Belgariad-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1993.
Ranked 351st of 761 worlds statistically.
Ranked 1st of 2 worlds in the Belgariad genre statistically.
Voted 520th on MUDConnector.Com.

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3 (last 30 days)


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2 (last 60 days)

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2 (last 30 days)
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              Original DikuMUD by Hans Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe,
              Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer
              Based on MERC 2.1 code by Hatchet, Furey, and Kahn
              ROM 2.4 copyright (c) 1993-1996 Russ Taylor, this
              code has been further enhanced by Kyler and Mical.
              And then by Belgarion, Belgarath, Kyler and Grodeg.
              Continuing features in progress by Naradas and Kheldar.

Remember that it's forbidden to use a name from any of Eddings' books!

By what name do you wish to be known? 
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[Rom] Modified ROM 2.4 [1]
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Rom [5]

1993 [2]

Luxemburg [1]
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The Belgariad and Mallorean by David Eddings [1]
The Belgariad and Mallorean, by David Eddings [2]
Belgariad [5]

David Eddings [2]
Fantasy Role-playing Worlds [3]

Prophecy has been around since 1995 and is still growing. It is based on the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David and Leigh Eddings and runs with a heavily modified ROM 2.4 code with a lot of unique features such as our clan system and mob-run Quests. We are constantly adding new areas based on the Belgariad with the help of our productive builder staff giving you the feeling that you are actually walking around in the world the Eddings' created. New areas are constantly being worked on and we are always hiring new and capable builders. Prophecy offers a playerclan system which means that players are able to band with friends and create their own armies, guilds or whatever they can think of. The three main clans allow those who join to fight for the Western of Eastern armies for supremacy or for the infamous Bearcult to try and revive Aloria. We also offer three different types of Quest systems. Autoquests, mob-run quests and immortal-run quests. They are quite different and provide the players with all sorts of entertainment. Ever fancied playing a game of soccer in the capital of Sendaria? Join us and you can! Interested? Come join us as a foul and evil Murgo, or a sneaky Drasnian spy and explore the world of the Belgariad. [1]
Pawn of Prophecy is a MUD based on the works of David Eddings. The newbie friendly environment has quests, scrimmages, player-killing, clans, and much more. Roleplaying is strongly encouraged, but not enforced. [2]
Prophecy is a good game for new users. Raising your level is quick and easy (up to level 9 in the first hour of play!) Nothing extraordinary but it's fun. [3]
Prophecy MUD is a roleplaying envirnoment based on the Belagriad written by David Eddings, a rich, detailed wold. A dedicated staff of immortals and players. Come create yourself in a world original to muds. [4]
Prophecy has been around since 1995 and is still growing. It is based on the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David and Leigh Eddings and runs with a heavily modified ROM 2.4 code with a lot of unique features such as our clan system and mob-run Quests. We are constantly adding new areas based on the Belgariad with the help of our productive builder staff giving you the feeling that you are actually walking around in the world the Eddings' created. New areas are constantly being worked on and we are always hiring new and capable builders. Prophecy offers a playerclan system which means that players are able to band with friends and create their own armies, guilds or whatever they can think of. The three main clans allow those who join to fight for the Western of Eastern armies for supremacy or for the infamous Bearcult to try and revive Aloria. We also offer three different types of Quest systems. Autoquests, mob-run quests and immortal-run quests. They are quite different and provide the players with all sorts of entertainment. Ever fancied playing a game of soccer in the capital of Sendaria? Join us and you can! Interested? Come join us as a foul and evil Murgo, or a sneaky Drasnian spy and explore the world of the Belgariad. [5]

