Realm of Shadows
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 2001.
Ranked 435th of 841 worlds statistically.
Ranked 169th of 364 worlds in the Fantasy genre statistically.
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Smaug 1.4a (Heavily Modified)

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                           -=The Rebirth=-
         Diku MUD was created by Hans Henirk Strfeldt, Katja Nyboe,
             Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.
         Merc was created by Furey, Hatchet, Kahn.
         Realm of Shadows is an extremely modified SMAUG 1.4a MUD.
         Please visit our website at
         Official Forums Located at:
         Admin Contact: Syriac -
         Follow us on twitter @ros_mud  -
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 The great purge has arrived! No one has survived but the Creator!

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Realm of Shadows was founded in 7-2001 and made its online debut in 2 Feb 2002. Since its arrival to the online scene it has grown and evolved into a unique game play experience set within a world of magic and monsters. What you become is up to you, some people are deadly assassins that do nothing other than wait for unsuspecting victims and then strike. Perhaps you could become a merchant, you would search the realm for unique and powerful items that are randomly generated and then trade or make a profit off them. Some players will become brave mortals who will take on any quest the quest master will give them, and perhaps even some of them will ascend into immortality! possibilities...
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Realm of Shadows was founded in 7-2001 and made its online debut in 2 Feb 2002. Since its arrival to the online scene it has grown and evolved into a unique game play experience set within a world of magic and monsters. What you become is up to you, some people are deadly assassins that do nothing other than wait for unsuspecting victims and then strike. Perhaps you could become a merchant, you would search the realm for unique and powerful items that are randomly generated and then trade or make a profit off them. Some players will become brave mortals who will take on any quest the quest master will give them, and perhaps even some of them will ascend into immortality! The possibilities are endless. Explore thousands of rooms hacking and slashing your way through various creatures to climb to the top of the food chain. Thousands of random items can be found all over the game! After being offline for nearly 5 years, Realm of Shadows has returned to pick up where it left off. Join us today! Realm of Shadows Features - * Multiclassing (Dual and Triple Classes can be elected) * God based follower system. * 3 types of automated quests. * Random item system. * Player score boards * Progressive experience levels. * Classes with multiple tiers. * 95% original areas. * Newbie friendly. -- (Players are prompted upon creation, will have flag until 10th level) ---- Corpses will pop next to player in death room. ---- Reduced damage in NPC combat. ---- Experience point bonuses. * Stat training. * Stat rerolling upon creation. * Unique skills and spells. * Fourth class that levels up by completing quests! * Several unique quests to complete! [1]
Realm of Shadows is a fastly growing custom MUD. With just a few short years of development the MUD has become very original with code and areas. We offer tons of neat features at Realm of Shadows. Many people who come have great things to say. *Triple classing *Over 80% Original Areas *Banking *Training *Random Worn items and Magical Objects *New Skills/Spells *2 Classes that offer Tiers (more to come) Warrior->Barbarian Brown Wizard->Grey Wizard->White Wizard *Random XP bonuses from killing Mobs *God lead followings *Ordained Mortals for Followings *Original Commands *Nice ANSI/RIP colors *Battle Prompt Meter *PK depending on level ranges *50 Mortal Levels *Revised XP system *Bounty *Multiclassing *Auto Questing *and a lot more! Come drop by and join the fun! [2]

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I started on ROS when it first started up. Or within the first 6 months anyways. I took a break for awhile and came back to a MUD that was revamped and with multiple features on it. Was pretty impressed to be honest. Triple classes, multiple tiers for classes, and the mud is almost completely original. I know for a fact that it is currently being added to in areas as I'm writing a few and know of another doing the same. It's pretty small, which isn't shocking in this day and age with the types of games you can play on today. That said, if you love mudding, this is a great one to go to. It's not hard to learn and the staff/players are willing to help. You can choose player-killing or non-PK. Great for those who just want to immerse themselves into the game if not into the competitive part of it.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 27, 2017
