Star Wars: Legacy of the Sith
Star Wars-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 2000.
Ranked 556th of 698 worlds statistically.
Ranked 16th of 18 worlds in the Star Wars genre statistically.

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SWReality 1.0 by Sean (Durga the Hutt) Cooper -

Original SMAUG 1.0 written by Thoric (Derek Snider) with help from 
Altrag, Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scryn, Swordbearer, Rennard, Tricops and Gorog.
Original MERC 2.1 code by Hatchet, Furey, and Kahn. Original DikuMUD code by:
Hans Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert Sebastian Hammer
Star Wars and Star Wars names are a copyright of Lucasfilm ltd.

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Years have passed since the destruction of the deathstar, and the rebellion has become The New Republic. The Empire is on the rise again, and organised crime is growing. On LoTS, you become part of this world, choosing from our many races and classes and skills to build your character. We have many new and unique features, such as a detailed cargo system, 35 races, 8 classes, new skill additions, upgrades of old skills, an arena, ship simulators, com-frequecies, introduction system, and countless other code additions. Though LotS is open to the public we're still an evolving SWR. Player ideas are welcome and encouraged, and much of the time used. On LoTS, while PK is legal under certain conditions, such as in it...
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Star Wars : 50+ years after Return of the Jedi [1]

Years have passed since the destruction of the deathstar, and the rebellion has become The New Republic. The Empire is on the rise again, and organised crime is growing. On LoTS, you become part of this world, choosing from our many races and classes and skills to build your character. We have many new and unique features, such as a detailed cargo system, 35 races, 8 classes, new skill additions, upgrades of old skills, an arena, ship simulators, com-frequecies, introduction system, and countless other code additions. Though LotS is open to the public we're still an evolving SWR. Player ideas are welcome and encouraged, and much of the time used. On LoTS, while PK is legal under certain conditions, such as in clans, it must be kept in character, and newbie killing is illegal. Most who clan choose to join one of the two major governments (The Empire or The New Republic), however, there are smaller factions as well. Our players and imm-staff are friendly and helpful. We are a role-playing enforced mud, and require both a biography and description for characters above level 6, as well as a name appropriate for their race. We're currently hiring Builders and RolePlay Enforcement Immortals, log on and speak with an Immortal if your interested. Please Log on or send email for any further information [1]

  1. MUDConnector.Com
Legacy of the Sith (LotS) is not a MUD that I would recommend to anyone. I have played it on and off for approximately five years at various points. I have been in and out of most clans and have experienced everything that this MUD has to offer, short of being an immortal (on this MUD anyway). I will focus my review on a few key points. SWR is a fantastic codebase, and in the right hands this MUD has potential to be good, but rampant favoritism and poor (or a lack of) decisions by the administrators have made it a most unenjoyable experience for many. If not for the handful of great players who work very hard to have fun in such a limited and negative environment, I would have left years ago and never returned. First, LotS is heavily encumbered by favoritism on behalf of the immortals. Some players continually receive preferred treatment through the gifting of Force-sensitive characters, clan leadership, and not having to adhere to certain principle rules. Some of the preferred players are at least discreet about this. However, others make no hesitation to gloat about this toward other players. This has gone so far as allowing these players in the clique to outright abuse newbies to the MUD. These newbies did not return. Further, the only “development” that any class has received in the years that I have played here has been to benefit the immortals’ mortals or to hinder players that they feel threatened by. Case in point, all of the immortals have high level Sith. What is the only class to receive any attention in an otherwise unchanging and undeveloping MUD? Sith. They have had their powerful spells lowered in required level and their damage output increased to unbalanced levels. These characters get used to strong-arm other players and they have no reservation about PK’ing regularly with them. The only other class change was in raising the level of “spy” because players that threatened power... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 1, 2013
When did I start playing this mud? Forever ago... but then I lost internet for a while and just recently came back, and am very glad I did. I was reading through the posts that have 'recently' been posted, however relatively long ago, and noticed that 'nothing has been updated' and 'the admin is gone'... Both of those couldn't be any less true. There are currently two coders both coding new and exciting things, and several builders currently working on areas. A brand new 500 vnum area was just added with several quests and exciting new objects. This area features things that were not even able to of been in the mud before its time, because the builder requested several things to be coded in, and every single one was implemented rather quickly. The player base is steady and a lot of RP is happening. The governments may seem inactive to those whom are not looking closely enough. But that is not the case, they might not be blowing each other up constantly but they are always doing something to progress the RP of both the mud and the players. There are some 'evil' characters but no evil players. Obviously there has to be evil characters so there is conflict, but it is monitored and RP is enforced and PKs have to be backed by logs and RP. This is a great mud, and if you come and give it a chance I will personally help you if you ask. :)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 11, 2011
