Star Wars: Shattered Equinox
Star Wars-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) open from 2001 to 2020.

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                             Star Wars : Shattered Equinox
                 By: Bartek (Caspian) Shaarani and Tony (Kupek) Robbins
                 Based on SWReality 1.0 by Sean (Durga the Hutt) Cooper
                  And SWRiseInPower 1.0 by Mark (Darrik Vequir) Miller

                 Original SMAUG 1.0 written by Derek (Thoric) Snider. 
                Merc 2.1 (c) was created by Furey, Hatchet, and Kahn. 
            DikuMud (c) was created by Sebastian Hammer, Michael Seifert, 
                      Hans Henrik, Tom Madsen, and Katja Nyboe. 
                       See HELP CREDITS for additional credits       
           Star Wars and Star Wars names are a copyright of Lucasfilm ltd.
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Finally, the galaxy has settled into a tentative peace. The Imperial forces have withdraw from the Core Worlds and abandoned their quest for conquest, marshaling and reorganizing their forces and government in the Imperial worlds surrounding the Imperial capital, Bastion. The Rebel Alliance has forged the New Republic which has grown strong in the last 15 years, spreading its tendrils of peace, acceptance, and coexistence for and deep into the furthest reaches of the galaxy. The Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty has crafted a new era of peaceful prosperity, paving the route for new enterprises to flourish. Many new factions have arisen to support the new peace. Such factions include the Smugglers Alliance, forged by Talon Karrde and Mara Jade to regulate the trafficking and transportation throughout...
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Star Wars Reality - Heavily Modified RiP 1.0 [2]

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Shattered Equinox timeline - strictly enforced RP [2]

It is a time of unrest for the galaxy. The Galactic Civil War has ended, but the strain that it caused still weighs heavy. War may be over but the fighting continues - at times just as fierce and deadly as during the height of the Rebel insurrection. The fledgling New Republic is making small steps at restoring some order to the vast regions decimated by conflict. Bringing together countless unique species and civilizations, under the flag of peace and harmony rather than conquest and submission is a task harder than anyone would have believed. The Empire is a remnant of its once glorious military. Forced to surrender great amounts of territory to better protect itself, but they have not surrendered their dedication to the ideal crafted out of the evils of Palpatine. Independents have a greater vision of the galaxy now. Smuggling remains a strong source of income and many believe that it will expand even more now. Pirates operate in the relative open. With both the New Republic and Empire strained beyond compare, pirates are capable of picking and choosing their targets with little fear of governmental retaliation. The Civil War may have ended. But the galaxy has yet to see a time of peace. Conflict is all anyone knows, and they will not see it erased so easily. The possibilities are endless. This is a time for all to make a difference from the smallest of characters, to the leaders of vast governments. Everyone has a place - and each place is unique in its necessity. [1]
Finally, the galaxy has settled into a tentative peace. The Imperial forces have withdraw from the Core Worlds and abandoned their quest for conquest, marshaling and reorganizing their forces and government in the Imperial worlds surrounding the Imperial capital, Bastion. The Rebel Alliance has forged the New Republic which has grown strong in the last 15 years, spreading its tendrils of peace, acceptance, and coexistence for and deep into the furthest reaches of the galaxy. The Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty has crafted a new era of peaceful prosperity, paving the route for new enterprises to flourish. Many new factions have arisen to support the new peace. Such factions include the Smugglers Alliance, forged by Talon Karrde and Mara Jade to regulate the trafficking and transportation industry throughout the galaxy and minimize piracy. Karrde then went on to lead the newly appointed Galactic Intelligence Network, created in order to keep all intelligence publicly shared between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, and housed on the Bothan world of Kothlis. Several new multi-trillion credit megacorporations have risen to new heights of economic splendor, creating new technologies and luxuries to marvel the modern galaxy. One such, Casperion Fleet Systems, has designed several new and innovative starships, producing some of the most powerful ships ever to be flown before. Even the once ominous and feared Assassins Guild has risen out of the shadows to legalize and regulate its actions, becoming much more of a policing force. Rumors are abound of a Dark Jedi Conclave, the Shadow Academy, has arisen in the ashes of the fallen Sith to bring down their wrath upon the Jedi. Though the quiet equinox between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant seems to be portraying peaceful balance, there is much concealed in the shadows. The ExGal-4 Outpost on Belkadan has been decimated, and word of mouth is reporting that Sernpidal has been destroyed, millions dead, amongst them, the heroic wookiee Chewbacca. Once again, the galaxy is thrown into a maelstrom of chaos as uneasy and unseeming alliances are made. Unlikely heroes arise to meet this new threat, but in turn, concealed evils emerge from the shadows to clash with the forces of Light. Do you possess the fortitude to pick up a weapon and take a stand? As the delicate galactic balance is thrown to unbalance, the decision lies with you. [2]

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So the SE staff finally broke down and decided to revamp this old beast of a mud, and frankly I couldn't be happier. Much of the game's issues spawned from the galaxy simply suffocating in it's own stagnation. Everyone on the game was so old they were rich beyond words, the governments were at a stand-still, there was no turmoil to speak of, it had gotten...well...BORING. Fortunately with a complete pwipe, economy adjustments, planet edits and several new systems being added to this revamp, I dare say this shall breath new life into what was once the best SWR available on the internet. And with these may reclaim it's former title. Come and bask in our glory!
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Oct 10, 2008
This is a well developed mud with many species, a fair number of worlds and good emphasis on roleplay. Things have scaled back planet-wise due to things quieting down. It is an overall fun mud. There are a few requirements. You must RP. In the meantime, you can create, you can build your character, you can train, you can explore.... It might be slow, but things will pick up. Good mud. It just needs people who appreciate rp as well as shooting things up. It's built. They just need more people to explore and join as regular players to make it all it can be.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Aug 4, 2008
This is a well developed mud with many species, a fair number of worlds and good emphasis on roleplay. Things have scaled back planet-wise due to things quieting down. It is an overall fun mud. There are a few requirements. You have to RP. In the meantime, you can create, you can build your character, you can train, you can explore.... There are more than a few opportunites. I might be slow, but things will pick up. Good mud. It just needs people who appreciate rp as well as shooting things up. It's built. They just need more people to explore and join as regular players to make it all it can be.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jul 22, 2008
Very disappointed with this server. Friend was harassed by veteran players for being inexperienced and then was blown up and left stranded. When confronting the person who was harassing he constantly backpeddled citing excuses and rules instead of educating the new players. I've been on much friendlier servers than this and would not recommend for new players.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Jul 23, 2007
Unfortunately, this player likely encountered one of a few people who are no longer players on the MUD. At one point, we did experience a time where there were several players in prominent positions who were unfriendly and elitist. Those players are now gone. I would invite the reviewer, his friend and anyone else to give SWSE a second chance at a first impression. Please feel free to contact me in game (Rahnan) and I will certainly go out of my way to personally make you feel comfortable on the MUD as well as give you all the information you'll need to have a great time.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Oct 7, 2007
i played on this mud. the code base is good and the imms are nice, but alot of the players are not newbie freindly. if your not part of their clan, they bad mouth you. i strongly eurge people not to go to this mud, there are better muds that are more newbie freindly then this one.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 1, 2006
I came to Shattered Equinox about....a year and a half ago, and I have to say, that coming from having now only played, but owned, maintained, and having been and Admin on Dbz muds for the past 7 years prior to that, I was expecting me to be off the mud in my first week there, yet I found myself diving right into the game, quickly learning the commands and making friends with the people. The game is easy to learn, and the Pbase and the Immortals are awesome to get along with (the drunken ramblings are awesome). The RP aspect of the mud is one of the best ive seen around, because you have to actually have good in-character reasoning to kill somsone, insteaed of just going up to them and stabbing them randomly. But yeah, im just kissing ass now, its a good game, go check it out for yourself.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 30, 2006
Well, what can I say about SWSE that won't make me sound like a mindless drone? Well, first off Higgity Boogle kachoo. Anyways, I joined this mud just under a year ago. Not expecting much, what with being a diehard Medievil fan. Truth be told I joined it expecting to hate it and leave to prove my friend wrong about it. I almost did in fact after my first Character, Krobellus, was executed within his first 2 weeks of playing. But I recreated with Neru and kept playing, as I settled in I really started to like the game. I noticed that sure, the playerbase may have irritations with each other at times, but all in all we are all friends on it. The Imm-Staff is kind and nice, and those that think other-wise, I can point out muds that will silence/slay you just for random things such as, 'Yeah, I really liked it when you were on top Dromis' joking around and stuff. The gameplay has it's ups and downs, but for some reason, this mud never seems to lose it's appeal. I've tried to take a break from this mud before, but always find myself drawn back to it. All in all, this mud is a great place to play, it's addicting, friendly, has it's shares off hardships (Hehe, I said hard) and problems. But with dedicated Immortals like Darrik (not quite sure what he does yet :P JK D) and Drake who is teh uber poo. And Subz maintaining the server, this mud is surely a great place to play. Now go on, give it a try, what's there to lose? Except of course your mind! :D
