The Darkening Sun
Fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 2000.
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                |>                                              Based on:
               /i\       Welcome to                  Diku by Hans, Katya,
\             /#'`\   The Darkening Sun          Tom, Michael and Sebastian
`\           /#'  `\  /\                             Merc 2.1 by Hatchet,
 `\         /#'-.  `\/ `\     |>                           Furey and Kahn
  `\       /#'-._   `\  `\    |                Rom 2.4 ¬1993-1996 by Russ
   `\     /#'-.___   `\  `\  /'\                  Oblivion 2.0 ¬1996-1997
___--'   '--.._____..--'  `\/# `\                           by Wes Wagner
,','|     |-    _  _-=|_.- /#   `\                The Dawn of Time v1.69s
_-=}     |-   {_} _-=|.  /#`-   `\         ¬1997-2010 by Michael Garratt
-_=|     |-________-=|  /#`-._   `\         The Darkening Sun ¬2000-2019
[]=|_.-._ \,_._._._./_ /#`-.___   `\                by Marc Garrett 
 -=/*   `\ |-.  _-=|  '--.._____..--'       +              ___ 
 .-(-.._..-)|- , _-=| ()|- ___..---.|    .--.|__,        .-'   `-.
MMMMM.   ,MMMMM. -  | . | / / //    \  >'---.,___\    .-'         `-.
  ][`l--Ml][  `]  ,wwwwww// / /  {}  \ |        l    /               \
][  ]I,_MI' ][ ] /__...-'|""""_.- ,-===-  ,===. |   /                 \
n ][  ][  ][ "i] !_______|   |  `I[    '|_[   | |  |  _ ,----, _       | 
][__][__][__][ ] /^ ,   /\   |  ]   ___       ] |  ,-' ||    |l |      |
____/,./------/ / ^ ^ ;/  \/=L ,.=-p   q===,__J |-_|   ** __ ** |      |
-  _   -=##Y   /______/ "" \ `\Lt       _-=J/   |  |,,==p'  q==,J     /
[]  .-  -=#l##_##_ " | " " |---|-    ^. _-=|"-"-!-.-.-Y-'   _=|      /
  -     -=#l,     ##-##_--.-.-.|-   / \\_-=| ..  , .-=|-   /\=|   .-' 
_   -  _;=#l:.   ;        .   :|-   |_LI_-=|.. . . .-=|-   LJ=|.-' 
,.,,, __-=#l:.   .  :   :  ::::|-       _-=| . .__. -=|-    _=| 
===.,,__-=#l:.::  ::: ,  ::::':|-       _-=|, ./ \\. =|-    _=| 
||||'.,_-=#l:: ::: . : ;::,::::|-   __  _-=| .|   |I =|-_, %#*!-._
|||||'.,-=#l.    :::   :;: ,:::|-  __ ___-=|. | -_|I@,'           `-_
!!!!!{},-=#l:. .     ;: ,  ::#:|- .,   __-=| @|   "'-,_   . 
|||||{},-=#l:.:  '   :    ##_.-!-_        /!%'`,       `-,_
|||||{}.-=#l:.   .' :  #_.-'      %# v @       `-.        `-,_
What is thy name, Brave Traveller? (Type 'new' to create a new character)
In the hall of souls, they reminded him of his destiny. There, all was light, a pulsing gold like the heart of a candle flame, filling eternity. The speakers were pillars of fire within the fiery light, and their words were sparks. They, the Immortal Ones, had neither faces nor voices, choosing to remain in their true forms. Only one chose to keep her form for she, the golden dragon, was the messenger of the light. He had no face or voice either, because he was weak, a little destiny, his grave task to be done, his long road to ride, a burden that he must lift willingly. "You stand before us with a choice" the dragon rumbled, echoing the words of the of...