In my long stay on LOTs, or Legacy of the Sith, I got a good feel for how things worked around the mud. You will find that some of the players are reasonable to be around, and make a fun environment to exist in. Although I did enjoy several players and the mud itself, if you are seeking a mud to play with little immortal interaction I would suggest something else. The Immortal staff on Lots controls the Roleplay completely and leave little room for original ideas. It doesn't take an avid mud player long to realize what kind of mud Lots is. You'll come to find out that all the powerful players are mortals of the staff, and all decisions will be swayed in their favor. Myself and other older players have been driven away from this mud because the way the rules don't apply to certain players. Overall, if you are looking for a fair environment to Roleplay, and be in, I do not think Lots is for you. If you seek the 'high school experience' with cliques, favoritism, and the often spread of rumors you will enjoy your time here. With the small player base, and the only players being immortals or in that 'clique' it makes little room for new comers to get established. I would like to say that everything I stated is true, and how many of the older players feel about a place they once loved.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 26, 2011
I have seen this mud go through many changes. Along with Imm switches. I am very sad to say a mud that used to do rp, no longer does. A mud that used to be fair, isn't anymore. This isn't just one opinion, but the opinion evident by playing for even ten minutes. The current imm in charge, Maia, reveals alts to her favorite players, sets players she likes up with forcers. Even restores pk'd players she likes without proper rp reason. This leaves the mud a very broken system which doesn't allow any kind of real rp, fair judgement, or even proper involvement by clans. The empire and new republic aren't allowed to act as themselves. All in all, I'd advise anything thinking of joining up to move on to a different Star Wars mud. What was once a thriving, competitive and healthy mud is now long gone.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 13, 2011
When I was first introduced to the MUD, I was fairly pleased. I was quite new to MUDding in the first place however, and soon found other SWR alternatives to the game. Many of the fantastic games I played, would sadly come to die because of administrative issues or server problems, and time and time again, I would return to LOTS. However, recently I have been playing it more often and have found, while other MUDs are updating and adding new features monthly, this stagnant stock SWR is dying both in my gameplay, and in administrative issues. The former lead admin is gone, they can no longer enforce the more strict actions (backups are no longer available), and what is worse is that RP has many possibilities, but the bulk of the playerbase is trigger-happy combat based classes that spend most of their time running cargo and killing mobs for quick money. Everytime there IS indepth gameplay, most Immortals find flaws in illegal bounties, unaccounted for player killings, and even going so far as to helling or slaying players for destroying ships during war. Overall, the game is a decent experience for those new to the MUD experience, but falls extremely short of anything innovative, creative, or even entertaining. I would suggest this game only to those who enjoy chatting endlessly with the OOC feature, as it is the only amount of fun you are going to get out of this dying MUD.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 19, 2009
When I first played on LoTS, I thought it was a decent, if featureless MUD. After a while I was PK'd in dodgy circumstances so took a year off. When I returned, were there any new features? It is poorly staffed, except by one or two imms who prefer to sit there punishing players for so much as breathing out of line - the rules are too restrictive. Newbie helpers are often rude to non-newbie players. Rather than go to war, people seem to want to RP everything to the death, to the point where I grew bored and tried to incite a war myself. However, despite asking a newbie helper and a veteran player whether what I was doing was illegal and being told it wasn't, I was later punished with a slay. The rules prevent you from doing anything, especially if you're bountied, as then you're not allowed to be on your own clans ships or bases, or even on Coruscant (where PKing seems to be illegal), you're considered to be hiding. To add to this tale of woe, LoTS has the cheek to call itself 'the best SWR'. I know there aren't many anymore, but even the original SWR must have advanced more in 2 years than LoTS.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 2, 2009