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Complete and utter waste of time. Prophecy requires a 'player validation.' What this means is that the 'immortals' (longstanding players/admin) are going to judge YOU on, of all things, whether you've picked a name worthy of playing the game. Without validation, you can't even shut off the chatter channels so you can read descriptions without them scrolling off your screen while other players yammer about something happening a world away. You can't even publicly ask for help if you're lost or confused without validation of your NAME! The MUD is also 'silly.' It doesn't possess the dignity of the Eddings books in any way. (One NPC was trying to 'mosh' with another, both characters from the books.) Yet one of their ridiculous rules is that your name have the gravitas necessary to represent Eddings's books. I'm not impressed, and I've moved on and deleted my account. This was VERY disappointing to me.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 12, 2007
Yes, Prophecy requires validation for character names. This is because we have a strict set of rules for these names. We prefer to get unique and original character names instead of a ranger called 'Legolas' or a knight called 'Lancelot'. Furthermore, the name validation rules are there to filter out offensive or inappropriate names. As for asking for help, the 'pray' command, which contacts immortals, is always available. Furthermore, new and unvalidated players are flagged appropriately on the who-list. We have quite a few players dedicated to helping newbies. New players are usually spotted within minutes and offered assistance, both to help them get started and to get their name validated. As for the two 'NPC's' that were moshing, I think this player has actually confused two immortals who had gone to his location to provide assistance for NPC's. All our immortals take on names of book characters to further provide to the RP-encouraged atmosphere on the MUD. In this specific case, it's quite likely that two of these immortals had gone to the player. The overall atmopshere of the MUD is generally friendly. The areas and npcs are in no way silly. Things that clearly don't fit inside the Eddings world are filtered out on implementation. This player most likely saw two immortals having a bit of fun together. The fact that he confused them for NPCs probably also explains why he thought he didn't receive any assistance. Prophecy has been around for more than 10 years and is still going strong. If you like the Eddings books, you can't go wrong in paying us a visit.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 2, 2007
A year ago, I started playing Prophecy to kill some time. Something went terribly wrong but I noticed it too late. I was already addicted. Prophecy's atmosphere, technical side of mud and people captivate any player who give it a chance. Prophecy is not a large mud. During one year I've seen player activity fluctuate between 15-30 people. For some reason, I've always been into muds of this size and I am sure many people agree with that. Cozy is exactly what Prophecy is. Prophecy's theme is from Eddings world of Belgariad and Mallorean. I am sure many of you have read Eddings books and I glad to tell you, Prophecy is better than the books. A lot better. One thing above all in Prophecy is it's areas and quite original at that. Only few puny original ROM areas remain and those are to be removed in future. Player killing enviroment and Roleplaying enviroments are supported. Immortal quests, auto questing system, Emily quests (mob throwing scavengers and couple of other things), miniquests on areas not to forget scrimmages (Wars nonPK people can join), quest equipment system different roleplaying possibilities and actually pretty well functioning PK setup. I've PKed in couple of muds previously but here.. it really is smooth. I would like to recommend Prophecy to everyone who enjoy well build areas and mind boiling mini quests on areas. Some of the mini quests are just awesome. PKing is fun and most of the people do it for that sole purpose. Prophecy has just as passionate roleplayers as it has player killers. Yours, Shariana the newbie
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 21, 2005
After playing mud for 9 years and 7 of thees on prophecy I would cal my slef an addic and thought it was about time I did something to promote this wonderful place. Prophecy is baced on the books writen by david eddings, having said this there is nothing saying that you cant enjoy the place with out having read the books. I myself had not read em untill I started. Now I have read them ones to get a better feel in how to play the role of my charecters. Prophecy most be one of the most newbie friendly places around. There are even two clans that solitly devote them self to helping newcommers into the world. On prophecy you got the option to chose if you want to pk(player kill)or not. I would strongly recomend that you try pk atleast ones. Perphas not at ones if you never mudded before. But all I have to say is that the rush of pk fight is not seen in any other game that I have played. If I have a pk fight that is very even and unserten, lait at night. I will have to stay up for atleast an hour after, just to let the adrenalin settle. I hope to see you soon. If you have any questions or nead help dont feel scared to give me a tell if you see me online. (tell asthiss for all you newmudders) / Asthiss
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 24, 2005