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 30, 2006
Disregard any of the other reviews about this place being a sweet place to mud. Equinox has the worlds most idiotic Staff-team I've seen on a mud in a long time. If you decided to play at Shattered Equinox, Dont bother trying to have a mind of your own, or your own opinions as the staff will either silence you, or threaten the playerbase with being slayed. The staff randomly decide idiotic things to enforce, like "No War" Saying that no player will RP themselves with any sort of the current timelines Empire vs Rebels. Quite sad. I've seen players beeing silenced for mearly offering up their own opinion. Do we not have a right to speak our mind? Well not at Shattered equinox apparently. Do yourself a favor and your friends a favor by saving yourselves the trouble of going here. Pass the word on to as many you know who mud, warning them to stay away from equinox. They claim the mud is FOR the people, But obviously isn't, It's just a poorly coded mud with an childish staff who will ban you for voicing your opinion.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2006
I played this Mud ages ago as 'Roamin' Nomis. In fact, a review I posted to TMS can still be found here. After a long hiatus, I returned to the game. I love Star Wars, and I love role-playing, and this game offered a perfect mesh all that time ago. The game is somewhat different, as the timeline has changed, some faces are new, some are gone, and even a few of the planets have taken on new looks. These changes, whether for the better or worse I cannot say, did not in any way lessen the appeal of this game. RP is of the utmost importance. In fact, you can pretty much accomplish darn near anything and, as long as you have the strong RP to back it up, the players - and the staff - give it a thumbs-up. Players are friendly and willing to help newbies, there is no lack of storylines and plots to get involved in, and the current war between the Imperials and the Alliance makes for an interesting backdrop to the game. If you like Star Wars, or are looking for a fun, interesting game to play, you should come check this one out. I'm glad I came back. (So glad, in fact, that I can be found on there about 50% of the day.) The only bad part? It is HIGHLY addictive!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 17, 2006
This mud is a great mud. It has been picking up a lot of new, good players. Every One is RPing. The Galatic Alliance (Formerly Know as the New Republic) Has been retaking some of the planets. There has been talk of a big, Set up RP event for everyone and there has been a few in the past. On the downside there has been alot of arguing on the mud. Mainly Everytime a clan captures a planet or One says they are going to RP and Switch to code. Alot of 'New' roleplaying commands have been added to help from people cheating their way through the RP. The Admin/Staff has been craking down on this sort of stuff but adding alot of things. They are in general nice but can get a little harsh at times. All is fun in the Universe. Everyone, I say, Come out and Play. Its fun and enjoying. You'll get hooked the first time.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 10, 2006
I have been playing this game for a good bit of time. I have had characters in the Empire, Palantir(ship making company) and some little RP clans here and there. I have had 3 characters, 1 being an IMM. I have been a smuggler, and pilot. The Alliance has come back recently and started to take over some Emperial Planets. I think the Mud is starting to come back to its own. And to the previous post. I work with Aramj. He isn't that bad, its just annoying when you get a person that constantly whines over OOC about something that is IC. I give this mud a 9.9 out of 10. Come out and play, have fun and fight in space, or become a smuggler and sneak weapons past customs. Become and Engineer, make almost everything and then sell it for money. Join a clan and help them gain more power. Again, come out and play.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 7, 2006
The MUD itself is great. There are thousands of places to go.. things to do etc. In regards to the previous posts about the IA, Well the Galactic Alliance is rising up and taking back planets etc from IA. Fun game to play usually.. Out of all honesty, stay faaarr away from this MUD. The playerbase is full of immature little children. Characters like "aramj" on the mud totally make it a place you DONT want to play. I out of all honesty would advise to NOT play at SWSE. As most likely the playerbase will do what they're best at by being completely rude to things you say/do.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 4, 2006
I sort of agree with the previous poster, but then I have some things I would like to add. The game itself is great, and is very fun to play, but it has always has a bit of a bias towards the Imperials. During the time that a previous admin, Eris, was in charge, she had to practically restrict the IR because it would have gotten out of hand. The kind of stuff that happens today is exactly why she restricted what they could do and regulated the things they did, because every seven year old wants to be Darth Vader or Grand Moff Tarkin. Then we come to the players behind the IR. All they do is insult people and act like thirteen year olds. Worse yet is that the two 104s are both Dark Jedi and are heavily affiliated with the IR. Darrik, the 104.5, is in the Jedi Order, but he lets the two 104s run around and do whatever they want, which has shifted the MUD to an overall Imperial bias, and the game is not fun to play because of it. If you like playing as an Imperial officer, go ahead and join. You'll have fun. But, if you want an intelligent roleplaying environment, go to World of Warcraft, and yes, I realize the irony in that statement. This mud is just a glorified hack-and-slasher.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jan 29, 2006
I have been playing on this game for a while, and it has been through many ups and downs. From an immortal coup in which several immortals were fired for very poor reasons, to the server crash, character wipe and stat boosting item wipe, this game has been through a lot of poor decisions and poor administrative choices. The head immortal, Caspian, vanished without a trace in the middle of his own RP storyline and has not come back yet. Subzero has had to manage the entire thing on his own, and while he's away at work, Drake and Darrik tear things up and cause more problems than they solve, and then you've got Talya, whom nobody likes because she treats everyone like they are dogs. Even after Caspian made his not-so grand exit, the game continued to be fun, however, after we lost the server due to our host being in legal trouble, Darrik practically took control of the entire game and decided he was going to "Fix the economy" by having a character wipe, meaning a massive deletion of each and every player file on the MUD. To make matters worse, he decided to eradicate any item that boosts stats, from Infrared Goggles that let a person see stealthed people to Shenbit Bonecrusher armor which gave a boost to armor class. To make things worse, they removed the only thing that added depth to the engineering system: different kinds of layered armor. They removed all of the extra fabrics and replaced them all with only four different types, making it so that combat was useless unless you were a forcer. Funny thing that both Darrik and Drake have forcers huh? Oh, I forgot to mention, there is no bounty hunting guild either and any RP bounty hunters aren't allowed to kill their mark. Until the leadeship changes, I'd stay away from this mud. I know I do.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 3, 2005
Shattered Equinox used to be a happening place. Then, because of a conflict with the ISP, the MUD was taken offline. Character accounts were wiped. Eventually the MUD was brought back online, with players receiving 100% in all skill areas and all levels. Unfortunately, this did little to revive Shattered Equinox in the long run. In recent weeks, the player numbers have been dwindling; even on weekends, player numbers are sometimes less than 10, with little quality RP. It seems that most of the good roleplayers have left, leaving a handful of dedicated RPers and too many immature adolescents. But the main problem is staff involvement is next to zero. While builders sometimes make an appearance, the ranking staff, all five of them, come across as either apathetic, or absent. There was talk last month of adding a commando class, and nothing ever came of it. Meanwhile, the leaders of IC clans rarely generate RP, and, like the staff, are seldom around. Prior to the player wipe, money was a lot easier to come by, and clans were a lot more active. But the post-wipe policy seems to involve limiting the monetary resources of PCs by restricting cargo runs (the cargo attribute has been removed from ships, making cargo take up external space). When even a budget midship costs over 1 million credits (with initial fueling costs running at least 300K credits), this makes it extremely difficult to new players to get a foot in the door. Assuming, of course, they can find a ship for sale at one of the PC shipyards. I do enjoy what RP I can find on Shattered Equinox, but certain elements, such as the Force (which seems to be an integral part of Star Wars theme), are absent. Most of our Forcers seem to exist only to compete in the OOC Arena, and new forcers rarely arise. As a player, I hope Shattered Equinox will improve in order to save what's left of its playerbase and get new blood in the mix. The economy needs to be reworked to make it more newbie-friendly, and the staff needs to be around more.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Aug 28, 2005
