Multitheme-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon).
Ranked 270th of 784 worlds statistically.
Ranked 8th of 18 worlds in the Multitheme genre statistically.

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Players Connected:
4 (6 days ago)

Maximum Connected:
5 (last 30 days)


Average Connected:
4 (last 41 days)

Minimum Connected:
4 (last 30 days)
Connection Screen

     Welcome to TriadCity!

     When prompted enter your character name and password.
     To join and create a character, type 'join' and answer the questions.
     Or you may login as a guest with limited capabilities: use 'guest/guest'
     Be sure to read the TriadCity Web site in full:

     Questions:, or ask Help when logged in.
     Enjoy the City - and remember that here death is permanent!

Character name (or 'join' or 'guest'): 
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