The Lands of Evermore
Fantasy-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in 1997.
Ranked 535th of 677 worlds statistically.
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The Lands of Evermore is a fantasy mud project. The Lands of Evermore is a medium-sized but richly detailed fantasy MUD. Forget about stock areas, player hostility, and endless XP mills! A classical choice of races and classes, each with unique features of its own, will appeal to D&D fans. Every room is a hand tailored, one-of-a-kind thrill involving prizes, secret passages, or well-hidden monsters. A thoroughly unique advancement system suggests a flexible choice of game styles, equally rewarding intrepid explorers, attentive questers, and diehard killing machines. Religion, economy and languages are developed into arts of their own, and a variety of crafts are offered to those of less violent inclination. The number of advanced features - like an automated minimap - growing...
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The Lands of Evermore is a fantasy mud project. The Lands of Evermore is a medium-sized but richly detailed fantasy MUD. Forget about stock areas, player hostility, and endless XP mills! A classical choice of races and classes, each with unique features of its own, will appeal to D&D fans. Every room is a hand tailored, one-of-a-kind thrill involving prizes, secret passages, or well-hidden monsters. A thoroughly unique advancement system suggests a flexible choice of game styles, equally rewarding intrepid explorers, attentive questers, and diehard killing machines. Religion, economy and languages are developed into arts of their own, and a variety of crafts are offered to those of less violent inclination. The number of advanced features - like an automated minimap - is growing weekly. In absence of PK, all players are friendly and cooperative. Newbies can easily navigate around using interactive maps posted on the website. And a special bonus: Lands of Evermore runs on a decicated server and uses port 23, open by most office firewalls. Enjoy! [1]
In the world of Evermore with it's seven main cities players can live, quest and kill in a fantasy world without any connection to a special theme. [2]
The Lands of Evermore is a fantasy mud project. All classical races (Elves, Drows, Dwarves, Gnomes, Kender, and Humans) are available in various combinations with all famous classes (Mage, Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Druid and Ranger). The languages of the races, the large variety of features like religions, quests, scenarios and exploring (prizes) and the large number of rooms and monsters (friends or enemies) guarantee many hours and days of tension and fun. Peek in and see! Some enhancements like a little map left beside the description makes orientation easier. The development of the world (library and areas) is still going on and the world is growing every day. New features will be added to improve the role play features. We hope to see you soon! [3]

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I found this game to be very interestin' and the players were helpful. And cool, in their own kind of 'I like MUDS' kind of way. I liked how customizable the characters were, and the battle system was cool, too. Overall I give this an 8/10! One thing I wish was better is that I could have a black background. Cyan colored font on white background is murder x_x Tamuren
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 11, 2006
Dive into the Lands of Evermore and enjoy a really great mud. If you like mental work, exploring, kill some monsters or just to chat, you're on the way to the right mud. A big amount of adventurous quests, many hidden prizes and heaps of different monsters are waiting for you here. The world is growing and growing, so you'd never be bored finding new and undiscovered things. And the special feature in those lands is this tiny map on the left side of the descriptions of the rooms. It helps players to navigate through this wonderful world. All in all it is a great experience and adventure to stroll through the Lands of Evermore, you just have to enjoy this mud. :)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 8, 2005
Evermore is the best MUD I've found so far. I've tried some others, too, but none matched Evermore. The players and the staff are like a family (we even have an anual real life meeting), and lots of the people have become personal friends. The world is mostly unique with some borrowings from D&D, Midgard, Lord of the Rings and other popular RPGs and books. The character system is well balanced: you can get to the highest levels only by a combination of slaying, exploring and solving quests. The quests are logical, exploration is always fun (especially as the world is still growing despite its age) and slaying... well even that is fun. Best of all is the nice atmosphere: the players and the staff are very kind and helpful. You need help? Just ask someone! They will answer and do their best to help you in all possible ways. Evermore is very newbie friendly. The different races, professions and the excellent skill system provide a vast variety of possibilties and guarantee lots of fun even if you create new characters to play with, as every character becomes unique. If you are looking for a MUD to have years(!) of fun, Evermore is your the best choice!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 2, 2005
The Lands of Evermore is an original fantasy mud (nothing to do with the SNES game). The world is of moderate size, but all rooms are very detailed and in most of them there's something special to discover. Of course there are also many quests and monsters, but exploring is a big part of the game. There are many different skills, some of them only for special professions. Druids for example can identify herbs and mix them to create different potions, shapechange into animals and cast some spells. Thieves can build traps from different parts, sneak and hide in shadows, later they can backstab. Don't know so much about other professions, which are fighter, priest, mage, ranger (those have different animal companions). The different player races speak different languages (skill) and there are also a ancient language (spoken very seldom and hard to learn) and a monster language. Players can also forge their own weapons, have them blessed (by a priest), poisoned (by a druid), enchanted (by a mage). And they can own houses and by furniture and stuff. Evermore is non-PK, maybe that's why everyone is so friendly (wizards too) and it's a great community. There is more stuff of course. Come and see yourself!