Years ago I played SWSE, it was a very different game back in 2000-2001. It was barely RP enforced, PK's everywhere. Now, well it's hard to PK, and RP? Well it's improved but, there isn't much there. One thing that has stayed the same? The staff. They are sarcastic, rude, and demand your help. BUT, if you do help them when they are in a helping mood. They bite your head off. If you say something that irritates them, they shut off your communications. In effect, you are in an RP situation using a communications channel. Your RP ends rudely. You may not talk to staff to plead your case. You are simply gagged. No recourse, noone to appeal to. Just a message calling me a dirty name essentially. I was not allowed to point out to staff that I had attempted several times to politely tell someone something. What I was doing, was telling a newbie, politely, the same thing staff does when the newbie asks and the staff bothers to do their jobs and answer. The staff is often away, yes two names I believe are basically servers, so that makes sense for them to be AFK at all times. However, 6 staff on. Noone answering a new persons questions. Staff's defense? "Well you don't see all that is going on you are not staff" Nope, I can't see pages, I can't see staff channels. I CAN see the newbie asking the SAME question for 15 minutes straight on a public channels. Some help. This game has a history of staff abuse, it's even listed among the reviews here, either abuse or inconsistency. Overall, good for a few laughs. At this point, not for any serious RP.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 2, 2005
Shattered Equinox is most definitely the best Star Wars MUD around. The codebase is quite good and the staff is excellent. The best thing however, is the roleplay. I have played on probably every Star Wars MUD on the internet and this is the only one that manages to maintain my attention. I may have had to leave it a couple times, (only when it was under different management due to the Head Coder/Owner's disappearence for personal reasons some year or two ago), but it's friendliness and overall good experience brought me back, and still keeps me logging in every night. This is a top-rate MUD. If you are a good roleplayer and love Star Wars, or are willing to learn, this MUD is the Star Wars MUD for you.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Apr 26, 2005
I started playing on Star Wars: Shattered Equinox quite a while ago, and found the environment to be friendly, welcoming, and addictive. Players and staff go out of their way to help newbies starting out, and building and development of the mud itself is constant, improvements and additions are seen on a regular basis. Even after I stopped playing for a time due to my schedule, I found myself drawn back, and was happy to find that the players and staff hadn't forgotten my previous characters and roleplay there. The mud is roleplay enforced and playerkill restricted which I find weeds out the 'hack n slash' players and brings in more deeply involved intriguing plots and player to player interaction. Though there are multiple planetary systems with vast areas including quests, dangerous beasts to fight, and treasures to find for those interested in that as well. Though I only recently have joined the staff to assist with building additional areas, I found them helpful in that venture as well. Those interested in adding to the depth of the MUD by building onto it are welcomed with open arms and are given as much or as little assistance they need to learn how to build on Shattered Equinox. Overall I would recommend this mud to anyone, especially those interested in Star Wars.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Apr 23, 2005
I've been playing Star Wars: Shattered Equinox for over a year now, and although it's true I've had a ridiculous amount of characters, this has been my decision. I am currently an Immortal at SE; a builder, to be exact. I'll start with the good about SE. Our code is a heavily modified SWRiP, and it works well almost all the time. In my experience, the combat system, the flight system, the diplomacy/leadership skills, and the engineering skills are *excellent* (I've had characters that have experienced all these skills respectively). I can't speak for the Force system, as I've had no Forcer characters and , at any rate, the MUD Administrator is currently in the process of building a new Force code. On average, although our players can sometimes tend to be self-righteous and self-important (myself included), most of us are generally nice people when we aren't involved in turf wars. Also, there has been a mellowing of cliqueishness in the past period, demonstrative by the fact that I was able to RP with /2/ Jedi! We have a fairly active forum. To dispel some of the things that were unjust in a few other reviews about the Immortal staff: Some of the time, the Imms are there, AFK, and monitoring the MUD through logs. They will /not/ respond when they are AFK, since AFK means A.way F.rom K.eyboard. They aren't ignoring you; they just aren't there. Also, the Immortals aren't generally inactive -- there is a lot of work that goes into running the MUD, and since many of the Imms are builders who are forbidden from going to players' aide unless expressly ordered to, there is a long queue for help. But when help is delivered, at least in my experiences, it is delivered in spades. That said, there are some negative things about SWSE. The major problem I have with it is inconsitency. No, not with the story; it's with the rules. There is a broad base of rules, which each Immortal interprets differently. What's okay in one instance is forbidden in the next. What's more, the head of the MUD, the MUD Administrator, is flighty. Apparently dedicated to the MUD when in residence, he rules with an iron (and mostly just) fist for a few weeks or months and then disappears. Since when he is around he is very controlling of the timeline and policy on the MUD, his disappearance throws the MUD through the loop. And when he reappears, he shakes things up similarly. It's difficult to maintain equilibrium with this kind of environment. It's a good thing, then, that we have a very dedicated and active group of 104's, a dedicated 105, and a very capable 104.5 to keep us on track. Yes, the Immortals can be harsh. No, they don't put up with insubordination. But realistically, they shouldn't have to. They put up with a certain amount of chiding and complaining, but players take that as right to harass, decry, slander... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 10, 2005
Hi. I am a player on SE and i love the game. If i had to rank it , i would give it a 4 out of 5. Its a great MUD thats easy to pick up, has some great features, helpful Imms and a friendly playerbase. The commands on there are easy to learn, and most gameplay is overall an enjoyable experience. Though it has flaws , such as : Some real jerks who play. One or two things some newbies won't easily rise above, And that sort of thing that can drag any otherwise great mud down. In all this is a great MUD. Come play i'll see you there.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 9, 2003
I would like to first begin my review by giving the game it's score, then I will explain my reasons and justifications for this score. Star Wars: Shattered Equinox deserves an 7 out of 10. Shattered Equinox (SE) is a Star Wars based MUD (of course) that is based in the New Jedi Order. This storyline, though, is only a rough base for the way the game plays, as there are no Yuuzhan Vong. Most of the large plots are usually player ran and exclusive to only the experienced or connected players. The way the players do things are almost like in cliques. They find and make friend through roleplaying (RP) and continue to make plots with each other or often spread them into a different clique. This game, however, really isn't for a new player or someone who still hasn't become accustomed to a RP intensive enviroment. Poor RP won't be shunned, but you will have a much harder time getting involved into plots without Decent RP skills. A new player would have a hard time in general getting involved with some of the plots, as some veteran players are pretty reluctant to allow new people into their personally created plots. The enviroment, as I have said, is very roleplay intensive to the point where the coded combat system (SWRiP) isn't even used, except in the OOC arena. This system has it's flaws, as people tend to try to play the ultimate fighter and never want/like to lose. Playerkills require authorization, so do not expect to lose your character over trivial matters. Ships are pretty hard to find, as they are in little numbers for so few players. There is a decent amount of players on the game, and of those, a few often help a new player along and roleplay with them. A fairly large percentage of the players have large self-feeding egos, which can really bare on your nerves and patience. The Immortal staff can be helpful at times. Some of the immortals will go as far as to walk new players through the game, but some will sit and ignore their calls for help. Planets and things are built at a pretty slow rate, but there is already a large amount of planets (Some poorly built). A lot of things have been plaguing the staff and the game lately, including immortals breakings rules with ther mortals, mortals blatantly breaking rules. Surprisingly enough, I have seen no action against these offenders, but is just a testiment to a pretty slow administrative process. However, you can't expect 1 Administrator to keep everything in order. The Lead Staff Member and Programmer, has a tendency to raise hopes and disappoint, but he is good at what he does, when he can finish what he does. His busy lifestyle often holds him back, and pretty much holds the progress of the mud back. There is a good bit of animosity between the staff, but Administrators have pretty much the... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 28, 2003
This is really, really good mud. Iv'e played a few star wars based muds and this is by FAR the best one I have seen. The only bad thing I could find with it was the WAY unbalanced economy, But that is being fixed today with a p-wipe, and TONS more jobs. Out of all the muds I've played(about 8) this is the only one I've found where players can make and create the planets(you do have to apply, and they have to be accepted). Say the immortal staff are really great, (being a new immy im always bugging them, and so far none of them have wanted to kill me or kick me out. : ) Say the game is a star wars based game where you can own your own house,ship (one of each, a fighter,midship,and a capitalship),and pk,(there has to be a good ic reason,no killing for ooc reasons : ) ]. You can choose your class, race, allignment, and your job. Most of the players are really friendly, one was a little rude at first (turns out was rasied by horrilbe parents,trusted no one, and was a drunk in character) Say almost everybody is nice out of character too. I would give this an 11.5 out of 10
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 27, 2003