Ive been playing this MUD for about 6 years now, on and off as I have sometimes had limited access to a computer. It doesnt have a particularly large playerbase, but those that do play are quite dedicated. Leveling is fairly easy, if you are set on in. PK plays a very large role, and a very small one at the same time. Those that choose to PK usually stick to it, and suddenly a whole new world appears. You can play as a non-PK player, as most of the playerbase does and join the recently formed Playerclans. These clans are not made and set forth by the immortals for PK purposes, rather they are made by the players, who ammass an amount of gold, qp, and rppts (role play points, awarded to those who RP regularly, and put forth the effort to try). There are auto-quests, which involve finding a mob and completing some sort of task for it, and returning to collect the reward. The reward is usually gold, a small amount of experience, and aqpts. Aqpts can be used to purchase certain pieces of armor, restring an item, or a few other intresting rewards. There is limited cussing allowed on the public channels, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Players are always happy to help all players, new or veteran. Due to a few mistakes here and there my the Immortals, the playerbase suffered a setback. As the Immortals have begun to mend and correct these mistakes, the playerbase is slowly returning, and perhaps even growing. We realize that the immortals are human too, and they have learned that it is almost ALWAYS best to be sure that the populace of the MUD is happy with any drastic/major changes that will or could be made. I have tried of few other MUDs. Realms of Despair being the most notable. I find that RoD, while large, is missing alot of the personal, person to person activity that Prophecy the MUD involves. People get married, form fueds, form friendships. The majority of the playerbase are friends online. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, confusing as it may be. -Ssolvarain Eunuch Assassin of the Eternal Salmissra
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 7, 2004
I would like to let everyone know that Prophecy is a great mud to join. I have been playing here for 7 years now, and never have I felt the need to go elsewhere for my mudding enjoyment. The great players, helpful Immortals, and fun things to do on this MUD have kept me here for many years. For those who are new the whole mudding experience, Prophecy offers a very detailed Mud School to teach you the basics of the world. It shows you the basic commands you need to survive, as well as giving you time to practice and learn everything you need for the mud. Not only that two clans are devoted to helping newbies out while they first mud on Prophecy. The Shepherds and Adventurers were created primarily to help those who need help. Someday you may be able to join these clans. Other available clans are the Vagabonds, Fraternity, Wanderers and for those who are into PK, Western Army, Eastern Army and the Bearcult offer chances to test out your mettle against other players. A healthy amount of quests are thrown throught the week, varying from basic PK or Find the Imm quests, to more advanced ones that we have created. Not only that but we have an automated quest giver name Emily who throws quests on a regular basis even when no Immortal is around. Floyd the autoquest master is around 24/7 to allow you the chance to win points through him that you can put forth towards better eq, gold, and many other things. All of this allows you to stay busy and not get bored like I have seen on many other muds. And finally for those who truly love the world of the Belgarid, you'll be happy to know that our talented builders have done their best to translate the words of Edding's books into the mud world. Many unique areas seen only in the books scatter the lands. We have very few stock ROM areas left, and those are slowly being removed as more and more original areas are brought into the mud. Our talented team of builders have done an amazing job I think, with varied rooms, mobs, and many area mini quests to keep you entertained. So come on by and look into our mud. Whether you are a fan of the David Eddings books, or just looking for a good mud to call home, then Prophecy Mud is what you are looking for.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 14, 2004
Prophecy!!! A Mud based upon The Belgariad and The Malloreon book series. If you enjoy reading the works of David and Leigh Eddings come by and check this one out. port 4000 Here is a mud that truly exhibits the spirit behind those books. We have Grolims. We have Drasnian spies. We have three clans dedicated to PK (if pk is your thing). RP is growing stronger everyday. The world of Prophecy is your doorway into a world of Magic, Adventure Romance. Come by and step into this world, we will welcome you with open arms. This mud is most definitely newbie friendly, and welcomes the most veteran of mudders. Come on in a sit a spell, and see if Prophecy, the Mud is for you. Jhelya
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2004