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Nov 3, 2004
Evermore is a nice, original mud. The players and wizards are very helpful and there is lots to see and do. Most of the world is described very nice and is very detailed and there always seems to be new stuff to discover. You also gain points to level not only for killing monsters and solving quest, but also for finding hidden areas and things. There are many different skills for the different professions and many spells for the mages, priests and druids. Druids can also shapechange and Rangers have animal companions that get stronger too. Cool are the monster attacks where you fight with other players against invading monsters. Hmm, rich players can also own houses and buy furniture and stuff. Ok there's more but I'm too lazy...
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Sep 5, 2004
This mud is very diverse and interesting. There is something for everyone; quests, guilds, prizes, events, monsters galore and plenty to explore. Evermore is expanding all the time, so it is always worth logging in to take a look. The players and staff are always helpful, and will explain anything that you do not understand. The little map that is always displayed to the left of the screen is great for newbies, and the various newbie, player and guild channels are great for asking questions. Whether it is your first MUD or if you are an experienced MUDder, i guarantee there will be something new in Evermore for everone :) So for a truly different MUD experience, go to and have a look ;)
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 13, 2004
I believe that Evermore is the best MUD that can be found, I will state from the beginning. The game has a loyal playerbase and some dedicated staff who make the experience of mudding in their environment endlessly enjoyable. The world is varied and extensive, full of things to explore - and it is being expanded all the time so there is never a case of 'been there, done that' with this MUD. You can choose between several classes and the level system is such that there are many ways of gaining levels however you like to play. This MUD is so different from any other I have ever played (and that's a lot over time!), and I feel that it cannot be fully described. So I would advise going to see for yourself why I love this MUD so much :o) Have fun!
MudConnector.Com Review by on Aug 2, 2004
I start in this world back in late 1996 and reentered it in autum 2003 to restart playing. I choose to be a fighter, because I like to play straight forward and not messing around with magic. I played several other muds before, but this is my favourite one. Evermore is a non-PK mud and that is what I prefer. But back to the game itself. Evermore is based on a medieval theme with all this stuff like magic etc. While starting you'd gonna choose between the typical races (Elves, Drow, Humans, Gnomes, Kender and Dwarves) and additional you also choose your hometown and your basic language (6 races = 6 main towns = 6 different languages). You can customize your character and body in almost any way. Afterwards you select the skills you prefer (well maybe you should think of the profession you wanna play, before choosing the wrong way) or let the system do it for you. You can either choose a profession while creating your character or join a guild after entering the game. It's possible to select between the professions Ranger, Priest, Thief, Fighter, Druid and Mage or stay 'unemployed'. Though I would not advice being unemployed, because any profession has it's special features, like brewing potions, spells or having special commands while fighting (if you want to know more, give it a try and start playing ;). In addition to the 'special' skills of the different professions, you have a huge variety of different abilities to develop your character. Most of them must be trained by doing, or you gotta pay at trainers to imporve your knowledge. The level-system reaches from 1 to 100 and in the beginning you level easily and fast. In special 'newbie areas' you get an easy start and get to know what's important to do (or not to do) in here. And there are several ways to level up. You can collect monster points (first time you're killing this monster), quest points quests),... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jul 1, 2004
The Lands of Evermore is a nice place to be. The people there are very friendly and helpful (players and wizards). Evermore is detailed, generally well thought out and it has continuity and depth to it. Exploring the world is really rewarding, there are always some special things to discover. In the beginning it is easy to gain levels, but it gets harder the higher you get. You level through 1. gained experience 2. solving small tasks and exploring the world 3. solving mayor quests and 4. killing (to you) unknown monsters, so you could for example raise to level 20 or even higher without having to kill. You raise your stats by solving mayor quests for which you receive potions that let you raise a stat point of your choice. There are six player races and six classes. The classes have special skills and abilities (brewing potions, casting spells, building traps, shapechanging etc), but there are also lots of general skills to gain (fishing, playing musical instruments, sneaking, bargaining to name a few). Some other nice things are incidents (monsters attacking a town, the players have to defend it or other stuff) or player-owned houses with player-described interior (if you are really wealthy), different languages for the player races, player-made weapons and so on. Ok enough already...Hope to see you there :)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Jun 19, 2004