When I first logged on to this game I thought this is probaly going to be like most muds kill, get xp for it, kill again but let me tell you it isnt like that (well maybe a little bit). You start out choosing a name, race, and a primary skill combat, piloting, and etc. Looking at this I decided to look to see how skills works, and I discoverd it used a lvl system i havnt seen before (there probaly are tons and I havnt noticed, I'm use to the old xp goes to everything) they have made it by which primary skill you choose you get an amount of lvls you can gain in each skill, for example if you choose combat and are a human you get 120 combat lvls you can gain, 75 pilot, 35 engineering, and etc. So being a hard headed twi'lek pilot seemed to be a great role for me. After that you are sent into the tutorial, which was pretty helpful that teaches you some useful things that you will need in the future. Being the idiot I am I did get stuck in one bit of the tutorial where you need the get a toy from a student, I just couldnt figure out how to get the toy, but I decided that I had to ask a immortal for some help, and being a kind person he came to the room I was in and pointed out that all I had had to do is say yes. I groaned and said thank you and he patted my head and left to help anouther poor soul. Soon I was graduated from the tutorial and my adventure was jst about to begin. First I had to choose which planet to start out on so I decided to choose the famous Coruscant. When I appeared on the the docking platform I saw tons of ships and it made me think... I want a ship very very badly. Well to bad for me I would never afford one, owell. So until I feel like renting one Ill practice combat. So I look around for the training facility. But an awful thing happend, that led to the one thing Im not to found of in the game, the power went out making me go link dead. When I was able to get on again I found my self on a shuttle which seems to be a safe haven for people gone link dead. So I decided to look around, and I found a button. I marveled at it it had a sign under it saying do not push. It seems to depressurerise (not sure thats how you spell it) the room. Well I thought im on a planet this could jst be a quick exit. It was a quick exit alright...out of the game. My character died and not taking the advise to make a clone my character was lost for good. This me... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 10, 2003
Okay, this has been awhile in the making. I'm going to keep it brief, and to the point. The mud is great. Don't get me wrong. The people are immature, stupid, and all-in-all, annoying. If you don't RP just how they want you to and automatically feign and grovel when they tell you you're wrong, prepare for ostrasizion. It's NOT pliable. The imms? Mostly friendly. Nekekami has helped me alot, on this char and my alt or two I've had. And I appreciate it. But many players, not naming names, are jerks, not all though. The majority, the sad sad majority, are. I'm sure one of them is bound to post a review inevitably and say this is wrong and I'm a liar, but it'll just prove my point. The mud is great ... if you're not a newbie. While the imms and some players help newbies, The raw majority will not, and will scorn you for making the most simple mistake, like knowing who they are. "Oh no!" It's the little things that make it intolerable. Xiao Len Wu, styled Minzhi, Imperial Remnant Lieutenant Commander
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 3, 2003
Well, here I am, Jaxxon Dar'shen. Coruscant Smuggler turned Imperial Soldier turned Coruscant politician. This MUD is amazing. What more can I say? The roleplaying oppertunities are boundless as long as it fits in with the SWU and the current timeline. The code is a quite code and is constantly being improved and modified. The areas are original and almost all playable with the exception of a few key worlds built by a less than acceptable immortal who no longer resides at SWSE. The players are helpful to newbies, the imms are a point. The Roleplaying of Star Wars: Shattered Equinox cannot be matched by ANY other MUD, Star Wars or not. I've played numerous MUDs and my habits formed on SWSE from it's enforced roleplay stick. Another strong point is that you can do almost anything and fighting is becoming less and less code based and more and more RP based. By almost anything I mean if you wanted to be lets say a private banker or a lawyer or even an Imperial Grand Admiral, you can be it. However things just don't get handed to you on a plate, you work for your position. Another thing is if you can't seem to fit into a storyline that other players have set up, you can try to set up your own storyline which can eventually lead to a merging of your own and a much larger storyline. The only limit RP wise in this came is your imagination. The Roleplayers on SWSE very in strength but our worst are many other MUDs' best. The Code...heh I'm not really an expert in this area but I have seen alot of things that have never been done to such a good degree as these are. Cargo, been done before on other MUDs yes...but very very few. The Cargo system is a very reliable system of making money and is done to a degree that I believe cannot be surpassed. Space travel, the space travel on SWSE comes from it's parent MUD, SWRiP but has been heavily modified and we can say it is slightly better than SWRiP which is a huge compliment in my humble opinion. Parts of the Space System also are link into RP, such as the Ship Emote or smote command. Not much more I can say...I'm really not an expert in this area. Planets, original, very fun to RP on, nuff said about those. Players, helpful to newbies...usually the newbies learn alot of RP tricks from the veterens. See RP section for a little more. Imms, helpful, funny, sometimes a bit harsh but hey, They're imms and are doing this for absolutely no charge to the players. Bad things about the MUD, lippy players who think they own everything, I'm one of them :P. Hard to RP if you sit and let the RP come to you, so I think the saying 'It's better to give than receive,' fits in nicely. Some areas scarred... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 3, 2003
Right, SW:SE. I came to the MUD over two years ago, and I've played the same character those two long years. Unlike the definition 'MUD' would suggest, fighting characters have lost their importance over the years as the MUD has twisted alot more to the world of scheming and devious plots. Deaths of players do occur all the time, ofcourse, as a part of said plots, and powerful fighting individuals are still quite powerful, but less preferred as a choice of character. It's all about roleplay, and if you don't want to roleplay, forget SW:SE. Here we play to enjoy. Not to win. The MUD has had swaying success in it's staff rosters, and while I resent to aknowledge corrupted admins I do admit there's been alot of stress and admin-to-admin braggings and whinings, blames and flames. The state of the staff roster has seen a sway to the better and is getting more appropriate, do I suspect we won't be fully getting arid of inter-staff occurances for awhile yet. Is that ok? Yeah. Why? It's only human. Never happened on MUD X? Oh trust me, it did. The staffers are nice and do a great job, some of them just aren't nice to eachother. The MUD lives the timeline of the New Jedi Order, the years before the Vong invasion. The MUD sees a wide arrange of characters from diplomats to assassins, generals to force-wielders. If it's at all acceptable to exist in the Star Wars universe, you can probably pull it off here. The MUD has a good bunch of fine RPers to make any plot interesting, and it's deal of less fine RPers to get grey hair for. It should be pointed out, however, that the bottom off our litter is often the cream of many a roleplaying playerbase. For our fortune. It's easy to get bored. If you sit on your butt and wait for opportunities to come to you, you're gonna be sitting for a good long while. But who seeks, finds, and SW:SE is no exception. Work for it and you might have the entire playerbase after you on some epic vendetta, or you might be leading a rogue fleet towards the interior worlds. Star Wars: Shattered Equinox is the most MUSH-like MUD I've ever seen, and I'm proud to be a well-known member of it's player-base. More roleplay than every other MUD I've ever seen combined, lacking just about nothing and being so addictive it has held me tightly for two years, tens of hours every week, and for years more to come. I haven't seen a better one. And I won't. We're waiting. -Anthony, aka 'our resident goth' (don't ****ing ask..)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 1, 2003
I'm the lipton-iced tea who plays a bothan on this MUD, and have been doing it back in the real old days. This MUD is different from many others. This MUD is less alinged towards the hack-slash-PK fest. We have a real great Imm staff, and the space combat is superb, and its being revamped to be even better, along with ground combat. There are quite a lot possibilities, which range from jedi, to the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, to free lance. Most things are incredibly IC, and will be dealt with, like real life. There won't be anymore OMG CUZ TEH V0NG R TEH 1337 H4XX0RZ AND WE MUST FRAG TEH H0M0 INFID3LS!!!!111. SWSE is a MUD is a mud I'll be staying to. If you want RP and meet a group of great people then come here.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 28, 2003
Ok, I played way back when the immortals were not so much friendly as they are now...which is part of the reason I came back to this mud. The immortals now are really helpful and love to RP with you through NPCs and such. Though the Jedi are over running us they tend to RP good, but do not involve many players...and basicly to get into some of the RP you need to play long and make 'friends'. Otherwise you can basicly do anything you want. Ranging from jedi to farmer. I've even seen lawyers. You can have RP items made for your special RP also. Have custom ships built. And so forth...basicly I think this is the best Star Wars mud so far.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 28, 2003
Okay, I'm new to the mud, so I don't "know" people. This has a drastic effect with some people. It's a great mud, don't get me wrong. I thourghly enjoy it. If you turn off OOC, I find it makes the experience better. Some of the conversations are truly immature and depressing, but hey, that's people. The imms work hard on the mud though, and besides a mild insult from an imm mischanning their alt *coughcough* Beyond the few players that are terribly irritating with rampant stupidity, the mud is great. Solid systems for practicing, though I hate the length of time for stat training. ^_~ All in all, solid. -- Mortimer Temporis, CEO of Pentex Inc.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 28, 2003
Very Helpful and talented Staff. Huge world to explore. I'm hooked on Shattered Equinox. Great potential for any one who is looking for a game beyond Hack and Slash MUDS. Plenty of accurate and in depth Star Wars RP to watch, and be a part of! I highly recommend giving this Growing MUD a look!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 28, 2003