Greetings fellow mudders. I am here today to tell you all that the Realm of Shadows (RoS) is back!!!!! I have been playing this mud since 2004 off and on. I have yet to find another mud that is anything like this one. I have tried many over the years and most are very confusing and not that easy to learn. RoS is very newbie friendly and always has someone one to help if needed. We have an Immortal led following system(like clans but not like clans lol) and a random code like i have never seen in any game. The random code creates random gear with random stats and puts in on a random mob. (Random hunting) This allows all players to have unique gear. No players will have the same exact gear. Does it get any better than that?? Not in my opinion. :) This is just a couple of RoS's features. I can not list them all here as I would be writing a book. Lol. Come check us out!!!!!!!!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 20, 2017
I was banned due to asking for my gear that the implementor took from me. The conversation was get new gear. I found this to be unfair, so at a later date of trying to get 3 years of work done in a few months. I posted a note. The implementor contacted me on my personal facebook and verbally abused me. I would not play here, and I do not suggest it for anyone else.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 25, 2013
The above post only shows how you treat your veteran players. The lies and slander will only assist me in proving that this is not place for people to play. I have been banned 2 times..not including this one for the request. One was well deserved. The other, was due to a miscommunication between your server owner and yourself. You have acted and responded with hate due to a bad review. That is not what is to be expected of an implementor. I am simply posting to allow the mud community a chance before they dedicate as much time as I have. I do wish you the best. However, there are many things that you need to change to be successful and keep a solid player base. Good Luck.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 24, 2013
This player has a history of being a nuisance and cheating. In the past he stole my password (I'm the implementor) and advanced one of his own characters. Despite this, I forgave him and let him return and even become an immortal because he has always had a passion for the game and enjoyed it very much, I mistook passion for obsession. He has been banned multiple times, and I can assure him and everyone this is the final ban. I've given him multiple chances to grow up, when in reality after he stole my password I should have banned him and never looked back. I responded to him via FB because he was threatening to flame the MUD on TMC (Which he has now done) and also has been bothering another member of my staff via FB. Tytan has been our one and only problem player since we've gone live in 2001, he is being a sore loser about being banned. To correct his assertions, he had a character that was deleted for cheating, against my better judgment I restored his character sans equipment. There were bugs in that the objects were several years old, the items were over inflated, and what’s more I didn’t feel I should be rewarding him after his behavior. His set would have made him significantly more powerful, and also has a nasty little habit of trying to PK everyone, likely to run them out. This shows how mature he is, I hope he doesn't come in and make someone else's life a hell on their MUDs. On the other hand, we have years of positive reviews (some by Tytan himself, who just recently decided he hates the MUD) - we're a tight knit community and aside from this individual are drama free. I will not acknowledge him anymore and feed into his delusions. Tytan, you're banned - move on and grow up a little bit.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 18, 2013
Just started with this MUD after a recommendation from a current player. Great MUD to start with, really newbie friendly. The multiclassing facility makes getting your char started a bit easier rather than frustrated. Seems easy to navigate around, lots of newbie areas to keep things interesting and a nice retrieval option. Level based quest system also to help build up quest points to be exchanged for eq. Some areas will be familiar, but it seems mostly unique. Join in and have some fun. No need to bother about wandering into the wrong area and losing everything! Random eq is a really nice option, I'd not seen this before heavily customizable. Imms are good, followings are an option so they'll keep and eye on you.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2011