Prophecy is a great MUD based on the books by David Eddings contained in the Belgariad series. There are some hints to the Mallorean series (which is the continuation of the Belgariad). Many changes are happening in the MUD for the better. The immortal staff is in my opinion, the best we've had in the last few years, and continues to improve everyday. They are open-minded, honest, fair, and friendly. The playerbase at prophecy is also a good reason to come check it out. Most individuals there will gladly help you out with any questions you have, and will always give assistance or lend a hand at helping equip you. We have a good number of clans in our world, and each clan is like family. You have your PK (player-killing) clans, and your non PK clans. You can always count on your fellow clanmates for help when in need. Areas: Prophecy has a good number of unique areas that are fun and exciting to explore. We've had the fortune of having some great builders who have put a lot of time and creativity into their areas. We also have some great coders at proph, too. If ever there is a bug or problem, it's usually taken care of in quick time. The maximum level is 91 and can be a challenge to achieve. From the time you are 1 to 91, you will enjoy every area that you frequent during the levelling process. Equipment is readily accessible for all levels and the eq isn't just suited for one class. The equipment pieces for all eq slots vary in stats making equipping your sorceror, thief or warrior easy. The classes at prophecy are excellent. They are so unique that you will no doubt try out every single class. Each class has a different feel to them. You might find yourself liking all of them or might prefer a select few. In any event, the classes make prophecy a delight to play. Overall, prophecy has been, in my opinion, one of the best MUDs to play in my 10 years of playing.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 4, 2004
Prophecy is and has always been a good MUD. They have constantly improved the equipment, the MUD areas, the rules, and the overall playing experience for everyone. When I first started I had numerous helpfiles to answer my questions and when those failed, an entire clan dedicated to helping newbies was there -- and in the rare chance that they failed, I just asked another player. I had fun joining quests, joining a PK clan without know it made you PK and slowly improving, levelling, making other characters, and making new friends. Currently RP is taking a new face too. I've never seen this much RP on an RP-optional mud, ever. Stories written by players all over and it is no longer uncommon to see someone actually using the flexible RP channel & like commands. The Roleplay Council and Immortal are doing a great job. The Immortal staff does their best now to listen to players and always makes very fair decisions for the entire playerbase. The MUD is being overhauled by the dedicated staff. They're adding originality derived from Eddings' works and variety everywhere. Preparing for a Pwipe is tough business, but they're doing it, and with the pwipe will come extraordinary changes. Travelling will be extremely realistic and new dimensions added to the game. New players are cropping up and older players are helping to advance the MUD. So what Prophecy needs is new blood. Even if you haven't read Eddings' works, you'll still discover much about what he created in the rich areas people have taken months to develop. Give it a shot, eh?
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2004
Hi :) I'm a frenchie, and even though the mud is in english I love that place. When I first entered the game I've was helped through starting in that confusing environement. Everyone was so helpful. Now that I've been playing quite some time I can't get out of it ;) With time I discovered all the magic things of that world and decided I wanted to help people. I joined a clan called Shepherds that's bound to help newbies and lowbies. There are lots of clans one can join, from clans whose members helps others like Shepherds and Adventurers, to the playerkiller clans, to without missing friends clan where people gather according to friendship. Really if you read the books take a look. If you didn't take a look anyway it's worth it and then you'll read the books, that's sure. Jolan the French Shepherd. PS : If you come to pass by and see me, drop me a tell ;)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2004
What I like most about Prophecy is that it has a closeknit community. After a few weeks you know almost everyone, unlike larger MUDs where most are strangers. It has a friendly atmosphere and many players are willing to help. In fact, two clans on Prophecy are devoted to helping newbies. The staff are also open, willing to listen, and discuss matters with players to pinpoint problems and improve the MUD on the whole. Prophecy also has something for everyone. Players can choose whether to PK or not, and they also have the choice of whether to roleplay. In addition to PK, there are also scrimmages, where players can fight and test their skills without risk of being looted. One newly introduced feature are the player clans. In the past, there were five and only five clans available, and the immortals (aka wizards aka staff) had influence in clan matters. Now, however, players are free to create their own clans - at a certain price, of course. New areas are added contantly for players to explore, with hidden treasures and challenging problems. The code is also updated to add new aspects to the MUD. Should players tire of levelling and exploring, they can participate in quests held by quest immortals or the resident 'quest bot' - Emily. Emily is a heavily coded NPC which runs automated, scheduled quests almost daily, offering players both fun and prizes. The coders are working on adding more races and classes to the MUD, as well as restructuring the map so that it fits closer to Eddings. Personally, I look forward to these changes - they will add yet another layer of complexity, fun and challenges to all aspects of the MUD. All in all, this is a MUD suited best for the casual player, aimed at providing fun and entertainment.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2004