I've been around SWSE for a long, long time. As a matter of fact, I was around before it opened officially, helping out as a test mortal. I've seen this MUD go through a lot of good and bad times, but it seems to always come out on top. I'm writing this review because I recently returned to the MUD, and I would like to welcome everyone to come give it a try, or perhaps a second chance if you stopped by before. In recent months, we had some serious problems with corrupt administrators, but that issue has been completely resolved and the offending persons banned from the MUD. Since their departure, things have already started picking back up. SWSE is based on the SWRiP codebase, which is modified from SWR. It has an original space system, and quite frankly, there are so many new, original, and modified feature, I can't list them here. Custom areas abound around the MUD, and very few planets left remain stock. The ones that are won't be much longer. We are always hiring new builders as well, and the RP is the best I've ever seen on a Star Wars MUD.. period. I won't ramble anymore, I'll just ask that you give SWSE a few hours of your time. You won't regret it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2003
Hey all. I've been playing this MUD for about a year or so now. I absolutely love it. It's got everything the avid Star Wars fan wants. Lots of planets, great staff, and really fun players. It's an RP centered MUD taking place just before the Vong Invasion era, and I have to say it blows me away how dedicated people are to the growth and enjoyment of all. If you're going to check out a great MUD based in the Star Wars Universe, this would be it. Have fun and happy MUDding :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2003
Well my name is Mantiana des'Menoe in the MUD and i must say this is the best MUD ive ever played on, it has everything a person looking for RP style MUDding you could ask for. The staff are friendly and help out alot. The veterans of the MUD all are friendly and are willing to help people out as long as you do it IC. So if your looking for a great MUD which is very actively involved then come join us on our journey in the MUD known as SWSE
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 26, 2003
I have not been a player on Star Wars: Shattered Equinox for very long, compared to many of the people who do play there, but I have been able to notice lots of the ups, and downs, of it. Over all, I believe it to be a place that, if you want to roleplay, - and have an in-depth character - you should come to, and try out. The Player-Base is not the largest, but it has evolved much from it's beginnings of 3-10 players. On some nights we see as many as 30 people, while tonight we only have 14 players online. Most of the players roleplay very well, with few exceptions. The roles that are possible are endless. Lately, I have seen a guy make a company(Well, I have seen several people try to do that) and then another person start a mercenary group. Now, This MUD is not without faults. Some of the Immortals either do not do their job well, or not at all, while most do what they are supposed to do without any problems. Caspian, SE's creator, is not around, but that causes few problems. Slowly the Immortal staff is becomming better as it hires new Immortals and weeds out the ones who do not do their job. Shattered Equinox is set in the New Jedi Order era, but the Yuuzhan Vong invasion has not occured yet. We have many many planets to explore, and the large number we have increases all the time. Our coding staff has installed alot of new code, and every day come up with more. If you want a MUD that has okay RP and a small player base, then I am sure you can find one around...But if you want to have great roleplay, and get to see a MUD that gives the players the ability to be just about anything(Within limits, of course...And if you can't RP something, then you can't really be it, either) then come to Star Wars: Shattered Equinox. Jedi Knight Ralia Ver'Melcor
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 24, 2003
Ok, this is to let you all know that Star Wars:Shattered Equinox has punished those immortals who abused their power (See post below) and would like to let you all know that that is not a usual thing. Our immortals are quite nice honestly, stop by and see. Well, stop by and see why we're the best SWR in existence too. :) -Sojik Administrator of SWSE
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 28, 2002
I am a roleplayer at heart, and not just a hack and slash kind of person. Years ago I used to play Gemstone, and was very much a fan. Finding a mud that is fun to play and encourages roleplaying is damned near impossible to find. But Star Wars: Shattered Equinox is exactly what I was looking for. The playing environment is phenomenal, the descriptions wonderful, the system for operating ships is great, and the character generation is even and awesome. And better yet - this isn't a place where any boob can join, make a jedi, and start hacking people to pieces. To be a Jedi requires a great deal of roleplaying, and character development. This is a wonderful game, and anyone who is looking to really play a character in the Star Wars Universe should come by and join in. And remember - for all your transport needs, contact me, Roamin' Nomis!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 20, 2002
Shattered Equinox is a 9.9 in my scale. It has my sense of newbie friendly and it ACTUALLY has a sense between ic info and ooc info *though some of the players dont* It has a good multi class/race system. It has a lot more ways to make money too. It isnt: kill, gain experince youve reached level 23! its using your skills to help affect the rest of the players and the galatic powers and gaining experince as you go. *a sort of no graphic better than runescape thing* Now the cons.... Ok the immortals arent really that kind cause SOME of them treat you badly or use profanity aginst you. I encountered an immortal who for the fun of it gave me a silence *no channels* for over a day for very stupid reasons and others who applied to those reasons were never silenced. Yea if the immortals had some more curtousy I would be giving this thing a 10 all the way
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 14, 2002
Wow. I shouldn't have to say more- but I will. I started playing SE about two weeks ago, and was initially attracted to it by it's high ranking on the TMS website. Not surpised in the least, I sooned discovered it deserves the votes it gets. The staff was very newbie-friendly: upon signing on for the first time I immediately was greeted personally by an IMM, who asked if I was new- she helped me accordingly with all the questions I did and didn't have. I found getting started was easy, and I was very happy with how helpfull other mudders were- they got me to a fast start and I was soon on my way. Good RP abounds here, anyone you meet anywhere is willing to hold a good conversation 9/10 times if you're polite about it- and that 1/10 of the time is only when they're truly to busy IC to talk. The space travel system is truly all new, and very simple to learn- I caught on in about 1-2 minutes of experimentation (trial and error, coupled with a VERY extensive help file). On top of this, they've got a great customary ship system, that revolves around various PC ran guilds. Levelling is fast with a little help up until mid-level, and you catch a feel for the MUD quickly (I hate feeling like a disoriented newbie for to long...) The staff (from what I've SEEN) is constantly adding on to the MUD- creating a fast paced environment that's simply fun to game in- and from there anouncements it seems they plan to effectively increase Overall- Shattered Equinox shows more promise in a SW mud than any I've seen in quite a long time. It was exactly what I was looking for (and didn't think I would find), and is fit for all Mudders to play- enjoy!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2002
I'm one of the head administrators of Star Wars:Shattered Equinox. I am posting this review in reply to the recent one where they basically dissed the MUD. The thing is, we are actually, a VERY newbie friendly MUD. Some people (not even staff members, mind you)get annoyed at people who ask questions which are answered in the newbie zone with little if no urging from the player. Most MUDs have a 'help newbie' file, which answers even more. And if that doesn't answer your question, that's what the administrators are for. I would like to invite anyone reading this review to come take a chance, we are a great MUD, as shows from our being the top not only Star Wars, but futuristic, MUD on here. See why we are. :) -Sojik of SWSE
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 27, 2002
From a newbie's perspective, Star Wars: Shattered Equinox is a little intimidating and can be hard to get used too. Free speach is encouraged and immortals can be aggressive in there attitudes towards players that don't read information that is plain to see when they first go through the academy or other places within the game. However, when you get to know those basic commands and start to realise what SWSE has to offer a player. You will see a well balanced and enjoyable place to roam and make friends and enemies alike. Just because someone is an enemy ingame does not mean you have to be horrible ooc... in most cases... all Jedi's, light and dark, are good friends at the end of the day as well as most bounty hunters and criminals. The players can be very helpful if they are not busy ingame, as much as the immortals can help you also... but people must remember, This game is about exploration and RP, to take a character and truly play his nature, his hate, his love and to most importantly.... have fun. To those that have come in and been disgruntled very quickly because you have not taken the time to learn... come back and see for yourselves if what I say is true. I am one in a crowd of people that will help if I can... even though I cannot do it Incharacter... being a nasty Gamorrean Dark Initiate. How many "pig like creatures" do you know that have the Force :p My last words... Take time to learn, Take time to grow, Take time to have fun and everything will slowly fit into place. Come visit us at and see why we are the best Star Wars based mud in the world!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 26, 2002