First thing - Great MUD, This MUD is great for experienced players and newbies alike. For an experienced player the multiclass feature allows for various combos within the standard classes this makes solo play easier For newbies there is lots of support available from the experienced players who will always help but also from the IMMs one of whom will normally be around. A clan system is available too. For a fee there is a nice corpse retrieval system to give new people license to explore, without fear that they'll lose their eq etc The random items enhance the standard eq nicely. Meaning no two chars will ever be the same, but also anyone has the chance to find really good eq without having to know the MUD backwards. Level tiers are a really neat touch, not only for additional stats. but also enhanced skills. Some more redevelopment and skill changes are being looked at to further enhance playability. There is a forum to air views and have your chance to develop the MUD. The MUD just needs a bigger playerbase, but if you do take a look you won't be disappointed. Stick around and help the MUD develop to its full potential. We need groups! Overall: Imms - great and open to suggestions of improvement. Players - willing to help Playability - developed enough for experienced, easy enough for newbies.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Mar 1, 2011
I have played many muds, hack and slash, roleplaying, goofy chatty muds. But when it came down to it, i really wanted something that could keep my attention more than a month. Most of the time i'd hit top level and piddle around trying to find something to do, someone to roleplay with, something more to explore, anything. One of the best ways to describe Realm of Shadows: It has a lot for just about anyone. If you are new to mudding, or new to this mud it will be very easy for you to pick up and start playing. The newbie zone is full of useful information as well as it's own newbie doctor there to spell you up and help you out!. PK is completely optional. If you choose to pk you will have the option to convert back to Non-pk if you choose. There is a lot to do other than just run around gaining levels. Mob master quests involve tracking down a designated mob in an allotted amount of time and slaying it. Aquests work similar to the mob master except you earn points to get objects instead of experience points. Another kind of quests on Realm of shadows are the invasion quests. Invasion quests allow an area to be invaded by a senior staff member with a specific mob - up to 300 instances. The NPCs will randomly be assigned values, some are worth extra experience points, some are worth quest points, some carry extra gold and some will have a 100% chance of holding a random item. The main goal of players on Realm of Shadows is to have fun. There are no strict RP rules no requirements to level, and no quests that must be completed for advancement. Basically, it's up to the players to determine how they want to spend their time on. The immortals are particularly friendly, helpful and very engaged with the mud and player base. There are generally always immortals around to assist with any questions you may have. So if you are sitting here reading this, why not log in and see whats going on. I can promise you will have a great time.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jan 12, 2011
Realm of Shadows is a SMAUG based mud that has been clearly heavily modified. Having experience working with the 1.4a codebase it's clear that a lot of time and effort has been worked into the mud to create a sound foundation MUD. The MUD staff are all quite friendly and Roleplay safe. Their 'FLI' system allows for players to worship specific immortals within their realm and reap extreme benefits for the cost of your loyalty. I find this to be a unique interactive system which has added a level of depth and interaction. I had cause to contact the Implementer directly with a small problem, and it was quite literally resolved within minutes. The Areas are well designed and connected, allowing for a variety of places to explore. The NPC's are well balanced and places to level are available making the leveling as challenging or as safe as you prefer, of course with higher rewards for higher risks. The leveling system is well balanced and so far has been enjoyable. I personally have been leveling slower than others, but the time I do spend on time is sometimes accompanied by double experience which has been a most helpful gift when it becomes available. Naturally I'd like to see more players, but thats up to all of you reading this review. This MUD is a great home, and it's welcoming to new players. It had been 8 years since I stepped into a MUD before this one, and I found the staff and other players helped me get back into it with ease. I hope to see you all on Realm of Shadows!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2010
Hi. I think that this mud is worthy of a review so here it goes. 1. Class system 9/10. Has alot of classes, and the triple class feature. Each one is built on a different basis so you dont have a bunch of warriors running around. You know Warrior/Knight. 2. Racial features: 8/10 Each race gains stat bonuses along with extra bonuses implemented into the code, and there are enough to choose from. 3. Mud features: 9/10 Damage absortion to balance out those damage seekers. Nice random drops. Fun leveling zones. Helpful staff and players. Overall Rating 9/10 Give it a try...cant hurt right?
