arcs are never set in stone, being flexable to allow the actions of players to alter the course of events. Overall it is a system like no other, and lends itself well to making you, the player, feel like you're part of something. The admins are generally helpful, friendly and put a lot of time and devotion into the MUSH. If role-playing in the distant future is for you, then I would definately suggest checking this place out. More information can be found at the website... http://www.otherspace.org, or you connect at: otherspace.org port 1790
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 13, 2000
Otherspace was the first MUSH I ever played. When I first arrived I was confused, lost and had really had no idea what to expect or what to do. I sat there aimlessly learning MUSH commands and how they differed from the MUDs I was use to. Suddenly, a high ranking officer of the military I'm in walks in and I'm thrown into an RP scene in which I'm certainly not prepared for. I went OOC and explained this and the player behind the character of this high ranking officer told me the POSE command and I was on my way. My first day MUSHing I managed to have a large, and as it turned out, very important RP scene. I fell in loving with MUSHing after that and got rid of all the hack-and-slash MUDs I played. Otherspace opened my eyes to how good roleplaying could be. On top of that it had a friendly player base who were always willing to help. I've played there for about 7-8 months now and we've already been through some good times and bad times both OOC'ly and IC'ly. For an IC example, in about 5 months my first character shot from a lowly Recruit, to Director of an Intelligence agency, to President of the Solar Consortium. Even htough I was considered a newbie by some still, they supported the fact I had risen to a high ranking position quickly. For two OOC examples the player base joined together and supported me when I lost a neighbor and pretty close friend IRL to suicide. Also, when the USS Cole exploded, one of our players served on her. The player base practicaly held a vigil for 3 days straight waiting for word that he was OK. In my opinion, OtherSpace is one of the most tight knit communities out there, both IC and OOC'ly, and it should not be missed by anyone.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 8, 2000
I am a long-time Musher who had become jaded and bored with the Mush world. I'd searched the net for something new, only to come across the same old White Wolf style games. Then a friend pointed me to OtherSpace and quite literally, it has become the only Mush I play. Mmm. Sounds like crack, huh? :) Seriously, OtherSpace has some amazing aspects that have kept me completely engrossed in it. First and foremost, it has a solid player base. A good mixture of new or newer players to Mushing, alongside some skilled and talented veterans. This allows new Mushers to ease into the game without feeling overwhelmed, while veterans can easily find a niche for themselves, as well. Second, the theme is extremely interesting with all sorts of things going on across the galaxy. So many plots, so many storylines -- the options are all but endless. Third, and perhaps most importantly, I've found the admin as a whole to be extremely, extremely helpful and cooperative, with Brody(the head Wiz) taking the lead. This point cannot be emphasized enough. With admin encouragement and support, players feel that much more empowered and interested in the game. There you have it. A.A.G aka 'tine
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2000
I really can't say enough about OS to do it justice. This game has by far the best roleplaying that I've seen on the net. The theme is great, the story lines are great, the players are great, and the admins are great. From the very start even the most inexperienced players can become major characters in plots the affect the entire MUSH. It's refreshing to see a game where characters are more than just a list of combat skills. Characters here have incredible depth--fears, beliefs, accents, histories, motives, faults, and in general real /personalities/! I am completely addicted to the MUSH, and truly think it is the best game to be found on-line! While the application process can be time consuming, and requires some work, it is very much worth the effort. Starting can be a bit intimidating as well, but people are willing to help new players, so just ask. The slight confusion at the begining will soon pass, and you'll be so glad you found this game! Anyone who is interested in great role playing should try it. For those who want a few hard facts about the game: (1)roleplaying based xp system, so you don't run around killing mobiles to get better--you just get better by having quality rp that makes the game better for everyone. (2) Original set of races, many of which are underrepresented, so you can have the chance to be a /very/ unique character. (3)simple command list--really, the only command you ever need to know is the pose command. This game is great, and I highly recomend it. Hope to see you there! --Travis Poole --aka Tolobo, Losh, Tycho
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 28, 2000