Mr. Anon, I would like to point out to you that not all the Imms are mean as you put it. Sure some people can have BAD days and the such, but you can not just judge a mud on just one particular day. I have been playing for 1 month now, on multiple characters and I would like to inform you and whomever else wishes to atleast try the game, give it more than 1 day. And about Jedi's, force is supposed to be for those people who have avatar'ed their character, not for the beginner. Just like bounty hunting, being a Jedi is highly RP and very difficult way of living in the game. Sure, there is a 1/80 chance of having force, and not all people who have force can be Jedi's. But that is the fun in the game. You forgot to mention the soon-to-be all new Coruscant, that is being currently built, and the all-new totally unique space travel features that is not in any other SW Mud on the web. So if anyone wishes to see what all I am talking about, please give us a try. And please remember that the Imms are stressed and can't always answer every question you have, so ask on the ooc channel your question, and some of the NICE players WILL help you.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 25, 2002
You said in the previous review that Role Play was highly concentrated on force users. This is untrue if you ask anyone who sticks around and plays. People in the major governments, the Imperial Remnant, and the New Republic often role play much more then the jedi even. Although it may not be as immersive. The reason RP seems centered with the jedi is because Jedi are regarded as the best Role Players in the game. If you roll force and are not a decent Jedi, you may have your force removed. It keeps events such as a light Jedi going on a killing spree from happening. As for the immortals, if you think they are rude they are most likely just giving you a hard time. Don't be so quick to judge, and listen to them as they have worked hard to build a world you can play in. To any new players who may come to the mud, stick around and you'll find it is worth your while. I did.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 25, 2002
A lot of potential, gone to waste. The thing is, this MUD is a lot of fun to play and even just to level up is entertaining, et cetera, et cetera. The roleplay is fun to be a part of. And therein lies the first problem. Roleplay is exceedingly hard to become a part of, if you're looking to get into anything like the 'main' storyline. To have even a halfway decent chance, you are required to get a lucky stat roll at creation that designates you as force-sensitive. From there, you have to find the meditate skill, spam the command until you actually tune to the force, and then find a Jedi Master to train you. Roleplay is easily concentrated on the Jedi and those who aren't can be easily excluded and left to their own devices, and the immortal support isn't any better. Immortals are often rude and feel they have a full sense of superiority over the player, with the exceptions of the head Administrators such as Caspion and Vorian. Immortals like Derrik feel they have every right to treat the players as badly as they want to, and will basically, if they don't like the way you've done something, neglect to tell you what was done wrong, instead opting to say. "No, this is what's happening now. And I'm saying it, so it's done." All in all, it's a major disappointment to see such a great MUD ruined by it's staff and elitest attitudes.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 24, 2002
I am sorry, but what Dioss says is not true in the slightest way. We have special staff to help those who are in need of help. Also, our Players are very helpful, if our helpers are not on. All rooms have helpful descs, yet if you dont read them, you couldnt possibly know if they contain helpful info. And as the reply to your review says, Coruscant is being MAJORLY refurbished into a whole new, and orginal Coruscant. Eventually we will also be refurbishing our accademy. I am sorry you did not enjoy our kind, warm family, here at Shattered Equinox. Everyones favorite builder Revel
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 23, 2002
I am sorry, but what Dioss says is not true in the slightest way. We have special staff to help those who are in need of help. Also, our Players are very helpful, if our helpers are not on. All rooms have helpful descs, yet if you dont read them, you couldnt possibly know if they contain helpful info. And as the reply to your review says, Coruscant is being MAJORLY refurbished into a whole new, and orginal Coruscant. Eventually we will also be refurbishing our accademy.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 23, 2002
After seeing the negative "newbie-unfriendly" review from Dioss, I simply had to speak up. I started playing SWSE approximately oen to one and a half months ago, and am attracted to it as I have been to no other MUD before. While a lot of this is the featureset (custom ships and the space system were what attracted me), a good portion of it is the newbie-friendly nature. Initially, I was expecting SWSE to be like any other MUD I'd tried when it came to players; I expected them to wander around slaughtering things, ignoring me except possibly to kick the crap out of me. I was delighted to find this wrong; in fact, multiple organizations vied for my membership, and nearly everyone I met stopped and talked to me. If anything, I wound up feeling intimidated because my character concept was still somewhat sketchy. This helpfulness continued into OOC; the only time I really got guff, despite all my questions, was when I could've answered my own questions with the (extremely extensive) helpfiles. I've tried to return this as well; in fact, I feel I owe my IC rise in power to extensive newbiehelping. I always try to answer questions, and am willing to assist newbies ICly and OOCly in any capacity I can. In a month and a half, I've risen to a position of considerable power IC, and in fact I usually have trouble doing OOC things like raising stats, because so many people need me. My girlfriend, who began playing at about the same time, was just promoted to builder. In short, this is by far the most newbie-friendly MUD I've ever seen. I found MUDs to be boring, a general waste of time, and was not a Star Wars fan, when I first tried SWSE. Since then, I've brought about 10 new players here via my positive reviews. Furthermore, I was around when Dioss was having trouble. Without actually being present, the players offered the best help they could. If this is newbie-unfriendly, then I don't see what newbie-friendly could be. SWSE made me give MUDding a second chance, and turned me on to Star Wars. It's given me a bunch of new friends, and drawn me in to the point where I spend excessive amounts of time here. Obviously, it has something going for it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 23, 2002
No one said there was no way to do what I asked, and yes you told me about the ship command and that did answer my question at which point I did stop asking. The academy is dreadfully similar to the stock academy and is therefore a sad rerun of every other smaug game. My comment on the rooms however, did not apply to Coruscant. I was trying to find my way around Trandosha and found that the descriptions did not help guide me to my destination. Also, I was asking quite a few questions to one of the Imms, but they referred me to another Imm, who did not reply once to me.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 22, 2002
In reply to Dioss's review. On the contrary. You believe that we, the players on shattered equinox, do not accept new players. This could not be further from the truth. First off, I'd like to remind you that several people informed you that indeed there was no way to do the thing you were trying to accomplish - look at a ship. I told you to use the info command, yet you continued to ask. It is quite upsetting when people rush through the academy, do not read descriptions, and then ask why they cant get through. Read the description and it will tell you everything you need to know. Your comment on how many of the rooms do not have descriptions....That is because Coruscant is being redone majorly, and it is not quite finished. It's sad that you would write a bad review, when you didn't even bother to ask. Sorry that you did not end up playing Shattered Equinox, as we are _::Always::_ looking to expand the player base. I'm also sorry that you could not get along with our fun, family like player's. Instead you left and may never return. Your loss.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 22, 2002
I found the mud hard to navigate, as many of the rooms have descriptions that are copied word for word from nearby rooms. Also, many rooms have no description. The players were often rude and unhelpful, calling new players names for asking questions. Some players did try to help, but their help tended to be very dumbed down. For example, I asked how to examine a specific object for which I could not find the keyword for. I was inundated with answers such as 'try look' which I mentioned I had already tried. The help files offer some suggestions but do not seem to be current. Overall, I felt that the players of the mud do not want new players to infiltrate their little private mud.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 22, 2002
Like many people, I have been searching the many worlds of RPG life to find something a little different and have found "Star Wars: Shattered Equinox" to be a very unique place. The current staff are a little rough around the edges but do an outstanding job in dealing with the pettyness of some minor problems the players throw at them. The players are a mix of vet's and newbie's which makes the place buzz at times on certain OOC channels, but overall are friendly and informative to those truly new to SWSE. SWSE is currently ranked 10th in the overall listings and would like to invite old and new players to stop by and see what makes this place, worth the 10th place it's players have given it.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 18, 2002
SWSE is the most advanced SWR MUD I have ever played, both in code and in RP quality. There are many more areas and code snippets than any other of the top SWRs out there, and the player base is much better than most of them as well (20-30 average during the day). Many times have I tried to leave after a particularly disappointing death of a beloved character, but I have always found myself returning to this one with another character concept, to try "just one more time". Most of the players are well established and have been here for quite a while, which, in my opinion, leads itself to the game's only flaw. Many players seem to be involved in an eternal struggle for one-upmanship, both ICly and OOCly. These players seem to be always ripping on each other over the OOC channel, trying to prove their intellectual superiority or quality of their characters constantly. This, while it doesnt majorly detract from the game, can get quite annoying at times. There also seems to be a certain amount of exculsion for those who are new by those who have friends on the MUD, and almost exculsively RP within their own little group. I have been playing here for almost a year, and have enjoyed my time here quite alot. The above complaint is why I choose to keep my name anonymous, for I feel that my character on the MUD my be potentially affected by just that statement. This MUD is excellent in scope and enjoyment, and I am sure I will continue to play here for quite some time, so it has done it's job quite excellently in most of the areas. I highly recommend it, if you are not that sensitive to a bit of arrogance.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 9, 2002