Heya, I'd just want to send in a word about this mud. I've been playing it for almost 7 years, begun as a little no-name with hardly no knowledge. After some time, I've grown to know the people on prophecy, gotten alot of friends of course (some enemies?) I've been a High ranked clan member for many years and now advanced into an immortal character. Why should you play prophecy? 1)Most of us are very newbie friendly 2)If you have a wish to create something prophecy can offer a chance to create a clan of your own with all your friends. 3)It is a very stabile mud codewise. 4)There are constantly updates every 14 days. 5)Us Immortals listen at your opinions and always consider your ideas before imping/scrapping. 6) I could go on forever, but i won't =) If you're interested, visit or hook up on your mudclient on the URL 4000 Recommended clients JMC Zmud Gmud (these are easily found on the web, and they are freeware) I hope to see people on here soon, Make contact with me and I'll give you more information in game.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 13, 2004
Prophecy is a place that captured my heart 8 years ago, and I must admit I have been addicted since. Like every MUD it has had its ups and downs, but in the long run it has been a very pleasurable experience for me and many others like me. Sure, I am somewhat biased, being a staff-member and a player as well, however I do feel I can mention a few things here that people who are interested might be interested in. The MUD is based on the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David and Leigh Eddings, and the MUD's builder staff has done its best to create a world that resembles it as good as possible, with quite a few areas that give you the feel that you are actually walking around in the same world as Belgarian and company. The coders of the past and present have worked and still work their hardest to add to that feeling, adding new classes, new skills and even new races for people to play with, as well as many features that both enhance and enrich gameplay. Playerkilling is optional and for those who choose this path filled with dangers there are several clans at their disposal as well as the option to create clans for themselves. The last option is also available for those who do not wish to risk their hard-earned equipment. I dare say that Prophecy's playerclan system is one of its most original and fun options. Nobody can deny that banding with friends to achieve a mutual goal is a lot of fun. Quests on Prophecy are somewhat different as there are three kinds of quests. The first is the Immortal-run quests, where the creative Quesst-immortals do their best to provide the players with fun, original and exciting ways to earn better equipment and a few laughs. Then there is the Auto-quest system, run by our mob-friend Floyd. Floyd offers a varied selection of short quests with which you can earn autoquestpoints with which you can buy equipment or enhance your skills further. Last, but definately not least, there is Emily, our mob quest immortal, running quests on a regular basis, similar to those run by the immortals. Occasionally, the entire MUD becomes a battlefield as a scrimmage is started by either Emily or an immortal, and those who join can either fight for the last man standing title or as a team to win the war. Roleplaying is encouraged, both through quests and the use of roleplaying points. These hard-earned points yield special benefits when used as they are one of the only ways of acquiring a last name for your family, or a title of nobility. Prophecy could definately do with a lot more players interested in roleplaying in the world of the Belgariad so if you are interested, I encourage you to give it a try. All in all, Prophecy is a MUD that deserves a far larger playerbase than it has It... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 8, 2004
I started playing this game 7 years ago, and spent most of my puberty enjoying it. Even though the game wasn't nearly as newbie friendly back then as it is now, it was already a place where you would feel welcome, loved and helped when needed. Nothing except of course rules, is forced upon you, so you have the choice of roleplaying, player killing etc, which gives everyone a shot at something that they like. The PK enviroment is very active, with several player-run clans which have their own clan halls/potions and equipment. Roleplaying is encouraged, and rewarded when a good show is given, as long as it is based on the Belgariad/Mallorean series by David Eddings. All in all, the game offers a fun playing envoriment for the old and newbie and for those who don't like being spammed with 100's of people trying to look at the who list. The fact that the game has been around for more than 7 years should say enough.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 23, 2003
Very addictive! It's just a wonderful place to be if you're a newbie. Very fun and full of life. Try not to get too involved with it though, dozens of lives have revolved around it for years and you can have too much of a good thing. :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 9, 2001