When I discovered Evermore, I ceased playing all other muds. It was too addictive! As a newbie, I found the built-in game map an extremely useful addition to the game. It was the only game I had found with such a feature. The 'Lands of Evermore' are extensive and varied, constantly growing and evolving due to a dedicated group of Wizards (coders). There are currently seven main towns to explore, each of them unique in every way. Also there are many hidden areas, secret islands, tunnels, forests, deserts and beaches to investigate. The world is highly developed, with its own history, monetary system, languages and unique flora and fauna. There are six races to choose from in Evermore, from Elves to Drows, and many guilds to join, each with their own skills and features. My character is a Mage, but there are also Druids, Thieves, Fighters and more. Whichever guild or race you choose, the game is well explained and diverse, with extensive help pages and a good bug reporting system. The thing that I love most about Evermore is that it can be whatever you want it to be - some players are very serious about their roleplaying, some prefer to play less strictly and chat with the many friends that are to be made in this world. Myself, I have made many good friends in Evermore, wizards and players alike, and I love spending my time helping new players and exploring the ever growing lands. Whatever you enjoy about mudding, it can be done in Evermore. Although Evermore is a non player-killing mud, there is still plenty of 'hack-and- slash' to be had, as well as puzzles, quests, random events and many different approaches to level progression. Whatever your level in the game, you are always made to feel welcome - fellow players often offer help before you even have a chance to ask! There is so much to be seen and done in Evermore that reading a rambling review as... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jun 10, 2004
One lonely day my mother left me alone with a new connection to another world. After some work i managed to use this new portal to access a new world named the Lands of Evermore. Jumping through the portal i found a wonderful world. First I got a body. Akhran the father of the six gods in Evermore helped me with that. Now I was an elf as stupid as I was before. Fast, citizens of the world helped me to get around in the dangerous but very interesting world. I got friends who helped me killing my first monsters and questing around the world. After a while I knew that I would stay a Nothing without a profession. I had the chance to choose between Mages, Priests, Druids, Fighters, Rangers and Thieves. Since I had no problems in learning the eight languages that are spoken in Evermore, I decided to get a Mage. As a novice Mage I started with three spells. Soon I got stronger and more powerful. After a day I fell asleep, in love with Evermore. When I woke up, I was very happy that all my equipment was with me again. After some years i got that rich, that i bought a little house. There i was able to store things i did not need every day. I fell in love with a wonderful woman and we got married deep in the Dwarven Kingdom. I got one of the most powerful Mages that exist on Evermore. Being able to cast more than 40 spells ( I heard rumors there will be new spells soon ) there are still things in Evermore that make me shiver. After being in this world over 45 days, there are still things I did not explore, still monsters i did not kill. The Lands of Evermore is a very detailed mud. I like it very much. It stores your equipment and has a own town where you can build your own houses. has... Read More
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 19, 2004
I gained my first few levels in Evermore several years ago (back then as a mage), I don't remember much from this time (only that I was having trouble killing some rats in a cave and that the players were already very friendly and helpful to my little newbie-self). Then I stopped playing for three years. Later I came back to have a look. My character was still there, so I played a bit and got hooked ;) The MUD 'The Lands of Evermore' is an original world set in a medieval environment. Evermore itself is an island-continent of wide plains, deep forests, mighty mountains, a network of caves and tunnels (underdark), cities, villages... (take a look at: for a world map of Evermore). The continent is surrounded by vast oceans and even the wizards (coders) of Evermore don't know what lies beyond them (though recently another big island has been discovered south of Evermore and also already explored by a few adventurous players) ;) When you create a character in Evermore, you got one of six player races to choose from. You can be a drow, dwarf, elf, gnome, human or kender. You can set the attributes of your character yourself or let it be done randomly. After choosing your favourite weapon your character will then be 'born' in the home town of his race with some basic equipment and basic skills. Any of the races' home cities have their own newbie area (but of course you are free to visit the newbie areas of other cities too), so that is probably where your character wants to go first for some monster points, experience, items and maybe a few prize points. Your character gains levels by getting points in the following categories: monster points (you get this for killing a monster you have never killed before), quest points (obviously for solving quests), prize points (you get those for solving small quests, doing various tasks, recovering hidden rooms/areas and so on), points... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Feb 9, 2004