I don't know about the rest of you MUD owners, but I personally don't let a poor review go through without answering it. :) So here goes. "Empty. Although there were almost 10 players online, and some constant chatter on the OOC channel, in actual playing terms, the place is desolate. Finding a newbie target to level on was quite a hassle, and there wasn't really anything for a newbie to DO, even though I supposedly had all these cool skills like starship piloting and so forth." Our playerbase goes from 10 players to 40 players. We've hit a top players of 46 so far, and usually have 20+ on at any time, but with exams and the like, things are slow. And for it being desolate, that's a side effect of having 30+ planets. You simply don't run into people often. Finding a newbie target is really quite easy if you check the HELP NEWBIE help file which tells you exactly where newbies should go to level. And you have to go -learn- all those 'cool skills' before being able to use them, again, in places listed in the help files. That's what they're there for. "Unbalanced. I decided to play a Hutt, since I figured it was one of the less used races, and that's where a MUD can be seen at it's best or it's worst, in the balance of it's races. My character was unable to kill any of the "rodents", which were the lowest life form on the planet." Um, obviously you're not much of a Star Wars enthusiast. Have you ever SEEN a Hutt? It doesn't matter if you're a Hutt Jedi, when it comes to combat, they're literally pathetic. If your main goal is to be able to kill mobs at will, then try another MUD. SWSE is an RP oriented MUD, and Hutts are an RP race. Try Shistavanens or Noghri if you just want to go around murdering stuff with success. "Poor creation. My character was placed on the planet Nar Shadda, home of the Hutts. However, none of the NPCs even spoke Huttese, the language my character knew, so it was impossible to read any of the NPC messages. There was no easily accessible language teacher on Nar Shadda, so I couldn't pay to give my character the "basic" language, so I was basically stuck." Actually, Nar Shaddaa is the Smugglers Moon, and Hutts are far, far from the majority race there. Yes, many of the mobs should speak Huttese, and you were supposed to learn your languages in the academy you spawn in before leaving into the real galaxy. Nar Shaddaa's builder isn't supposed to be newbie conscious, because newbies are supposed to learn everything they need to learn (languages, basic skills) in the academy. "Again, poor creation. Nar Shadda was poorly designed, with no areas of real interest, vanilla descriptions, and nowhere to go. Also, possessing a weapon is illegal on parts of the planet, I... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 1, 2002
Well, I'll list my impressions here. Empty. Although there were almost 10 players online, and some constant chatter on the OOC channel, in actual playing terms, the place is desolate. Finding a newbie target to level on was quite a hassle, and there wasn't really anything for a newbie to DO, even though I supposedly had all these cool skills like starship piloting and so forth. Unbalanced. I decided to play a Hutt, since I figured it was one of the less used races, and that's where a MUD can be seen at it's best or it's worst, in the balance of it's races. My character was unable to kill any of the "rodents", which were the lowest life form on the planet. Poor creation. My character was placed on the planet Nar Shadda, home of the Hutts. However, none of the NPCs even spoke Huttese, the language my character knew, so it was impossible to read any of the NPC messages. There was no easily accessible language teacher on Nar Shadda, so I couldn't pay to give my character the "basic" language, so I was basically stuck. Again, poor creation. Nar Shadda was poorly designed, with no areas of real interest, vanilla descriptions, and nowhere to go. Also, possessing a weapon is illegal on parts of the planet, so I lost my "vibroblade" when I entered a hotel. This would have to fall under poor creation as well. Overall, I played this MUD for almost an hour, and I have to say, it's not worth your time. Good idea, bad implementation.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 1, 2002
This MUD is honestly so sweet it made me kick my mom right in the face. It's awesome, huge, tons of original code and areas, tons of players, awesome imms. (especially sojik.) and is newbie friendly. I suggest every single MUDder play it until they grow old.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on May 30, 2002
I was a player on Star Wars: Rise in Power at one time and it was my belief that RiP would never be bested, even after it was shut down. I was proven wrong by Caspian and his great team of builders/coders/admins. The Game is set during the New Jedi Order Timeline. It is RP enforced, you don't get away with cheap ass kills like a lot of MUDs. With 31 planets, all original with the exception of Gamorr, Honoghr, Coruscant, Byss and parts of Corellia. At this stage it is almost ready for invasion but several Vong skills/classes need to be complete for the Invasion. There is even a Yammosk system that I believe is about to be implemented. The Senate does exist here, unlike other MUDs. The downsides: A few not-so good RPers always turn up but that is unpreventable. Vong are basically impossible to kill unless you are Jedi, it is my personal belief that Togorians and Noghri should be able to match them, several BHers have been over-powered by the Vong Combatants. That's all I have to say, Remember whatever MUD you chose only You and the Players along side you can make a MUD fun!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2002
Shattered Equinox has many good qualities, such as strict,but fun administrators and builders Vorian is my fav administrator.20-30 players usually active at once, gigantic world, with at least 20 planets(more to come).Plenty of unique mobs,items,and armor to strengthen your RP. Numerous Ships, fully customizable, also you may buy custom ships, once avatar. Buyable homes, with the ability to put furniture in it. You should definatly play this MUD, best one out there!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 16, 2002
It's been awhile since I said anything about SWSE, so I thought I'd drop a note to anyone out there looking for a new SWR to call home, or just another MUD to kill some time and have some fun on. Now's a great time to give us a shot. We're on the verge of commencing the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and are swamped with a multitude of new code implementations including, but not exclusive to: three new subclass for the Yuuzhan Vong, new ship-types, extra-vehicular seats to help avoid death in snubfighters, an entirely refurbished space code including two different coordinate modes, an entirely new Senatorial system including Galactic Senate meetings, new forms of weaponry including amphistaves and force-whips, quadrant shielding allowing shunting of shielding and shield reinforcement, new command types for capital ships allowing them to roll and pitch in order to expose more of their weapons for use, or to hide a weakened shield, and so, so much more. I'm not working alone, either. Darrik from SWRIP is actively programming, and my longtime partner Kupek is always around, providing superb programming insight and debugging whatever comes up. My staff's doing a superb job aswell. The admins have proven themselves fair and just when dealing with the players. The builders are heavily active and are always surprising me with new projects to such a great degree that I can't keep coming up with assignments for them. As a result, we have 20+ planets and are growing swiftly. Our playerbase hasn't changed much from the start. In the dead hours of the night/early morning, you'll never find more than 5 people online, not including the immortals, and in our peak hours, which range from noon to about 11:30 at night, it's usually 8 - 16 players. But the players are very friendly and talkative, and all very enthusiastic, making it a fun environment to work and play in. On something of a less jovial note, I suppose, I'm content to report no great immortal controversies in the last six weeks, which is a big plus since my staff and I seem to attract them like magnets. If.. was ... made of metal... or something. Because of the seemingly good rhythm the immortals have come in to, I'm actively recruiting builders. Everyone who applies gets a shot. Also, please feel free to check out, as it's always being updated and we're always doing great things with it. We'd love to have you come by and check us out, so feel free. See you around, Caspian.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Mar 4, 2002
SE has indeed had many changes in top administrators, and I will tell you why. Despite being a 104, the administrators were not given the ability to work on their own while Caspian was available. Caspian has tried to take the whole responsibility for running the mud on himself, which I think is a good thing; however, when administators protest Caspian's decisions and Caspian refuses to change his mind, the 104s tend to get fed up and leave. Sonja, unfortunately, quit because Caspian made an ill-advised comment about the US WTC attack. Corran left because he believed Caspian made a bad decision in firing a builder that was caught cheating ( a friend of his ). Allanah left for reasons below. Despite this high turnover rate, SE is still a great environment to play on, and I highly advise it for the same reasons I advised it in my previous post. In regards to the previous post, what Allanah forgot to mention is that Martin, one of the other 104s left in charge along with Allanah, watched Pfalt take the SSD back to Bastion, after destroying Kirlaa (Allanah's mort )'s ship, which was found while Martin watched to verify its legality. I then went to work, and Pfalt did not log back in until two hours after Kirlaa destroyed the SSD. The other two who had access, Vorian's mort and an ex-builder, did not touch it. Goto had recently been added to the commands logged, and a goto was logged for Allanah to the SSD's cockpit 10 minutes before it was destroyed. Being as there was no way it could have gotten over Kuat legally, and that suspicious log entry, it was restored with the permission of Martin. Unfortunately, Allanah decided to leave soon after this, when her mort was killed. It seems she had trouble believing Pfalt did not cheat, which has always been a frequent problem, even on RiP. Pfalt hasn't even gotten a pkill on SE, but he still gets accused of cheating. This has caused me to completely stop playing him. I had hoped to be able to play SE without problems, but that didn't happen. I had a bit of a personality conflict with Allanah from soon after one of her mortals started pirating ( and killing ). Since I have little direct power, my conflicts tended to be in the form of verbal comments, most rather blunt, especially when RP was twisted unrecognizably to suit her needs. These conflicts are the core of the 'believes he has authority' comment. As to the immortals on SE tending to give weight to my words, why shouldn't they? I had several friends who ran Sote, Dark Horizon, and others that I certainly listened to when they offered advice. I ran RiP for 2 years, and I do tend to come up with good advice sometimes, and I believe it is the main reason for why I'm a 101 there, helping Caspian come up with ways... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 19, 2001