I've only returned to one MUSH I've left. Ever. I was part of the very first story arc on OtherSpace and we all did some fine roleplaying. Now the downside to the story arc school of MUSHdom is that one does tend to feel the weight of the plot careening about on it's own inertia. But that's simply the price of a world that's being driven /somewhere/ as opposed to idling nowhere in particular. After taking a couple years off I found myself back and picked up with a new character - a little wiser for my previous experiences. Amazingly almost all the original players are still around as are many of the same characters. There are stories, logs, detailed information and much more on every aspect of OtherSpace. And the buck stops with Wes Platt aka Brody. He invented the setting and pulled together an awesome team of admins and roleplayers that's constantly growing. This is his baby but he's willing to let others contribute to the setting and storytelling. Indeed, the arcs themselves appear more amenable to player interference. Frankly, I don't know where he finds the reserves of energy to keep up with it all. Me? I've got a new character, a passel of logs I'm quite proud of and I'm developing a tiny part of the world which my character belongs to. This is some fine old time roleplaying. Just be ready to let go and roll with events. That's the key to enjoying them and OtherSpace as a whole. It ain't hard. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 27, 2000
I was invited to try Otherspace by some friends on another MU*. I did so with some hesitation as I was much more interested in fantasy than sci-fi. I am very glad I took them up on their invitation. Otherspace has been a challenge for me. It has a very involved storyline with lots of history and you have to do a little work in order to play your character well. The admins are extremely helpful and will use their own characters to draw you into the roleplay. Here I can be a psionic Mystic battling the evil Hive mind or a Sivadian flying around the universe with a handsome Vollistan emmassing a fortune or even a spoiled granddaughter of the feline Demarian race trying to re-establish their place in their fallen world. If you enjoy a challenge and have the desire to be a part of a quality roleplay environment I invite you to come visit us at Otherspace. You will not be disappointed!!!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 21, 2000
I'd like to take a few minutes to share with you the wonderful experience I've had Mushing at OTHERSPACE MUSH. In fact I won't be able to fit what I want to say into such a small space so feel free to e-mail for the full scoop. The easiest way to begin is to say that Otherspace is the place to be if you enjoy role-play that focuses on character creation and story telling as opposed to hack n slash (although Pkilling does happen on occasion as the result of RP so it is not a world without consequence for IC acts). It has an incredibly solid evolving storyline and though there is a code based skill system, much RP occurs without its use so that new players can jump right in. New characters do require admin approval, however, which usually occurs very quickly. The admin is very responsive to the player base with major changes being put to a player vote (what a pleasant rarity in mushing!) An admin is almost always available to oversee and direct RP when necessary (such as combat situations). There is never an reason for not getting RP if you want it as the teleport system allows easy travel between worlds so you can go to RP instead of waiting for it to come to you. Hope you'll join us!Selia
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 16, 2000
Otherspace is, by far, the best run MUSH I have ever come across. It's Admin are highly dedicated, and always open to serious suggestions or even sharing a joke. The players are all quite friendly, there are a variety of races, the storyline is quite unique.. I hardly know where to start. They flight system Otherspace employs is HSpace, which I find easy to learn and fun to use, and put to use very well by all the races in Otherspace. You can apply for a character ranging from a human officer in the alien-hating Guardian Fleet, to a floating crystalline being that has a thing for collecting toenails. If you want, that is. The admin do a great job of running the story lines, or Arcs, and run Arc Events to further the storyline. I just can't recommend it enough for fans of Science Fiction or MUSHers.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2000
Want to play something that's more immerse than a tank full of taco meat?! Then Go swim in a lake of acid! But if you want to be involved in a storyline like no other, with Master Storyteller Wes Platt leading the way, come to Otherspace. Something like 16 alien species, starships, and freely available RP. Best RP on the net. http://www.otherspace.org
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 29, 2000
Otherspace offers, in my opinion, the single greatest RP experiance on the 'net. Otherspace's original sci-fi theme is one of the most interesting out there. It features six-teen different types of aliens for the players to choose from. Everything from a nine-foot tall glowing bipedal to a flying crystaline jellyfish. Otherspace is packed full of friendly people and helpful admins with one purpose, to have fun, and help other's have fun too. The rich plot made by lead storyteller Wes Platt is designed to involve everyone and slowly shape the world of Otherspace. What any one player does can change the course of the entire MUSH for months. Information about what's happening in the MUSH is available in their online written newspaper as well as a RealAudio news update. Currently the MUSH takes place aboard the Sanctuary, a massive space vessel trapped in an alien dimension after a malfuntion with the crafts engines. The denizens of Sanctuary are now forced to seek out their nemisis, The Thul, and persuade them into helping them return to their own dimension. Virtually every weekend is a major plot-related event full of good roleplaying. Otherspace is a must for anyone who wants good, clean, roleplaying with interesting people. Visit their website at http://www.otherspace.org for more information. Telnet otherspace.org 1790.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Apr 28, 2000