Southern Cross IV
Final Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon).
Ranked 614th of 785 worlds statistically.
Ranked 4th of 6 worlds in the Final Fantasy genre statistically.

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Connection Screen
#$#mcp version: "2.1" to: "2.1"

 Welcome to the up-and-coming Abbidias Isle!
      (Yes! We have a real title now! More coming soon!)

   (... Including a *real* welcome screen!)


  To connect to an existing character, type 'connect <name> password'.
  To connect as a guest, type 'connect guest guest'.
  For those interested in getting a character created, login as a guest and page a local wizard.
  Or, send an email to with desired name and password.
  Type WHO to see who's on right now.

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