Started playing this mud in Dec 08. At first, it was good, some of the players proved very helpful. Imms, with an exception or two, hardly ever seen. Weeks could go by without them. And then within the last month or so an influx of self proclaimed 'veteran players' came in, which is where the problems began. The roleplay became less based around RP, and more based around OOC RP. It started to become obvious that there was no fairness in the way things were dealt with. Example: The NR President(Player only on the mud for a few months), seeing his planets being harassed by the new emperor(A veteran player) and decides to place a bounty on him in order to quietly remove the threat before a war is started. This bounty is declared illegal, without any imms talking to the player of the NR president, and overturned. HOWEVER, the emperor is now somehow given IC knowledge of this, and can use it in his RP, and then gets things twisted to the point where he bounties the NR president who hasn't even so much as touched an Imp planet or personnel, in order to fend off a war. And that one is legitimized. As well, it is apparent you can be bountied for joining the republic and quitting, for no other reason than that is a legitimate reason to call you a spy, even if you make it known you quit simply because you disagreed with the leadership. I personally, based off of my experience, decided to suicide my characters rather than play on a mud where I saw too much to be disagreed with which would only cause further problems. The reaction of the one Imm on? He told me to stop acting childish. when I explained I was leaving, rather than play somewhere in which I disagree with the way I feel RP is decided, arranged, and legitimized OOCLY, he decided to take this as a personal assault, and rude... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2009
I am that emperor being referred to. The comment that follows will be as factual and unemotional and unbiased as possible. That said, get the whole picture from 'daddy', and other players as well. 1. I am actually a new player to LOTS, though it seems I started a bit before Daddy. 2. The bounty the Emperor placed on the President of the NR was an alternative to war. The core reasons being multiple assassination attempts on the Emperor. The president was verified as the source of those attempts by multiple IC sources. 3. The reasoning behind the President's bounty on the Emperor after these failed attacks and the emperor to president bounty was that the popular support of republican planets was low (any character with diplomat levels, especially diplomat mains, have the ability to lower and raise popular support on all planets if they are in an organization. this lowers and raises the taxes from the planet and allows for the capture of the planets, though capturing is an act of war). The President also suspected the emperor of icly aiding a bounty hunter, a suspicion that he created after seeing OOC information, namely, the emperor throwing a snowball at him in ooc chat, which allows the emperor to see what the president is introduced to him as. Refreshing the player's memory. Since the variation of planetary popularity is not a PKable offense, the bounty was counted illegal and removed. 4. Shortly after the bounty was taken on the President he again attempted to assassinate the Emperor, and would not be involved in peace talks. Granted, it is the Emperor instigating these peace talks and that carries a certain stigma, but that being said, the president avoided that RP. The Empire launched a focused attack on the NR, targeting the president since they knew the republic's First would take command and was more amiable. The president was 'incapped' and ordered to be jailed, but was woken up by an ally and the... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 7, 2009
I have to disagree with a lot of what was said. First off there were the comments about only 2 active immortals. Many muds including Legacy of the Sith have their ups and downs. Yes, there were not a lot of active immortals, but they were doing their best to change that. These days there are more active immortals but we all must remember one thing. Muds generally do not pay their staff. The staff helps run the mud out of the goodness of their hearts and to make sure we as players have a place to enjoy ourselves through rp. I was in the Empire at the beginning of the war spoken of. I can truly say that while crim may have been bloodthirsty as a character he did follow through with real roleplay and not some ooc dictated roleplay. The only time the immortals got involved was to stop the bloodshed and force peace talks. I don't know about you but I'd say that's not a terrible thing for them to have done. You mentioned being bountied for quitting the new republic. Did you quit during the war? Because yes, that would look suspicious enough for anyone to suspect you were a spy. Also, in real life if you join a gang and then try to quit what generally happens? They let you quit (in a bodybag). I am not sure of even who the immortal was that you are speaking of, however wouldn't it bother you if someone new criticized all your hard work and effort and basically called you a cheater (i mean when you say that they allowed ooc stuff to affect ic roleplay). I, for one, have loved this mud for a long time and think that the immortal staff and the players make it a great place to be. Please don't let one person's negative opinions stop you from playing. Simply give the mud a try for yourself and when you do just say torq you.... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 25, 2009
The previous comments made to reinforce the reputation of the MUD, are made by those biased heavily towards it, why? Because Legacy of the Sith holds about 4 to 5 players that have been playing a while and abuse their functions. The game is controlled by a select few 'forcers' and combat-oriented players that get their way due to the fact that they are near impossible to kill. This MUD gives out a message: new players not welcome. I agree with the writer of this review wholeheartedly, and would suggest many other SWRs to a hopeful player.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 30, 2009