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[Dawn] DSv4 Enhancements [1]
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The dark ages and the birth of magic [2]
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Medieval Fantasy [2]

The Darkening Sun is an adult themed fantasy game that encourages its players to role-play. The massive realm exists to fulfill the needs true adventurers seeking to journey outside of the confines of various cities and townships. Travel the lands of Cadaya, or set sail toward the eastern forest region of Rhynia. Every land, every continent - a new adventure awaits. Founded 19 years ago...we await those who seek new beginnings. [1]
In the hall of souls, they reminded him of his destiny. There, all was light, a pulsing gold like the heart of a candle flame, filling eternity. The speakers were pillars of fire within the fiery light, and their words were sparks. They, the Immortal Ones, had neither faces nor voices, choosing to remain in their true forms. Only one chose to keep her form for she, the golden dragon, was the messenger of the light. He had no face or voice either, because he was weak, a little destiny, his grave task to be done, his long road to ride, a burden that he must lift willingly. "You stand before us with a choice" the dragon rumbled, echoing the words of the pillars of light "Are you certain this is what you wish?" He stuttered trying to think of words to convince them, to convince himself. But in the hall of light, there were no lies. "My path is made", he replied steadily, "there can be no other way." He felt their gentle sympathy touch him. "It is time to take your destiny in your hands. Will you remember?" "I will try." "Very well," the god studied him through the eyes of the dragon... ancient eyes that had seen the beginning of the land and witnessed the birth of a thousand races "the time has come to enter the Darkening Sun, a realm of fantasy, sorcery and adventure that will test the power your mind... and the strength your heart." [2]
The Darkening Sun v3 consists of the highest level of MUD ROLEPLAY & PKILL ACTION. The game has been open to the public for nearly 6 years and is growing more popular each day. With a highly motivated and experienced administrative staff and immortal staff, you can expect to see new and wonderous things each week. * With over 14,000 unique rooms of a completely original realm, you will find yourself on a grand journey of exploration. * Of the 12 unique classes to choose from, you could choose to be a MagiKnight, a warrior with the capability of weilding arcana, or a Nightblade, a ruthless assassin and Mage hunting class. * Select to be a Mrem, a Dwarf, or even a Hobgoblin from our selection of 25 various races. * Supporting ANSI colour and an internal automapping system. With a MXP supported MUD client, you can activate our extended colour system and activate over 50 colours on our MUD for custom colouring. * Use our custom colour system to design your own colour schemes using templates. * Participate in immortal ran quests or try to solve one of our 1000+ autoquests with over 7000+ mobiles in use running over 2500+ mobile programs. * Find yourself being inducted into secret clans, or be granted title into a Kingdom. * 91 attainable mortal levels with immense replay value with remort quests. * A 100% automated newbie school and help system to guide new players onto the right path. To proceed on with all the features this game has to offer would take weeks. Come by and check us out for yourself, we guarantee, you will not be disappointed. Safe journey to you traveller... The Official Darkening Sun Website The Darkening Sun Contact Us: [3]

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Darkening Sun is a well developed mud with a medieval or magical type setting. To start with, the most recent upgrade to the code has been added and we are now playing on v3. The actual look and feel of the game did not change all too much with the updated version of the mud. You can still get along quite easily if you have not played in a while, but that does not mean that there have not been any changes. To start with, you can no go beyond the hero's level and into a new level called 'prestige'. With the prestige levels you will gain more abilities and also be able to obtain prestige points which are similar to the bonus points and hero points that you can achieve at other levels. Many new features have been added. A new banking system that actually pays out interest. A rebalance of the races so that their bonuses for the various attributes and their HP levels are more player friendly. Additions to the creation section that allow you to adjust the way you play before you even hit the game. New skills and spells for the various classes as well as fixes and updates to already existing abilities. New areas have gone in and many more are currently being worked on for all levels as well as classes. In fact, there have been more class related additions in the area department. Player homes and shops that are can be fully customized and made to fit any imagination allow for more story lines for characters to become involved in. Imm RP and world RP has become more interactive for all levels of players, even those who have just created can find themselves pulled into the most recent plotline. Courteous and friendly staff that are visible more often than not, as well as numerous newbie helpers and a new PRteam, make getting help not only easy, but fast for when you need it. The PRteam is a new addition to the mud and it will help the players and imms work together on adding, editing, changing and promoting the mud so that the players now have more input. Numerous helpfiles as well as all new helpfiles, including a large set of new files for the various gods that are followed through the realm, are always being updated. Off mud forums have also been a new addtion, allowing a place to talk about the mud, offer suggestions, discuss roleplay or even just talk about your favorite roleplaying with the various players and imms with out needing to log in for 5 minutes just to see what you've missed. There is quite a bit to be said about the changes that have gone into the mud over the past few months, too many to add here, but the time and effort that has been put into these changes was highly worth it once you see just how easy it is to submerge yourself into the game.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Dec 6, 2007
