The Sixth Estate
Supernatural-themed MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination).
Ranked 87th of 785 worlds statistically.
Ranked 3rd of 4 worlds in the Supernatural genre statistically.

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Players Connected:
19 (33 minutes ago)

Maximum Connected:
32 (last 30 days)


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17 (last 60 days)

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5 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen

  ooooooooooooo oooo                                        
  8'   888   `8 `888                                        
       888       888 .oo.    .ooooo.                        
       888       888P"Y88b  d88' `88b                       
       888       888   888  888ooo888                       
       888       888   888  888    .o                       
      o888o     o888o o888o `Y8bod8P'                       
   .oooooo..o  o8o                  .   oooo                
  d8P'    `Y8  `"'                .o8   `888                
  Y88bo.      oooo  oooo    ooo .o888oo  888 .oo.           
   `"Y8888o.  `888   `88b..8P'    888    888P"Y88b          
       `"Y88b  888     Y888'      888    888   888          
  oo     .d8P  888   .o8"'88b     888 .  888   888          
  ""88888P'  o888o o88'   888o   "888" o888o o888o         
  oooooooooooo              .                 .             
  `888'     `8            .o8               .o8             
   888          .oooo.o .o888oo  .oooo.   .o888oo  .ooooo.  
   888oooo8    d88(  "8   888   `P  )88b    888   d88' `88b 
   888    "    `"Y88b.    888    .oP"888    888   888ooo888 
   888       o o.  )88b   888 . d8(  888    888 . 888    .o 
  o888ooooood8 8""888P'   "888" `Y888""8o   "888" `Y8bod8P' 

Type 'create <name> <password>' to create a character.
Type 'connect <name> <password>' if you have already created a character.
If you created your character on the portal, use the same character name and password to connect to the game.
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%% Type 'help' to learn how to play.  Type 'tour' to connect to a guest character to explore.
What does it mean to be special? What does it mean to be chosen? Does great power bring great responsibility, or does being different have too great a price? The Sixth Estate exists in an alternative modern day, where most people are skeptical about the existence of the supernatural and psychics are regarded as frauds and entertainers. It is a story grounded in secretive government research, rooted in conspiracy theories about the paranormal, tuned to a level of human giftedness where psionic abilities are very real and where there is good reason to be afraid of the dark. Chapter One is the story of a number of these psions recruited as participants in Project Butterfly, a top secret study focused on exploration their...
- Ares Central (2024)

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