I stopped playing MUDs roughly 5 years ago, but lately I was in the mood to get back into a Star Wars MUD. I looked around for a while and didn't find anything I liked, until a friend told me he was playing on Legacy of the Sith. I've only been on LotS for a week, but I'm really enjoying it. There are a lot of upgrades to the MUD over stock SWR, but there's enough stock areas that I don't feel lost trying to get back into the MUD scene. The players that I've encountered have been pretty helpful, which made it easier to get into the swing of things. So far, I haven't gotten involved in the clan action, but with the role playing I've seen by some of the people walking around I think it should be pretty fun. Everyone seems to have the right spirit in mind, so although the MUD is RP-enforced it doesn't seem to be overbearing or oppressive. Overall, I would say that LotS is a good Star Wars MUD for new players or veterans alike. The veterans can enjoy the quality gaming, while the new players will have enough to keep them interested without feeling like an outsider. Anyone looking for a solid MUD to play should check it out. For all of the MUDs I looked out over the past couple of weeks, this is the only one that I am willing to put any time into.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 9, 2007
I reviewed this mud a year ago when I first started playing, and I thought that now would be a good time to submit another review based on that year's experiences. Legacy of the Sith is easily the best SWR of any I've ever played when it comes to Roleplaying. While the only thing that is enforced is IC/OOC, most people go out of their way to give their characters extra depth and life. In other words, most people actively RP and those who do not are the exception to the norm. All of this is reinforced by newbie helpers and immortals who are allowed to reward good RP. The players are another reason that LotS is great. Newbies are always able to find help and experienced players can often find others with similar goals or interests to work with. It is possible to join any major clan, provided you meet the right people and ask the right questions. Overall I have been very satisfied with LotS. The immortals work very hard to keep the mud running smoothly and new features are always being added in. The players are always up to something and it's easy to get involved if you try. I would recommend this mud to anyone interested in SWR or sci-fi in general. You don't be disappointed.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 11, 2007
When I started looking for a new SWR, I didn't know what to expect. Would it be good to get back into mudding or would I just be disap- pointed by not being able to find a good one? In the case of Legacy of the Sith, it was a welcome return to mudding, and SWR. There is a decent selection of races and classes, allowing you to make almost any type character you wish. The academy is stock, as far as I could tell, but you are through it and on your way to other things pretty quickly. There are designated newbie helpers if you need help, and usually you can get a blaster or other weapon if you ask nicely. Legacy of the Sith is very big on roleplaying. RP points are awarded for good roleplaying, and can be used to purchase or modify your character, ship, or home. The only minimum requirement is that you keep IC and OOC information/issues seperate, but if you want any real assistance or help beyond the basics, roleplaying is highly suggested. All in all, I was pleasantly suprised by Legacy of the Sith. The general atmosphere is fun and fast paced, and it's easy to get involved if you want to. Help is usually pretty easy to find, and the imms are generally available to assist when needed. Overall, I would recommend trying Legacy of the Sith if you are interested in SWR muds, or the Star Wars theme at all.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2006
The opinions herein are my own as a player of LOTS. They in no way reflect or it's affiliates. When I first began lots, it was before the big p-wipe sitation. I had some problems adjusting, and getting along with other plays. Mainly the hunters guild. Alot has changed with how things are handled in the mud however, so those issues I had don't exist now. Alot of the complaints on this mud were things before the p-wipe, not after. The imms got rid of a major trouble player, someone who really needs no introduction to those who have played this game. Someone who was a huge factor in some of the complaints folks had with LOTS. With her gone, the mud feels much different. It's became a very fun experience again. This mud is one of constants, and I do enjoy that. I feel at home here, and this comes from a very dedicated Star Wars fan. Some muds boast many more planets, or more races. I've played those, and have to say that one charm of this mud that most others miss is it's mapping. Nothing feels awkward as you move around. The maps don't feel cut and pasted, or rushed. Exploring feels natural, and that's a big thing for me. Many new things have been added in, and revised since the p-wipe, and I think for players who once played LOTS, they'd be suprised at how much things have changed. RP is encouraged here, and as grown with time as well. Simply put, this mud has made it's mark on me by it's people, and how it's developed. It's turned into a fine mud, and with an outstanding layout, what more do you need? Flying is neither too short, or too long. The galaxy is big enough to explore, yet small enough to remember. All clans are more balanced now than they used to be, and most muds still lack that as well. This one does not. Go with... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 7, 2005