I'd like to tell you all a little bit about a MUD that I have been playing for the last 5 years. The MUD's called the Darkening Sun. Now, obviously, from my first sentence, this is not a fly by night MUD, or one of those MUDs that open up for 1 week and then shut down. This is an established MUD that has slowly grown in popularity and has attracted a small, if fanatical, fanbase. DS is the conception of Daos, our Founder. The source code used is the Dawn of Time code, which is an rp focused, easy to use code. If you are a pro rommer, Circle, or Diku player, then you'll feel right at home with 99% of DS's commands, and if you are a complete newbie to the MUD, then fear not, we've a dedicated newbie helper staff, as well as a helpfile for practically every command, as well as a VERY useful newbie school and newbie area to start out your DS career. :) With 12 classes and 25 races to choose from, you will obviously not feel limited in your selection. We have the standard fare classes/races, such as elves, dwarves, humans, warriors, mages, and paladins. We also have classes and races entirely original to ourselves, such at nightblades (an awesome assassin type class, necrotahns, spellfilchers, and magiknights). Even the 'standard' classes have each been thoroughly worked through, providing an interesting and enjoyable and original experience to all those who would choose to join our family. My next stop is RP (roleplaying). RP is very extensibly encouraged on DS, with incentives from standard rpxp ticks (you gain experience automatically for rping) as well as moots offered by immortals and nobles for above standard roleplaying. The imms take a close interest, often starting personalized or global RP 'quests' in which the players can participate. Not an rper? Fancy yourself an expert power leveler? Excellent! With over 320 areas, divided over 15506 unique rooms, 4708 unique mobs, and 10,000 items, you'll not find yourself bored easily. Our realm easily covers over 25,000 rooms, leaving explorers and powerlevelers plenty of playing space. Hell, in more than 6 years of being online, some of those mobs have yet to be defeated! So not all bragging rights are lost. So please, log on, create your alt, and play on DS! The IP is 5678.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Oct 10, 2006
If I had a single cent for every single time I cursed at this game, I'd be a millionaire. If I had a dime for every single time this game has kept me awake until three am in the morning, and then woke up 4 hours later feeling and acting like a mindless zombie, I'd be a billionaire. If I had a penny for each time I sighed in frustration as I proceeded through the day, waiting eagerly for the time when I can get my daily fix of DS, I'd be the richest man in the world. Yes, this game is that addictive. When I started playing on this MUD, I was a complete newbie to MUDing. I wasn't even sure I would like to play a textbased game, and I related as much to the Creator of DS (Daos). He claimed that DS boasted something for everyone. A little slice of perfect heaven for every single type and calibre of player out there. Do you want challenge? Try to become a hero. What do you require to be a hero? Simple, level your character up through 90 levels, and then survive a hero quest. What is a hero quest? An immortal run quest solely for you. As an example, let me use my own heroquest. My hero character is a paladin. His quest involved freeing an undead knight from his torment. This knight was, when alive, a paladin of my faith. The quest fit like a glove to my character, as he too had questionable faith. At first, I must say I was a little disappointed. It seemed my quest was the typical kill the big hooha and be a hero. Then I saw the effort placed in this single heroquest. An ENTIRE area was built for me, expertly desced. Till now, only I have had the honour of going through that area, and exploring it completely. Perhaps the idea behind the heroquest was run of the mill, but by gods, the Roleplaying behind it was exemplary, the effort behind it enormous, and the satisfaction from it absolute. Which brings me to another point. This MUD REFUSES unoriginal areas. Almost every area on the MUD has a little quest that must be performed. You won't find anything here in terms of weaponry, armor, or items that could be considered modern (aka no lightsabers). Then there is the roleplaying. I could spend the entire night writing about that alone. This MUD encourages roleplaying. What with the original race-tales, the gods, and the immortal driven rp. This is a MUD where you can practically live out your character, feel what he or she feels, and experience all his or her joys or sorrows. The player races are both varied and interesting. And although DS has some generic races (humans, elves, dwarves), we also boast plenty of other, original races. Draconians, Dragoons, Avians, half-orcs, hobgoblins, Lizardmen, sylphs, gnolls, minotaurs, duergars, and merfolk. All of these can be chosen, they... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 15, 2004
Well first things first, I do actually like this mud but it isnt all it is made out to be. The areas are said to be unique but alot are actually just revamped Dawn generic areas. As an example, most if not all of storyland is actually the Faerie ring in default dawn. The players here are not as newbie friendly as the other reviews would like you to believe. If you ask a question on Newbie you will have to always ask mutliple times. That all done and said the actual ideaology is good with a strong RP based world. The mythos is believable and creative. The code system is modified enough to make it more than another boring Dawn clone. Originality of Areas: 3/10 Roleplay potential: 9/10 Actual roleplay: 5/10 Newbie friendly: 4/10 Immortals: 9/10 All total: 8/10 People that will like it: Anyone that enjoys the dawn codebase. Role Players if they can find some, because the code for it is there in force. People that wont like it: Hack and Slashers People new to mudding due to poor player help. People that want to just jump into a mud without thinking about ic consequences.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Aug 17, 2004
I started playing DS in its original form over three years ago, and I suppose I'm a little prejudiced towards it, because it's the first MUD I ever played; but I have to say, I love it. The imms are all friendly, and by and large go out of their way to be helpful. The playerbase is very inclusive and newbie friendly. We're still recovering from a major crash, but apart from a few missing areas, the realm is bigger and better than ever. Roleplaying is the name of the game, and there are always a variety of storylines, some involving the imms playing IC gods or other special characters, going on, and new players can either get involved in thsoe or begin some of their own. It's easy to start, there are plenty of people willing to help, the players are fantastic, the imms are fantastic, so get over here and try the place!