I have always been searching for a game that not only brings out the flavour of fantasy roleplaying, but also wanted to be completely immersed in that world. I wanted more than killing things just for exp, i desired companionships while exploring the vitual world, and i wanted to have fun. And i found them all in Lands of Evermore. Although i have only began my virtual life in Evermore only recently, i am no stranger to MUD games. And because i find it so enchanting, i am proud to share my joys of this world to everyone, and encourage you to try it out. Here is what i love about Evermore: - Every room description is very well detailed, and brings out realism when you reads it. They make sense, and if you just spare some time to drink in the details, you might even discover secrets hidden subtlely within the description! - Non-PK. That does not means its not fun, but rather i enjoy the fact that you do not have to get killed by some malicious souls just because you look like easy target. I play a game for enjoyment, and this fits me well. - Quests and Prizes! You don't have to kill things all the time, just spending time doing quests and tasks could take simple minutes to hours, but the rewards are always worth it. Earning quest points and prize points are part of the way to gain levels, and so far all the quests and tasks are very fun as well as entertaining! - Professions. In Evermore, you can be a Fighter, Mage, Ranger, Druid, Thief, and Cleric. Each class have their own special skills and capabilities. Watching your own character growing strong in your chosen path of profession really makes you proud! If you like, you can even just be an adventurer, with no particular profession. - Race and languages. Different races have thier own languages and although for a start they seems to confusing,... Read More
MudConnector.Com Review by on Jul 5, 2003
Welcome to a world which will give you your cake and let you eat it too. Here, you will find amazingly magical treasures, or marvelously mundane tools which, when combined with your own ever-evolving skills, will help you conquer practically any foe, given time. Here, you will earn the right to wear the ultimate armours of your choice. Here, you will wield the sword-and-sorcery-type weapons of the likes you've only envisioned within the confines of your own imagination. Here, you will see and smell and feel and hear things that you have never seen, smelled, felt or heard before in any world that you've prev2iously visited. This is a world in which you will come alive. Layers upon layers of complex details hide within this amazing world. Come inside and be enchanted by a realm known in the hearts of true non-PK MUD connoiseurs as Evermore.
MudConnector.Com Review by on May 21, 2003
Approximately 14 years ago I stumbled across my first ‘MUD’. Since that time I have played quite a few, from your typical ‘hack and slash’ to ‘Roleplay or leave!’. About one year ago I stumbled across Evermore. Immediately I found it to be ‘user friendly’ with extensive help files. However...there was still a question or two that I had. I asked my question on the ‘chat’ channel and fully expected to not receive an answer due to the fact there were no ‘Imms’ on at the time. I was very pleasantly surprised when three players each responded with ‘have you been helped yet?’. I found over time that players helping each other is the ‘rule’ not the ‘exception’. Now don’t get me wrong... you are not handed everything on a silver platter. I found many challenges and puzzles that needed figured out on my own, but someone was always ready to help with hints or advice, or with game mechanics. The world itself is diverse and detailed and actually consistent in its geography and politics. Even with several new areas opening recently I find them to be natural extensions of the world. Even after playing here for a year I have yet to get bored of exploring. Evermore is a MUD for those who like challenges and fellowship with other players. This is a NON-pk game! But that does not mean role-playing is limited. My character has associates he likes and those he does not like... and he lets them know that. Though I enjoy role-playing, others in evermore do not, and that is fine. We are free to play however we like as long as it is not harassing to other players.
MudConnector.Com Review by on Apr 28, 2003
This one is a preety good MUD. It has his own map built in which is very helpful. It has lots of different quest suitable for each level but you don't need to solve them in order to level up. Also, the website ( is very helpful. It contains detailed maps of the major cities and a manual, helpful for newbies but not only. The Evermore community is newbie-friendly, so if you're thinking of trying it, be sure to ask for help if you are in trouble. We were all newbies once ;)
TopMUDSites.Com Review by on Feb 21, 2002