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 2, 2009
I haven't been playing at Realm of Shadows for very long, in fact, only about a day or so, but I truly believe it is a game worthy of great credit. When I first started up my character, I wasn't expecting much, I've been through plenty of rinse-and-repeat creations and zoned out at level 5 then never came back. This time was different though, when I logged on I was greeted by an extremely friendly player who offered to help me out and aid in me getting to know the game. It wasn't long before I was getting tips and help in order to help improve my character, it was a very nice experience. Not long after that a staff member, notably Syriac, joined in on welcoming me to the game and helping ensue that my experience there was pleasant. Which it really was! Given a chance, the game has extreme potential to get a hold of you and make an addict out of you, I found it very hard to stop leveling once I discovered how powerful your character could become. It's a very classic and fun experience, while offering a multi-class system that really justifies itself. The staff are great and friendly and from what I've seen the community seems to be fairly close-knit and homely, which is a great thing and something I've been looking for, for a long, long time. If you're tired of the same old MUDs packed full of nameless 'cool kids' where you're just a faceless head in the crowd, then come and give RoS a try, or even hang out on the forums and get to know the community. Lord knows every MUD needs more players, but I think it's rare to find one that truly deserves them. :)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 16, 2009
I've been following Realm of Shadows since the beginning and have watched it evolve into a completely unique and exciting experience. Realm of Shadows is derived from SMAUG code, but I have played many other SMAUG MUDs and I've never seen anything like this. RoS has truly random items, random names, random affects, random pops - it really adds a lot to the game. There also is a TRUE multiclass system - not that crap remort stuff. You start as one class and later on you can dual to a second class and switch between them back and forth. There is automated questing, random experience point bonuses, tiers, a god lead following system, optional PK, stat re-rolling, stat training, and so much more. One of the best parts is the dedicated staff. They are always willing to help out - way more than any other place I've ever seen! They are very open to player ideas. I, myself, have submitted ideas only to see it implemented within a few days or less! I really wish there were more players and I'm hoping that this review will entice more people to come and give it a chance.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 16, 2009
Thanks for the kind words Aldous and comprehensive review :) - Syriac Implementor, Realm of Shadows
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 6, 2009
Hey all you Mudders out there! I have been with Realm of Shadows for quite some time. They are rebuilding the realm and adding in some extremely nice code. Triple Classing allows for us to be unique, and the players are very helpful. The Immortals...Not sure what to say about them. They are helpful, involved, and know the game top to bottom. I have put in a few request for things to be added and if not that same day within the week they were added. If you like pvp, running areas, friendly players, and roleplaying come to Realm of Shadows.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 5, 2009
I'm not sure what I can add that Aldous hasn't covered. However, I did want to make a sort of amendment to his review. The Multi-Classing in this game has been upgraded from Dual-Classing to Triple-Classing. That means that you can choose a third class as your player matures. I find myself quite addicted to this game, and I have been since it went public back in 2002. The owner/coder, Syriac, has always been open to the ideas presented by the players. I have seen a suggestion added very quick, and sometimes within the same day of it being brought forward to him. It is very refreshing to have a game like this that is very friendly to its players. Not only that, but the staff on this game is truly one of the best you will find. They do not hide from the players. They are very interactive with the players, and will sometimes go out of their way to see that whoever is on the game is having a good time. And while it may not be the largest world you can find, the staff seems to be putting a lot of effort into making it a unique and interesting realm to explore.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 5, 2009
Everyone cheer and welcome back RoS. We've been gone for about a year now, but are back in force. Our small player base allows for a more friendly and intimate mud setting. Get to know everyone you play with and not worry about having to scroll through 500 players when you type 'who'. Hope you'll come to see us, its a great time!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2006
Realm of Shadows is quickly growing in the past few months. Many new things are added on a constant basis. We are always looking for new players to justify the insane amount of hours Our implementor Sirus, has put into the mud. Come by and check us out, level a few times and see what you think. This is one of the fewer muds out there with such things as multiclassing as well as random equipment generation.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 2, 2003
Greetings, I would like to put in a good word for this MUD and for the owner. He has done a tremendous job in putting together one of the best muds that I have had the pleasure of playing. I have heard several comments from very experienced mudders who have played Realm of Shadows and they all have the same general idea in ranking this mud one of the best they have ever played as well. In my 5-6 years of MUD'ing experience I can say that I have found maybe one other mud that would compare to this one. The playing atmosphere is truly unique as well as some of the characters I have come across. The immortal staff are not the power hungry types you usually find and they will often be more than generous in helping someone start out. Very often am I joined in an adventure by an immortal just for companionship. The only set back to this mud is the small playerbase so I ask of you all to join in on the fun. Kilrath: Condemned Assassin of the Bloodstone
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 23, 2003