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Aug 10, 2004
I came to DS after alot of pushing from a good friend of mine. I've never played a level based or an RP MUD before, being a GodWars junkie, but I will be forever greatful to my friend for showing me what a joy Darkening Sun can be. DS has a wonderful set of immortals that have been very helpful and supportive. I have seen the newbie helper staff take time out of whatever RP they are involved in at the moment to answer questions and guide new players. The extensive class and race selection coupled with the creation system gives players alot of variety when making a character to play, just because two drow spellfilchers create, there is very little chance that they will be identical which helps keep things from becoming a MUD full of clones. The newbie school was extremely helpful as a first timer to this type of code. I really enjoyed the mprogs that are employed in the school, as opposed to simply expecting newbies to read room descriptions for instructions on how to proceed. For those that have played similar MUDs, there is an option when you first create of going through either the entire newbie school, or going through just the parts that are unique to DS. If you choose to go through the entire school, there is useful armor, weapons, and even a sample quest with a container to help you get started. The newbie channel almost always has at least one newbie helper and/or immortal available to answer questions and offer help should you need it. DS is RP enforced and for those without alot of experience role- playing, both players and immortals help you keep straight what is IC and what is OOC information, without being overbearing or rude about it. Daos is the creator of DS and enjoys hearing ideas and suggestions from players and several ideas have been implimented even in the short time since I started. The most often seen immortal on is Veremus, who is actively involved in the RP, even taking the time to spark major RP events to get players involved. He is most likely the most enthusiastic voice on the newbie channel every time a new player creates and has proven very helpful. The code is probably the most stable I have ever played on, despite a major hd crash a few months ago. The letgain process is explained in geat detail in the helpfiles and almost anyone is willing to help explain anything that might be confusing. A character can get to level 25 before being letgained, allowing you time to decide what you wish to do with your character and set things such as your attributes and characteristics after having the chance to get involved a bit. Once all requirements are finished and submitted for letgain the process is almost automatic, as the immortals are very active in taking care of letgain requests. DS hosts the most extensive list of helpfiles I have ever encountered, and there are very very few things in the game that one cannot learn about through the helpfiles. DS also encourages players to get involved in the creation of the realm by not only allowing players to build areas that they wish to see, but encouraging and rewarding such efforts as long as they comply with the guidelines set down for the realm. Players who build unique areas are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for many things to help their characters. All in all, this has definitely become my new home. The friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and intriguing RP make Darkening Sun the place to be, be it for a few hours a week or the greater part of each day.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Aug 10, 2004
DSv2 is the well organized and redesigned realm to DSv1. This is one of the best MUD's I have ever played, with great player interaction and a very friendly staff and group of people that you can get along with. There are new and improved ideas and enhancements to the game coming out almost weekly, and everything is a surprise. Based in a middle aged world of fantasy, magic, and monsters, there are hundreds of different items, creatures, and creations within this realm. They provide a very helpful and friendly newbie staff for anyone just starting, and are always trying to make better enhancements for the players. The MUD has a Player Killing option, but is is a highly enforced RolePlaying MUD where people are urged to enjoy their times here with RolePlay and not all killing. The playerbase is about 8-15 people on at all times, it may be small, but makes for a small group of people that you can make friends with and enjoy na get to know. So if you're looking to make friends and find some good roleplaying buddies, this is a great MUD to play.
MudConnector.Com Review (Archived) by on Aug 10, 2004
Well, I've been playing this Mud for over 2 years now, and it is THE best Mud around (at least, among those muds who use the same Code). Immortals are -usually- very friendly, and they work hard to constantly bring new features to the players. The Code itself has been immensely modified, with spells and classes that you would not find anywhere else. One nice feature of this Mud is that you gain experience from your roleplaying efforts with other players, so it is up to you to either venture around to battle creatures, or if you are of a more peaceful type, you can get involved in Rp with the many great rp'ers we have around. Recently they also introduced a new feature called RPONLY, which is for the hardcore roleplayers. Your xp from roleplay will be better but you will get no xp at all from mob kills. And for those of you people who are new to this Code, know that the newbies are always warmly welcomed and helped to get started. The helpfiles are extensive, and very well detailed. Aaaand the 250+ areas we have on DS are all unique areas that you will not find anywhere else either.
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Dec 8, 2003
Good players nice staff, the coders are always thinking of new ways to advance and make the mud better. The pkill system is very good, and the rp reward is cool. Alot of areas to explore as well as more on the way. New project in the works should make this one of the best muds around
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 5, 2001