As is visible by my email address, I was once a member of the staff on Star Wars: Shattered Equinox. I was there the day the server came online, but only as a mortal. I stayed there and chatted with the builders, tested, did whatever to keep everyone going. I was absolutely psyched about SWSE opening because I know it has the potential to be the very best in existance, with the help of the SWRiP code by Darrik. After the opening of the MUD, I was eventually hired as a builder/PR mortal. I helped take some of the load off of Caspian, who was coding 24/7, as well as touch up a few areas. After awhile, I was promoted to a head administrator. I served as a head administrator for quite some time, until recently. The mind behind SWRiP, Darrik, is also a 101 imm trusted to 104 on SWSE. Despite his actual rank denoting him below the builders, he believes he has authority and chooses to excercise it, even when he is stepping far beyond his jurisdiction. In the most recent incident, his mortal made the careless mistake of leaving the Imperial SSD in orbit over Kuat, and it was destroyed during the night by pirates. Darrik logged on and immediately restored the SSD to Imperial ownership, claiming it got there via some bug in the space code. This, obviously, was bullshit. But, because I am an admin who believes in adhering to the rules, I refused to make a final decision on the matter because my mortal was involved in the situation. Pfalt lied to the admin and got away with it because he is Darrik. The other admin were either too scared or too friendly with Darrik or kissing his butt, but they refused to change what was so obviously wrong. (It should also be noted that one of the admin supporting Darrik, Vorian, had an Imperial mortal) So, I refused to participate in an Immortal staff which would harbor and condone this sort of thing. It should furthermore be noted that I am the third Immortal to leave holding atleast a Head Administrator rank. The others had issues with Caspian, I on the other hand feel Caspian is an excellent IMP, but fails to grant his admin the power necessary to handle cases such as Pfalt. Caspian has also recently been absent due to him moving, his absence is what forced me to leave in the end...because I had no one left to turn to. Star Wars: Shattered Equinox still has the potential to be the absolute best SWR on the internet, but as long as Immortals such as Darrik and cheating are tolerated, it is destined to failure.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 10, 2001
Good afternoon, I released the code for Rise in Power to see what others would do with it. As they come around, I will do a review just for kicks and boredom. Shattered Equinox opened a couple of weeks ago once they finished converting to SWRiP code. Before then, they had been building quickly on stock SWR code. They have many unique areas not including the uniques released with RiP and the areas from the staff who joined up with SE. Caspian is working hard coding new features, and already has a large amount of ships due to the hard work of Nom. Corran is one of the better administrators I've encountered ( He worked as a builder on RiP, not administrator, so this is the first time I have seen him in this position ), and Allanah does an excellent job as Player Relations. There are a large number of builders, including many from RiP, that are still working hard to create new areas to indeed live up to their ( false for now ) claim to have 15k+ rooms and an all unique world. There is not a large player base, for now, but it already has an average of 10 players. Not bad for 3 weeks of operation. They are based in the New Jedi Order timeline, so there is a large opportunity for roleplay ( including conflict ). As the player base is not large, they have not actually begun the 'invasion' of the Vong as of yet. Only a few in the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant are aware of their presence. Roleplay is enforced, but the players seem to have some leeway on how they interpret the timeline, which produces some interesting storylines purely the creation of the players. There are a couple of helpfiles called IR_timeline and NR_timeline in which the events since opening are outlined for the newcomers. Ashmare does a great job with helping newbies, especially considering we have had some foreign visitors that do not speak the english language all too well. Despite one or two of the other immortals getting snappish, she deals with them well. All in all, this is the more impressive of the Muds using my code. Unlike some of the other SWRiP muds that have left my player file intact as a 101, this is the only account I actually use on a regular basis. It is also one of the only ones that have not claimed to be 'The new Star Wars: Rise in Power' which is always a plus on my end. Thank you, and good night, Darrik Vequir Star Wars: Rise in Power
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 30, 2001
I know this is something of a conflict of interest, my reviewing my own MUD, but hear me out first. Having just finished reading the two reviews written about my MUD, I decided I might aswell offer my own view of the MUD. First of all, both reviews bespeak our low player base, which is absolutely accurate. Anytime between 3PM and 11:30PM EST, you can find between 10 and 16 players on SWSE, however, at other times, you might only find 1 to 3 players online. Unfortunately, this isn't something we at SWSE have any control over, and all I can ask is that you all come try us out for yourself to see what you think. The other general gripe about the MUD seems to be my staff. :) Again, I don't exactly deny this either. I myself have had a handful of conflicts with my subordinates, however, I've fired those that were beyond redemption, and those that remain are very hard workers, and their shortcomings in PR don't deserve them a pink slip. Quite simply put, that's why they aren't admins, and just builders. The most I can suggest in this respect is that whenever players have a problem with any immortals, they come to me. I've always got my ear to the ground and always have time for my players, and I'll work to resolve any differences. SWSE has, I believe, the makings to be the greatest SWR out there right now. It is spawned of what I believe _was_ the greatest SWR at the time, Star Wars : Rise In Power. Since its demise however, SWRIP's owner has joined our staff and is helping us to move SWSE beyond SWRIP and into a new field of excellency. Not only is our current code superb, but the things we're working on are even more so aswell. We've got some 50+ areas to explore in a vast galaxy and new areas are released on a _weekly_ basis. The final concern to address, I think, is the RP factor. It is true, we lack superb RP except for in some cases where the RPers are great. However, I think that this fact is a reason to attract RPers to come and set standards, to come and weave storylines for others to follow. I myself have just finished creating an entire area designed especially to enhance RP. Regardless of all this, if you're a Star Wars fan, or someone who enjoys SWRs, or someone who'd like to try something new and exciting, SWSE is definetly a good idea to at least _try_.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 25, 2001
SWSE has the beginnings of a good mud. It has many code changes and new skills including a new space system That greatly enhances the playing experience. The planets are many and diverse and With over 20001 rooms there is much room for exploration and more opportunities for Role-play. The timeline, set in the time of the New Jedi Order, offers yet more opportunities For imaginative and original role-playing. Extended race selection including several new races I’ve only seen on SWSE create a wider sphere of possibilities for character creation. Every mud has its shortfalls and this one is no exception. The playerbase is low, I’ve never seen More than 12 players. For the most part the players role-play but only as a formality. Something they Have to do because the imms require it. As a result most role-playing is feeble at best. A few of the Immortal staff apparently have no inclination to be civil with the players, often threatening slaying or other godly discipline when players respond to their pugnacious attitude. However, not all of the playerbase consists of involuntary Role-players. Several of the players put forth a genuine effort and are very good at playing their characters part. On the whole the Immortal staff is friendly and helpful. Allanah is in charge of public relations and generally helping players and she is most helpful, friendly and patient. Caspian, the owner, is generally willing to answer questions and help so long as it is within reason and he isn’t overly busy. Overall I think SWSE can become a good mud with many original role-playing possibilities and new and innovative code and skill changes. With an injection of good, willing role-players this mud could become one of the most original and fun Swr based Star Wars muds to play.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 24, 2001
SWSE is a great place for all mudders! From what I have seen, the IMMortal staff are incredibly friendly.People such as Martin, Corran, Caspian, Sojik,Vorian,Subzero.(I am sure there are many others, but as of yet I have not met them). The players are few and far between, but the MUD has been open for only a few weeks, and has a playerbase greater than that of the few quality SWReality based MUD's out there.Those people that do players, are great RPers and very friendly.(Apart from one guy, who does not appear to speak the English language,but im sure hes still quite nice:P) The MUD does however has it downsides.One of the Immortal staff who ranks at Administrator(I wont mention Den's name)is a crude, callow, and just generally a not very nice person. One of the 102's (Nom) appears to believe that he owns the place,and they have an immortal called Piccolo.Nuff said.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Oct 19, 2001