This mud is a Star Wars based mud set 20 years after Return of the Jedi. I'd like to consider this mud very modified from the areas to the code. Legacy of the Sith is unlike any mud i've ever been to. The mud goes through a database and information can be quickly gathered from there. The playerbase is decent for a Star Wars mud. The average is about 10 - 15, depending on when everyone is working or has school. The best time is at night because everyone is at school during the day. The immortal staff is very kind and helpful. As the playerbase there are players with Newbie Helper flags. The code is very clean and overall appearance of the place is very clean and very easy to get around. There are always new areas being put into it, and the staff does listen to the players as to what they would like to see next. If you're looking for a good time and a stable clean cut mud, then visit Legacy of the sith at: See you there! :)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Sep 25, 2005
I visited Legacy of the Sith based on a player review submitted by Zenris. I found the code to be very clean with many helpfiles and easy to navigate. As for the playerbase they were very friendly and always offered to help even when help wasn't needed. My last comments are reserved for the Admin. I have now played various muds for 11 years and I do it purely for recreation and I found nothing fun about the behavior of the staff. There personal inquires were not welcome and to learn that my personal information is being used to learn my geographical location is troubling to say the least.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Nov 6, 2005
Upon first making a character in this mud, I had a lot of questions about certain things due to this being my very first mud. Unfortunately, almost all of my questions went unanswered or laughed at. I say this because the immortal staff was generally quite rude unless you were a long-time player and friend of the staff. I noticed after a month of playing that there is generally just a lot of favoritism between certain players and immortals, which involves force users, clans being unbalanced, and PKs. In their description, they say that they are friendly towards player suggestions; I don't find this to be very true as every suggestion that has been made on their suggestion board has been turned down. Now, there are some ludicrous suggestions, of course, as there always will be, but some suggestions really could have added to the accuracy of the star wars universe and could have really provided better roleplay. I think that the immortal staff could really turn this MUD around if they were to realize that their position does not give them the automatic right to become pompous and act entirely god-like. Until then, I would say avoid this MUD like the plague if you expect to be treated with any respect as a player character.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Dec 5, 2004
I started playing this mud at the recommendation of a friend. I was extremely surprised however, at the many things that were a problem. In my experience, I played an Engineer. I figured that I could help the economy of the mud by making various custom items to add to the flavor. What happened is completely differant. Every single make skill required materials that had cost greater than the item sell value. Some as high as 10 times the sell price. When I asked why this was the case, I was given vague rude statements that equated to 'Just shut up and play. Your opinion doesn't matter.' Even upon maxing my character within his class, I was still unable to turn a profit from his crafting skills. I found the staff in general rude and unwilling to listen to any players who aren't their friends. I was told several times that I should do this or that, but was never able to generate the founds I needed without mob killing. On a side note, there were a few organizations on the mudm but not a single one of them was responsive to inquiries of joining. No response, not even a 'No, we don't want you.' In general, I am thoroughly apalled at the lack of courteousy shown by the immortals. I found my experience just bad.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 16, 2003
I was...rather confused when I saw this review, after having played the game. While making lower-class items as an engineer can be costly, many players are eager to buy armor and weapons for a nice price. The clans are, admittedly, rather quiet on the MUD, but that certainly hasn't hurt my game-play experience. And yes, killing mobs is required at the beginning to shore-up funds, but there are numerous other jobs available, including a wonderful cargo-ship system that seems to be mostly unique to this MUD. The Immortals, also, have been moderately friendly in my case. As long as I didn't keep bugging them while they were trying to code or somesuch, they were perfectly willing to answer my questions. Many of them, in fact, enjoy chatting with the MUD as a whole every little while. This has been the only MUD I've really stuck with in the last few years, and I hope it continues to be as enjoyable as I've found it so far.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 26, 2003
I've been playin on this mud for a very long time. In the whole time I've been here, I've never once seen an imm respond to a mortal the way the above stated. I'm not saying it couldn't have happened, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. We (The players and Staff) try to help anyone who needs it, while also trying to RolePlay everything properly. This mud has been great fun since I have started and would encourage anyone who is interested to come and try us out instead of following the Player Review. Just wanted to make sure anyone who thought about trying us out wouldn't forget about it due to the review. Hope to see you soon.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Oct 23, 2003